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  2. I dont like him. The fact that we have bent ourselves over for this kid, gave him every sign that we value him A LOT, by offering him a ton of money, as well as plenty of game time, something that has been unprecedent at this football club, for a player as young as he is and coming from our academy , and yet, there are still loads of rumours that this kid STILL wants to leave, makes me think that he is an ungrateful sod, especially considering he's been with us since he was 8
  3. Very confident the boys will put in a strong performance against Burnley and pick up the points. Even fancy Higuain to get on the scoresheet.
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  5. Lol. He's not paid a lot because hes not signed a new contract for a while. He would easily be in the top 10 paid players if he signed s new contract.
  6. It can also be argued that the Europa League was the easiest cup run we ever had, Sparta Prague, Steaua Bucarest, Rubin Kazan, Basel and Benfica. The only good-ish team was Benfica, and even they were a team we would have been happy to be drawn against in the Champions League. Benitez almost made a mess of things multiple times on the way to the final too. We scrapped past teams we should have beaten comfortably.
  7. Great picture and a class player ,that was a good trip but one of the most frustrating games ever ,talk about getting a team selection wrong
  8. Yep, we could have easily won the league cup and club world cup, we were in 7 competitions that season, the Europa League was a good win from Rafa but for christ sake we had Swansea in a semi-final then we would've played a Championship team in the final, and we got knocked out the Club World Cup by some Brazilian side... I also think his tenure here is overrated.
  9. And Inter Milan. Both of these failures were Mourinho's fault too apparently 🙄 I also stick by what I have always said about him with us, he achieved the bare minimum.
  10. He's just made things worse for himself by saying this. If he just says it was a stupid joke, then people would probably move on and forget it. Nobody is going to believe he was calling for the waiter and that he knows nothing about Hitler and Nazi's.
  11. Just look at his tenure at Madrid if you think he's capable of top flight football.
  12. Anyone believing the Wayne Hennessey not knowing anything at all about the Nazis story? He’s blaming it on generation not knowing but he’s my age, I was taught all about it at school. He’s ‘desperate to learn’ now apparently
  13. Well United dont have to worry about city eclipsing their treble so they should lay down in the derby. Am sure they would be happy to burst the liverpool bubble.
  14. Crespo after scoring in Monaco 15 years ago today.
  15. I’m sorry but we don’t let rationality get in the way of disliking Mr Benitez. We don’t care about Rafa...
  16. Might be the only person that rates Rafa on his board, but we all have to agree he is doing a fantastic job at Newcastle. Imagine what he could achieve there with their huge fan base if he was backed by their owner.
  17. Ajax performances in the Champions League would say otherwise.
  18. Even though I can bet this is a statistical fact, why am I still finding this so hard to believe?
  19. Loves playing the victim also, he's tried to leave them twice for better wages. Hazard has never acted like that and he's 1000000x the player Rose is.
  20. Hypothetically, If Sane was available for the same price which one would you want?
  21. I have serious doubts about Sarri but I also don't think things will improve if we just bring in a different manager. We might get a bounce in the short term but we saw that with Sarri's start too. The problems at the club are deeper rooted than the manager.
  22. Second Premier league team this year to reach 100 goals after City. All that without a Striker. Not bad.
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