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  1. I've got an awful feeling that if we get him, as soon as he pulls in a Blue shirt .....well, you know the rest
  2. Yeah , imagine ex professional Graham Souness making penalty decisions on a Chelsea game in the VAR studio.
  3. I've had enough of expensive flops. Ivan Toney from Brentford all day long
  4. Sorry about the smiley face mate, dunno how it happened
  5. After the euphoria of that great win at City away , I just can't believe how we've managed to almost f**k up the season within a week. Still, as always come on you BLUES
  6. Blame the BBC and VAR but this is on TT again, poor team selection and our reversion to long periods of slow, pointless, time wasting possession when we needed to score
  7. TV audiences do not see the actual fine lines that VAR uses. They use a line one pixel thick, then after a decision is made the lines are thickened up for TV. There's no way that any of us are in a position to judge an offside from the footage that we see on our TV screens
  8. I knew he was going to turn into a smooth, elegant player the very first time I saw him. I might have forgotten to mention it at the time and called him useless but I knew, really.
  9. Utd to be docked 20 points after today's shenanigans
  10. You ruined my Saturday with that prediction. Right up until the final whistle !
  11. Please don't f**k this one up. don't want to have to wring points out of City, Leicester, Villa and a sh*te Arsenal team who seem to turn it on against us. We need momentum, not resting come on you BLUES !
  12. As usual the Germans get it right. no German teams involved due to the 51% rule
  13. Talking about your own mother like that ? You happy about that mate ? ?
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