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BPL Long-term Predictions Reminder


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Dear Friends,

As we fast approach the New Year, we also fast approach the deadline for submission of your Long-term Predictions. Has our recent form changed your mind about our chances of silverware? Has Nic's blazing start to the season helped form your opinion that he, rather than Frank, will be our top scorer? Well, get your predictions in before December 31st to be eligible for points!

So far, these are the predictors who have sent in their Long-term predictions: ethicalstrategy, mikeo, kalpit vora, liam smith, ruh buh juh, butch, waldron, johan gruyff, chippy and ossie13.




(PS> And PLEASE, may our form improve!)

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As a reminder to people these are the questions

Long-Term Predictions

These questions apply to the Premier League games only.

1. Where will Chelsea finish in the league?

2. How many wins?

3. How many losses?

4. How many draws?

5. How many goals for?

6. How many goals against?

7. How many points?

8. Top Chelsea scorer?

9. How many league goals for top scorer?

10. FA Cup progress (eg., Winners, 4th Round)?

11. League Cup progress?

12. Champions League progress?

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Hi Mod,

Yes, they are. There are 4 mini-tournaments: (1) the regular season BPL, (2) the Winners' Circle, (3) the Top Scores competition, and (4) the Long-term Predictions competition. Then, all of these together make up the BPL at the end.

At the end of the season, I will basically post 5 tables: 1 each for each of the mini-tournaments, and 1 for the final BPL standings.



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