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  1. People have bought this up a lot, but there is no way an injury like that should finish him at this stage of his career. He isn't the first youngster to pick up an injury and he won't be the last. We also need to remember that Hudson-Odoi's achilles injury wasn't as severe as others, he would never have recovered so quickly if it was. I just think he looks slower because he's lost a bit of confidence and his attitude towards games hasn't been right. He was as quick as he ever was in those first few games back.
  2. I won't go overboard with my criticism of him like people like to do on Twitter, but he does deserve enough to get him to sit up and take notice. A bit of criticism for his performances could actually be good for him in the long run, we don't want him to drift through the season thinking this is an acceptable level to be playing at. Basically, he needs a kick up the ass, show a bit more passion, commitment and concentration. Where is the player that we seen a few weeks back against Lille and Newcastle, the player that wanted to be involved in everything during our Europa League win last season? I have used the injury to defend some of his performances this season, but that excuse can only be used for so long. It's now time for him to start forcing himself back to his best instead of drifting through the season like he is currently doing.
  3. That's a defeatist outlook. The Champions League has had a ton of surprises in recent years so it's weird that some of you would write us off. Remember, none of those teams would want to be drawn against us in the next round either, let's use that to our advantage.
  4. Good to have him back tonight, he made us look stronger instantly.
  5. Possibly his best so far. Defensively and offsensively he offered a lot.
  6. Job done, but we need to manage games better. That was really poor for the final 15 minutes. Any time we take our foot off the gas, the mistakes creep into our game.
  7. The last thing this squad needs is to have their confidence beaten by being knocked out of the Champions League. This is one of the big hurdles that could make or break some of our young players.
  8. Why do we do this to ourselves? Every time we slow the game down, we play like sh*t.
  9. Typical that we couldn't keep a clean sheet. It's disappointing to see how much we have dropped off.
  10. Willian is going to end the day with whiplash if this carries on.
  11. That Lille player randomly screaming there just made me burst out laughing 😆
  12. Willian should have scored that. It should have been a simple tap in.
  13. They go by head to head record. 1-0 win to them and 2-2 draw puts them ahead of us.

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