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Talksport DJ's sick joke backfires as Chelsea fans lay tributes at Stamford Bridge for 'dead' Jason Cundy- 20/10/2008

Chelsea fans laid flowers at Stamford Bridge yesterday after a radio host joked that a former player had died.

TalkSport's Andy Goldstein said ex-Blues defender Jason Cundy had "passed away" after he could not make the Sports Bar show on Saturday. And fans flooded the club with condolences.

Cundy, 39, who survived cancer in 1997, said: "It was a silly joke by Andy that backfired.

My wife got weird texts and someone even changed my Wikipedia page. I'm sorry if people got upset." The station last night apologised to Jason and Chelsea fans for "inappropriate comments".

I can see how that seemed like a harmless joke to Goldstein, but it was a bit irresponsible considering Cundy's earlier battle with cancer.

I rarely listen to TalkSport anymore, virtually every presenter is a total c*nt, and every programme is interrupted every couple of minutes by adverts - they've gone so far downhill there's no coming back.

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sometimes I wonder what gets these people past a first interview for a Job, most of the people on these shows really get on your nerves at the best of times,

you have to listen because often its the only place you can hear the game but its never because anyone on the show makes you interested in any way.

Jokes like that are pretty sick and when you think of the worry Jason and his family have had to go through, just reminding them of it should be sacking material.

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