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  1. Worked his ass off during the game, but was clearly done after half time. Pedro and Kante needed to be subbed earlier I thought, they were clearly struggling with fatigue. They were still working and running as hard as ever, but their touch, passing and decision making was getting worse as the game was going on.
  2. Yep, best it's been in months. Posts are posting without delays and the forum didn't crash during the match.
  3. The only issue I have with him at the moment is that he tends to fade as the game goes on, but I am very impressed with what I have seen so far. I never thought he would play such a key role in our squad so quickly.
  4. This is why I don't really get excited by how well players perform in the Championship. Some look good when they move a step up, like Mount currently does, and then there are players like Abraham that just don't look like they quite have what it takes at this level. Partick Bamford was the same. It's why I don't really have much to say about Reece James yet. Fans are hyping the kid up a lot, but there is a high chance that he will struggle as much as Abraham has. It really is hard to judge just how good somebody is when they are playing in the Championship. It's why I always prefer to see our players go on loan to Premier League clubs or abroad like Mount did two seasons ago and Loftus-Cheek when he went to Crystal Palace.
  5. It's an improvement on the last league game ( couldn't have been much worse really ) but I still think he never really looks composed. I look at Christensen next to him and I see more maturity in his game, but Zouma seems to constantly be running around everywhere and doing more work than he should be doing. Everything Zouma attempts seems to require more effort than it should do, it's like everything he does is pushing him to his limit to the point where it looks like a there is a mistake waiting to happen.
  6. Early signs are quite worrying, he looks no better than he was at Swansea, and I thought he was pretty awful for them.
  7. That was one of the worst appearances off the bench I have seen for some time. I can't think of a single thing he did right. Also, can we please get Willian away from corners? Seriously, how is he still allowed to take any of them when so many of them fail to beat the first man? Mourinho, Conte, Sarri and now Lampard have all allowed him to take corners when he is one of the worst I have ever seen at it.
  8. See, this is what I don't understand. People are saying Azpilicueta is done, but at the same time, I am seeing praise for Emerson. Now, I'm not getting at Emerson, but what has he done that has been better than Azpilicueta in these first 3 games? The one thing I can think of is that he takes the opposition players on a bit more, but when it comes to crossing and creating chances, he hasn't done much of that at all so far. Azpilicueta has played the best cross in each of our two league games so far, and both Abraham and Mount didn't take advantage of them. I'm not saying Azpilicueta has been good, but let's get some perspective here, he's not the only one struggling.
  9. You're not exactly much of a fan are you? Didn't you also say you weren't going to watch the Europa League final? If you're only going to watch us when we are good and not stick by the team when we are going through a difficult patch, then maybe you should just stop following the club. We don't need so called fans like you.
  10. A really poor performance, we were lucky to get away with a draw. Apart from the first 15 minutes, it was an rubbish game to watch from our point of view. I know we had a game mid week, but it's the beginning of the season, if the players can't cope now, how will they cope with the Champions League and Christmas period?
  11. He hasn't been anywhere near as bad as our midfielders, strikers and wingers. He's becoming a scape goat on here.
  12. Willian has done nothing right since coming on. His corners are as infuriating as ever. We are pushing for the win and he fails to beat the first man the for 1000th time.
  13. They were nowhere near as bad as this, and they were playing away from home.
  14. I know we played 120 minutes in midweek, but we shouldn't be this bad.

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