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  2. I think lots of people underrate Tottenham and especially Pochettino a lot which is funny. From my own perspective though, if they somehow manage to keep Pochettino, even without bringing in any new player, I can't see them finishing out of the top four and thus playing in the Europa league. That guy sure knows how to manage an average team. Apart from Conte, Klopp and Pochettino himself, I can't see any other manager out there who could have led that sh*t Tottenham team to a champions league final.
  3. Ha ha, same here, left the tough stuff to the big boys!!
  4. If only because he has a good song... I actually think he would add some much needed extra height. But as it stands he wouldn't be in my squad ahead of Ampadu.
  5. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/videos/v/2019/06/14/maurizio-sarri-g2eXd4aDE6wNl-jJhKlT38lDEsj3Bvsw Official.
  6. Looks like he is off officially then. I imagine the Jorginho rumours will start next.
  7. 5th or 6th. But if we finished 4th in our champions league group and this get eliminated in the champions league group stages and we also avoid playing in the Europa league, I can see us managing to finish 4th.
  8. might be fake but... https://www.chelseafc.com/en/videos/v/2019/06/14/maurizio-sarri-g2eXd4aDE6wNl-jJhKlT38lDEsj3Bvsw
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  10. I think Frank will be great. As a coach Makelele makes more sense than Drogba as he has gained experience at Monaco with some top young players. Hope he comes here to work his magic.
  11. I value it. Just i place it 3rd. But hand on heart, I'd take a run to the champions League final over an fa cup win next year. Mainly because I think with a good wind, we could always win it, we could have won it in any year of the past 25 years. We could win it in any year of the next 25. But we would really by making a statement if we reach the final of the CL. No one expects that. It will be devastating if we lose, but I'd be overjoyed to see us competing back at the top table.
  12. Not sure how we ended up back in the eighties, better get back on topic. I think we will see a better atmosphere next season, Franks has some great songs we can sing at him.
  13. I really can't apologise for not being old enough to go to football matches in the 80s. I liked going to Chelsea more in the 90s than today, so I imagine I would have been happier in an atmosphere and not the library that the bridge is today where I get nothing back when I try to make a bit of noise. Missed my point much? Look if we are in the Championship and tickets are £60 a match, I'll go just as much as I do now. Not much, mainly take up the cheaper cup games and one or two league games. Because I can't afford it. Neither can most people in their 20s and early 30s. There's a reason the bridge is tired, boring and a library now. It's full of old farts who can afford the ticket prices. There's a reason the atmosphere was great in the 80s, because people like @coco could go regularly as a teenager.
  14. Football was the sideshow, i was only a teenager and i remember the army like feeling, marching to and from the away stations with police escort, without actually getting involved in the combat side, i would be the kid at the back singing "Chelsea are back" !
  15. There’s people in Wormwood Scubs for less.
  16. I wonder what the fans who weren't around in the 80's would make of those days, unless you were around for games like against Millwall or Sunderland Milk cup semi final you will never know. How Times have changed.
  17. Be honest with them, we didn't go to watch the footy back then, it was a whole different World, it was pure tribal affairs.
  18. Who gives a sh*t about the sponsors, I don't wake up on a match day worrying about our sponsors, as for match going supporters not going at £60 a ticket if we turn sh*t, there probably not the supporters we want anyway. Regarding the 80's the Chelsea in that era who won f**k all, but are fondly remembered a lot more than the present day team will ever be .
  19. It will be fascinating if Makelele does come back and if he can inspire Bakakyoko to play better that would be good for us.
  20. This suits both sides, he's had dogs abuse (some of it deserved) thanks for the trophy, but the football has been dire for most of the season and we deserve more entertainment.
  21. I didn’t say i’d be happy with mediocrity for a couple of seasons because it was GOOD in the 80s. It was really sh1t in the early 80s. Some of us were there and the team were crap, we as fans were treated as sh1t by most clubs, but we spent a lot travelling all over some really crap places, watching an awful team at times. I think some fans who weren’t around then don’t realise how bad it was. Especially the threat of violence, not just from opposition fans but also from plod. Remember how far we have come, from a relegation bouncing team to serial winners. I said a couple of seasons, rebuilding, due to transfer ban, and blooding the youngsters, all getting behind the team, like the lads in the bad times did, isn’t such a bad thing. The cost of a season ticket to me is not an issue at all, I don’t have one any more as work travel means I would miss half the games, so pointless.
  22. Well no, you can look back on parts of a good run with fondness but I’d still take a trophy over a good CL run that doesn’t end in a win. Also I think I’m one of the few left that still values the FA Cup as a competition.
  23. That was a cracking strike though unfortunately he did not score many for us, in the previous clip I noticed George Graham's Leeds agreed to bring forward the match to assist Chelsea with a European fixture.
  24. I think some of you are missing the point of the article.No one in their right mind would question the success that RA has facilitated but that model at some point in time inevitably would have to be changed. We rightly criticise Liverpool supporters for their constant drivel regarding history but aren’t we in danger of the same? Ok we won the EL last season and I celebrate that but we won it because we didn’t play in the CL. I’d rather finish runners up in the Premier League than win the Championship. Rightly on here some talk about our transfer failures and if we are honest there have been plenty of them . So let’s not be too precious when it’s pointed out by others the number of players we have transferred in and indeed some of the vast sums wasted. Spurs have changed how they develop and operate. Liverpool likewise both have integrated a style of play that is fresh and modern. Neither won the league but Liverpool did . Neither of the clubs are close to perfect but they do certain things extremely well so let’s not be dismissive instead let’s steal some of their ideas and improve on them. FFP is a massive issue going forward, the soon to be restrictions on numbers of players being loaned out will impact to a degree but any organisation that wants to improve has to embrace change and football isn’t exempt from that fact. SAF for me is without doubt the greatest manager there ever has been in English football ( it hurts admitting to that) but his ability to re invent both himself and indeed his teams were a master class. Yes he did spend but he had a knack of knowing when change had to happen . He dismantled team after team and improved by integrating academy players, brining in players who were in the Autumn of their careers, taking risks but never did he fail miserably. Add to that the fact he constantly wanted those chirping in his ear to be replaced. He went through assistant after assistant yes he was a constant but his frontline coaches changed on a reasonably regular basis. When Wenger shipped up in the PL he re invented Arsenal from changing training to a focus on proper nutrition and rest. He was both radical and a success. The point is that he didn’t tweak that model and slowly but surely others improved on his innovations and not only caught Arsenal up but went significantly past them.
  25. I hope Emerson stays another season at least. This 'dragging of heels', can't help but wonder if it is related to our efforts to sign Alex Sandro a couple of years ago.
  26. Hazard, Jovic, and Ferland Mendy and there is some 'noise' about Pogba too.
  27. Lets just agree they are a very strange bunch.
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