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  2. He really isn't. He was a car crash of a full back or wing back or whatever position he was asked to play. Defensively he was caught out of position more than the French military and when getting forward there was more chance of his crosses hitting a seagull than a Chelsea player. I'm glad to see him punted. Agreed, extend those healthy Mediterranean eyebrows inwards by an inch and you could be forgiven for mistaking him for Bosingwa.
  3. Agree with full tracksuit comments, but do remember seeing people with Tachini bottoms circa 83, which weren’t for me. This did the rounds for a bit. Haven’t worn it for years because of chav check connactations, though not as obvious as Burberry
  4. Kanté apparently out. In which case: -------------------------------------Kepa Azpilicueta-----------Christensen---------Zouma-----------Emerson -----------------------------------Jorginho --------------------------Barkley-----------Kovacic ------------------------------------Mount ------------------------Batshuayi-------------Giroud
  5. I think the name Magoo is very apt I put Hughes scoring against Wimbledon and the second picture is the West Stand viewed from the temporary Shed.
  6. I'd give this a shot. Or swap Giroud with Abraham
  7. Not the temporary shed as he is wearing the away kit.
  8. I reckon Frank will only try Ruben as a striker if Tammy, Giroud and Bats aren't scoring enough goals. We've tried the false 9 numerous times, so i don't see why we shouldn't give this idea a try.
  9. Today
  10. Ticket requests can only be made by members who use the forum on a regular basis, same goes for offering tickets for (face value) sale, it's the best way to keep you people safe from being fleeced by the many crooks wanting your hard earned money.
  11. We shouldn't be selling anyone at the moment. Lets talk about this next May.
  12. Of all the terrible hooli films and there's been many I think the best and worse is the firm original and the terrible remake. Gary Oldman is the finest actor of his generation and was believable and menacing the violence just bubbling under and you know it could come to the surface at anytime. But the remake the geezer just shouts through the whole film and comes across like Harry Enfield's characters the self righteous brothers. But they got the clothes completely wrong I never saw a single person wear the whole tracksuit at Chelsea home or away and not everyone was wearing casual clothes it's stupid to think everyone was us youngsters yes everyone 25 upwards no. You would see fila's and tachinnis but not to this extent where everyone is wearing them.
  13. I like to wear a Barracuta Harrington from John Simons (Who named the Harrington). Burgundy wingtip brogues and Levis 501's. The shirt is sometimes a button down Madras Pendleton or very Similar. In the winter it's still a Crombie Crombie with a Stetson baggy cap. Haven't seen any Levis Sta-Press for years and didn't know you could still get them. I've seen similar but with that funny skinny low waist look.
  14. I think all these players offer something different and to be honest I'm not sure about Mount or Barclay. It's early days for Mount but I see him as more of a replacement for Willian. RLC is the strong guy who can hold the midfield, power forward and score whereas Barclay's role is less definable. He really should be scoring more than he does so if any of them go it could be him. We have to see how this season plays out before getting rid of any of them. They could all potentially have good seasons and next year we could rotate.
  15. He can have as many go’s as he wants. On the training pitch.
  16. Think I’ve gone from Levi sta-press to flares then back again. Harrington mostly, sometimes a donkey jacket. Always Doctor Martens (Never gone out of fashion) still wear a Ben Sherman now and again. Never liked the Pringle gear or the tracksuits. Loved the ski hats.
  17. You will pay stupid prices using a 3rd party site . Ticket exchange or even this forum put an early request in for the game you want to attend
  18. If we can't get him a move Frank should give Bakayoko a go. With Kante being made to play like a jetpacker on steroids, Baka might help some. Worth a shot. He's just faffing around in the reserves anyways.
  19. Do people think that when RLC is back we will have three players all of the shame type ? going forward i think one of them needs/will be sold
  20. There is still time to secure a deal but limited interest by the sounds of it, particularly if we are being picky. Its a shame but confidence looks shot and just looks like 'a swing and a miss' for us on him
  21. Im sorry but there's just no comparison to Bamford. Anyone who put their head above their heart would have known the PL would be too much for him, as it proved. James is a completely different kettle of fish, he was better than Mount at youth and Championship level and Mason has taken to first team duties like a duck to water, it's not exactly reaching thinking James will do the same.
  22. Bakayoko in limbo... Is the market still open?
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