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What do you wear to matches?

Chelsea Lad

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I wave my flag, wear the full replica kit, scarf, a blue and white curly wig and a jester hat. As you've guessed, I am a complete c*nt :D

In all seriousness, I'll wear a Chelsea hat when it's cold and haven't bought a replica shirt since the Autoglass one for a Wembley visit. If I wear colours I'll dig out the 70's replica shirt I bought for the Wembley visit in 1997.

Replica kits are for kids.

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I shave my head and wear a roll neck - I look like a right prick

As opposed to Tottenham fans who shave their heads and wear crew necks (think about it, think about it - we'll be running round tottenham with shaved heads and roll necks.....)

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