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  1. Delighted with this win, we looked so comfortable and there simply was no moment that worried me they would score. Maybe Wijnaldum's header late in the game, but that was an easy catch for Mendy in the end. Was so dissappointed seeing a Chelsea legend get the sack, but Tuchel looks like the real deal. Up the Chels!
  2. Beautiful goal and a great win against the best rugby team in European football. Up the Chels!!! Would have loved to take some pics with the guys at the airport or at the hotel, but f**k me it's like the Pope it's visiting the town, the protocols are so restrictive, not even journos can get near them lol
  3. Passed by the Chelsea bus on its way to the stadium 🙂 The mighty Chels going to win in my hometown!!! KTBFFH!
  4. Liverpool's fourth defeat in a row at Anfield, winless in their last six there - scored only two goals at home since their last win v Spurs, mid December. Guess who's their next opponent at Anfield!? We've managed to lose at the Emirates against an Arsenal ten times worse than this Liverpool side. They will put three past us with ease and kickstart their season again, this I am sure of.
  5. I agree, there is no better tonic for struggling clubs in Europe's top five leagues than Chelsea FC, the amount of times this club has gifted points to out of form teams is incredible. We're in good mood and in need of points to go up the table, they are dog turd and on an endless losing streak, they (name any struggling club for the past decade or more) always get a point or three and we look w**k. At this point I don't know what is more frustrating, the state we're in, in terms of gameplay/results/position or the fact that it's almost March and we can't f**king integrate big money
  6. Abraham is the only player in this world that constantly looks tired, sweaty, busy doing nothing!!! He does f**k all on the pitch. Truly a shocking player. Southampton pose no threat, I'd get Kante and Abraham off, move Mason alongside Kovacic and bring Ziyech and Ollie Giroud on. And later on Callum for James.
  7. f**king hell Southampton's FIRST AND ONLY TOUCH IN CHELSEA'S PENALTY AREA in 33 minutes and it's a goal.
  8. Did not know where to post this, so I will put it here - they just announced in Romania that UEFA have asked the Romanian authorities if they are ready to host Atletico v Chelsea on February 23rd. Nothing settled yet, but of course the Romanian football federation will not miss the chance to host such a big game in Bucharest and will probably give the go ahead for the first leg to be played in Bucharest should UEFA decide so.
  9. Not the sexiest of wins, but I will take it. Werner and Mount best players on the pitch.
  10. The plan for last night was just to watch United v Everton and then go to sleep because I was simply knackered after a full day bike ride. Simply put, I see there is a few seconds left to 94th minute, still United lead 3-2, I turn the TV off thinking "that's it, then", throw some curse words in disgust and go to sleep. Then I woke up in the morning with these news and my day instantly got better haha.
  11. I'm from Romania so basically I fell in love with the club back in 2003. When Adrian Mutu was signed. A now defunct TV channel immediately took the PL rights and Chelsea was pretty much in the spotlight. I was 12 back then and of course my main occupation was school and spending as much time as I could on the streets of my neighbourhood in Bucharest, I was not that much into playing video games, nor watching football on TV all day. But when I did watch some, Chelsea was either live, or on the news. Plus back then Bucharest was filled with market bazaars full of fake football kits and the beaut
  12. Still sad to see Frank leave like that and I would probably give up on this season if it were for some dull interim appointment to take us from 9th place and guide us to 6th and some embarassing CL & FA Cup exists. But since it is Tuchel, Chelsea might turn things around. And quick. He might be a controversial character in relation to board members, but at the same time he is one of Europe's best managers and finest tacticians, the kind of guy that if Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, City etc. would all be on the search for a new manager at the same time, they would all be looking at him.
  13. Did not see it coming to be fair, I thought the board would pull the trigger after the Leicester game, but seeing they did not, I genuinely thought Lamps would be given the full season. I'm not from England, but Lamps, JT, Drogba were the core of the club I fell in love with more than 15 years ago, seeing a Chelsea through and through get sacked today was a truly sad moment for me. I wanted Lamps to be a hit here, but the decision today we all kind of saw it coming for some time, although we did not want this to happen. It's been more than a month since we've been looking very poor b
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