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  1. Already loads of Arsenal players on their own in our box.
  2. Why can't we do that..? Out of all our attacks, no where near a goal..
  3. If our decision making in the final third was just a bit better we would score loads.
  4. Unnecessary free kicks given away every game. Will we ever learn?
  5. Aspi still can't cross.. all these years practicing.
  6. Tammy's hold up play is getting better all the time.
  7. I just think Southampton are going mad closing us down.. they can't keep that up..we are coping well.
  8. Then there was a post earlier quoting a Spurs fan saying he heard the monkey noises..
  9. https://theboyhotspur.com/witness-statement-re-antonio-rudiger-incident/ Oh dear, "cheat" sounds like a monkey noise?
  10. He's been quiet of late. Step up Callum. His first couple of starts, I thought it was going to carry on but he just faded away. ,
  11. Do the players change into dry clothes at half time ?
  12. His decision making and corners are dreadful..

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