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  1. Must win game if we are to have any chance at top 4 this season.
  2. Ideal game for Werner & Havertz to get some goals and rebuild there confidence imo.
  3. Still think we could do with buying a top class goalkeeper, ship Kepa out and make Mendy our no.2
  4. Never a penalty but once again another sh*t performance.. can’t keep the ball at all.. come on Chelsea.
  5. Average performance good solid win after back to back defeats. Above the spuds again which is always nice, now hopefully we’ll smash the gooners and put them even further into a relegation battle😁UTC
  6. Vardy is a good example, you wouldn’t play him out wide which makes it mind boggling that Lampard plays Werner out wide.
  7. Another poor & tired performance, certain players badly out of form, no energy, no aggressive pressing, poor passing. Need to bounce back soon or we’ll struggle for top4 already 4 points off this stage last season.
  8. No excuses for him he’s been absolute pony needs to massively improve or could be yet another day expensive flop to add to the list.
  9. UEFA corrupt c**ts as usual. Still think if we’re at our best we can beat them.
  10. Woeful performance created f**k all and they walked through our midfield time and time again like what happened so often last season. Havertz needs to give his head a wobble out of position or not there’s no excuse to not be able to play a simple 5 yard pass. He wasn’t the only one though shocking all round only Reece James comes away with any credit.
  11. Thought we were decent they were sh*t sat in there own box and did f**k all, we had a few chances to win the game but didn’t take them. Annoying not to beat those c**ts but it’s another clean sheet and keeps our good run going, onto the next one UTC
  12. Think he played in the 433 against Burnley and was decent with Mount and Kante, He's pretty versatile by the looks of things can play multiple positions which is never a bad thing.
  13. After the sloppy first 10 minutes I thought we were fantastic, We definitely look a lot better in a 433 clearly suits our personel better and played some lovely stuff. Annoying that the international break seems to have come when we are bang on it at the moment but will be nice to hopefully have Havertz and Pulisic fully fit for the return, those 2 alongside Ziyech with Werner up top will cause any team trouble.
  14. Getting a lot of Robben vibes about him great player constantly injured. Don't think he's ever gone through a whole season without an injury going back to his Dortmund days.
  15. Our best performance of the season by a distance played some lovely stuff and kept another clean sheet credit to Frank on changing things making us more solid at the back it has made all the difference in confidence in the team.
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