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  1. What the f**k is Frank doing on the training ground Cos it certainly is nothing to do with the defence.
  2. Another proper nervy game luckily got the win and a decent result in the other game puts us in 3rd, got to be playing better than that though and hopefully get as many points as possible from the remaining games. Still can’t get my head around Christensen one game he looks like our best defender the next he’s woeful fair play to Zouma though between him and Willian was probably our motm for me.
  3. Apart from that dodgy last few minutes of the game when everyone fell asleep he really controlled the game and dictated the tempo when he came on & showed Gilmour he’s still got a lot to learn. Frank surely has to keep him in mind for a starting role til the end of the season. Then he’s almost certainly gone which will be a shame but clearly Lamps wants a different kind of player in that position.
  4. Backed him through everything and thought he’d eventually show why we forked out 70m+ on him but honestly he really is absolute dross.. The defence doesn’t help him and they all need replacing but he Doesn’t come out and claim crosses which put them under pressure, he flaps at everything, supposedly shot stopping is his best attribute well he’s not good at that either. Would cut losses and sell him ASAP.
  5. Thought he was fantastic tonight and clearly has that natural instinct for goalscoring, could be a massive player for us in the coming years. Exciting times.
  6. Massive 3 points Chels get innnn. Need to keep this momentum going now and finish the season strong. BT sport should be ashamed of themselves disgusting Scouse w**kfest from start to finish instead of praising what for the most part was a great performance from the boys in blue.
  7. Definitely think it’s more a problem with how Frank is setting up the defence, it’s pretty much the same back line as last year yet concede a lot more. A commanding CB and top Lb would be nice But we will still be having problems if these defensive issues aren’t rectified by Frank and Jody.
  8. Looks a serious talent one that's hard to pass up even if we are fairly stacked in his position, we need world class depth in the squad anyway. Sorting out the defense must be a serious priority first though.
  9. Excited to see how he fits in whether he plays ahead of Tammy or plays on the left. Nice problem for Frank to have though, and great to finally bring in a clinical finisher.
  10. Finally back after 3 months no idea what to expect from the players fitness wise/sharpness but excited and confident. Come on Chelsea.
  11. Get in Chels! Probably our best performance of the season. Gilmour was brilliant tonight absolutely bossed the midfield. Shame about the injuries but hopefully we can keep the momentum going now with another win at the weekend.. UTC.
  12. Kepa/New Keeper James/Azpi Upamecano Koulibaly Telles Kante Kovacic Ziyech RLC Sancho Werner In all honestly the backline could be anyone desperately in need of some quality and power there though, left back is clear we have problems and a new striker is a must.
  13. Ah ok my bad, thought the ban carried over to domestic cup games.
  14. Jorginho is banned for this one as far as I'm aware, we could see Gilmour in there or more likely Barkley... Come on Chelsea.. into these dipper scum.
  15. We've had the worst luck with injuries this season more than we've had in years. Always a tricky game against this lot and they are really struggling so will be well up for it, we'll need to right at our best to get the win. Come on the Chels.

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