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  1. I know, normally they would be some sort of inquest but BT Sport are acting like Liverpool are the unluckiest team in the universe.
  2. I honestly don’t understand what BT Sport see in Michael Owen. He chats rubbish and he’s boring, and that’s his positive points.
  3. I’d keep Dave & Alonso as backups. I’d also keep Giroud if he was OK with being a plan B striker. Willian & Pedro have run their course IMO and we should replace.
  4. You can see this finishing 1-0 and Pep still saying ‘I’m so so proud of my players’.
  5. Come on City, don’t make have to hope for a Spurs win next week.
  6. This set up is perfect for Utd, soak up pressure and hit on the break.
  7. You knew if he was onside they would have to give the goal against Utd. Notice we didn’t get loads of views of it before the decision was made.
  8. Mike Dean didn’t even give it straight away. It was like he suddenly remembered who was playing.
  9. They ain’t gonna win the league and they ain’t gonna slip out of the top 4. This is probably low priority for them. We just got to hope they have professional pride for a local derby.
  10. It seems to me that in an ideal world the powers that be want a Liverpool & Man Utd resurgence. And are happy to give them any subjective decisions. Problem is these subtle differences change the outcomes of matches in a big way.

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