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  1. I feel the same way about the current team, I just really like them and our manager, same as that team back in the 80s.
  2. sorry about the size sorry about the size ! Another of the crazy gang who played for us. Thought he was a decent player, although many disagree
  3. "Police separate Chelsea and Sunderland fans in the Roker End August 1975" . Probably been on befire.
  4. That booing and the abuse he got in the 1977 cup replay at the Bridge made me sick. I actually hated our fans that night
  5. I don't think Big Sam was upholding the notion of the fairness of our justice system. It just suited him to play Johnson .
  6. Stanley Matthews tackled by Ron Harris and Eddie Mac
  7. I'm not sure what they are up to in this photo
  8. The Guardian rehashed the John Terry and Wayne Bridge non story a few days back.
  9. Gordon Taylor, I can't stand the man his basic salary is £1.19 Million a year, with a £ 770,000 bonus last year. And £ 56,000 in benefits. There's a wage that could do with a cut !
  10. as players wages make up a huge part of a club's outgoings , it makes sense to consider cutting wages to just millionaire status instead of the current multi-millionaire status.
  11. No club seems to have come up with the obvious solution to the financial hit from the virus .....and that is to cut players salaries, stop dividend payments, and cease interest payments on loans from owners. Let's face it , what's a football player going to do it be is paid £1M a year instead of £3M a year ?. He's hardly likely to walk away from football and become a health worker or a bus driver.. Rather that than putting the burden on us fans especially as most of us will be taking a financial hit as well. Football will have to seriously rethink its financial model , perhaps look to how Germany manages to fill stadiums with low cost tickets all season and with atmosphere unknown in English football . . I don't think their sponsorship income can be as high as ours either. At Chelsea we have made a great change by using our talented youngsters , apparently something that RA is immensely pleased with, let's hope it continues.

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