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Rafa Say's He'll End Our Unbeaten Record


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Well the penguin has a tough task ahead of him and I think no one would doubt that in the whole footballing world. I think teams find it very hard to play on our pitch, match this up with a squad in which any player can turn the game in an instance (Essien/Kalou as in the past) it makes it very hard to believe that Rafa is actually going to do it and without Torres !

I still am not confident about Liverfool and feel that their string of comebacks has indeed been the rub of the green and not down to them finally having an EPL title team/squad. In both of those matches they were down and were then subsequently helped by the opposition team going 1 man down. This happened purely because of the amount of pressure they put on the opposition team and thus players made mistakes. I cannot see this pressure telling on our chaps one bit, They have a good enough team to beat anyone who has 10 men, even if there is only 10 minutes left. I predict a tough match but Chels to win 2-0.

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If you say you're going to win every year then I suppose one day you might be right and you can say "I told you so". Let's face it, he's been wrong every time so far, hasn't he (as has everybody else)? Will they park the bus, or surprise us with a counter attacking game plan? I've got a suspicion for the latter, with them starting brightly and us coming on strong. I'd love an early goal for us to bring them out of their shell. A game of patience is required both on and off the pitch.

Bring yer colours and sing up!

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