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  1. Should change this thread title to ‘Players to keep’, it’ll be quicker and easier.
  2. We have got a lot of bang average players here at this club. It’s probably that rather than the 1st team players who academy players are upset about being behind in the pecking order.
  3. I'm absolutely baffled by our transfer tactics TBH. I know the aim is to balance the books and stay within the FFF limits, that's fair enough, but I don't understand why we seem to have a policy of selling players before we can buy players. I'm pretty sure FFF don't look at your football clubs accounts during the middle of any transfer window. Surely we can do it the other way round and balance the books by the end of the transfer window? Buying our targets first and then selling other players after would make much more sense to me and has more benefits compared to our current policy. Some of the positives of buying first sell afterwards IMO: - we could actually get in players in time for the start of the season rather than them either being rushed in for their debuts or not even starting until after the first international break. - we'd probably even get better deals because if you sell first then the whole world knows you're desperate to replace and bump their prices up accordingly. - probably puts less pressure on the individual player if you can conclude the deal quickly rather than them not knowing if they are moving clubs or not and it dragging on for the whole window - I would also imagine the player would also appreciate any extra time in getting somewhere new to live or moving their family to a new location before the season kicks off. - any transfer targets we go after are more likely to be successful - I'd imagine the selling clubs don't like selling at the last minute with no time to get in a decent replacement - some of our most recent successful seasons is when we have got our targets in early and had them from the start of the season (Fabregas & Costa transfers spring to mind) - our negotiations will be less dependent on this 'player exchange plus cash tactics' which generally doesn't work - selling clubs probably want a wider choice of who their replacements should be - we avoid messy situations like the Kounde & Zouma one we are in now - less chance of a last minute transfer scramble and going into desperation mode and trying to get the likes of a Peter Crouch or And Carroll in That's just a few I can think of. I sure there won't be that many positives of doing it the way we do it now. Giroud, Guehi Gilmour & Gallagher have much more chance of playing on the opening weekend then any new players we might buy, these are players we have sold or loaned out - how do we allow that to happen! Like I said I'm baffled we do it like this - most clubs do it the opposite way to us! We should try it the sensible way for one year, I'm sure we'd have a better transfer window!
  4. I think we should push hard for Halaand over the next week or so (very unlikely Dortmund would sell late in the transfer window and leave themselves no time for a replacement) and then move on if no joy, maybe then a quick attempt Lukaku and then maybe someone like Ings or even convince Tammy to stay. It would be nice to get new players in place for the Super Cup or even the tough away matches against Arsenal & Liverpool in August but looking unlikely at this rate. Maybe the board are happy playing the long game and hope we do enough to get through August's tough fixtures...
  5. I think so as well. Depending on the opposition, upcoming Champions League matches that week, fatigue etc.. I think it would be 2 from Jorginho, Kante and Rice. Next season there would be enough games for all 3 to get sufficient game time and rotation, especially when you factor in the Club World Cup in December.
  6. I hope we can make it happen but whether we'll pay the money is a another matter. It seems like it will have to be in the region of £150m to get him or they won't sell. Dortmund are a very serious football club and behind closed doors will probably say "you need to pay X amount by a certain date or forget it", hanging it out until transfer deadline day won't work with them IMO as they would want any replacement ready for the start of the new season, not messing about with last minute transfer situations. They said a price and a date to Man Utd last season and as soon as that date passed they said Sancho is not for sale anymore and stuck to it. I reckon unless something is done by the end of July they won't sell this year. Personally for Chelsea I think it's this year or never, as next year is a reported set price of 75m Euros then every major club in Europe will be interested and he'll be able to choose his next club and the wages he wants. I guess we'll find out more in the next 3 weeks...
  7. Great goal in a really good football match.
  8. Excellent yesterday, a really smart player. Was the biggest threat to us yesterday. We are lucky to have him, and he’s only at the start of his career.
  9. What a day of football! Tournament football at it’s best!
  10. Really good team performance from Denmark. Totally in charge in that match.
  11. I think they will get stick now regardless, the media, ex pros etc… will be sticking the boot in and going in on Mount and Chilwell.
  12. As expected Mount and Chilwell are out of today’s match and more than likely the next match considering they won’t be training with the squad. The nations hero Grealish who has an untouchable record of goals and assists will play and all our problems will now be solved. Probably just the way Southgate’s bosses at the FA and the wider media wanted it anyway. The tournament will probably be over for Mount and Chilwell now unfortunately. If we win any knockout matches it will be because Grealish was brought in and if we lose we’re out anyway.
  13. Media darling Grealish plays so everyone is basically happy, despite Mount and Chilwell having tests since the match coming up negative. The FA and/or Southgate will say the match is too soon and won’t select them for tomorrow even if they was given clearance from Public Health England first thing tomorrow morning. There is always something going on with Chelsea players playing for England. There’s also loads of pictures online of Gilmour being properly hugged by Scotland players, I’m a bit confused by it all tbh.
  14. Anything to shoehorn in the greatest player of all time Grealish. Despite Chilwell and Mount having negative tests this morning…
  15. Apparently Eriksen had a FaceTime convo with his teammates and asked the players to resume the match.
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