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  1. Farting around with a one goal lead is doing my nut in, weve been lucky with the opponents missing nailed on chances in many games. If we don't win this then top 4 looks like it might be a lost cause. West Ham away to come too, ffs Come on you BLUES ! Jesus, another ridiculous Utd penalty
  2. Just imagine if West Ham had loads of money and nipped in and bought Werner, Havertz, and Ziyech instead of us. I wonder where they would be now ?
  3. looks that way . Sacrifice top 4 for a risky shot at an unlikely CL trophy. It'll be a genius move if it works... IF
  4. Whatever happens TT shoudnt even think about " resting" any one against Palace.
  5. True , all ticket games were unheard of. Don't know the official capacity back then but been there with a few over 60,000 crowds . heaven knows how they squeezed over 80,000 into basically the same stadium back in the 30s v Arsenal and estimated 100,000 against Moscow D. in '45. Remarkably little newspaper reports on that 70,000 attendance though
  6. The caption on my pic says they are queuing for tickets. Hard to believe, I can't recall any games being all ticket back then at the Bridge ?
  7. No problem mate, got any thoughts on that photo I just posted ?
  8. Here's one. caption said queue for cup replay v spurs 64. That was the 70,000 attendance for a night game. If that's Earls Court in the background, is that the road with the Atlas pub ? if it really is us, that's a fecking long queue from the Bridge.
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