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  1. He's regressed so much. You would never think that the player that defended so well in the cup final 2 years ago against United was the same player we seen today. He never used to be like this, it's like he has lost all composure this season.
  2. I would write this game off and send the reserves. Any other season, and I would never say that, even if we were 3-0 down, but this isn't like any other ordinary season. Once this game is over, we will be pretty much one month off starting the new season, and I don't want us getting any more injuries before then. Even if we were to turn this around, I really don't want the teams focus to be on this competition when the new season is right around the corner. I want us to be as mentally and physically prepared as the other teams. Also, I wasn't even thinking past the F.A Cup final, I have pretty much mentally checked out when it comes to the rest of the season.
  3. No he didn't, he was picking up injuries pretty much every season until the day he retired. He only ever played 40 games in a single season twice in his career.
  4. The only time VAR checks for fouls outside of the box is if it leads to goal, is a straight red card or if there was serious foul play that ref missed. For some bizarre reason, it doesn't check for yellow cards.
  5. It worries me. A month or two of brilliance, then he's off for a few months with an injury. It's like watching Robben.
  6. Yep, I'm hoping next season is the year he kicks on, but acceleration and pace isn't something you can really improve all that much, you either have it or you don't. His build maybe slowing him down a bit, so I guess if he slimmed down a bit, it would make him a bit quicker. But things like positioning and being switched on is all down to him, he needs to learn that side of the game himself. He's still only 20 so there is plenty of time for him yet, but I wouldn't have him as regular starter just yet.
  7. He's probably been our only decent defender all season and he could be injured when the new season begins.
  8. What a sh*t way for the guy to finish his career with us. You couldn't fault his effort today, you could see that he was trying his hardest to make a difference, and a dislocated shoulder looks to be his reward for that. What a sh*t day all round.
  9. I'm becoming more and more concerned about him as a RB or RWB. He always seems to give the attacker an extra yard, combine that with his slow acceleration, and it's basically asking for trouble. He just doesn't ever seem to be switched on. Going forward he has been pretty poor in recent times too. There is no urgency in his game. I don't think he is ready to be our starting RB yet.
  10. Please don't be a tear. I don't want to go into next season with big injuries like we did this season. We have already seen what happens to a players season when they start the season injured. Kante, Rudiger, Hudson-Odoi, Loftus-Cheek, all four of these players have struggled all season because of injuries that happened before the new season began. Pulisic would be the perfect player to rely on while Werner, Ziyech and hopefully Havertz settle in, if he is injured, I can see the start of the season being very tough for us.
  11. I am often baffled how some of the refs in this country get their jobs. How can a ref ever be trusted to take charge of a high profile game when so many question marks hang over him? This is the same ref that missed a clear handball by Sanchez in the final the last time we went up against Arsenal, a handball that was basically an assist for Arsenal's first goal in that game. The same ref that gave Alonso a yellow card after being hit by a flying kung fu kick by Hugo Lloris. You don't have to be a qualified ref to get these decisions right, but he is qualified (somehow) and he got both of them wrong. What makes it worse is that the players and coaches aren't even allowed to comment on these things without getting into trouble. Why is there so much protection for them? They even have VAR and they can't even get that sh*t right. The standard of officiating in English football stinks, and it has done for years without any sign that things will improve. No other sport seems to have as much of a problem with it as football has. Anthony Taylor should never be officiating another high profile game again, but he will be back on the first day of the season in charge of a Premier League game.....how is that right? The guy can give out a second yellow card for foul that wasn't a foul and completely ruin the biggest game of football in England, and he can carry on like normal in the next round of fixures. It's complete bullsh*t.
  12. I'm usually never in favour of giving up a competition, but with the circumstances we find ourselves in and with the scheduling because of the pandemic, I don't think we should take our strongest side to the game against Bayern. The two injuries for Pulisic and Azpilicueta could be a major blow going into next season, and I would hate to see any more of our players getting injured. There is barely any time to recover from injuries. By the time the Champions League game is done, we will be just over a month until the new season begins. Losing a cup final is bad enough, but potentially ruining our start to next season has just made it much worse.
  13. Worst cup ever.......weird thing to say about the most popular domestic cup in the world.

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