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  3. I think there's more money at stake if they play it out, there will be huge short term losses to void it, but there will be even bigger longterm losses if they carry it out.
  4. Wimbledon being cancelled for the first time since WWII doesn't work in Federers favour at all as he isn't getting any younger. This hurts also players that are in good form, mainly Nadal and Djokovic that probably wanted to win more while they are playing this well..
  5. While Wimbledon itself as a one off is quite different to continued football, the key point is that events as far ahead as late June/early July are being binned.
  6. There’s going to be a lot of transfer budgets that are destroyed because of this. I would like to think that this puts us in a good position given our strong youth team.
  7. It is interesting to see how differently countries act, I read today that Denmark is going to start to relax the isolation measures next week though will watch the cases to see if this makes things worse.
  8. Speaking of money UEFA are suspending FFP for the year. Which is precisely the dumbest idea in the history of this whole ludicrous concept That now signals to those clubs like PSG and City whose oil sheik owners will have been unaffected that they can spend up big and avoid any consequences. Secondly, in a moment where teams may have had to tighten their belts and we could have seen a movement towards lower transfer fees and wages through necessity and the need to meet FFP. We will instead see one or two clubs again keeping the fees and wages high and forcing others to meet them. By all means offer an extenuating circumstances clauses for clubs whose revenues have been hit. But make it conditional, not carte blanche.
  9. Charlton 2 - 3 Chelsea in Feb 1947 at The Valley . Played on a pitch of snow
  10. Posted on here before, but a great picture.
  11. Peter Osgood and Norman Hunter. Nov 1965. Peter Osgood and Leicester City centre half John Sjoberg.
  12. Hoeness did score. The other West German goal was scored by the great Gerd Muller. 68 goals in 62 international appearances. An incredible strike rate. A shame that he is now suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
  13. I'd love to see this guy involved if and when he recovers, he was fantastic for PSV prior to his injury. At 27 we can still have some good years out of him.
  14. Too much money at stake I think for clubs not to finish the season. I think they’ll find a way unless it carries on until June. But if we carry on until July, won’t we be out of sync with other leagues?
  15. I remember that game. I think Uli Hoeness scored as well. I recently saw Gunter Netzer at a bar in the Christmas Market in Cologne. I was staring at him for ages before I could put a name to the face. Talking of famous German footballers I've met, I once met Dieter Hoeness, Uli's younger and much nicer, but less talented brother. He is an old uni friend of a German mate of mine. Very nice guy. Played for Germany in the '86 world cup.
  16. If Wimbledon one of if not the most historic and iconic sporting event round the world, then the premiership which has only been going 25 years can definitely cancel the season, let's move on to next season now. 500 plus people died in last 24 hours in this country, so this season is irrelevant now, sadly the premiership officials think they are far more important.
  17. Remember watching that game on the TV. Can't remember if it was live or just highlights were shown. If I recall, Netzer had a brilliant game for the West Germans.
  18. Wimbledon is officially cancelled now. So every sporting event is over, only the Premier League somehow doesn't want to announce it.
  19. Cheeky bid for Harry Kane in the summer?
  20. Over 4900 official cases and over 230 deaths, keep in mind that Sweden isn't testing everyone but just hard cases. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed in a week.
  21. I assume by 'none of the things' you meant 'all of the things'. Yes, the tabloid press has always spread pernicious lies to smear certain left-leaning politicians, parties and organsiations. In recent years, the Telegraph and its 'journalists' like Boris Johnson have been going down the same route, in particular with the regard to the EU: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/14/boris-johnson-brussels-bashing-stories-shaped-politics It's been incredibly effective, depressingly.
  22. Sweden with it's Laissez Faire attitude is still adopting a different approach. They are report 4000 cases and 140 deaths. They are allowing groups of up to 50 to meet and allowing cafes and restaurants to stay open though asking them to space out tables. Elderly are asked to remain at home except for essential trips. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/sweden-coronavirus-lockdown-update-school-restaurants-a9436241.html
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52121463 All Champions League and Europa League matches have been suspended "until further notice" by Uefa because of the global coronavirus pandemic. All national team games in June have also been postponed, including play-off matches for Euro 2020 - already postponed to 2021 - and qualifying matches for the Women's Euro 2021. The European governing body's 55 member associations met on Wednesday. The Premier League is suspended until at least 30 April. The Euro 2020 play-offs are set to feature Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland.
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