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  1. A footballing genius. Probably the very definition of a one man team, he was that good! What he done at Napoli will probably be never repeated. A sad day for football. R.I.P Diego
  2. If Liverpool win I think Carragher will vote Milner as MOTM. He’s been singing his praises all match already.
  3. Yep, that penalty claim was dismissed pretty quickly.
  4. I agree no team was great that day but Taylor made it very unlikely we could succeed that day. Long before that sending off Taylor influenced the game by booking Mount when Ceballos kicked Mason’s foot and then dived like he was fouled.
  5. I know what your saying Scott, literally yesterday before the Man Utd match I posted about how the FA & Premier League do subtle things in the favour of Liverpool & Man Utd. I used to think I was maybe slightly over-reacting but it happens so often it surely can't qualify as coincidences anymore. How do think Liverpool & Man Utd have had the audacity to spearhead things like a breakaway Super League or for certain clubs have ultimate powers within the Premier League? It's because they are so used to things going their way that they think the next logical step is to m
  6. Playing really well since Silva came in. He even looked commanding today without him. He's also timing his jumps much better now so that is making a difference at both ends of the pitch.
  7. The best thing for me is at the moment is that Tammy is playing really well and Timo is still either scoring or contributing whilst playing out on the left. Pulisic, despite being our best player towards the end of last season has had injury problems this season and will probably need a few games before he gets back to anything like the form he had last season. So while Pulisic is out and Tammy and Tim are doing the business then it's happy days IMO. It'll be like having a new player rather than struggling without him and rushing him back too early. At the minute Tammy and
  8. I’m upset it didn’t happen after the Bale substitution, it would of left them with 10 men.
  9. Now we’ll have a whole week of “Are Spurs the real deal”. Fun week ahead🙄
  10. Spot on! It's worrying how the FA have literally removed an official because of a previous decision that didn't go Liverpool's way. They aren't even any fans at matches so who or what are they protecting him from by removing him?
  11. Only just seen this. Absolutely unbelievable! Liverpool & Man Utd have unofficially got so much power in the Premier League & the FA it’s ridiculous. The problem for the rest of us (as recent events prove) is that these 2 clubs are hell bent on making it official!
  12. I wonder if Pep would have started with Sterling if Jose didn’t have his little moan in the week...
  13. Feels so good not to be nervous every time our keeper has anything to do.
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