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  1. It is now or never as his release clause will go down next summer that even clubs like Arsenal would afford to trigger it, nevermind Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern. We are in the best position we could be at the moment, we are the UCL winners, we have one of the best managers in the world, we have the money, just pull the trigger and show Dortmund the money and f**k the wage structure, he is worth every penny.
  2. What about Sergio Ramos? I know there is no rumour on this, but I personally think it'd be a brilliant free transfer. And he is not playing at the Euros either, so he could be at Cobham since the very first day of pre season. Just turned 35 a few months back, I still think he has at least one massive season in him and his leadership could help us in what is an important next season when we will be challenging for the PL title. If Thiago Silva can do it at 36, Ramos can do it, too, at 35, he is a fitness freak and I think Tuchel's tactics also benefit older defenders to be honest, it is a
  3. Wow Izzy Brown is 24 already, feels like it was yesterday he was the most sought after youngster in the PL making his debut for West Brom. And those Mourinho comments on him, Baker and Solanke... Not only they are crap, they can't even get a sniff at a PL club, let alone England NT.
  4. Good news, but this is the strangest rumour I've heard in a while to be fair, Spurs and Conte, I don't know... He is a true winner, they are the Spuds bottlers, the trophy dodgers, I mean from Serie A winner, to PL winner, to Serie A winner again and then Spurs?! Of course he has doubts over the competitivness of that squad, they are not called Spursy for no reason, they are sh*te, f**k Spurs. Howe, Nuno ES, some washed up French manager, that's their level, not Conte...
  5. Two seasons ago when he was massively linked to United I thought he was a donkey and United once again spend a fortune on an overrated English player. Fast forward two seasons and he looks like the perfect partner for Kante in this specific Tuchel formation. But if he tops his performance this season with a monster Euro tournament I am afraid WH won't let him go for anything less than 90M which to be fair it is a lot for a player of his profile.
  6. Morning already, God it feels sooooo damn good!!! I remember feeling so broken after the FA Cup loss I did not read anything related to our club for days, nor visited any rival forum, now my levels of dopamine and serotonine have hit record levels hahahah THE ONLY TEAM IN LONDON WITH (NOW TWO!!!) THE EUROPEAN CUP!!!
  7. I don't know what Tuchel has in mind for next season in terms of tactics, if he sticks to this formation, or reverts to four at the back, I really have no clue, but one thing I am sure of is that he will absolutely stick to the same plan vs big teams and execute the transition from defence to offence, especially on the counter, with the same pace and directness. I mean ever since Tuchel took over we looked scary good and explosive on the counter vs every big club we faced. Hence I think Haaland would fit in perfectly, he is tailor made for Tuchel tactics. Kane, too, but do you really see
  8. Will root for France to win the Euro this summer and add to Kante's PL, FA Cup, World Cup, Europa League and Champions League. If indeed France do it he must be considered as the front runner for the Ballon d'Or. Winning that, too, would probably be the most deserved individual trophy a footballer has ever won, Kante truly is an amazing human being.
  10. Here we go guys the day of our biggest game of the year has come, if anyone is interested I am bombarded here in Romania with City news on every sport channel. Already knew Barcelona and Madrid were the media darlings here, but it seems they added City to that list, too. It is 99% City news and 1% Tuchel and his 2nd UCL Final in a row. Everything else is Pep Guardiola, Aguero's last match that supposedly must end with the CL trophy, City's dominance, footage of their trip from Etihad to Porto, countless interviews on why they should win the trophy etc. Luckly none of these Romanian 'unbia
  11. Of all the clubs it's f**king Spurs that bailed us out, their fans must be livid at the moment haha BUT - Arsenal at home, the FA Cup Final, this one at Villa Park, absolutely spineless performances, never been more disappointed with this club than I am now after this particular matches. Eleven random fans picked out of this forum would have shown more passion in these last games even if they were to lose 12-0.
  12. Was about to include that in my post, but seeing Dortmund have made it to CL for the next season, I think he will stay there and Raiola will wait for that release clause to kick in next summer and basically start an auction for Haaland and redirect him to the club that pays Raiola the biggest agent fee. Of course he can do it this summer, too, but he will only have a few clubs to choose from, as opposed to the next summer when every single big club will surely trigger that release clause, hence more options for a fat pay. But of course I would not mind if we somehow get him this summer, h
  13. No f**king way how the f**k is that not a penalty??? This is getting ridiculous
  14. This deal has Manchester City written all over it.
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