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Sickest goal celebration ever.


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A footballer has been criticised for a "handcuffs" goal celebration apparently in support of a jailed drink-driver.

Ipswich Town midfielder David Norris crossed his wrists, an apparent message for former team-mate Luke McCormick.

Ex-Plymouth goalkeeper McCormick was jailed for seven years for causing the deaths of Aaron Peak, 10, and Ben Peak, 8, after drinking at Norris's wedding.

The boys' mother Amanda, of Partington, Greater Manchester, said: "You don't do things like that."

She said Ipswich should consider reprimanding the midfielder.

"Fair enough, you're going to show your support, go to prison to see him, write him letters, make phone calls to him, but don't do things like that.

"We're trying hard not to hate Luke McCormick at the moment, but people like David Norris are making it very difficult to do that."

McCormick was twice the drink-drive limit when he crashed into a car carrying the youngsters on the M6 in Staffordshire on 7 June.

Norris, 26, was celebrating scoring Ipswich's winning goal against Blackpool on Saturday when he made the gesture.

A Football Association spokesman said: "We are aware of the incident and have written to Ipswich to seek an explanation from David Norris for his actions and await his response." A message on Ipswich Town's website said the club would issue a statement later.


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If indeed it was a show of support to his drink-driving-child-killing buddy ol pal then I wonder if he has any kids, she [the mother of the two murdered boys] smashes into the back of his car and they get killed, if he would find it so funny then. Poetic justice surely?

Of course I'd never wish anything like that on a kid, but just something to show that twat what it feels like.

However, unless he admits it (which I doubt he will now) then what can be done?

As for Luke McCormick, I rarely believe in second chances, and he most certainly doesn't deserve one. Joey Bartin is scum, but he's not a murderer (yet) - any show of public support is disgusting. He lost all sympathy when he decided to drink and drive. Full stop.

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According to David Norris he "was sending a private message" but "didn't make a handcuff gesture" and he has "apologized for any offence he might have caused".

So did he send the message to Luke or not? If so it really doesn't matter if it was a handcuff gesture or not, it's still a bad thing to do.

And if it wasn't a handcuff gesture then what was it? When I saw it I thought about the thing Anelka does, but I don't think it was anything like that.

I don't know what to think of this but if David was sending a message to Luke then he should be punished. And if it was a handcuff gesture then it's definitely one of the worst and pathetic goal celebrations ever and maybe he should be sacked.

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Just saw this on the news. He is getting a fine for the celebration.

Disgusting, he needs f**king shooting! Not fined 10 minutes wages!

How much was the fine? Probably nowhere near enough though. Fines are usually ridiculously low. A player does something bad and they get a fine they can pay with less than a weeks wages.

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I saw the gesture in question, and obviously felt it was harmless enough......until I read the backstory and about the two young boys killed. He was definitely making that gesture, and to claim that we was not insults the dead and their family.

I agree that fines need to start getting real. They should be in the range of a full weeks, or two weeks, pay, rather than just a paltry amount. I think with the kind of extravagant lifestyle footballers lead, taking a weeks wage or two would put them in serious jeopardy of being able to continue living without facing the banks. Some are too foolish to put money away, especially by their early 20s

I agree that this is probably worse than Barton. Barton is just a sociopath. The man in question KILLED two children because of his decisions. Fair play to free speech, but if I were in charge at ITFC, I would press for him to be sacked unless a public admission, apology and donation to charity was forthcoming.

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I haven't seen the incident, but if he did what he's been accused of then he's a total c*nt. It would be bad enough if Norris was a brain-dead teenager, but he's in his 30's - if he thinks it's a lark to make gestures like that at his age then he's got something seriously wrong with him.

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