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  1. Hope we go with 433 we look much better in possession, we really struggled keeping the ball with the 4231 against Leicester after the very good first 20 minutes. Might be very unpopular but I'd consider starting Zappacosta over Azpi, With James still out and Azpilicueta struggling big time recently it wouldn't be a bad time to give him a game. Kepa Zappacosta Christensen Zouma Emerson Jorginho Kante Mount/Kovacic Pedro Giroud/Bats Pulisic
  2. Was hoping it's all bollocks and just an attempt to make arse waste time thinking their getting a cb then pull out last minute.. But it does seem he's thrown his toys out the pram because he won't be first choice. bit of a twat move leaving it so late, I'm not completely sold on Tomori it would have been better for him to see regular minutes on loan and we could definitely still do with some character and experience that Luiz has got. Like Lamps has said though we don't want anyone here that isn't 100% committed so good riddance🖕
  3. Chuffed to bits well excited for the new season now welcome home Super Frankie Lampard.
  4. Very true meant more to say the toxic atmosphere among fans will continue. Anyway f**k the FSW Frankies coming home utc.
  5. After the huge split in the fan base this season surely the club wouldn't be stupid enough to appoint Rafa and do it all over again.
  6. Well we all knew it was gonna happen but it still hurts, quite simply one of the best players we've seen in a Chelsea shirt (probably the best technically) that I've seen live in all my years going to the bridge and supporting Chelsea. To top it all off he is a really lovely guy to, been a privilege watching him grow here, good luck Eden!
  7. Another European trophy in the bag & always nice beating those mugs, their in complete meltdown once again up the Chels.
  8. What a farce, just shows once again this club has no footballing brain at the very top, utterly ridiculous timing for a charity match.
  9. Get in, top 4 done and dusted when at times this season it didn't look possible lovely to see the arse and united bottle it too.. Win the europa and finish 3rd and it doesn't seem like too bad a season on paper! UTC.
  10. Thought he was awful today as were most of the team but truthfully the pace of the premier league will never suit him.
  11. Lets get into these scummy rat munchers from the first minute, Come on Chelsea.
  12. Get in! Great result and always nice to beat this pikey mob. Hazard unbelievable once again the board has to do everything possible to keep him here f**k madrid. UTC.
  13. Thought we were brilliant last night, now keep this f**king line up Sarri! By far our best 11 & played some great stuff, Ruben really is a collossus in midfield when he's at it. UTC.
  14. Hattrick incoming.? Then back to the bench for the rest of the season.

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