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  1. The defence play way too slow when they are passing and that seems to set the tempo for the rest of the team.
  2. It is going to be a seriously sad day if Eden leaves this summer. Until then I think I’m just going to enjoy him while he’s ours. Absolutely brilliant tonight!
  3. Interestingly enough by the time we play Liverpool it'll be our 3rd game in the space of 6 days, whereas Sky have brought Liverpool's game forward to Friday so they have at least a 4 day break between each of their 3 matches.
  4. Ruben for me. Jorginho ran him close and had a very good game as well.
  5. Like some others I can understand not starting CHO as Willian and Pedro had been training all week, but they are not the future of this club, they are not even the present. CHO not starting on Wednesday should be a sackable offence on it’s own. I’ve wanted Sarri out for a while and nothing recently has come close to changing my mind. I value Chelsea’s future over Sarri’s future and with him staying we are in serious danger of losing our best player and our best prospect and I don’t rate him enough to sacrifice losing such good players.
  6. I'm going to say Pedro because he is more of a goal threat and makes better runs, but having said that he's more likely to takes 10 touches and then lose the ball in dangerous areas (home v Leicester springs to mind). Willian is better for dead ball situations but doesn't do nearly enough for an attacking player. They both have around 1 good game in about 7 - that's my frustration with both of them. My worst nightmare scenario is losing Hazard & CHO and keeping Willian and Pedro.
  7. He's in-game management is poor, he doesn't know how to react and seems genuinely surprised when we concede the first goal. You'd of thought he'd be used to it by now and would come up with a plan B for when this happens.
  8. I doubt very much if he is thinking "I can't wait to see how CHO and Ampadu will develop over the next few years", He knows he probably won't be here to see how it turns out. He's clearly looking short term himself by picking experience over youth, or arguably in some cases over youth and ability, so why should we be looking long term with him? I fear our best youth products will be gone if he stays in charge because he shows little signs of trusting them on a regular basis. I think we need a coach who has an interest in our youth and making them better players - Sarri is not the man for that job. This could actually be a chance to make steps towards turning the academy from a money making system into a possible production line into the first team. Sarri is not the man to lead us into that era so we might as well cut our losses and get rid now, before we run the risk of losing both Hazard & CHO at the end of the season.
  9. And then add to that 2 was against Fulham and another was an own goal against Spurs.
  10. Possession football can work if your moving the other team around constantly and they need 100% concentration and energy just to stop you getting in on goal or behind their full backs. Teams don't need energy and concentration to keep us out because our Italian style of football is way too slow, ponderous and predictable, they just need to make sure they don't make any catastrophic errors.
  11. These “good” matches we played against City & Spurs, we scored only 1 goal and the other was an own goal. we are toothless as an attacking team.
  12. As much as it pains me to say this Hazard deserves better than this.
  13. We’re like a Italian team playing in an English league, we can’t cope with football played at any sort of tempo.
  14. If this transfer ban is upheld then I think we will need a manager who will look at our loan/academy players and work with them to make them better players. We could realistically lose Hazard, CHO, Kovacic and Higuian this summer and be unable to replace them. Despite Sarri saying "the transfer market is a refuge for the weak" he doesn't strike me as the type who will knuckle down and then look throughout the whole football club for any hidden gems.
  15. I agree, it's got to be worth a try for a couple of matches. However, after the match Sarri said 4-2-3-1 doesn't suit Jorginho. So, does Sarri choose the formation that's best for the team or the formation that best for Jorginho? I think I have an idea which option he'll choose.

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