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  1. I would take a draw, but we really could do with a win to make up for the game against Valencia. A draw or loss here could mean that the remaining games are must wins if we want to get out of the group, especially if Valencia get a win against Lille.
  2. I do think he could have had a few more 20+ Premier League goal seasons, he did play a lot of games where he didn't look interested. But looking back, I wouldn't trade it for what he gave us. You don't get many big game players like Drogba. I don't think any player in the last 15 years outside of Messi and Ronaldo has been as good in the big games as Drogba has.
  3. VAR today added more proof that it's a mess. How can Wood's goal for Burnley get disallowed by VAR and then United's goal today be allowed to stand? I don't think Origi was fouled by the way, he went down way too easily from a light touch, but I don't think Evans was fouled for Leicester yesterday either. It just shows that refs in this country view fouls very differently from one ref to the next. It shouldn't be this way though, they should all be following the same rule book. Both goals should have stood. Neither of them were fouls. Evans and Wood feet clashed because of momentum and Origi basically tried to cheat.
  4. I just seen another embarrassing VAR moment on MOTD. Burnley's goal should have stood. Wood caught Evans when Evans was trying to stop the ball going into the goal, but it was completely accidental and I'm not sure he could even have avoided it. It was just momentum of both players and their feet clashed. It was also clearly not a clear and obvious error from the ref. The way VAR is being handled couldn't be any worse than what I have seen today. It's not making any sense and I don't see how the league has improved since it's introduction.
  5. What I like about Abraham is that when he misses a chance, he won't go hiding. So many of our failed strikers just give up after one big miss. Abraham just let's out some frustration and get's back on with it.
  6. I thought he was our most consistent player today. He was creating chances, running at defenders and if it wasn't for some good defensive blocks from the Newcastle players, he may have got a goal too.
  7. Today was one of his weaker performances, but he made up for it with the winning goal. When he hits his shots well, they are very hard to keep out.
  8. I thought he controlled the midfield in the 2nd half. He was a bit quiet in the 1st half, but as soon as he upped his game in the second half, we were creating a lot more chances.
  9. There was also this Same game, VAR decison = no penalty. How? just how? It's a clear penalty.
  10. For me, this is the worst moment I have seen from VAR so far. The decision was an easy one, the ball hits his arm, he scores, VAR says no goal, that should be an end to it. There has to be questions asked of the refs in this country at this point. Everybody makes mistakes, but this is on another level. They have it easier than ever and VAR is exposing how poor they really are.
  11. But goal was given anyway 🤔 VAR in this country is in the hands of incompetent boneheads.
  12. That's a good win, I had a feeling it would be tough. We should have had it wrapped up earlier, but we got the goal in the end.

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