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  1. Roy Keane going in on Liverpool. ”We’ve been hearing about Liverpool’s injuries for 6 months, they’re playing Sheffield Utd”
  2. He kept Bruno quiet and played well at the same time.
  3. Kante MOTM for me but Christensen was excellent again.
  4. Watch the narrative shift to Man Utd being denied a penalty by Sky Sports. The irony.
  5. A point gained or 2 points lost, not sure. 9 points behind Man Utd would of probably been too much to claw back although a win would of put us right in the mix. Our attack is so bad though, need to be more clinical and ambitious if we want to break into the top 4.
  6. Roy Keane has just admitted on air he’s never liked Chelsea. So, surely Sky Sports should never have him again for any of our matches.
  7. Huge game. If we win this then 3 of the current top 4 would of lost this weekend.
  8. Blatant cheating from Tierney, pretending he had a clash of heads and was injured.
  9. Credit where credit is due, he's been excellent the last few games.
  10. Gone for Mount but nearly went for Giroud just for that beautiful goal.
  11. Yeah, it was mentioned a few times that Atletico Madrid wasn’t actually playing at home. Didn’t hear that RB Leipzig wasn’t playing at home at all last week when Liverpool won.
  12. Deserved that victory. Great result and a very good performance.
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