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  1. How have they ballsed it up ? The measures have been introduced with guidance from scientists and the medical profession. Where do you get the idea that they are ' keen to see the world burn ?' I get the feeling around here that some would like millions dead just to pour scorn and blame on Boris.
  2. Next season will be ruined regardless , it won't be a normal season at all , football will be last thing to get the ok as restrictions are lifted , then an early finish for the euros. Plus mass legal challenges in the event of a voided season will cause all sorts of problems.. Finish this season, draw a line under it, then work out how to play the next shortened season.
  3. China is blaming the rest of the world for new cases in China it's now being called a " foreign disease"., Cases of Xenophobia against non Chinese reported.... Guardian report today
  4. I was just happy enough that Gerrard is still waiting to win a league title .
  5. Playing out the season has got nothing to do with Liverpool. It lends integrity to that season, all leagues should do the same.Even if it has to start very late, after a pre season etc. At first I thought it was great that the Scousers would be denied the title, now, I don't really care it was nailed on anyway, it's all the other teams, relegation, European places and promotion that need to finish . The next season will have to be jigged around anyway to make it meaningful regardless of finishing this season
  6. Unfortunately I only saw him.playing for Spurs , you didn't boo your old players back in those days , so I didn't even know he was ex Chelsea ! judging by the ball boy celebrating on the right of the picture it's another goal.
  7. Don't go out wearing that mate , I can see mass panic !
  8. Planning permission runs out in a few days, ( 31st March) can't see us reviving the new stadium plans. RA doesn't seem to want to renew his UK visa anyway, and doesn't even use the option on his Israeli passport to travel here. . Dunno what the situation with his son is, I hope he stays as owner or.gifts it to the son..
  9. Any guesses as to what the club will do about season ticket sales ?. The renewals usually come out soon ..
  10. Different cultural responses ... Americans panic buy guns and ammunition We panic buy bog rolls !
  11. That was after the death of Peter Houseman , almost like a testimonial for him , a decent crowd that night after such a sad and tragic death.
  12. Let the banking system.support the economy , after the billions we had to pay them after 2008 and the austerity imposed on us all, decimating v the poor and our vital services including the NHS , it's about time they did their bit. The Bank of England can do it's usual creation of money trick ( quantative easing) to help the economy instead of pouring money into a financial black hole just to repair banks balance books. End of rant . Stay safe everybody

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