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  2. My word, you really need to temper your sensitivity regarding any criticism of Jorginho, Gol. Try not to let it get to you. Just’s entitled to his opinion, this isn’t even a remotely controversial one and he’s also just defended Jorginho in another post. I happen to disagree somewhat with Just (to be more precise I take the point about us being lightweight in midfield , but I think there are other areas that need seeing to more urgently, thought kova and Jorginho combined really well until their goal) - but so what. We all have different views, different types of player preferences, playing styles etc etc. Kind of the whole point of a forum. There are / will inevitably be posts on this one that go too far and cause offence to some, but this really isn’t one of them. Take it on the chin. It’s not even your chin after all.
  3. Gol, you get really aggressive with your posts very quickly don't you? It's a definite psychological indicator of low self-esteem and excessive masturbation. Haven't had your keyboard aggression directed at me before but have seen you do it to other forum posters. Years ago I would have pm'd you my home address so you could come round and I could kick the snot out of you. I'm too old for that now. But my missus has said she can pm you and when you come round she will kick the snot out of you.
  4. We're obviously entering the most important part of the season now with a lot to still play for. Teams are fast catching up to us on the ladder, Champions League knockout stages are about to start and we're still competing in the FA Cup. In terms of Frank's current tenure as coach, in which he's coached 37 games I often break it down into three parts. All competitions 1-8 games = 2 wins, 4 draw, 3 losses (25% winning record) = August 2019 - September 2019 9-19 games = 9 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss (81.8% winning record) = September 2019 - November 2019 20-37 games = 7 wins, 4 draws, 7 losses (38.9% winning record) = November 2019 - Present 9 wins in 11 games when we were on a good streak, but 9 wins in 26 games in the other parts of the season. Premier League 1-6 games = 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses (33.3% winning record) = August 2019 - September 2019 7-12 games = 6 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses (100% winning record) = September 2019 - November 2019 13-26 games = 4 wins, 3 draws, 7 losses (28.6% winning record) = November 2019 - Present 6 wins in 6 games during the winning streak, but 6 wins in 20 games in the other parts of the season. I think what's keeping the faith of the supporters in addition to the obvious extenuating factors and the fact that Frank is a club legend is the winning streak we had during late September to early November which showed Frank's capabilities as coach. We played some fantastic football during that time and the confidence of the club was sky high. We lost momentum after the November international break and haven't been able to replicate what we did during this strong run of form. Undeniably, Frank needs to start getting more wins on the board or the pressure will be coming onto him soon enough. It's a harsh game, but our form in the last 2-3 months has been ordinary to say the least. I'm still 100% behind Frank and backing him to get us going again.
  5. Not often I disagree with you Davey, but I definitely do here. You accept there are mitigating circumstances but feel they are overstated. Fair enough it's your view, but I have similar view on what you perceive as being down to poor coaching. Your statement on poor movement, which you feel is the most glaring weakness, is a case in point. I actually feel our forward movement and passing speed, for much of this season anyway, has been the most impressive and enjoyable to watch since we had Duff and Robben in the team. What has let us down is the quality of the finishing. And I'm not aiming that solely at the strikers. We don't have enough goals chipped in from our midfielders, certainly not for the amount of balls and players we commit into the opposition box. Set pieces I would tend to agree on. Like you I am not a fan of zonal marking Davey but player for player we are a relatively small team and arguably Zouma and Giroud aside we don't have anyone else who is aerially dominant. Likewise we currently have no central midfielders that offer a real physical presence along with being decent on the ball. No doubt we are a work in progress but I do see progress. I actually thought we would finish 6th or 7th this season but of course I would hate to see top 4 slip away now when we have been up there for so long. However, bottom line for me is Frank has taken over at a difficult time, in difficult circumstances and he may well be learning on the job. But the respect and admiration I feel in the way he has conducted himself, communicated with the press and represented our club throughout it all means he will get my total backing wherever we finish this season.
  6. Specially now since Kante has been having injury problems for the bigger part of the season, lucky for us top5 would still lead to Champions League.
  7. The bench, together with the uninspiring management team were their usual quiet selves. Never seen Frank or Jodie getting truly upset or vocal on the touchline.....nice guys come last.
  8. Agreed. When got off to an indifferent start I thought midtable was likely. But that purple patch in Autumn raised some expectations. I think now we are gradually settling into the position where I thought we would be. If we do make top 4 at this point it will probably be down to the averageness of other teams, as much as anything. We have a limited squad with some talented youth, and an inexperienced management team. To expect much more would be unrealistic
  9. Lampard is overachieving so far. His main striker is a 22 year old from the academy. His main wingers are a 21 year old Pulisic that is injury prone and a 31 year old Willian that never scored loads in any season. His main midfield player is a 21 year old Mount from the academy. His captain is 30 year old Azpilicueta playing Left Back since we have no other option. The fact that we are still top 4 is massive.
  10. What makes you think Var officials would have been less incompetent and biased back then than they are today? When supposedly objective officials can make decisions like we've just seen, it should be obvious that the technology is totally open to abuse, to favour one team over another. And of course, the favour to Manure will extend to their next three games, from which he should be banned.
  11. He was never bullied you're at some low point where you're seeing stuff that isn't there...
  12. Did you forget the comments when he used to start, something like we are playing with 10 men
  13. At this point, I despise it. It's sucking the life out of the game, or maybe I should be saying the officials in charge of it are the ones doing that. It's not just against us either, even though we are one of the teams suffering the most because of it. I remember some people were saying it would make things better because it would cancel out the refs clear and obvious errors......well it doesn't actually do that, it just adds to it. In the past, I would get mad at refs missing things or getting a wrong decision against us, but at least then they always had the excuse that they didn't see it properly. But now, they don't have that excuse, and that just makes me even angrier and question what the hell is going on. How is it possibly to be getting these decisions so wrong? They have replays, they see what we see on the tv, but they can look at it as many times as they like. How is it still possible for them to be getting so many decisions wrong? They cannot be this stupid. Also, why are the pundits and media not saying this? All they say is "oh, it's the consistency that's wrong". Go into a bit more detail, say what the the rest of country is saying. After tonights game, I honestly think I have come as close as I have ever been to giving up on football. I couldn't watch anymore of the match after seeing the player that should have been sent off scoring against us. It was bad enough seeing that kind of sh*t happen without VAR, but with VAR, it made it ten times worse. During the winter break, I was actually enjoying the break from football and wasn't really looking forward to it returning. For a while, football has been becoming less and less entertaining to watch, and they have added something that has made it even less entertaining. It's honestly just making me frustrated and angry more than anything else these days.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Just got got home from the game and was pretty pissed off to be honest but I guess you win some, lose some with VAR. Tonight was certainly a VAR loss. Had VAR been around some years back we’d have had the justice we deserved in some pretty big CL games (at least I’d like to think). As a team we’ve got to be going something right with the amount of possession we keep having, surely. Emphasis falls on the club now to strengthen and clear out over the next few years. Just hope we can nick a European spot, without that signing the players at the level we need will be more difficult. Win our next two games and tonight will be forgotten.
  16. If i am honest i don't rate him, it takes more than a cool nickname to impress me, i thought we would look better in defence when he came back, but seriously he's just not a top defender, i dont think that will ever change. Him and Christensen have both played in the last four league games and we have now conceded 7 goals in those 4 games. Frank has to sort it out. Tomori imo has more scope for future improvement, i feel he's being wasted on the bench with Rudiger/Christensen now blocking him. It's a shame because i thought Frank would be more patient with him.
  17. all in all, I have to blame Frank. If he had the balls to cut Alonso at half time Ajax game, wtf is his beaf with Olie?
  18. See my last above post or watch the game again. But it will make no difference to you Brutos. You would never offer or accept any negative comment on Jorginho. For you, he is immune from criticism whatever occurs. If only you could apply a little of that blind loyalty to Frank Lampard.
  19. Shame. He was the best finisher on the team. He might muck up everything else, but the man could finish. Now he's not doing that, so he's a serious liability. I love the guy, but we need more
  20. Lots of people saying Frank can't be expected to do any better with this squad. Wrong. Our squad is a lot better than 1 point per game, which is what it's been for the last 15 games. We're just not being coached well. That's evident from every display, bar the odd one like Tottenham away, where we actually played controlled, intelligent, disciplined football. We're just a ramshackle usually. Movement is so poor, that's the most glaring thing for me. There is no structure or pattern to our play, and our players don't seem to know what they're supposed to be doing. Set-pieces again, we're not being coached properly. Yes belief has ebbed away but this is more about coaching than motivation and psychology. I believe the motivation is there. I don't believe the work on the training ground is any good. We can talk about the ref but ultimately we scored one and they scored two, and they've beaten us three times, and they are sh*t. I want Frank to be given time but thus far I'm not very impressed with what I've seen. Yes there are mitigating factors but some of you lot are overstating this. We should be a lot better than we are, but I'm afraid we have a very, very inexperienced coach and it shows.
  21. That reminded me of Ferdinand’s petty attack on Torres.
  22. George Best's disgraceful challenge on Ron Harris.
  23. Can you point out where he was actually bullied am curious?
  24. I guess I didn't get the last part well then: 4/5 pundits thought Harry Maguire should have seen Red yet the ref didn't spot it and the VAR didn't think it was worthy of a card. The pundits also said why didn't the bench jump up and down and force the VAR review.
  25. I saw him playing better than Fred and Matic what have they offered the whole game? LOL
  26. The thing is ducavis I think Jorginho has been better this season and I really like his attitude. But God has not blessed him with any real physical attributes at all. Not one. If he had an Essien, Keane or Viera along side him it wouldn't be such an issue. But we don't. So therefore to actually dominate the central midfield area in tight games we need him to be more physically imposing and hold his own in those 50-50 challenges. Unfortunately he can't and often the ball gets easily turned over when he is closed down. A classic example was Fred casually taking the ball off him on the edge of our box near the end. He did that a number of times tonight and Fred isn't exactly a bull of player.
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