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  2. A return to adidas kits, a stadium that resembles the Allianz, free beer on match days, and big woolen scarves to make a comeback.
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  4. A VIP cheese room, plastic pint glasses which fill up from the bottom, and a roof which looks like a toilet seat.
  5. Never dealt with addiction first hand i'm guessing, lucky man...
  6. Also a team effort. Got to look at individual ability and i think the majority of Chelsea fans agree Alonso has been the worst of the three options for some time now and not suited to this brand of football.
  7. Ok scenario: Roman comes back next year and while Sancho is taking pics with Marina he is a bit stuck in an office and just simply doesn't trust a bunch of fancy advisers, architects and so on...right so he goes out for some fresh air and meets YOU in front of The Bridge and gives you his russian-stare-poker-face and asks, how should our new stadium look like? You start playing this amazing 3d chess game; What do we need to keep? What do we want to avoid, any specific detail that is a must...Do we keep the Osgood statue or make a new, bigger one? Do we expand to 95k seats or would that ruin our identity and the overall feel of it, how much is too much? ...After giving it a thought you start talking, what do you say?
  8. Dear o dear. I should know better. After West Ham and Everton I should be expecting us to gift another struggling team with a win. For whatever reason though I am confident we will win, so a defeat is inevitable. That being said... Chelsea 4-0 Bournemouth, Abraham 12 minutes.
  9. Good job they didn't ask to see my ID at the turnstile !!
  10. I’m sick to death of people lumping every single person in the world in together like we’re all exactly the same and anyone who happens struggle should be cut adrift.
  11. Maybe he's tried. One of my best friends has tried every bit of help and counselling imaginable since he was a kid and it hasn't helped him one jot.
  12. Sorry not having it.. He has the money for a chauffeur, clinics, in fact any help he needs. If he CHOOSES not to take any of those options that's his doing so gets no sympathy from me. I'm sick to death of people not taking responsibility for their actions anymore, there always 'addicted' or under mental health issues, FFS most of it is what normal people call life !! he's a pisshead drink driving waster who just happens to play for our club, and the sooner the last part is rectified the better imo.
  13. So say thats it and Roman absolutely hits the jackpot an cashes in for 3billion, the next incumbent is looking at spending 4billion to buy the club, and re-develop, thats some big bucks, the Indian owner at QPR should be tapped up, he's seriously minted, or the Saudi king😉
  14. 3-0 Chelsea. Mount 39th min. Ever hopeful of us keeping another clean sheet, at some time ! Dear Santa...
  15. Tuesday, 12th Dec 1978 at 7:45pm Charlie Cooke's testimonial match at the Bridge v Crystal Palace. We won 2-0. With our goals from Aylott and McKenzie
  16. Our 1000th League match at The Bridge. We won 2-1. with Barry Bridges scoring both our goals, A crowd of 20,952 saw it.
  17. You think it’s not possible that the money has gone to his head and now he’s slacking? It’s a natural thing to happen, almost like you’ve worked so hard to reach an objective, now you’ve got it, you breath a sigh of relief and now you’re relaxed, the performances start to slip. After all the majority of you have said he’s so young. I think he needs a reality check to get himself back in gear, so I think a loan wouldn’t be the worst idea.
  18. I disagree, he likes to get it fwd quicker, and utilises wide players, Pep used to pas you to death through the middle, Kante like Essien, Pulisic and willian, like Robben and Duff, the only thing we lack is a Lampard, but Mount might become him, if not quite a Box box M/fer
  19. How come you got my Mrs face painted on your belly munkworth?
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