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  2. Chelsea XI to face Ajax: Kepa, Azpilicueta, Zouma, Tomori, Hudson-Odoi, Kovacic, Jorginho, Alonso, Willian, Abraham, Mount
  3. Claudia Romani Model and Women's Referee Luverly Shirt, truly a "Good Look" 🤣
  4. Might as well just have it as a Let’s all LOL at London teams without a European Cup
  5. Team news within the next half an hour, these early kick-offs are weird as f**k!
  6. Not confident for this between our defensive situation and Kante not playing. Need a huge performance from the lads. Up the Chels.
  7. REMINDER: This game starts at 5:55PM UK Time.
  8. Mancini – on a good run at the moment – picks his good friend and former team-mate to join the Azzurri board (Nazionale delegation) Luca, cordiali saluti
  9. Cheers Sheffield Utd. 1-0 win v the Arsenal. Just a reminder...
  10. Tomori for a very young and inexperienced player is performing brilliantly ,so your comments about coming good and not looking good are very strange and difficult to comprehend . Are you sure you you've been watching him not someone else !!
  11. Today
  12. Yes it is a bit harsh. I hope Tomori makes it but for me Ampadu didn't make those types of errors. They are both talents with heaps of potential. At some point Frank will have to decide who comes first and I trust his judgement. It was harsh to send Ampadu out on loan and Leipzig aren't even playing him so he is wasting his time there. It would be a terrible shame if he didn't make it at Chelsea. We'll see how it pans out but I think he deserves another shot at Chelsea.
  13. I am thinking we should make a Let's all LOL at spurs thread
  14. Very harsh on Tomori, he has come into the team and done extremely well - he's definitely a better center-back than Ampadu at this moment in time. We were leaking goals for fun at the start of the season, but since Tomori has come into the team (half time against liverpool) we've only conceded 2 goals and generally looked a lot more comfortable at the back. Yes, he's made a few errors with the ball at his feet, but I'm not too worried about that as he's only young and his decision making will improve with experience. Tomori won our academy player of the year and also POTY for Derby last season and I can see why. Great talent.
  15. He hasn't been playing at Leipzig so he's having a bad loan. Maybe we should bring him back or send him to Derby or something. I really like him and think he can play a big part in the team. It's really tough Sh*t for him not being here this season when the young guys are getting a chance. He needs to hold down a position and maybe that is in midfield but for me he is more of a defensive midfielder than one who distributes and starts attacks. He has a lot going for him but the best thing is his maturity and leadership skills. He has a big personality and the best teams have a lot of that in the dressing room. Maybe Tomori will come good but its not looking to good at the moment so I feel doubly sorry for Ampadu.
  16. The good thing for Ampadu is that he can comfortably step in to midfield too. I can see him being good cover for Jorginho in the long run.
  17. Apparantly when Bates first met him his first words were “ I’ve heard you’ve got more money than me” A couple of years later he was calling him “ an evil man”
  18. You are probably right. At this point in time I think Ampadu is better than Tomori. How the club deal with that I don't know. Maybe time will help but for me Ampadu has quality and shows leadership skills. Frank will favour Tomori but he's made some real cock ups lately. I think he would be dropped if Christensen was fit. For me Rudiger and Zouma are our best CBs but given games I think Ampadu pushes them and Christensen is back up. Tomori needs to shape up or face going out on loan next season. I'm being hard on Christensen there but I'm not convinced he has the strength to compete at top level. He is premiership quality but maybe midtable.
  19. A fence got ripped up on the way back to the station ( was that the school?) Didn’t really fathom why cause couldn’t see any Southampton anywhere. Never got vandalism. More of a 70s thing. Saw the aftermath of plumbing getting ripped out of the karzi at Derby in 82, and a few smashed windows at Luton circa 81 and that’s about it.
  20. I completely forgot about Suarez snubbing Evra at the handshake. It says a lot about what a massive c**t he is that something as c**ty as that is a relatively minor indiscretion.
  21. And more recently Thierry Henry handled the ball when France played the Republic of Ireland in 2009.
  22. 4th October 2014 Newcastle United fans thought of a novel way of protesting against their manager, Alan Pardew, on an away-day Premier League visit to Swansea City. They unveiled an apt banner - 'Not a Welsh town, our form in 2014' - which detailed their poor playing form in 2014, mainly Ls and Ds. It proved to be an immediate hit with the media although a few newspapers did spend far too long listing all the Welsh towns that don't have a vowel in their name! For the record it was another D that day (2-2) while Pardew stayed in the job for another 3 months before deciding that a move to Crystal Palace would benefit his career.
  23. Spain, World Cup 1982 and Brazil are just about to show Scotland how big a gulf there was between the two teams. It was 4-1, going on 7-1.
  24. Would VAR have seen this ? Oct 1977 at Anfield Wales v Scotland World World Cup Qualifier. Score was 0-0 and ref gave a penalty to Scotland... They scored and went on to win 2-0. I still reckon some Welsh supporters thought justice was done in Argentina, when Peru beat Scotland 3-1. Then Iran held them to a 1-1 draw.
  25. Yeah good shouts for both of them.
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