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  1. They've lost it, they aren't winning the league now. It's between Barcelona and Real Madrid at this point. I think Real will take it, they are a much better drilled team and they can grind results out better than Barcelona if they need to.
  2. And the same people complaining about Son won't say a word about this.
  3. Son is a cheating prick, no doubt about it, but where is this same anger and frustration from Sky and everybody else when it's United doing the cheating? Not once have I heard anybody on Sky or BT say "The game us unrecognisable" or "what has happened to the game" when it's Fernandes screaming and holding his face in every single game he plays. Fernandes won a penalty the other night for United against Granada after screaming like he had been stabbed in the eye, and I didn't see the BT lot complaining. Either call out all cheating or shut up.
  4. This has to be the worst Barcelona side I can remember. I have never heard of some of the players they have on the pitch tonight.
  5. Anybody watching El Clasico? They have been pretty sh*t in recent seasons, especially since Ronaldo left, but this one could be a lot better. It could even decide the title because of Atletico Madrid's recent collapse.
  6. A lot of good performances today. Mount and Kovacic were excellent and Pulisic was always popping up in the right areas, but I have gone with Havertz. Some of the things he was doing today was something you don't see from many players in the game.
  7. Some of his touches were insane today. That flick over the head of the Palace player in the first half was the best of the lot. Somebody compared it to Dennis Bergkamp in the match thread and I think that is a fair comparison. There is something a bit special about Havertz. I think he can go on to be one of the best in the game if he feels like it.
  8. Nice to enjoy a Chelsea match for once instead of being tense throughout.
  9. I was never a big fan of Willian, but I would take him at his peak over Zaha, easily.
  10. The reason why Zaha has never been able to make it to the top is because every time he comes up against a competent defender, he goes missing. All you need to do is put a man on him all game and he losses the battle more often than not.
  11. Kovacic was very good today. Another player that suits pacey football over slow football.
  12. Probably the best result. I think we need to drag Leicester into the mix.
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