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  1. Here we go.. A whole week of how Liverpool was hard done by. Today, Sky Sports Tomorrow, A couple of ex Liverpool players on Sky Sports News etc...
  2. Just fell short of Chelsea’s record of winning the first 9 games. Brilliant!
  3. Martin Tyler is just begging for a last minute Liverpool winner.
  4. Klopp has been constantly on the 4th officials back. Don’t managers normally get warnings for harassing them?
  5. Gary Neville trying his hardest not to be biased. Just do it Gary! Firstly both VAR decisions were correct and secondly Sky are so pro Liverpool you shouldn’t feel guilty.
  6. Or when Abraham was fouled at Norwich, anyhow this was overturned for Liverpool would of been naughty.
  7. The Watford ‘penalty’ was a joke. How can anybody watch that and think there was no contact.
  8. Thought he was superb today, much more creative under Frank. Leader and a winner.
  9. MOTM for me today, and will get better as he gets older. He keeps the opposition on their toes because he’s so direct and dangerous. Glad he’s signed up and back from injury and can concentrate on improving. One of our own.
  10. Thought he played good when he came on. The move with Abraham was unselfish and deserved a goal but was an excellent clearance more than a bad miss. Definitely useful against tired defences or when the game is stretched.
  11. Definitely better in the second half although we seem to drop deep in the last few minutes. We got there though, 3 points!
  12. Need to improve dramatically and raise the tempo if we wanna win this game.
  13. I think selling Lukaku before securing a replacement was a dumb move.
  14. Ole looks liked he’s aged 10 years in just 10 months. He ain’t babyface no more.

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