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  1. Well we all knew it was gonna happen but it still hurts, quite simply one of the best players we've seen in a Chelsea shirt (probably the best technically) that I've seen live in all my years going to the bridge and supporting Chelsea. To top it all off he is a really lovely guy to, been a privilege watching him grow here, good luck Eden!
  2. Another European trophy in the bag & always nice beating those mugs, their in complete meltdown once again up the Chels.
  3. What a farce, just shows once again this club has no footballing brain at the very top, utterly ridiculous timing for a charity match.
  4. Get in, top 4 done and dusted when at times this season it didn't look possible lovely to see the arse and united bottle it too.. Win the europa and finish 3rd and it doesn't seem like too bad a season on paper! UTC.
  5. Thought he was awful today as were most of the team but truthfully the pace of the premier league will never suit him.
  6. Lets get into these scummy rat munchers from the first minute, Come on Chelsea.
  7. Get in! Great result and always nice to beat this pikey mob. Hazard unbelievable once again the board has to do everything possible to keep him here f**k madrid. UTC.
  8. Thought we were brilliant last night, now keep this f**king line up Sarri! By far our best 11 & played some great stuff, Ruben really is a collossus in midfield when he's at it. UTC.
  9. Hattrick incoming.😉 Then back to the bench for the rest of the season.
  10. I'd start Giroud, Higuain has looked awful recently.
  11. Forever grateful for everything Roman has done for the club, never dreamed we would be the self sustaining powerhouse club we are today before he arrived. That being said with all the sh*t that has happened with the Visa issues/putting the stadium rebuild on hold etc.. maybe the ambition has gone, you can see why he might be thinking now is a good time to sell.
  12. Very happy for the lad, probably won't get a game ahead of Sterling/Rashford but good experience for him.
  13. Massive clearout needed bunch of mercenaries absolutely disgusting performance.
  14. Would be surprised if he does go there with our potential transfer ban looming, like Griezmann at Atletico I can't see him leaving us in the sh*t he doesn't seem that sort of character. Besides they have Vinicius playing on the left at the moment who looks the real deal, aswell as Asensio.

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