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  1. United should be ahead. Two big chances hit straight at the keeper.
  2. Yes you can. You can still play quick football without the defenders being on the half way line.
  3. One thing about Liverpool's game I wouldn't want us to copy is their high line. It's asking for trouble. The only reason why United haven't got in is because Rashford and Martial are terrible at trying to stay onside.
  4. Even when we were more open last season, I didn't think our attacking game was anywhere near as good as the Liverpool's and City's though. It was still too slow and safe at times. The only one that didn't play safe was Pulisic and that is where pretty much all of the good stuff came from. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of belief and courage in the group we have, whether that is down to poor coaching or the players themselves is anybodys guess.
  5. If you want to understand why we struggle so much, just watch this game now. Liverpool are constantly moving, when they don't see space to play through, they don't turn around and play it back to defense, their players will run at the opposition and wait for a gap to appear. Their full backs and wingers are constantly running at players when they have the ball or they are moving all over and waiting for the midfielders to play the pass. Liverpool don't let up, whereas we just play way too slow and way too safe. We'll never start competing again until this mindset changes.
  6. I don't buy into that generational talent stuff, not yet at least. From what I seen of Havertz at Leverkusen, he was a very good goal scorer with good movement and nice touch, but he needs to consistently do that for a few years before people start calling him a generational talent. I mean, look at Dele Alli from 2015-2018. A lot of top quality goals and assists, a good touch, could pick out pass, good movement, but nobody was calling him a generational talent and rightly so. Then there is Hazard. Won a league title in France and player of the year, then came to England and got better an
  7. United. Liverpool are catching our unbeaten home record, this would be the perfect time for that run to end.
  8. f**king hell, Werner. Morata would have been proud of that one.
  9. The goal came from a goalkeeping error too rather than any creativity on our part.
  10. f**king hell, we are so soft, just finish the game off.
  11. One of the main reasons why players like Pulisic are so ineffective this season is because Lampard has changed tactics on the wing. They aren't instructed to be direct anymore. They have become support for the fullbacks to overlap and get a cross in. It's not worked to our benefit though, it's made us much worse as a team.
  12. Our passing out of danger areas is horrendous. How many times do we give it away in these positions per game?
  13. What was Mendy doing? He does this way too often, just stay on your f**king line.
  14. I can't understand how Lampard's tactics are so different to the tactics he was told to play as a player. Lampard's whole Chelsea career was about quick attacks, counter attacks, ruthlessness and a strong defence. As a coach, it seems to be the complete opposite in every area.
  15. I've been saying this for a while. We have bought these players in and we haven't played any of them to their strengths. If Lampard doesn't want to play these players the way they played at their previous clubs, then why did we bother targetting them in the first place? I just don't understant it.
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