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  1. I have been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on PC.......what an incredibly confusing game this is. The Phantasy Star series is one of my favourites, and even with my experience with the series, I have found it very hard to get used to. The amount of different ways to buy important items is ridiculous, there must be about 10 different forms of currency in the game and most of them are used for different items. It's the same with upgrading weapons, armour and accessories too. It's a decent game overall, but having so much clutter hurts it. Phantasy Star Universe was a much simpler game to play.
  2. Chilwell had a decent start to the season, but he's faded a lot since. I don't feel that he would be that big of an upgrade on what we already have. I would even argue that our current left backs are better than he is in some areas.
  3. Perfect age, scores tons of goals, this could be a special signing if it goes through.
  4. They are Peruvian. Deportivo w**ka is their full name. They are probably the only set of fans that wouldn't have a problem with anybody saying their club is a w**kers club 😆 (Even W a n k a is censored 😂)
  5. Messi's a fan, he's saying that Mount has the potential to be one of the best in the game. He needs to iron out a few things, if he can do that, then I think he can be one of the best in the game.
  6. Deco wasn't one of the main players in that Premier League winning side, he only played in half of the games, it was Mikel who played most of the games. Also, Ivanovic took Bosingwa's place because of injury and because he was a far better player and Alex and Carvalho shared the CB role in the end, but for the majority of the season, the position was Carvalho's.
  7. Ballack has upset some of Liverpool's lot by suggesting that Van Dijk has had it easy compared to previous great CB's because of the lack of top strikers in the game today. He's not wrong though. The quality of strikers in the game now isn't that great. There were all kinds of different strikers around 10-15 years ago, even the average ones at the time were better than a lot of today's strikers. Van Dijk is possibly the best CB in the game right now, but that doesn't mean he is on the same levels of the greats from the previous 2 decades.
  8. I agree, he had a promising month where he broke through at the end of October until the end of November, but that needs to become a regular thing next season.
  9. I have never been into Zombie games, but Spider-Man has always looked fun to play. I just haven't had a Playstation 4 to play it, and I don't really want to play it on PS Now.
  10. This is probably a controversial opinion, but I'm not as blown away by Sony's big budget games as other people. They seem to be more about the cinematic experience than anything else. Tons of cutscenes, a lot of walking and talking and some game play inbetween. I also really dislike the camera angle in modern third person games. The field of view is horrible, especially in God of War.
  11. I remember that game. I had to rely on Teletext to keep up with what was going on at the time. After Maniche was sent off, there was a mistake a couple of minutes later and it said Lampard had been sent off too. I had to find a radio to find out what was going on. By the time I was able to listen to the game, we were winning and I found out Lampard was still on the pitch.
  12. I was a bit worried that I would start getting bored too quickly, but I'm actually enjoying it the more I play it.
  13. Charges in Spain are handled very diffently to some other countries. You can even be given a prison sentence and not actually serve any of that time in prison, and this doesn't just apply to footballers. As for Ronaldo, it's like I said, I feel that there must be more to it. I don't have anything to go on, but I choose to believe that if there was proof that he raped somebody, then he would be in jail by now.
  14. If an accusation of rape is made, the police will always take you in for questioning, guilty or not guilty, that is just how it goes. Alonso didn't run somebody over, he crashed his car into a wall whilst being over the drinking limit and the passenger died. He didn't get away scot free either, he was charged. You may not agree with the charges, but the fact remains, he didn't get away scot free. As for Ronaldo, I really don't know what to think with that anymore. There has to be more to it than the bit I highlighted because if it was as simple as that, he would be in jail right now.
  15. I just started playing Void Bastards (on the old forum, that would have come out as Void Bar Stewards 😆) It's a decent game, but I think I'm going to reach a point where it feels a bit grindy and repetitive quite soon. Basically, you need make your way through space and enter enemy ships and survive by collecting food, fuel, oxygen and materials to upgrade your gear. If you die, you start again with a new character but you keep your loot apart from fuel, food, money and some ammo. Starting from the beginning isn't as bad as it sounds though, you're expected to die and clearing enemy ships doesn't take too long. You can take different routes to reach your goal, but the ships you enter start repeating themselves not long into the game. It's fun for now, but I'm already feeling the grind and repetitive side of the game after one session.

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