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  1. Full page article in the Guardian yesterday page 35 by Jacob Steinberg makes a compelling case for CHO to be given a fair chance as a regular . can't disagree. Must start today ?
  2. You are right that it's worked for us sacking managers etc. But I thought with Frank it was a chance to build something , using the youth and young players bought in ? To build success in the long-term , we can't buy instant success like before I don't think.
  3. I'm backing Frank whatever happens, but I can see another painful evening in store for us I'm afraid, with more pressure on Lamps, I hope I'm wrong but nothing is giving me hope at the moment. Sorry to be so depressing, but that's how I feel. The best cure would be a victory of any sort, so, come on you BLUES !
  4. Form goes out the window in derby games , we might have a chance with this one !
  5. I agree, the team is full of pace but we are playing balls to feet when players are static. The build up is too pedestrian, almost " walking football " at times . Oh well , can't complain about this, another unbeaten run coming up !
  6. I think as Chelsea fans we are compelled to find negatives whenever we can. despite hardly putting in any effort all season, the lads look jaded, do we need an extra game ? also can we maintain such high standards against a team like Fulham ? Anyone can get up for Morecombe in the cup, it's the bread and butter games where we fall. that's it for now come on Chelsea !
  7. Well if this game was meant to restore confidence not working yet. hang on, Werner !!
  8. For a team with so much pace, we are so pedestrian. Need another 2 goals !
  9. The name at the top of the chart just go to prove that stats sometimes don't mean very much. Lamps is managing a very different young new team , compared to a team that managed itself
  10. Remember the "Neal must go " banner at The Bridge ? patience paid off in the end. "Outside of the boot" has a good read about Frank's philosophy on the game, tactics etc. I dunno how to add it to the forum, sorry
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