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  1. It can also be argued that the Europa League was the easiest cup run we ever had, Sparta Prague, Steaua Bucarest, Rubin Kazan, Basel and Benfica. The only good-ish team was Benfica, and even they were a team we would have been happy to be drawn against in the Champions League. Benitez almost made a mess of things multiple times on the way to the final too. We scrapped past teams we should have beaten comfortably.
  2. And Inter Milan. Both of these failures were Mourinho's fault too apparently 🙄 I also stick by what I have always said about him with us, he achieved the bare minimum.
  3. He's just made things worse for himself by saying this. If he just says it was a stupid joke, then people would probably move on and forget it. Nobody is going to believe he was calling for the waiter and that he knows nothing about Hitler and Nazi's.
  4. This is something I bought up earlier in the thread, this is something that was happening before Sarri took over. We have been a one half team for a long time now.
  5. Just found out that my favourite shooter (one of the only fps games I really like) is getting a remake......XIII 😁
  6. Man of the half goes to Pedro from me. Two goals, one from a really nice move and he was lively throughout. Everybody was awful in the second half though.
  7. Good first half, terrible second. Play like that in the semi final and final (if we get there) and we'll seriously struggle to win this competition.
  8. It can be both. Seeing as this happens so often with us, I would definitely say we more imploded than anything else. All we had to do was come out with the right attitude and keep things calm for the first 15 minutes. It's poor game management.
  9. I think he knew he was offside. Shame, because there was a great bit of skill from him in that move.
  10. I think he will always be a decent squad player, not so sure about regular. He won't be very good no matter what role he has under Sarri though. This system doesn't suit Barkley at all. England seem to get the best out of Barkley, they have him further forward and running at defenders rather than with his back to goal like he often is for us.
  11. Not just the top sides, it's rare to see any side drop off as often as we do in the second half of games. I can't remember the last time we consistently played well for 90 minutes. The days we do play well, it only happens in one half.
  12. Oh wake up for goodness sake, this is such a lazy approach to the second half from us.

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