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  1. dan_cfc

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Yet psg and citeh can spunk unlimited amounts of money without anyone batting an eyelid load of corrupt sh*t, that being said I'm sure we will find a way around it as Barca and Madrid did.
  2. dan_cfc

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Couldn't believe the booing, how very Arsenal like. Get behind the team UTC.
  3. dan_cfc

    Sarri - In or Out?

    The thing that will ultimately be Sarri's downfall is his complete lack of adaptability, you can say Pep and Klopp had poor first seasons but they where changing formations and personnel consistently in order to find the right balance whilst Sarri has been stubborn picking the same players and the same formation whilst calling out the players lack of motivation.
  4. Only one that comes away with any credit from this is Hazard, everyone else absolute f**king disgrace.
  5. dan_cfc

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Same team expecting different results.. utterly clueless.
  6. Our away support still outsinging these mugs 5-0 down.
  7. Down to the manager or not most of this squad is not top 4 quality simple as that, serious investment and change is needed from top to bottom.
  8. I'm not saying sack him just historically Roman down the years would Not have taken this sh*t.
  9. I think Sarri will be gone after this, no chance will Roman accept this.
  10. dan_cfc

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Tactically inept
  11. dan_cfc

    Marcos Alonso

    Yeah he played well today gets caught out with his lack of pace at times but defensively is better than Emerson imo.
  12. Get in great performance, Hazard brilliant, Barkley bossing it and great to see Higuain so clinical. Yes Huddersfield are sh*t but was a definite improvement, some Big games coming up hopefully we can kick on with some momentum now and get as many points as possible, UTC.
  13. Watch Sarri give the whole players mentality is poor sh*te after whilst continuing to play the same players same system week in week out.
  14. And you wonder why Sarris won f**k all in his career
  15. Still 3 defensive minded midfielders on.. great management.