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  1. I think there's a slim chance of squeezing into 4th place, but deep down I think we'll finish 6th. With a transfer ban that would be good IMO considering every other team is able to strengthen their teams.
  2. I hope it is Lampard. Hopefully the club will take into account the transfer ban and a season of integrating some youth players and adjust their expectations accordingly. If the club looks at it this way, accepts this season as a free hit then I think somewhere within the top 6 is definitely possible and wouldn't be bad all things considered.
  3. I agree. I'm just hoping we can get a move on with whatever is happening. To me getting in a manager before pre-season would be more beneficial to the club than haggling over a few million and having a messy start similar to last season.
  4. And what's worse is that it's blatant! Sky and the Premier league have fixed it so that Liverpool have 2 more days preparation before that midweek match in Turkey. It's 2 teams from the same country!
  5. Anyone else notice how Sky have brought Liverpool's home game forward to Friday night and ours is away on Sunday at 4.30pm, then we play against Liverpool in the Super Cup on the Wednesday.
  6. TBH I haven't really got a problem with whatever Jose said when he was at Man Utd, all managers say things to get the fans onside. I just don't think we should be going back to the same manager for a 3rd time. If we want to play better, more attacking football then he is also the wrong man for the job. Timing isn't ideal for Lampard as he has only just started his managerial path but I would much rather have him than Allegri. Lampard understands the English game and the pace and intensity that comes with it more than Allegri would. I'm not a fan of constantly looking at the Italian league for managers - it's a lot different to the EPL. Lampard would also be more willing to keep an eye on our academy as well. Other than him Ten Hag or Bielsa could be interesting.
  7. Willian is better on the left IMO, he’s more effective cutting inside, he can fill in there whilst CHO is getting back to fitness. Although lack of natural width on the left could be a problem so I probably would have Emerson and move Dave to right back with Reece James sharing duties. Pulisic/ Pedro on the right. Other than that I pretty much agree with the Argo’s team.
  8. He gets presented to Real Madrid on Thursday, that’s gonna be tough to watch. I can almost see Chelsea appointing Lampard by Thursday to help try to ease the pain of losing Hazard.
  9. Absolutely gutted, don’t think it will even sink in until he plays his first game for Real Madrid. Most talented player I’ve seen at Chelsea, deserves a Champions League or Ballon Dor. Hazard gone, RLC, Hudson Odi and Reece James all injured, badly need some good news soon at Chelsea. Goodbye and good luck Eden, you’ll always be welcome back at the bridge.
  10. Unbelievable, hope it isn’t too bad. We can’t catch a break at the minute.
  11. Maybe Chelsea are secretly hoping CAS delay/suspend the ban without us having to appeal for it. If we are confident enough to appeal against the whole ban, you'd think we would be confident enough to appeal to get the ban suspended without it being seen as a frivolous appeal and getting it extended. What if CAS don't suspend the ban but we end up winning the whole appeal we might end up accepting a ban this window for nothing - unless this is somehow resolved quickly within this transfer window.
  12. Seems odd to be negotiating a contract extension with Willian before finding out the result of the appeal. If we're successful surely that's one of the positions we should be upgrading.
  13. That's what I call burning bridges. He hasn't even officially left yet!
  14. 2211


    Rumours that Willian is on the verge of signing a new 2 year contract.
  15. Regarding Mourinho, he's not what we need as he's the exact opposite to what we have been looking for in our playing style and promoting youth. There's a reason we sacked him twice, it would be a step backwards employing him for a 3rd time. Regarding Sarri, to me I just think he finds the Juventus more attractive for a few reasons (e.g. being back in Italy, no transfer ban). It would of been good to see how a second season played out with him in charge after what he achieved in the end, but I have a feeling he's been tempted by Juventus for a while.

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