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Sunderlands support today.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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to be fair didn't hear much from you today, but it may have been where i was sitting...didn't know what happened at ful broadway as such...by time i arrived i saw a guy in the back of an ambulance hooked up to breathing gear etc

when it was 5 0 we sang, certainly outsang the rest of the shed, as you can heard on MOTD, didnt putsing the other stand mind.

Well i was waiting on the platform and some fella was pushed on the track then 10 odd police ran on the tracks.. at which point i was kicked out the station.

just wondering what the bother was.

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Couldn't hear you to be honest but that's because I was in the opposite end to you. Quite often the problem is the acoustics of the ground and sound seems to take an age to reach the other end. Last week against the scum when they scored it was a full 2 seconds before we heard their cheering and they had double the amount of fans you guys did.

Fair play to you guys for keeping your spirits up, much the same as Man City fans when we did them 6-0 last season and I don't envy your long journey home.

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wasn't at the ground but to be honest the TV did you guys justice. Shot into your mob a few times showing some of you still clapping and chanting to the end. Certainly well done.

The cheering ebbed and flowed from the Chelsea support too, it was almost hard to believe we were up at some points. Did like the chants of "Keano, what's the score!"

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"One song, you've only got one song"

when Sunderland sung that the Shed end responded

We've only got five goals...

Obviously in the shed end you could 'ear a bit of noise, quite a few got turfed out for one reason or another and the rest left really early doors, even Keane went up in the stands for a pawn sandwich.

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I am an SAFC fan and i have never been more proud than today of our fans.

please be honest, our players were sh*te but what did you think of our support?

I noticed quite a few crept out on the 50 min mark - not really what I'd call the most loyal support going!##But the ones that stayed made a bit of noise I suppose.

Chant of the day: ''Are you Maka in disguise?'' MH stand when Minero was introduced.

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