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As far as next year goes?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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So i was wondering-What will happen in the summer? DO you think Chelsea will buy big sell big or buy what they sell?

If you think about it-We have not realy spen big in the last 2 summers - Yeah we got malouda,belletti,deco,boswinga,anelka,ivanovic but hardly huge names yet we sold


So in the last two season the outlay on transfers could not of been too much when you look at it to the ratio of players sold.Perhaps 15-25 mill pounds out of pocket which is a lot less than many clubs yeah?

I wonder is the spending stopped than yet we never realy noticed it?

I personaly think the wisest thing to do is sign young future stars(under 18)for little money or if are going for a big money signing make a rule must be under 25.Guys like essien and jon obi j.cole all would have a good retail value and can afford one bad year.Guys over 27 unless are cheap and can perform straight away are a HUGE liabitly and risk!


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