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Lawro and his big gob


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Ok not the best source but amusing anyway



A grovelling Mark Lawrenson has backtracked over his prediction that Robbie Keane will leave Liverpool in the January transfer window.

The BBC 'football expert' has created a media furore after telling an Irish radio station that he expects Keane to leave Anfield just a few months after completing his £20m transfer from Tottenham. Lawrenson, a former Liverpool player, cited a conversation with Steven Ger 'National Traitor' rard as he made his prediction.

"I hate to name drop," Lawrenson told The Last Word on Today FM. "But I was having a drink with Ger 'National Traitor' rard on Saturday and we talked about Keane.

"They share the same agent [struan Marshall] and quite honestly he thinks something is going to happen with Keane in January. Sounds like he could be moved on."

Lawrenson then continued by describing Rafa Benitez's decision to sign the Irishman as a mistake: "He got it wrong. If Liverpool played in a Champions League final, an FA Cup final or a massive game they had to win, you know Keane would not start, he'd not get in the team."

Liverpool have reacted angrily to the remarks, with a spokesman insisting that Lawrenson's "interpretation of a private chat" and "did not accurately reflect Steven's opinion of Robbie Keane and they certainly do not tally with Steven's recollection of the conversation itself", while Lawrenson himself has now backtracked spectacularly on his claims.

In an interview with the Daily Post - rather than the BBC, who have yet to make any mention of the furore despite or because of their association with the pundit - Lawrenson conceded:

"I'm sorry if it caused any aggravation but it wasn't meant to. Steven Ger 'National Traitor' rard's name should never have come up in terms of Robbie Keane going in January. It wasn't Steven saying that it was me saying it.

"The only connection I was making between the two was that they have the same agent and I have had a hunch for a while that Keane could go.

"But that is my opinion and nothing whatsoever to do with any conversations I had with Steven Ger 'National Traitor' rard.

"I happened to mention I spoke to him on Saturday night but I didn't mean for that to come across in the way that it has been interpreted."

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This whole thing is absolutely hilarious, and everyone associated with it looks like a complete fool.

Only the tactical genius and managerial genius that is Rafa Benitez could chase a player all summer, f**k the transfer up, then buy another one from a totall different position at the 11th hour for 20 million, convince the board he needs him to finally win silverware, and decide he's all but useless three months later.

At least Jose had the decency to force his bad signings in somewhere in order to save face. I think Rafa just doesnt care, and thinks that fan support will keep him his job. Not when he's flushing 20 million while Hicks and Gillett are taking out new loans to pay off old ones.

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