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  1. We need to play our best team and play with pride and passion regardless. I don't want us to get walloped like Tottenham did , ffs !
  2. Disappointed but not surpised. Special mention to Pulisic for going thru the pain barrier to get his shot off. Frank identified the problems , as he has been doing all season, somehow the players ignore him too frequently For us to have finished 4th and to reach the Final with that appalling defence is an achievement in itself. And there's a few teams would have been ecstatic to have achieved what we did. Come on the Blues !
  3. yellow cards can't be checked by VAR, only straight reds. I don't know if VAR checked the handball , it's supposed to help the ref so it should have been. Why wasn't it shown from different angles etc by the TV, just one brief image, and that was it
  4. Willy must play next week. He deserves it anyway after Kepa's antics in the final v City,
  5. Lol, Andy Jacobs reckons if it's on target its a goal with Kepa !
  6. I always feel Caballero has got a disastrous mistake in him at some point. but would definitely play him and pray nothing awful happens. Come on Chelsea !
  7. I thought the photo was about his strides , didn't notice the car at all !
  8. Reminded me of the performance away to Tottenham. If we can press and tackle with that intensity we are unstoppable. Reece and Mount were superb ,Willian is running around like a 20 year old all season. Whatever happens , this season has loads of positives, I've enjoyed it as much as any title winning season considering the situation we were in. come on you Blues !
  9. Another one of the Bridge, and one of the old train station. Edit....blimey, sorry about the size !
  10. Hi Ersk, yeah the thread has been running for years , I love all stuff about Chelsea , doesn't matter how many times I see pictures mate , it's all good to me,
  11. Probably been on before. Looks like v spurs, Bobby Smith ?...Bonetti and I think it's Venables for us. That floodlight housed the early BBC football cameras, the highlights were shown n BBC2 if my memory is correct, about 7.30pm. I haven't checked though.
  12. Comedy defending, I actually guffawed at the 3rd goal Well, the problems have been evident all season, gotta trust Frank to sort it out for us. come on you Blues !
  13. I know it's been on before ! But it's a really clear image, even people walking behind the East stand
  14. Hi mate , I don't think anyone minds if pics have been posted before , far as I'm concerned they are all pictures that are worth seeing more than once !

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