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  1. Shows signs of real class on the ball but goes missing quite a bit, people forget he’s still young he’s only going to improve and we’re going to have a serious talent on our hands. Need to find a way to get him closer to Werner looks a lot more dangerous when he’s close to the striker and can link with the attack.
  2. Even at 36 he’s still world class, There’s a reason he plays every game for the national team still.. Was always gonna take a bit of time to get used to the league but he seems to be fitting in well. Just about managing him before the big games he’s needed in now as at his age he isn’t gonna be playing every game, hopefully with his experience some of the other defenders in the team can learn from him.
  3. Genuinely the worst goalkeeper I’ve ever seen at the club and there’s been some shockers.
  4. Not even surprised, no tactics no organisation just shove attacking players in and hope for the best it’s ridiculous. 3 at home to Southampton it’s not on.. Relegation standard defensive statistics the last year or so.
  5. Very happy with that, great performance. Chilwell Motm, Jorginho and Kante controlled the game and broke up play well, back four looked great Silva and Zouma dominant and that has to stay the same from now on no more tinkering. Werner looks lost out wide needs to play centrally hopefully with Pulisic and Ziyech returning we’ll get to see that and see him at his best. Worst time possible for international break but lovely to go into it on a massive high UTC.
  6. People can say ‘it’s only the league cup‘ But that’s bollocks it’s sh*te losing against this mob no matter what the competition. 1st half was decent pressed pretty well Got the goal, second half woeful..same story as last season don’t take our chances and make a stupid mistake and let them in.
  7. Werner has to play through the middle. Wasted out wide.
  8. Got to take that draw after such a shocking first half. Desperate for Lamps to do well but worried, no defensive structure for over a year now no improvement whatsoever in that regard.
  9. Good win some great performances especially Liking the Tammy and Havertz link up. Would be a shame to drop Tammy after that performance surely has to play apart of West Brom game and Havertz simply has to keep playing centrally. Blindingly obvious we need a holding midfielder to sit in front of the defence though we give away far too many chances and against better opposition we would have been punished. Onto the next one Utc.
  10. This lot Learnt nothing From last season no improvement whatsoever
  11. Guessing there isn’t any more pre season friendly’s then seeing as it’s international break next week.
  12. Can’t really take too much from pre season games like this with it all being so stop start and a whole 11 change with kids and reserves scattered everywhere. The new lads looked very impressive though loving Werners work rate.
  13. Happy with this signing could well look back on this one as a steal. Shown at the highest level he’s still got the ability, had lewandowski in his pocket in the final. Brings that much needed leadership and experience to the back line which was sorely missed last season.
  14. Not fit to ever referee a game again that cheating c**t. that being said it was a terrible performance unlucky with injuries and tactically all wrong from Frank.
  15. Get in. Glad to have top 4 confirmed and a nice comfortable win. Hopefully we can go on to make a decent season a very good season with a Fa cup win next.
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