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  1. Awful to see, praying he pulls through.
  2. Love the bloke would love him to break the mould and stay here and be successful for many years to come.
  3. Still can’t believe it feels like a dream, Champions of Europe we’ve done it again! UTC!
  4. Well we nicked 4th place but once again we were horrendous. We’ve really got to improve for the CL Final.
  5. Real spursy bottler mentality in this side it’s disgusting
  6. Get in, Massive win but made more nervy than it needed to be, shocking Var decisions once again and plenty of chances we should have put away. Why couldn’t we have performed like this in the fa cup final? Was great to have the fans back in in decent voice you can see with the big scrap at the end how much of a difference having a real atmosphere in the stadium makes, completely different game. UTC.
  7. The goal never should of stood due to the handball but honestly he’s woeful pretty much any long shot you expect to go in, he gets no where near the ball with his tiny little T. rex arms Mendy gets a hand to that and pushes it wide IMO.
  8. Robbed by a bunch of geeks sat drawing lines in a little room. Really is sickening.
  9. 2 fa cup finals in a row we’ve pissed away now, the f**king arsenal like bottler spine this club has now is pathetic. f**k Var and f**k Leicester
  10. We really need to bring in some lethal goalscorers next season, a prime Diego Costa gets us a result there. 6 goals for our top scorers this season Is disgraceful.
  11. Those calling for Cho to be starting games will be hiding away now, absolutely awful once again.
  12. Rubbish , Arsenal were sh*t we were sh*tter. As good as we generally are defensively the attack is a serious problem barely looked like scoring tonight.
  13. Unbelievable player, big game player. Boils my blood when people call him a holding player as he’s shown over the 2 legs he is so much more.
  14. Get in, absolutely buzzing played them off the park a dominant display in a champions league semi final you can’t ask for much more. Should have been about 5/6 nil in the end really but if we carry on like this eventually those chances are gonna go in and we’re going to absolutely batter someone let’s hope it’s in the final. Up the Chels!
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