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  2. Cheers. Thank you. Some fine players on both sides.
  3. Not sure what his actual position is, he seemed to like playing down the right hand side, but with Ziyech set to play there, where Sarri played kante i suppose?
  4. Why would saying something positive about (still) a Chelsea player make me an Arsenal fan? Been supporting since '94, and I've never seen a striker worse than Abraham.
  5. lmao shut up, back to the Arsenal forums you go.

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  7. Good Goal, But Jesus Shocking From The Keeper
  8. Why is it ridiculous? Granted, he has scored a number of goals for us this season, but most of these were against sub-par Championship level sides and only because our other options were also terrible (aside from Giroud who should have been playing for us 24/7). Abraham should go out on loan somewhere and then we should sell him when his price goes up. Let Giroud and Werner lead the line next season. Abraham complains about absolutely everything, gets offside more times than the PM lies, can't pass and has horrendous movement. He is woefully inept as a football player and could do with scrubbing the boots of better players like Azpi.
  9. Rice comes across to me as a player I’d love while at Chelsea but will never be as good as I want him to be. I’d love him to come and prove me wrong though.
  10. He was good today maybe the finishing was not so much but his passing was very good. Make it happen Lord Abramovich!
  11. He was fantastic today, I really hope we go for him and not Chilwell.
  12. He'd flip the burgers too many time without actually ever getting them into a bun...
  13. Would love to see him play for us.
  14. Gianni Rivera of Italy centre, leats the West Germany goalkeeper, Sepp Maier, and Franz Beckenbauer to score the winner iItaly’s 4-3 semi-final win over west Germany in the 1970 World Cup. Photograph: Popperfoto/Getty Images
  15. Half price whoppers for staff 👍
  16. I hope we buy him. Hopefully he can solve that left back situation, if not it shouldn't be hard to sell him again for 20 mil. This will also stop any chance of us making another huge Drinkwater mistake and buy Chilwell.
  17. He could always work at Burger King after the 2nd year of his Chelsea contract expires. If he really loved the club he would do that.
  18. Watched 'A Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji' which is superb. Not really an action film at all until the last 10 minutes when all hell breaks loose. This weekend I've got Yojimbo and Sanjuro lined up for my Toshiro Mifune fix. Tried to get the other half interested in jidageki films but after watching the first Lone Wolf and Cub, she decided against watching any more.
  19. Probably a bit rusty. Could have scored 3 here. He also hit the bar with a superb strike. I don't know how anyone watching that couldn't see his class.
  20. coco


    He's probably already got indefinite leave to remain (ILR) from living in the country for over 5 years, that then allows him to apply for British citizenship.
  21. He missed a few simple chances but his passing was excellent. Diaby looks a player. Rangers weren’t great but Barisic looks excellent at left back.
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