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  2. Matthew Harding started the revolution. Without Matthew Harding we wouldnt of had Ruud at the Bridge, simple as that.
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  4. Personally not in the camp of those that think he is a key player. He is one of the reasons why we need to play a 4-2-3-1 as you just can’t leave him alone in the middle of the park, this has been a reoccurrence whenever Kante is next to him. We are a more solid team playing a 4-3-3 with a b2b midfielder just behind a creative midfielder. I never said we needed to replace him as I believe Kante with Gilmour deputising for him are more than capable of holding the fort. I also don’t think we wouldn’t be able to keep possession just because he isn’t available. Liverpool play good football without a deep lying playmaker, and we also have Gilmour.
  5. A cold bleak winters Saturday afternoon at the bridge in the 1980's, forget Barbados or the Seychelles, the above is where I want to be!!
  6. Good sweeper. Like Glenn Hoddle with pace. Went to the 88 Euros. Kenny Sampson was trying to mark him. Ruud time after time kicked the ball beyond him and streaked away. Bumped into Ken Bates on the way back from the 98 Super Cup in Monaco. Bates said to us along the lines of “ I see Gullit’s gone to Newcastle. They’re welcome to him.”
  7. Alan Hudson ghost goal has to be the worst refereeing decision of all time it's hysterical.
  8. evissy

    Ben Chilwell

    There is a trend of young able English players. Everyone seems like a world beater. There will be sh*te ones in the bunch.
  9. The sole reason I started following Chelsea from abroad. So yes. [emoji106] Thanks for sharing the article.
  10. If it weren’t for Ruud, none of this would have ever happened. No FA Cups, League Cups, Roman, PL Titles, Champions Leagues. Nothing. Zip. Nil. Niet. Niente! We’d be just another Tottenham at best. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52904670
  11. Definitely the latter. He has played on the left of a 4-3-3 this year but mainly he makes runs into the left channel with Poulsen or Schick dropping deep to provide space. Recently he has been playing up top in a 3-5-2 as well. He's certainly not a player who can lead the line himself in a 4-3-3.
  12. Leicester fans view of a potential transfer to us... https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-city-chelsea-transfer-chilwell-4191188.amp?__twitter_impression=true Safe to say they're thinking they're going to get another Drinkwater style jackpot for a player they don't rate.
  13. A great Scottish side and a wonderful result for them. I wish I'd been at that game. Made up for the England v Scotland game in 1975 where the former won 5-1. I was at that game with my Dad. There is probably still a lot of Wembley turf in gardens in Scotland.
  14. Because he's better than Kai.
  15. Another twist in the fiasco. The Premier League etc couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52913164 Premier League clubs will have their most thorough discussion to date about what should happen if the season is curtailed at their latest meeting on Thursday. All clubs will be given a say in a detailed debate over how to finalise the league table if the season cannot be completed, though it is widely expected that relegation will not be scrapped. A fixture list for the first few rounds of the rebooted season are also due to be confirmed, along with kick-off times and broadcast plans, though it is understood there will be some leeway for clubs to offer feedback. The opening two matches are due to be played on 17 June, with a full round of fixtures that weekend. Tottenham confirm positive result Premier League clubs set for friendlies What's still up for grabs in the Premier League? Matchday operations and return-to-play protocols will also be presented, with clubs told that breaches of the strict biosecurity requirements would incur sanctions. The number of people allowed inside the stadium during a match will need to be limited to about 300, according to documents sent to clubs. Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has told BBC Sport that the scrapping of relegation if the season has to be cancelled due to a second wave of coronavirus cases was "a significant topic" and would need to be debated by the clubs. Some clubs are known to want relegation discarded this season. However, 14 clubs would need to back such a move for it to be adopted, and the Football Association has said it will oppose the idea. The governing body has a decisive 'golden share' in any vote. Premier League bosses are desperate to complete the season by the end of next month to avoid the risk of increased rebate payments to broadcasters, and want to avoid any delays because of disagreements over curtailment. A vote on the matter may not take place until a subsequent meeting. After weeks of discussions around the proposal to use neutral venues, BBC Sport understands that virtually all of the remaining 92 matches will be played at home and away grounds. But Premier League bosses will outline how they will need to identify pre-agreed neutral venues for each region as part of contingency planning in case of local spikes in coronavirus cases. The use of neutral venues would require a rule change, so clubs will need to vote on this matter. Various 'enhancements' to the broadcasting of matches are also due to be discussed at Thursday's meeting, including the possibility of camera access to dressing rooms, although that is understood to be unlikely. The Premier League is expected to offer a centralised plan for including fans in some way. European football clubs have used different methods to engage fans, with fans of Danish Superliga side AGF Aarhus appearing via video link on a virtual grandstand during last weekend's derby match against Randers. Cardboard cut-outs of fans have also been considered by clubs, but the use of the existing big screens might prove the most feasible and least costly option. The Premier League's plan to restart on 17 June received a boost on Wednesday, with just one positive test in the latest batch of testing. The singular case, from 1,197 players and staff members tested, came from Tottenham. But because of carefully planned drills and physio sessions being limited to 15-minute windows, it is not thought anyone else will need to isolate.
  16. How did this turn into a Bulka thread?
  17. Pic caption states it's Coventry City, No need to tell you the venue...
  18. This pic has again, very probably, been posted on here before. Again I just like it.
  19. This pic has, very probably, been posted on here before. I just like it.
  20. Teat gas fired by Italian police coming across the pitch, during the Euro 80 game between England and Belgium. Trouble had broken out on the terracing,
  21. Bulgaria away June 1979. A Euro 80 qualifier. 3-0 England.
  22. The two captains. Ray Wilkins and Graeme Souness. England v Scotland 1986. Two great midfield players. Little did either know that Graeme Souness would be Ray Wilkins boss at Glasgow Rangers ay the end of the following year ! Second picture is I think at Hampden in May 1985 ?
  23. Ray Kennedy and Bruce Rioch, England v Scotland, 4th June 1977, Wembley.
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