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  1. V Moscow Dynamo. Slightly different angle I think .?
  2. Mate, I love reading your recollections of old games and all that went with it back in the day. Seriously, you should consider putting it into book form. Ever considered it ? Btw Ross B just scored for Villa !
  3. I would be seriously ashamed if our so called supporters resorted to booing our team. honestly being a Chelsea fan isn't martydom. For nearly 20 years we have won trophies and titles, we have seen some of the best players in the world , and we have an owner who pours millions into the club. a sense of reality after 5 games is called for, we play some beautiful football at times, but it could be a lot worse , w eve had loads of injuries, and brought in a keeper left back and central defender to try and sort out problems, 2 of which couldn't play yesterday. As for booing, I've se
  4. The press ? There's enough Chelsea fans on his back at the moment, give him a chance ffs
  5. Who do the " Frank's not up to it " brigade fancy as a manager then ?.....After 5 games ?
  6. I tell you what, any team that can put a run together will win this league. Here's hoping for a 13 game unbeaten run !
  7. I know what you mean, but sometimes we play football better than anyone else . But daft mistakes aside, which Frank can't be blamed for, and only 5 games in,no need for panic. come on Chelsea !
  8. We should have gone in for Jack Butland, Palace have just got him from Stoke. if Kepa plays I never feel confident.
  9. Man Utd v QPR charity shield replay at Stamford Bridge. about 50,000 attendance. Apparently QPR were in the Southern League !
  10. I've seen him hit shots like that from the penalty spot !
  11. Lowest away ? Any West Ham away from late 60s onwards !
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