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  1. Mendy coming for cross nearly brought a tear to my eye, I’d literally forgotten what it was like to have a goalkeeper do that for us.
  2. I really don’t rate this guy, him causally jogging back for the goal should be the end of him here. No desire to run back is surely unacceptable for a professional footballer, it’s not like he could of been too tired!
  3. I honestly don’t know why we play Emerson, he’s got no urgency in him. He’s not cut out for English football.
  4. Jimmy is right, Chilwell would of sprinted back compared to Emerson jogging back.
  5. And a booking as well. Liverpool are a very good team but they get subtle little decisions from referees that can make big differences.
  6. What is it with Gary Neville and his OTT compliments of Liverpool. He’s been hanging around Carragher and Sky too much.
  7. Just to rub it in they keep playing The Liquidator.
  8. Unless we get a goal back in the first 10 minutes of the second half then we are just playing for pride to stop this being even more embarrassing.
  9. I'm in shock but I shouldn't be. 3 shots on target 3 goals. The defence is like 4 complete strangers. Already conceded 6 goals in 2 and a half games. 3-0 down to West Brom at half time!!
  10. Tried hard tonight, definitely looked better on the left. Should hopefully get some minutes against West Brom.
  11. Great hatrick today, it will do his confidence the world of good. This kid is gonna be all right.
  12. Good game from Tammy. Maybe Tammy up top and Werner on the left at weekend, with Havertz central?
  13. Before the match I wasn’t confident but thought we had a chance of getting a result despite the players missing. 0-0 at half time and who knows. Christianson’s challenge made it impossible to win and very unlikely to hold out for a draw. An absolute terrible challenge for a defender, literally rugby tackled him. Lost the game in that moment.
  14. A really dumb red card, makes it virtually no chance of a win now. 2 arms as well wrapped around him as well, if you can’t defend one on one just run with him and put pressure on him.
  15. Loving how Ashley Cole keeps saying “we” when he talks about Chelsea. Wonder how long it will take before Sky are in his earpiece.
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