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Quiz 4 Results


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First off I ned to explain that I made a minor error when I devised the scoring system. What I was doing before was taking the total score then adding the bonus participation points and then taking the average of that total by dividing it by the number of quizzes entered. This means that if you have entered 7 quizzes then you actually get less of a bonus then someone who has only entered one.

So from now on the way it works is that I calculate the average score based on the total points for correct answers divided by the number of quizzes entered and then add the bonus participation points to that average to get the total score.

So to the answers. Slightly tougher this week and as a result nobody got them all right.

1. What connects David Webb in 1971 to Bob Mackie in 1905?

The full answer to this is that both were outfield players who played the whole 90 minutes of a game in goal. I awarded 2 points to people who got exactly that but as it was a tough one I awarded one point to anyone who mentioned something along the lines of them being back up goalkeepers or playing in goals at some point.

2. Who is Chelsea’s oldest ever debutant?

Graham Rix

3. Which player has won the most caps for his country whilst being a Chelsea player?

Marcel Desailly

4. Who won back to back Bundesliga titles before signing for Chelsea?

Erland Johnsen - this caught a lot of people out with most saying either Ballack or Pizarro

5. Complete this terrace chant from the late 70s/early 80s (at least I think it was)

You come in on your feet

You go out on your head

You ain’t seen nothing like the _____ ______

Mighty Shed - the secret to this one was to guess the tune (Mighty Quinn). No points awarded for CHelsea Shed as the Shed part was the easy part!

So new table is as follows


Quiz 5 will be posted later this evening. I have it written up but it is on my home computer and I'm not at home just now.

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Claudio Pizarro did win back to back Bundesliga titles though - 2004/05 and 2005/06.

As did Michael Ballack!

I just guessed the answer to question 5, as I've never heard the song sung at all. Are you sure it was sung at Chelsea, Loz, and not just in your head?

To be honest I rarely went in the Shed from the mid-70's onwards, I was far more likely to be found in the North Stand entertaining the away fans, or else living the executive life-style in Gate 13 ;)

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OK the back to back titles question could have been clearer - I meant he won them the two seasons before we signed him.

Definitely sung at the Bridge Bluebeard - especially when Droy was on the ball

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OK the back to back titles question could have been clearer - I meant he won them the two seasons before we signed him.

In which case those that answered Ballack are also correct then because he joined us for the 2006/07 season, (and I was wrong because Pizarro joined a season later).

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OK this one has gone a little tits up!! I checked one site for the Bayern Munich record and it didn't have Bayern as winning the league in 2004/05! I stupidly didn't check another site to verify it. As I don't have a record of what everyone submitted I only have whether or not people sent in the right answer then i can't go back and award points to those who said Ballack.

Easiest thing to do is just delete the question in its entirety and only award points for the other four questions.

Sorry about this - my goof.

I will post a new table in about 5 mins.

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Revised table after round 4

Quiz 5 will be posted in a couple of minutes. Next table will include a column showing how many points each person scord in the latest round.


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How are you getting 3rd place?

I keep forgetting to submit my BPL predictions, why don't you go take my place?

For half an hour I was in second place!

I don't really know what BPL predictions are, but I suspect Mr Google can't help me there. He is very obliging if you approach him in the correct way!

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