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  1. Typical Sterling performance today. He scores a goal, but he's still been frustrating to watch.
  2. All of the players I was worried about are holding us back. When Croatia push us back, we don't have the quality in our own half to get us moving forward again, so we are just under pressure for 5 minutes. Sterling is getting praised by BBC, but I think he has been sh*t. He's getting into good positions, but the f**ker is so clumsy that he either messes up a pass or can't sort his feet out, he's one of the most frustrating players I have ever watched. Too often I think people look at Sterling's stats when they judge his overall quality. He's got good numbers, but I think he is a very medi
  3. Can't understand what Southgate is doing with some of those choices. Trippier, a RB, picked over both Chilwell and Shaw, two LB's that have had good seasons and should be well ahead of Trippier for the LB spot. 2 DM's. Sterling is playing like sh*t but still gets picked. Mings is a disaster waiting to happen and I personally think Walker is an average defender but good going forward. It's such a defensive minded line up, but the defence he has picked looks weak. I feel like Croatia will fancy their chances against this team.
  4. Lukaku looks so much fitter compared to his United days where he looked like he put on too much weight. He is lethal running on to a pass. I still think his game with his back to goal is sh*t though.
  5. I thought Hazard was excellent in the world cup, but that is the only time he has shined on this stage. Belgium are very similar to England's so called Golden Generation, they can't get over the line. This tournament and the world cup in Qatar are probably their last realistic chance.
  6. Quite surprised by that. Maybe they have spoken to Eriksen and he has told them to play.
  7. The problem is that they just keep adding more football to an already congested schedule, like the Nations League and the recently announced extended Champions League. They should both be scrapped. Ditch the international friendlies during the season too.
  8. I agree. FIFA, UEFA, all of them need to get a grip and stop thinking about the money. The players may be paid obscene wages, but they are still human, they need to rest their bodies now and again. There won't be any rest after the Euro's either. As soon as it finishes, the new season will be a few weeks away from starting.
  9. This may just be from the shock of it all, but does anybody else think this happens more often than it used to? I don't ever remember seeing this kind of thing happen to footballers when I was a kid growing up. But in the past 10 or 15 years,I have seen this happen quite a few times now. Are footballers being pushed too much these days? They never stop, it's a constant push to become as fit as possible. I'm thinking maybe they are being worked harder than their bodies can take.
  10. I hate the way it is now, they shouldn't have extended the amount of teams that could qualify. You can be sh*t for half of the tournament and still win. The way it is now rewards poor performances. Like last time around when Portugal won the competition without winning a single group game. By the end of the groups, they were the 4th worst performing team in the tournament.
  11. Can't tell if Italy look good or if Turkey are terrible.
  12. I don't know, Havertz out wide and drifiting inside didn't suit him at all last season.
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