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  2. Saw that same thing. Proves nothing, as this is merely conjecture on the writer's part - no quotes, no info, no nothing other than the same info you and I are privy to.
  3. We will see. I think Tuchel has a huge issue with trying to keep five players happy who play the same position. A lot easier to choose players when one can be kept out of the equation because of the excuse of lack of match fitness or not ready yet. Again, a ten day injury forecast is now moving toward day 21. Will be anxious to see if Berhalter has Pulisic included in his roster for the USMNT Wednesday. Me thinks he will;)
  4. I am also a USA and Pulisic supporter, but I have to disagree here. If Christian was fit and ready, I am sure TT would be delighted to have him as an option off the bench. Especially against City a few days ago when you're chasing the game.
  5. It would definitely be interesting to see Christian and Rom get a few games together. With Rom occupying the center and drawing in the CBs, it gives players like Christian a bit more room to work on the outside.
  6. They were pretty decent together at Dortmund.

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  8. Also he has his own thread here mate :
  9. Always takes ages to get to a game after a poor performance and loss I agree. Though at least we have 2 games before the next international break to put it right.

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  11. Problem for us is that he plays the same style of box to box midfield as Kante ane Kova do. He cannot take the place of the former, no one can. So either you go to a midfield 3 so you can fit 2 in at a time, or you loan him again if he is willing.
  12. Havertz will be needed for his height in this one, I expect a cagey affair. Ziyech tends to play better in Europe or against better opposition domestically so this could have his name written on it. I've not been impressed with CHO much recently but, with James injury I would like to see some positive play from our was so I'd have him and Chilly b. Aside from that I'm not too fussed but, I want to see intensity this game from the onset, us bringing the game to them. I think sometimes our players forget what it means to be UCL champions. Yes the prestige is great but, now every single team coach and player are gunning for you they all want to play and beat you and if you're not at your highest level and I mean the level that is capable to go blow to blow with City then you may struggle.
  13. Not in depth but is part of an article written by David Pasztor: "Christian Pulisic continues to miss time with an ankle injury, and seems unlikely to be back even though he was originally expected to be back this time last week. " From : https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2021/9/27/22696344/juventus-vs-chelsea-champions-league-you-choose-the-starting-lineup
  14. With the mentality that Tuchel brings I doubt the players and himself will be even looking past Juventus let alone the 6 games we have coming in the league. Treat every game like a cup final that's our game plan and since Tuchel has took over its worked even that game we lost this past weekend despite the onslaught was only a defeat by a slim margin. As dull as our games can be sometimes I will always take these tight games over the wildness like Brentford vs Liverpool. I don't think I could handle that as a fan 😂 jokes aside keeping the game tight always means we have a chance to nick a win or salvage a draw. I have no doubt at least 1 team will go on a good run. Can you imagine how exciting it would be if for once there was at least 2 other teams that could match them....
  15. Kid definately deserves his own thread now. Man of the match performances galore for Crystal Palace, but more importantly he is very decisive for them. 2 goals, 2 penalties won, 1 assist. But more than just that the energy, ball winning..every thing about his game has been really impressive. If he keeps it up, theres no reason why he cant be a decent squad player next year.
  16. We're all locked down here in Sydney too, so it's not like I've got anywhere to be on a Monday night! I can see us putting together a run of 14-15 games unbeaten but that's meaningless when the other title challengers are capable of putting together 15 wins. It means they have less to fear from the head-to-head match ups as the strength of their teams means they can run down challengers in the long run. In any title-chasing season, every team expects to have one difficult run that they need to conquer, and in that context our recent run would be excellent but for the fact we have to do it all over again! As it turns out, we have to do the entire reverse run of these fixtures after Christmas. Based on likely form (and Chelsea's historical predilection to stutter over Christmas/NY), this run is potentially harder: Aston Villa (A) Brighton (H) Liverpool (H) Man City (A) Tottenham (H) Brighton (A) Arsenal (H) Crystal Palace (A) Leicester (H) While the one saving grace is that the majority of the fixtures are at home, unless we fix our attacking plays every single one of those teams bar Man City will be happy to come to Stamford Bridge, sit deep and play for the draw on the counter. Neither City nor Liverpool have anything difficult in the lead up to our New Year fixtures against them, and will likely coast into them with momentum. The run home from there is quite easy on paper with just Leeds (A) and Manchester United (A) looming, as the remaining London derbies are at home. However, again neither City nor Liverpool have much to worry about their on their run home, so there will be intense pressure on an inexperienced squad (and coach, to an extent) to pick up what should be a relatively straightforward 33 points. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that if Chelsea won it, it would be one of the most difficult title runs ever.
  17. Never ceases to amaze me…when will Arsenal fans/pundits learn? They’ve beaten three sh*t teams and suddenly think they’re the dogs bollox again…🙄
  18. Under what tactics though? I think the real issue is there is not enough tactics & ability to make a change when necessary. We can't just loft it in & hope Lukaku converts it. To beat city you have to eliminate their midfield & wingers & disrupt their rhythm. You do that by sitting back & playing long balls. Not going at their rhythm & not playing end to end football. The players were woeful but Tuchel should have seen what needed to be done.
  19. Micky mouse derby is over, though I could have said the same yesterday. was funny to see the palace ultras 😀 faces
  20. That's complete doggone bullsh*t, Tuchel is a liar. Pulisic is obviously not injured, we need to drain the swamp at Stamford Bridge.
  21. Has won a penalty to put Palace ahead against potential league leaders Brighton (who are his temporary team's for some reason hated rivals even though nobody could possibly hate Crystal Palace as much as a Charlton Athletic fan). Edit: The American pundits have agreed that Grah-am Potter's solution is to bring on fellow Chelsea youngster Tariq Lamptey.
  22. Haven't been able to find anything on the Pulisic injury since Tuchel saying he was not ready this past weekend. Where did you find your latest info on him? Love to read it.
  23. When the schedule came out, I would have taken 13 out of 18 all-day, every day -- was hoping for 15/16 pts, but will take the 13. Do need 16+ for the next 6 to make a title reasonable.
  24. I think we need to consider reverting to a back four against the type of opponents we have coming up. Apart from an on form Alonso (and at a push on form Callum) we simply don't have any player that is good enough at the wingback position. Failing to get Hakimi in is a massive miss, and failing that we should have offered Livramento the place.
  25. We’ve only conceded two goals. One to Mohammed and the other to Jesus.
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