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  1. This assessment made me chuckle. I think I know what you mean, it’s like everything he does he just about gets away with, until the next time. Or one of those players who makes you nervous every single time he touches the ball. But TBF he’s improved the last 2 games.
  2. Can never question his work rate, but my image of him is running around in circles, sometimes even back into his own half. Still ahead of Willian in the pecking order IMO.
  3. Frank needs a transfer window to really put his stamp on this team. With the transfer ban we knew we would struggle for goals this season. I think we’ve just got to lower our expectations this season and hang in there. There are gonna be some good days but there’s also gonna be some bad days this season. As long as Frank makes it until the ban is lifted then, and only then can we even start to judge this team.
  4. 2211

    Mason Mount

    I really like the look of Mount, confidence, energy and performed well against 2 of the best teams in the country. Love the way he is on free kick duties, shows the faith Frank has in him.
  5. Immense last night. He’s an all action midfielder, anyone calling him a DM is doing him a disservice.
  6. Played well tonight. Let’s not forget Frank’s first 2 games were against Man.Utd and Liverpool. Play like this and we’ll have more good days than bad.
  7. I think it’s laughable they want subscription money when they are so heavily pro Liverpool. This is Sky though, waxing lyrical about how good Liverpool look after a home game against Norwich and arranging the fixtures so that they have a extra 2 days preparation for the Super Cup game against us.
  8. He can still go abroad in the next couple of weeks.
  9. I think when he comes back to Stamford Bridge and fans want to boo him it’s ok. I don’t want us rolling out the red carpet for him and if a little booing (nothing nasty of course) puts him off his game or if he slices his clearances and we cheer it’s all fair game. We can show him appreciation at the end of the match if fans want to, but during the match I want him to have as an uncomfortable 90 mins as possible. He plays for Arsenal now and I want Chelsea to win that day so I think booing during the match is fair game if it helps us.
  10. The game against Salzburg summed up Luiz for me, looked good when we was playing well then gave away a corner through casualness then lost his marker and conceded the goal that started a mini fight back. He will be a loss given our current situation with transfers but he’s chosen to move to Arsenal rather than staying and proving to Frank he should be number one, so I haven’t got much sympathy. Frank probably wasn’t happy with the goals we’ve conceded in pre-season and asked for more focus and less concentration lapses from Luiz. He’s probably chosen Arsenal because he walks straight into their team and can stay in London where his business interests are. He’s done what’s best for him, what’s best for us is to realise it’s far from the end of world and back Frank and then next summer we can add to the squad and hopefully start challenging again.
  11. It’s not ideal and the price is dirt cheap but at the end of the day he not only wants to leave but he has chosen Arsenal as his next club. Selling to a rival again isn’t good but he would of asked his agent to make the move to Arsenal happen. If he is creating a bad atmosphere by sulking then good on Lampard for not putting up with it. Luiz is a good player but we haven’t been able to turn him into a top class defender, at least the players we are left with are teachable and have a chance of improving as defenders. TBH I was more upset about the Mata and Sturridge transfers.
  12. Apparently Lampard prefers Christiansen, Rudiger and Zouma as more regular starters.
  13. At the start he was caught in possession a lot and being man marked limited his effect on the team and therefore Sarriball. The last couple of months I though he was our 2nd or 3rd best player. His ability in tight spaces and his one touch football is quality and his words about not following Sarri to Juventus makes me think he’s very happy to stay at Chelsea. If other players can step up I think he will be a very important to our team this season.
  14. If he signs then I’m happy. The wages don’t bother me TBH as we don’t have any say in it, and whether anyone is worth it or not is dependent on their performances. If he thinks that’s what he’s worth then he’ll have to prove it. So at least we’ll have someone who will be trying their hardest to justify their wages. That’s the most important thing to me. PS only Sky are saying 180k, everyone else thinks it’s closer to 100k.

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