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  1. Cudicini was already pretty good, changing his name to Peter would have taken him to an even greater level.
  2. I'm criticising both. Even though I didn't like Kante playing this role under Sarri, he was still playing better than he has been this season. The thing people keep saying is that by playing Kante deeper, it limits him because he can do so much more than just defend. But the way I see it is that Kante's best attributes by far are his defensive ones, so those are the ones we should be making the most of. Yes, we know he can contribute to the attack, but those are bonuses and definitely should not be the main focus of Kante's game. For me, it's as simple as this at this point, who do you build the team around, Jorginho or Kante? Because from what I have seen, they can't work together. Kante's position is Jorginho's position, but with a different playing style. Kante's at his best when he is deep, breaking up play, and restarting attacks. With Jorginho there, he can't be that player, he has to play forward more because we need that extra player in attack. The question is, can Jorginho be the player that plays the attacking role? Seeing as every manager never wants to try it, I would say no. I don't doubt that Jorginho has the quality to pick out a pass in attacking areas, but in those areas, it can't be at his own pace like it is from deep, I think he would really struggle with the pace and strength of the league playing in that position. He would be bullied. This is what I think would work best for us. Jorginho - Kovacic / Barkley New player / Mount OR Kante - Kovacic / Barkley New player / Mount Any combination with Jorginho and Kante will never work for me. If we go with Kante ahead of Jorginho, I think we would need to change our playing style a bit too. Also, if Loftus-Cheek returns to his best, then a new player won't be needed.
  3. Yeah, sure, I actually wished for Kante to have a poor game, because that is what I want to see isn't it? 🙄 Give your head a shake you Idiot. I have been praising Kante's performances since before he was a Chelsea player, and do you know why? because he was playing really well. I don't think he is playing well now, and hasn't been for a long time, so I will point it out. How the f**k is that me wishing him to play poor? I would like nothing more than for every player that plays in a Chelsea shirt to do well. I'm not interested in scoring points on a forum, all I am interested in is seeing Chelsea do well. I have been on here for nearly 8 years now, and I have never been biased in favour of one player over the other. Having a few bad games here and there is always going to happen and I will often ignore it and put it down to a bad day, but when that player starts playing poor regularly, then I am going to say something, like I always have done.
  4. The problem we have is that our backup is one of the most brain fart goalkeepers I have ever seen. He is also terrible from any shot that is hit from 25 yards out. I would give Jamie Cumming a go before playing Caballero for more than 1 game.
  5. You act like Sarri was performing well with us, he wasn't, he was sh*t. He was saved by Hazard last season. Without Hazard, who knows where we would have ended up, definitely not top 4, that's for sure. I'm glad he's gone, we would never have progressed with him as manager, and him being top of Serie A proves nothing about his quality. If you're coach of Juventus, you're pretty much guaranteed to win the league seeing as they have won it 8 times in a row.
  6. You do realise that nobody actually hates Kante right? All people have done is criticise his performances.
  7. It makes me so annoyed. It's like we have thrown away everything that made us so successful for so long and turned ourselves into any Arsenal team from the past 15 years. There are too many players more concerned about fancy flicks and pointless risky passing from our own penalty area. There is nobody willing to do the hard work, get a kick from winning a 50/50, over power the opposition with strength, throw your body on the line for the win. I cringe every time I see our players shy away from a 50/50, you would never see that a few years ago, Christensen did it today when he got booked, it's cowardly. I also get furious when I see us strolling around and passing around our own penalty area in the last 5 or 10 minutes when we should be trying to force the win. Show some f**king urgency and commitment and get the ball up the field. This club has forgotten what it was that made us so good for so long.
  8. The only thing I will blame Lampard for is his insistence on starting Kante when it's clear that Kante has been poor pretty much all season. I think Lampard just has a really weak squad and players that too often don't put maximum effort in. I will judge Lampard when he get's his own team to work with. I'm sicking of seeing managers pay the price because our players decide to stop trying.
  9. Weakest Chelsea side in years. Lacking in quality and the bollocks to see things through when things are tough. The attitude was terrible after the red card, we went down a gear, something that should never happen. I have been saying for years that there is a mentality issue at this club. There is an arrogance about us, like we feel we can just coast our way through games and win, our performance after their red card was another example of this. Watching us trying to create one decent opportunity is torture. Emerson can't cross for sh*t, Willian does f**k all but pass the ball on to somebody else, half of the team just stroll around and pass side to side, Kante can't do anything anymore, including stay on his feet to make a simple tackle, Christiansen is the weakest cb I have ever seen, Rudiger is too busy shouting at the rest of the team instead of concentrating on his own game, Azpilicueta is looking pissed off with everything every time I see him, Kepa can't save anything, and Abraham looks like Bambi on ice in recent weeks. It's like the whole team have just shut down and stopped playing like a team. This happens at the same times of the year, every year, and I'm tired of it. I didn't expect much from us this season because I didn't think we had enough quality, but the one thing I did expect was for us to really dig deep and become a proper team again instead of just a bunch of individuals.
  10. Short corner this late in the game? give me strength....
  11. Not a single decent attempted challenge made. It's pathetic. How the f**k have we gone from the likes of Terry, Ivanovic and Cahill to this? Those three would never have let Arsenal have tons of chances to score.
  12. Didn't even celebrate, I was afraid it was going to be ruled out by VAR.
  13. No he wouldn't. Look at Sarri last season, he survived some of the worst performances I have ever seen in my time as a Chelsea fan.
  14. Kante's been sh*t for ages now. He doesn't even tackle well anymore, he just gives away cheap fouls.

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