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  2. I literally have the same feelings to what I did when Tomori disappeared from the team. Did want his minutes to completely plummet? No. Am I losing sleep over it? Equally no. And it's not just Tuchel, Lampard wasn't that convinced by him either, his selection patterns after the first few months clearly demonstrated that. When it came to the crunch last season he turned to Oli and was picking Werner over him (when it was one or the other and Timo wasn't put on the left) until the German started struggling.
  3. If Kai at false 9 is the way Tuchel plans to go forward then Aguero is worth a punt as an additional option. Would he far too risky if we're making him main striker even for a season.

  4. Today
  5. Atletico failed to win another game and their 10 point lead melted to 1 against Real and 2 against Barcelona
  6. Pretty much the perfect week for us other than TAA's late late winner.
  7. I'd take the Spammers run in over ours...
  8. He was great at Vitesse, he was great at Derby and he is great with us now, followed the path that Chelsea had for him and didnt complain and now he's rewarded for all the hard work. Keep it up Mase !!
  9. To finish in top 4 odds....
  10. After this week's performances, I've got him in my under 23 World XI
  11. It’s probably two spots between four clubs. Leicester will be getting jittery after what happened to them last season and discipline issues might have caused issues in the camp.
  12. I think it was the best result for us. We may forget about Utd, top 4 more or less guaranteed. Good to see Spurs beaten at any time. it’s going to be a tough finish for us playing on three fronts but I think we can see the team coming into form and I’m hopeful of third.
  13. Dont think he would be 2nd choice then either. At the moment Kai, Werner and Giroud are all ahead of him, making him 4th choice at best and that is assuming that if all 3 of them were out that TT would not chose to deploy Pulisic or Mount as a false 9 before bringing Tammy in. Even if Giroud leaves sounds like we either get Aguero or someone else who would also be ahead of Tammy. End of the day I think if TT stays Tammy goes for a Tomori size fee if we can find a buyer, though I expect a side like Villa, Wolves or Everton veing willing to take him on.
  14. The other night I watched The Elephant Man. It's been a few years since I last watched it and it is still very powerful. moving and thought-provoking. A brilliant cast and John Hurt is superb as Joseph Merrick although in the film his first name is John. That the film is in black and white adds to the atmosphere and film. I have to praise the make-up artists for the wonderful job they did. It must have taken ages to add make-up to Hurt. I didn't realise until recently that Mel Brooks was one of the producers but asked that his name wasn't added to the credits as he was worried that if it
  15. The hill near the Dumbarton Castle has a good view of a match. The youngsters were watching over the grey fence at the far touch line.
  16. What you say sounds reasonable but I don’t buy it. Jorginho lost us West Brom and he’s still in the team. The strikers drew against Leeds and Sheffield, and lost to West Brom. And he still doesn’t get a run. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to use him as a second striker and give Werner or Havertz some rest. And I’m not Tammy’s biggest fan.
  17. While it would be nice to finish above Utd, it was a bit of a long shot with so few games remaining (and after West Brom loss). them beating sp*rs is a good thing for our top 4 hopes and takes that lot a step closer to falling apart - Jose being sacked, Kane wanting out, no money due to the stadium, their temporary challenge among the big boys over - back to where they belong.
  18. The British Expeditionary Force (BEF): Football in the snow, 1st Anti Aircraft Brigade Headquarters at Avesnes-le-Comte, France, 14 February 1940. (Photo: Lt. L A Puttnam/IWM via Getty) A Football Archive on Twitter.
  19. Dumbarton play East Fife a couple of days ago. These youngsters decided to watch.Apart from the one at the end, not big enough to see over the fence !😀. Couldn’t he have just swapped places with the taller guy next to him .😀 Scottish Footy Cards on Twitter .
  20. Not a chance in a million years after her old man basically would let me up the garden path after that day at Brighton . Bearing in mind all the trouble after the game and me and the bird were stuck right behind 4/5 bobbys at bottom of terrace in corner of fenced pen and the chelsea lot were fronting the copper . Poor lass just about shat her sen and i was just as stressed . Then on train back to London at croydan station sone chelsea chap was hanging out of train door window as you could back then ,and his head slammed into Something and poor lad fell back into doorway of carriage right acros
  21. Sometimes we as a club do not do our homework properly and sign a real lemon of a player, like Baka. Others we sign a good player who was really decent before we sign him, he fails with us, leaves and rebuilds himself to a decent level, like sutton. Is my belief Werner will head down the sutton road.
  22. Sign him on a 2 yr, he'll get us goals!
  23. Really sad how poor Sheff united have become. Such a horrid season.
  24. Dear stalkers ,christ there is a blast from the past with the pop up cheap as chips brolly to add a look of class ,what what what what what .
  25. Why worrying. Better to finish well then start well and drop points like we did vs Saints and West Brom
  26. Hopefully, West Ham will start dropping some points soon when the opposition stops giving them so much space to run into.
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