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  2. Hoping the break will have done us good. Fulham look a lot better than they did pre-Christmas but I think that's a good thing as we know it won't be easy and we have such a sh*t record against teams in poor form. Don't want another Saturday night ruined and end up regretting watching us rather than listening to the Gary Crowley show on Radio London! COME ON THE CHELS!
  3. Time to get back on winning ways. Won't be easy because they've very much improved defensively in the last couple of weeks. 1-0 us. In Frank we trust!

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  5. From when I was supporting in person: Favourite Player: Dennis Wise, scored winners at Utd and Liverpool and always gave 100% Favourite Match: Home to Liverpool stopping Sourness's title challenge, 4th May 1991: 4-2 Favourite Goal: Dixon's headed goal in the above match though Petrescu scored some wonderful goals too. Favourite Away day: White Hart Lane, I never saw us lose there.
  6. I spend most of my time on twitter these days mate, any new photo's come up i'll post them on here.
  7. What are your Chelsea Favourites? Favourite All Time Player and Why: Mickey Fillery, The one player that had some class during a Baron Period. Favourite Match: Arsenal Away First game back Favourite Goal: Ossie diving Header against Leeds Favourite Away Day: Villa Park Favourite Moment as a supporter: Dixon Equaliser at Highbury- my place in the Clock end changed by about 20 meters.
  8. I still think Haverz was never an active target but when we became aware of a chance of getting him then we had to go for it, he's a generational talent so we couldn't miss put on him.
  9. Some graffiti from Minder and the Evening News was a far better paper then The Standard my old man used to buy it for the tube journey from work.
  10. Forgot about that game the Graham Stuart goal was superb. How come you don't post much anymore CB you always have some great photos/stories in your locker.
  11. These stats are only the games where he started. It didn't include the games from the bench.
  12. Looking back at all the photo's, shame to see some are missing, not sure why that is? Cant believe it was so long ago i started this thread, glad to see it's still going. Anyone remember the press cutting of the loan Cardiff skinhead on the north terrace in 1980 when we won 1.0 with a late Walker goal? it was put on here yonks ago cant remember who by now, been looking for it for ages.
  13. 91/92 drew 3.3 taken from the back of the Carefree fanzine, I put it on twitter few months back, would love to see the original without the speech bubbles.
  14. Full page article in the Guardian yesterday page 35 by Jacob Steinberg makes a compelling case for CHO to be given a fair chance as a regular . can't disagree. Must start today ?
  15. I agree on signing manager with similar style, that will help but we also need to do better on transfer department. It has been a while since we make splash in transfer market, we finally did it last season 200 m. But it was kinda poorly planned, can you fit puli, Ziyech, Havertz, Werner in one team in real life, in fifa or fm, it is easy 4231 works like magic, sadly in realy life it is not the case.
  16. This isn't actually correct. You're including all his prem goals but you haven't included all his appearances where some of his goals have come off the bench.
  17. Top 4 has gone, I’m looking below us, in case we get sucked into to a relegation battle!
  18. Oasis and ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger.’
  19. Dominique Rocheteau. French winger who I associate with Saint-Étienne in the mid -late 1970s. Played for France in 1978,1982, 1986 World Cups and Euro 84.
  20. The Mitre Mouldmaster 5. Brings back memories of Secondary School Football of the early 1980s !😀😀 FootballRetroPlus on Twitter.
  21. Scott:That’s the spirit.😀A bit of positivity on here!😀
  22. I agree and I think it was in Conte's time he was sensational for us running late into the box and scoring a lot of goals.
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