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  1. Seeing as we seem to take forever to get a deal done, I think this one is definitely not going to happen.
  2. I just think people have lowered their expectations, so maybe this is why you think people aren't as pessimistic. I have been preparing myself for this since the transfer ban was announced. With Hazard leaving, and the squad needing a refresh in certain areas, it was the worst time to pick up a transfer ban. From that moment, I gave up on expecting us seriously competing for top 4 or any trophies next season.
  3. I remember people talking this guy up like we were losing something special before he left.......well he's done bugger all so far. He's living off that youth career he had with us still. 21 years old and only 8 goals in 61 senior starts. Maybe he should have done what Abraham has done and went on loan to a Championship team first.
  4. The problem with that is our fullbacks ain't so great at attacking either.
  5. Based on our current situation, I don't think that it's surprising at all. Hazard was the difference between us finishing 4th and 6th last season and we no longer have him. Loftus-Cheek could be a difference maker, but he's injured, and it's looking likely that he won't be back until December at the earliest. Our attack just isn't good enough. Giroud is too old and slow to be playing 1st choice for us. Batshuayi is a system player, I don't think he is a bad player, but I'm not sure he will ever be good enough to lead the line for us. Abraham I am far from being convinced by, he is 100% dependent on service and I don't think we have the players that can offer him that service. The wingers are a big problem. Willian offers next to nothing almost every game he plays, Pedro has his moments but they are usually surrounded by some stinker performances. Hudson-Odoi is injured and still just a potential player at the moment. Pulisic also doesn't convince me that he is going to score and assist enough goals for us, he hasn't done it so far in his career so I don't have any reason to believe that it's suddenly going to start in his first season for us. I also don't think the young players coming in are going to make much of a positive impact on results at this stage of their careers. All of this on top of the transfer ban is why I think we will finish 6th next season.
  6. Any other season, and I would be all in favour of selling Willian. Hudson-Odoi won't even be starting the season, so our only options are Pulisic and Pedro if we were to sell Willian. Kenedy is not an option for me, he is not good enough for us. We also need to remember that Hudson-Odoi still hasn't signed a new contract, and the longer this goes on, the more likely it seems that he will leave. We are a year away from losing him on a free transfer, if we don't get him signed in the next few months, then I think he is off.
  7. I still feel that market has inflated way more than it should have. The price of players didn't really change all that much from 2000-2014. The 2015/16 season is when things started to become ridiculous and then a season later it got even worse. How are players costing double and sometimes triple the amount they were getting signed for only 4 or 5 years ago? Imagine buying a 21 year old Hazard today, he would have cost us £70-100m. I just don't think these rising prices are sustainable.
  8. If only we could find quality like that for that price today. Imagine finding another Makelele, Duff or Crespo for £16m.
  9. I don't know why ITV thought it would be a good idea to have Piers Morgan involved, nobody likes him.
  10. Ampadu is nowhere near ready to be a regular starter for a Champions League team. The kid needs a loan, and he should have gone on loan last season really.
  11. I can't deny that the thought of Lampard being manager is exciting. It could end up being too soon, it may be a disaster, but seeing one of our greatest players managing the team is just something every fan of any club loves to see. Also, if it goes well, it will feel even more special.
  12. I would love to see an aerial duel with Terry and Drogba.
  13. Terry getting big cheers and Carragher getting a few boos
  14. Anybody watching on ITV? Playing at the Bridge this year, lot's of ex Chelsea players playing (Terry, Carvalho, Drogba, Essien, Johnson, Chapman) Look's like the English defense will have a busy night, the world XI's attack looks too strong and quick.

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