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PL, Blackburn Vs. Chelsea, 9/11/08, 13:30 GMT

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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After a shocker of a performance away in Rome it is back to the Premiership and a game away at Paul Ince's mid table Blackburn team. McCarthy will miss the game for Blackburn due to his sending off against West Brom.

Given that none of our current injuries will have cleared up by Sunday the only decision Scolari faces is whether to punish any of the under achievers against Roma by dropping them to the bench. My gut feeling is he won't although Belletti may be hoping for a start and Kalou may think that Joe's performance and Malouda's general performances surely means he stands a chance of starting as well.

Drogba still appears to be a million miles from ready so Anelka will carry on leading the line, from the wing.

Mikel had a mare tonight but O think his form up until tonight means he will definitely play.

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The way you've been playing (apart from tonight) and the way we've been playing I expect us to lose this 0-6 at the very least. We are utterly awful at the moment, I fear we're going to get sucked into a huge relegation battle, what with Spuds and Newcastle appearing to be dragging themselves out of it, it's becoming a very real reality. At the start I was in the pro Ince camp, why not? we have f**k all money these days and why not take a gamble on a manager that has a good record in lower leagues (despite him slagging us off in 95) and have a go, however increasingly i'm starting to dislike him more and more, his substitutions are bizarre at best, he tinkers with the team as much as Benitez, and he's got f**king awful media skills (not to metion his lack of UEFA badges)

The football that Ince has got us playing at the moment is almost entertaining, certainly better than what we showed under Hughes but for all the wrong reasons... it entertains the opposition, with the Scum, notloB, Villa, Middlesbrough & West brom results going tits up I can only see one outcome... :( we're going to be in the sh*t come Sunday now :rofl:

I love my club, the board we're good but dark days I feel are going to descend on Ewood unfortunately... God I hope i'm wrong!

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I think we have to put last night down to one of those very bad nights and move on. All deserve, and will be hopefully be given a kick up the arse.

Think you have to start with the side that started against Sunderland other than Bridge in for Ashley. If we play like we have been league wise, that is the side to do the job and it should be a comfortable win. Would rather have Di Santo on the bench than Drogba though. At the moment Drogba doesn't look capable of changing his socks never mind coming on to change a game.

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I think we have to put last night down to one of those very bad nights and move on. All deserve, and will be hopefully be given a kick up the arse.

Trouble is, the man who should be giving them a kick up the arse is the one who needs the biggest kick of all. I don't care what others may say or think, in my eyes Scolari just isn't good enough for Chelsea.

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Have to agree with Bluebeard about Scolari needing a kick up the arse. His tactical changes on Tuesday were shockingly bad.

Let's hope we can settle back in to a 4-3-3 and show some calm and patience without lapsing in to the arrogance that crept in against Roma.

I'd definitely have Drogba on the bench with a view to giving him another run out. He isn't going to get fit unless he plays and we need him fit desperately.

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The way you've been playing (apart from tonight) and the way we've been playing I expect us to lose this 0-6 at the very least.

I'd love to agree with that, but I just can't see it. Where we've struggled, again and again this season, is when a team "parks the bus". Those thrashings we've handed out (Sunderland being the exception - they were just woeful), have usually been against teams who thought they had a chance of winning the game. If you come at us, chances are you'll get torn apart - and that's even if we play as poorly as we did in Rome - which could have been a different story if one of those early shots from Deco or Frank, for instance, had gone in.

I agree we should win, but I expect it to be a much tighter game than you do.

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Well Blackburn have been a bit of a bogey team in the past so I really don't expect a 0-6 victory, 2K. I'm expecting a tight 1-1, maybe sneak a 1-2 win, game.


Bosingwa, Alex, JT, Bridge

Deco, Mikel, Lampard

J.Cole, Anelka, Malouda

Subs: Carlo, Belletti, Ivanovic, Ferreira, Kalou, Di Santo, Drogba.

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No idea about Di Santo, I'd expect him to start on the bench tomorrow.

For me, I can't see us changing too muc (Scolari makking those changes that is).

team as follows





...J Cole...................................................Malouda








Di Santo

I too expect this to be a lot tougher that our Blackburn friend. We always seem to have tough games up at Ewood, and just because it is in*e at the helm, I don't expect anything less. The onus is certainly on Scolari to prove to us all that he is not a one trick pony, and maybe change it up a little, maybe not have 4 defenders on the bench.

Think that it will be a tough late winner for us, and a 1-2 finish


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Playing AFTER the team we're challenging with AGAIN. Over the past two seasons its a constant occurance and it's pissing me off. We have NO chance to put the pressure on the team above/near. I know its paranoia but there is NO reason why this game had to be played tomorrow - neither us nor Blackburn played Thursday like the other teams. We should be a f*cking Saturday kick off.

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The extra day's rest probably welcomed by the squad. Didn't see the Roma game so no comments, but Scolari looks like the kind of coach who doesn't make too many changes.

We will play Bridge instead of cole and Alex in the centre of defence. Drogs will come off the bench, he is clearly the kind of player who needs work to get to his best so I expect him to be average for another month.

Provided we can scrape a result it will be a good result given the Manu game. A great game to watch that one.

Our form against many teams has been good but not against the best. Anelka and Drogba and Joe Cole up front would be another option. Possibly a tasty one.

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Ahhh sh*t, even after Roma, Joe Cole is still our best attacking option.

I had him down as first goalscorer...maybe he celebrated too hard last night for his Birthday :lol:

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