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  1. He could have watched our last 2 games as well.
  2. Tuchel said this is "the most unfair team I've ever picked, based on one training session where everyone was good. I've gone for experience".
  3. Ha ha. That is really nothing to do with the term "rent boys" look up rent boys 🙂
  4. A few new signings might be because the other forum isn't working as well.
  5. It was Zoumas fault as much a Kepas.. How can you stand still in the penalty box and just let an attacker wander in and ignore him.. He has no awareness at all..
  6. Two players completely unmarked in our box.. That never happens the other way round.. :0(
  7. And be there when the ball goes across the penalty box from a perfect cross, for a tap in.. (unlike Tammy)
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