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  2. I love it when a player shuts me up. I was one of those who was against signing Chilwell because i thought he was English hype. It didnt help that there were rumors he would cost 80 million but honestly i just thought he was a hyped up Englishman like Drinkwater. He has shown class and proved to be a massive upgrade on Alonso
  3. Glad you posted that as I had it saved on MS paint ready to paste in case any smart Alecs later on say we like to make excuses.
  4. Jorgie is too slow/weak for me to sit in front of the back four. I would rather park Kante there to clean up the messes. And tell him to do exactly just that. I'll bring in Mount along side Havertz. With that set up, you have: Havertz - linking with front 3 Mount - pressing the midfield Kante - clean up anything that got pass the middle
  5. Of course having Mendy, Silva and Chilwell available helps in getting a clean sheet. But these last last two games were mainly down to Lamps' tedious defense first approach, and quite frankly I don't hope that's the way we play going forward, because these games were absolutely boring to watch. Makes Mourinho look like an adventerous big game manager. At least with him we would get some meaningful chances on the counterattack.
  6. Alison Moyet and ‘Weak in the presence of a beauty.’.
  7. I thought it had gone in and was gutted. Then realised he’d, saved it😀

  8. Today
  9. Agree, one of Mendy or Chilwell has to be the signing of the season. Chilwell just seems an incredible player.
  10. Note least because there were plenty of bodies in the way, so he probably couldn't even see the shooter ...
  11. No, it was the Manchester duo of Taylor and Kavanagh that conspired to ignore the Maguire kick in the nuts.
  12. Recent games must surely have given the ones that put most or all the blame on Lampard for our defensive woes something to chew on. Because when we have had our best back four + Mendy on the field we have looked very good defensively so far. Clean sheet in 3 out of 3 games when they have all played is the record so far and needless to say, it's a very good sign.
  13. I would imagine we would sell Tammy to Villa or a similar club.
  14. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/sky-sports-bt-premier-league-22901105 According to the article above Sky and BT aren't happy with PPV.
  15. It is back to boring fooball. I know keeping the opposition to 0 is good but there seemed no urgency, or even interest, in getting a goal until 80 minutes again. (Why play the ball forwards when we can go sideways or back?) Even the substitutions were boring, like for like. Why not two up front to try to create something?
  16. Frank has steadied the ship after some erratic defensive performances. I think he wanted to build some confidence that we can defend well. Now, I think he'll be aiming to win the next four games leading up to the next international break. They're all relatively easy games we should win on paper and should probably be winning in real life too. Big couple of weeks for the team and setting foundations for the rest of the season.
  17. If asked the homeless of Portsmouth would rather sleep in a piss filled bin behind the goods entrance to Wilkinson's then step foot within 100 yards of fratton park 😂
  18. It's not the VAR or technology itself, its the same stupid corrupted faces behind it controlling VAR. As long as the final decisions are being called by these clown pushers even if they install chips up the players ass there will be bias.
  19. There in lies the rub. He’s a goalkeeper but not a very good one and certainly not one that’s good enough, I feel, for Chelsea competing to win the PL. Your premise ; "Oh no, that's too much, and I will be a disappointment?" , makes the assumption that I’m good enough in the first place to do the job for which you’ve employed me - I don’t object to anyone reaching for the stars, but you have to be able to back it up, I believe that Kepa’s issues are all to do with his level of ability, time and time again he is found wanting. In spite of your assertions otherwise, I would neve
  20. Both with the same person behind VAR and both nothing given Stuart Attwell
  21. I hate VAR fundamentally because it sucks the life out of the game. Enjoying or for that despairing a goal going in is no longer the same. Could you imagine the Aguero goal happening now? Maybe it would be given after a 10 minute check but who knows. Football is now a bland and complicated experience with a lot of games tainted by an awful VAR decision or two. The cons outweigh the pros for me by far. Yes, we all enjoy seeing our rivals get f**ked over by it but that’s not football. You might as well have a Tottenham fan operate it for Chelsea games and vice versa and it wouldn’t be much worse
  22. I agree on this. I think the midfield he has given them too much freedom, he hasn’t got 5 Lampards on his hands. I find it confusing they don’t know their role to me. back 4 and keeper is a given, Werner has a clear role. jourghino Kante are what defensive mids but can get forward when the other isn’t ? Is that how it is working ? pulisic havertz ziyech can play where they like ? is that the system ? I am quite keen on the 3 at the back thing of you want so much freedom for your midfield. But then again it is not an exact science.
  23. What so you want us to go out and attack United while increasing their chances of winning? United are one of the best counter attacking teams in the world. They beat PSG while PSG dominated them in possession, they have a habit of doing it with the counter attacking quality they have. A point at Old Trafford is a good result, you're delusional if you think we should be winning a fixture we've won twice in 10 years out of god knows how many games in that period.
  24. He is better off gone, I agree, but I'm puzzled by the first part of your post. What false pretences, what did he pretend to be? He is a goalkeeper, and was bought to be one. And if you were offered a very lucrative contract to do your job, would you turn it down, saying "Oh no, that's too much, and I will be a disappointment?" Like f**k you would.
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