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  2. I'm not buying that. Lamps wasn't sacked for not challenging for the PL, but because we were sitting in 8th and were 5 points away from Top 4 (potentially more if the teams ahead of us won their games in hand). And he didn't look like turning around the ship. I doubt he would have been sacked during the season had we been in the Top 4.
  3. Thought he just owned the midfield last night, not really pressured, and controlled it at his tempo.
  4. I dunno, the last lanky Norwegian striker to play for Chelsea wasn't too bad.

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  6. Nuno Santo set to be appointed by Everton. Whoever they appointed was probably going to feel a step down from Carlo but it's not a bad pick on paper. Quite amusing they've beat Spurs to a new appointment despite the mob from North London having had 2 months to sort out their pick.
  7. (Chelsea FC via Getty Images) Two week ‘anniversary’ !😀
  8. Now you have me worried.
  9. Thought he played well last night for Italy.
  10. Brilliant love that @Boyne brings back so many memories. It's funny I went to my first Chelsea game six years later and the atmosphere in and out of the ground was so much different. Seeing mates go together like we used to and really young but everyone did it then. That's why I could never understand why people in London supported Man United or Liverpool you went with mates to football with kids from your school/estate etc.
  11. http://jimmysirrelslovechild.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/hills.png http://jimmysirrelslovechild.co.uk/home/memory-lane/yesterdays/the-shay
  12. RWB : Hakimi, Reece James, Azpilicueta RCB : Reece James, Azpilicueta, Christensen LWB: Chilwell, Hakimi, Alonso CB: Silva, Christensen LCB: Rudiger, Zouma I would be happy with this, maybe we sell Zouma and replace him with someone new. Last season we played 58 games, so we will see plenty of versatile players like Dave. CHO should go on loan for a year.
  13. This ground was a right sh*t hole. From what I remember of it, there was a bus station/garage that overlooked it and it was possible to drop into the ground at one side. The embankment didn't have proper steps either.
  14. More like Andy Carroll for me.
  15. That's where our views differ because I actually think he does protect the back line. He might not be able to chase back if he's beaten, but the amount of times he intercepts our opponents passes when they try and attack us is ridiculous. He's always there mopping up and restarting the attack. Brilliant reader of the game and stops a lot of attacks before they get started. He'll never be one for chasing down the channels but we're lucky we have 2 kantes for that! 😉
  16. Yeah I agree with you. And to be fair he has had some very bad games where I've been shouting that I never want to see him in a Chelsea shirt again in the heat of the moment haha (west brom one of those games). But the positives far outweigh the negatives for me, especially against the best teams and in the Champions League.
  17. Halifax Town 1-0 Man City, 3rd Rd FA Cup 5th Jan 1980. Paul Hendrie's winning goal Photo courtesy Halifax Courier.
  18. The Euro '84 Final: France v Spain. -- Pre-match Heineken for Le Coq Gaulois. Parc des Princes, 27th June 1984. (Photo: imago/Sven Simon). A Football Archive on Twitter
  19. Oh god, it's worse than I thought, I wish you hadn't said that...
  20. If we signed him I wouldn't even worry about a Madrid or Barca dream, both those teams have a long effort to rebuild and they just don't have the financial power these days to buy up the best talent.
  21. It is all about what you bring to the table vs your weaknesses. Jorginho can't protect your backline or cover wide space so you have to compensate by playing either back 3 or two very good midfielder alongside him. I have no problem with compensating, it is one of the art of football, we compensate for Hazard lack of defensive output for years. However, when you are the reason the team has to compensate you better be very2 influential, you can't just pass backwards, left or right, you have to dominate the game.
  22. From 1967 when we played Southampton. We won 4-1. The clip is from a Dutch TV programme, Klokke Vier.
  23. Important we get AC and rudiger tied down
  24. Imagine we sign him and he grows more unexpectedly and literally loses all of his pace and becomes a new Crouch
  25. We've had nearly four years to get use to it 😉 😂 (Ampadu was the first).
  26. The problem with Jorginho is he's never been fully accepted due to the Sarri regime which means any bad game has people calling for him to be sold (ala Arsenal at home).
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