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  1. Are they just not bothering with VAR this weekend? I mean, f**k Tottenham and everything, but that was a clear foul on Kane, looked like it was in the area too.
  2. Just seen the highlights of United's game. I'm convinced some refs are biased in favour of United. Maguire is the most average of average defenders, and he once again was bailed out by the ref for an obvious foul on the Villa player as he was running through on goal. It wasn't even hard to see, it was clear as day, and Mike Dean didn't even blow for a foul. The penalty miss by Fernandes was justice.
  3. It's not surprising, we have known for years that he is a flat track bully. I would actually be okay with it if Tuchel could see it and would change something in these big games. We did fine in these games without Lukaku last season, it was the smaller teams we struggled against, and that is the teams Lukaku loves playing against.
  4. When people are talking about service to Werner, they are talking about the service so he can help create chances for others. They weren't expecting him to score goals himself.. Our best chance of the game came from his ball across the box. That was what he was bought in to the team to do today, but the midfield and wing backs didn't offer him any support, so he couldn't do it.
  5. It's a worse mindset to believe that going forward will be easier. Recent history shows that it's when we think we have it easier that we end up slipping up the most. It's up to the players to show they have grown and they can go on a 6-7 game winning run. We will have to do it this season eventually if we hope to compete for the title, because you can be sure that Liverpool and City will do it.
  6. Don't be so ridiculous. What would Tuchel and the club have to gain by lying?
  7. You're in for a shock if you think they will be the only tricky fixtures for us.
  8. For the first time, I thought Tuchel had us playing with fear. You can't win league titles playing with fear. I don't understand why he set us up so defensively. I know it's City, but so what? do we fancy ourselves as title contenders or not? I'm not saying we should have tried to out football City, but we should have more belief that the attacking talent we have available can hurt them, especially at home, it was only a few months ago those players beat City 3 times in a row. It's not catastrophic, but today was a bit of a blow mentally. He can't afford to have us playing like that again, if he does then there will be more slip ups on the way and Liverpool and City will quickly move out of our sight.
  9. A really poor performance is the best way to sum up that game.
  10. No. We started too slow and way too defensive. If we played with a bit more ambition, we could have got something. Even Southampton played with more ambition that we did in the first 60 minutes.
  11. It's annoying that our coaches always need to learn that Alonso just isn't suited to certain games. No matter how well he plays in previous games, he has weaknesses that just can't be ignored. He's been one of our weakest links today.
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