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  1. Michy is a second or 2 behind all the other players with speed of thought. ..
  2. Michy is a second or 2 behind all the other players with speed of thought. ..
  3. "The Stirling Stuff" he was abused, though not racially.. if that was a white person nothing more would be sa8d...Meanwhile the banana incident never got a mention in the news.
  4. Would you prefer to see City totally dominate as Fergie's United did? A death knell for the PL if they do in my opinion. I dont care if Liverpool win as we're not in contention. If you don't mind Liverpool winning the league you really don't understand football... Here is a poem from their website 'Twas the night before the Chelsea Redman across the land Scrambled to get a ticket Fresh giro in their hand Our greats like Rush and Keegan and our goalkeeper Clem And what about our Stevie Who never won the Prem With true scouse cheer and crates of beer and plenty bins to dip We're gonna win the league, La This doesn't fecking slip.
  5. I think we have been playing brilliantly from the start.. just keep this up..
  6. Time goes to fast when we aren't scoring..
  7. Sarri: “Hudson-Odoi is ready. We have very important players in the same position. I can play with only two wingers on the pitch. I think he is ready. He can play, sometimes he will be on the bench, like others, but now I can consider him the same level as Pedro and Willian” I just copied this from another forum, hope it's true.

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