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  2. Not sure if there is any substance to this yet there might be https://www.football365.com/news/chelsea-force-liverpool-60m-january-swoop-timo-werner
  3. I posted a lot of stats about our midfield in the Kante thread. We do actually concede fewer goals per game when Kante plays, than when he doesn't. The best pairing statistically out of the three pairs you mention is Kovacic/Kante. Interestingly playing Mount in midfield has the most positive impact on our goals against. Consistent pressing higher up the pitch probably ...
  4. He's not just last but he's miles off the second worst too. And to think we could have had Alisson that summer but didn't want to pay the £65 million Roma wanted. Then panic set in, in typical Chelsea-fashion and we shelled out £71 million for this below average goalkeeper.
  5. That's actually what came to my mind a few days ago. I wanted lampard to open the cheque book in January but looking at the options available, or the players other top teams are linked to, it doesn't seem like there are a lot of players available that will improve our squad
  6. I'm not 100% aware of some of your nominations, but it's so blatantly obvious our attack needs sorting out/upgrading/adding to. We have been very hit and miss over the years with our main strikers especially those coming from abroad with a great reputation and failing miserably. But anything is better than Michy. Some on here are fans of Willian and occasionally he does have a decent game but i find him the most frustrating player on our books, he's so not bothered he's even stopped flailing his arms in the air. He's not the only one, and i'm at a loss as to why we look so lethargic and devoid of football basics. But after going to the bridge for over fifty years i'm not giving up. ktbffh
  7. Frank's struggle to balance the midfield is becoming a major concern. It seems he doesn't want to play Kovacic beside Jorginho anymore and I'm wondering whether that has to do with him worrying about defensive frailties. My argument to that is that Kante in the team isn't even improving our defence because he is playing upfield on the pitch. I don't have the stats with me but I think we have conceded as many goals under Kovacic-Jorginho as we are doing under Kante-Jorginho/Kante-Kovacic. The difference, however, is that even though we conceded goals under Kovacic-Jorginho, we were scoring goals from every part of the pitch. Now getting one goal from our striker is even lucky. I'd rather we score 4 goals and concede 2 than score no goals and concede a late lone goal.
  8. He has struggled this season, De Gea had similar problems in the ariel department, both come from the same league and have a similar height. But I don't know, with Kepa it looks like an ongoing situation. I never rated Courtois highly but he commanded his area and was a beast in the air, I'm really missing that.
  9. He has absolutely no attributes that make me think he will turn even into a mid table premier League goalkeeper, finding it hard to find which keepers he's better than
  10. Seems strange. He has played so well so far. I think he is perhaps a victim of Mount and Kante's superior pressing ability and energy.
  11. Also, he keeps saying Kante is playing well, that's worrying. Got to say since December Lampard has really started to disappoint me, despite the two big wins.
  12. Agreed. That said, the point of being a keeper at a top club is when the moment arrives you make the save. The differences at this level are very small between first and last. For Kepa to have suuuuch a low save percentage (15th in the PL) is not good enough. The only thing elite about him is the price we paid.
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  14. Yep why cant Lampard leave 2 upfront?. They are waiting for Sancho in the summer bu there is no guarantee he will join us and if we dont get champions league he wont be coming here. I would of let Barkley go to West Ham during the week and looked to bring in a creative midfielder. Worries me when our manager rates average players like Barkley and wants Chillwell.
  15. Plays Mount and Barkley ahead of him because there more creative, but actually there not. Kovacic can dribble past two players and open things up.
  16. Also Michy, and has no winger to bring on when both of our wingers were massively underperforming.
  17. It's pretty concerning when we are struggling for goals and creativity so Lampard brings on Barkley.
  18. Great find Scott these are the sort of pics we need more of rarities not randoms.
  19. The main problem is that we had 70% possession and created f**k all out of it, that's the main problem. That's why I'm not going to pile all the blame on Rudiger and Kepa for the defeat, we should've put this game to bed ages ago, they are a w**k and crawling with injuries.
  20. He wants Chilwell who is also bang average going forward.
  21. I understand the concept of panic buys, but those options off the bench yesterday were absolutely disgusting, we need signings, end of dicussion.
  22. No doubt Rudiger shares a lot of the blame. For me the problem is that the ball is coming towards him and he has ages of time to come and even punch. He just stays anchored to his line. It's not the only problem with our defence but it's a serious one that should be remedied in the summer
  23. But ultimately he cost us 1 point. His shot to stop ratio is terrible. I think even Brighton’s keeper is better.
  24. I agree, he is not a top goalkeeper this season and there are lots better then him, but the goal result yesterday was not all his fault. If attackers had done their job, it would have not made a difference anyway. We should have scored at least 3 goals yesterday.
  25. Dortmund would possibly be tempted to sell Jadon Sancho for the right price since they got that kid Haaland.
  26. Weak wrists, always the same, terrible on set pieces also, never commands his area well or comes out when needed. I'm not going to blame the result on him though.
  27. Well Piatek is available for less then 30 million and he still 24yrs old and has plenty of experience in Seria A, someone that we were linked with before, had a great scoring record before the managerial mess at Ac Milan. He would be a great replacement of Michy which in my opinion offers absolutely nothing, we might aswell play youngster instead of him. Than there is Timo Werner we have being linked with him for ages, only 23, can play across the front three and score for fun. Federico Chiesa of Fiorentina is a beast too. Kai Havertz of Bayern Leverkusen is one for the future but one of the brightest german talents. Moussa Dembele, although not a big fan he could be helpful too against stubborn defences. Now surely we can get at least one of them.
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