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  1. Try not to EVER look at that crappy site again... They just write nonsense all the time. :0)
  2. What does that mean... Reports from where? If you are going to say that add a link..
  3. So... That's about 120 million, far too much, that's ridiculous
  4. A 70% chance.. He only scores 1 free kick per year. :0)
  5. Come on Chelsea.. Less of this sloppy stuff..
  6. It's boring now... I wish we would try to score more rather than just sitting back..
  7. Rudiger has that w match loosing pass in him every single game..
  8. Mount, Havertz, "CHO???" and Pulisic develop.
  9. We can't hope for a draw... They will get a chance and it seems like every chance the opposition get they seem to score from.. Keep them pinned back in their own half and be patient until Pulisic is ready to dribble past them all.. :0)
  10. I would keep pulisic on he is likely to score.
  11. Out final pass is crap... Been the same for 3 years. Awful
  12. I don't understand how it's not a pen... He stopped the player scoring and never touched the ball..
  13. Silva off... But I'm not surprised. Could have happened earlier..
  14. We are getting ripped to pieces so far...
  15. How can you not watch any game whatever time it is. Do you walk around trying to distract yourself or are you able to just forget the game is on... I couldn't sit around knowing we were playing and not watch. :0)
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