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  1. Nearly threw that away again, Jorginho made a difference, up to that point we was properly getting bullied.
  2. This is Kepa in a nutshell for me, going with the wrong hand like he wants the save the look even better. Don’t understand when keepers do that, I rather they got their positioning correct and palm it away or over for a corner.
  3. 2211

    Mason Mount

    Too important to leave out now, I even thought we played with more intensity when he came on against West Ham. Has to start against Palace.
  4. Good game today, needs to keep it up.
  5. Our best defender at the moment. Most of our recent clean sheets has been when he’s played. I know games come thick and fast but he’s vital to us if we want to stay in the top 4. His passing was decent as well today.
  6. Very good again today, love his directness and energy. Important player already.
  7. Good win, good performance as well. Mount & Zouma have to start next match as well.
  8. I thought that when I saw it last night, all he had to do was either get his body in the way or kick it without falling over.
  9. I'm just clinging to the hope that deep down Frank knows we need a top quality central defender, or 2, and has decided not to publicly slate Rudiger and Christensen. Although just watching a couple of clips of Antonio should of alerted Frank to the fact that Christian could struggle against him. Lets hope that the management team do a bit of research on Troy Deeney.
  10. I think we should give Jorginho some more minutes, he would help quicken the tempo of our play. We only played quicker football after we went 2-1 behind.
  11. Feel sorry for Frank having to watch defending like that. Although I think choosing Barkley over Mount was a mistake. Ross may of scored the winner on Sunday but I also remember him messing up a couple of counter attacks where we had overloads. Our football and pressing is faster and better when Mount plays.
  12. Ashley Cole should be helping out the defence. It’s a shambles at the back.
  13. Awful, absolutely awful tonight. From needlessly giving away that corner, to not marking at set pieces and so much more. Seriously, if I was Frank as soon as his mate Werner has signed on the dotted line I would start to look to replace him the very next day. If we want to challenge for honours again we need better than him.
  14. He’s got to go IMO, he can’t pass, he only wins a small percentage of his duels, but worse than that he has absolutely no concept of danger.

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