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Quiz Number 3 Results


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It would appear quiz number 3 was a little too easy (or too easily googled) as 7 people got all five answers correct (clubhappy, geezer, mhedges, moi, madmac, chippy and cassiya)

The answers for those who didn't are:

1. AC Milan – Como – Prato – Lazio – Castel di Sangro - Chelsea - Carlo Cudicini

2. Charlton – Luton – Aston Villa – Pisa – Celtic - Chelsea - Paul Elliott

3. Bastia – Lyon – Chelsea - Michael Essien

4. Aberdeen – Dundee - Chelsea - Charlie Cooke

5. AC Monza – Juventus – Lazio – Chelsea - Pierluigi Casiraghi

Latest standings are as follows


Quiz Number 4 will be posted in a couple of minutes

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moi higher than Bluebeard? What is this world coming to!

Bloody hell, Loz doesn't hang about does he? Thought we had longer than that, oh well, never mind.

I won't do too well in these quiz's, Mod, my knowledge of Chelsea is mainly from bygone days rather than the modern era - pretty much the same as my musical knowledge - I put it down to premature senile dementia. I'd better get cracking on Quiz #4, Loz'll probably put the answers up in a minute ;) :D

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Yes I probably was a tad hasty this time! Sorry about that, had forgotten when I posted them then never went back to check!

From now on I will wait at least 5 days before posting a new quiz.

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Am I being unusually thick? Is googling not allowed? I thought the point of these esoteric questions was to test the ingenuity of the members. I have found out all sorts of interesting facts thanks to my intimate relationship with Mr Google. However I am happy to be put in a category of my own (which could be called Cheaty Cat or Fact-finding Floozy, depending on your point of view), leaving everyone else to provide answers from their elephantine memories.

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