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  1. Seems to improve his game all the time, quality player.
  2. Lovely European away win wasn’t the best performance but can’t complain with a 2-0 win UTC
  3. If we didn’t know before it’s blindingly obvious we’re crying out for a top class midfielder kovacic as poor as he was, was doing everything himself at times.
  4. Shocking performance, referee was a disgrace but even down to 10 men no team should collapse like that. That weak mentality rearing it’s head once again real lack of character and leadership out there.
  5. Get in! Brilliant performance dominant from start to finish both legs against one of the best teams in Europe, Rudiger & Kante unbelievable & Havertz, Werner Ziyech showing why we splashed the big money on them, What a job Tuchel is doing, no one will want to draw us on current form. Loved the reaction from Silva Jorginho and Mount at the end there proper Chels.
  6. Had a decent game just needed to be more clinical with the opportunities he had, he certainly looks better in the more advanced positions probably could have done with a bit more support with someone like Giroud in the second half.
  7. Expected so much more from him especially after a couple of very good performances earlier on in the season but he has been very poor, Doesn’t really suit us and seems to be struggling to adjust. Hoping he can show us all the talent he clearly has but at the moment he certainly isn’t a starter.
  8. Really poor again doesn’t really offer anything going forward like at the start of the season, average defensively only thing he seems to offer is the recovery pace which Alonso lacks
  9. 2 points dropped really in the grand scheme of things, a game we should be winning if we want to guarantee that top 4, again no cutting edge which is becoming a regular concern now but the defence is looking solid so TT just needs to find that balance now.
  10. Only been here a short time but he’s made such a big impact on the team tactically given us an identity and style of play getting the best out of the players we have and is an interesting character in press conferences and in general, I’d love to see him finally be the one to build here long term if possible but doubtful with our board and his previous fallouts elsewhere.
  11. Just seems to get better and better, showing everyone the fantastic player he is and will be for this football club, future captain in my eyes.
  12. Was tounge in cheek mate
  13. What a win and thoroughly deserved. Get in Chels let’s keep this momentum going now.
  14. Don’t wanna see any more Monaco defensive midfielders at Chelsea
  15. Looks like he didn't take not moving to Chelsea too well then😉
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