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  1. Just heard Frank’s interview, he sounded a bit frustrated. Deep down he knows top 4 is in jeopardy without bringing anyone in this window.
  2. Fair enough, I personally think he’s better than Bats, and definitely better than a Giroud who doesn’t even play. I think he’s achievable to buy, I just think doing nothing and just having Tammy & Bats as the fowards to fire us to a top 4 finish is too risky.
  3. Surely getting rid of some of the deadwood in this squad could go at least half way financially to getting in someone like a Dembele.
  4. Even when Ross loses the ball he does no more than a jog.
  5. I personally don't see why we take so many short corners, we should mix it up more and practice our deliveries into the penalty box. I disagree that these short corners have been effective, we hardly ever score from them, I would say we're just as likely to concede from them as our central defenders go into the box, our attack breaks down and we are hit on the counter attack. I'm fully behind Frank but that doesn't mean tactics or team selection can't be up for debate. I think there are things that are problems that can be worked on in training, like seeing teaching Kepa to dominate his area a bit more, playing with a quicker tempo, not having Kante as a midfield playmaker etc.. Our recent record at home is poor so we need to figure out a way of opening up teams at the bridge without relying on penalties, in that aspect we definitely need to improve.
  6. Good post, you’ve highlighted some of the things that concern me the most ATM. I can’t see any evidence of anything that’s been worked on in training, there’s literally nothing different from the week before. It’s almost like they think let’s do the same as last week and one of these games it’ll work.
  7. What worries me is that we don’t see anything different or new from week to week. Fitness doesn’t improve, shooting doesn’t improve, defending doesn’t improve and we’re no closer to opening up teams who sit deep. Makes you wonder what they actually work on at training during the week.
  8. Yeah, I saw that as well. I thought he’d be fuming we didn’t go for the throat 1-0 up against 10 men but he seemed OK with it. Very surprised by that.
  9. 2 shots faced 2 goals conceded. That won’t do his saves to shots ratio any favours.
  10. We got what we deserved. Thought we had the game won with a one goal lead.
  11. I like Dean Henderson but I think we got zero chance of Man Utd selling us a goalkeeper.
  12. 2211

    Next window

    We seem to like selling before we buy which is odd for a club for our size and ambition. If we sell Giroud first then the whole world will know we’re on the lookout for a striker and everyone’s price suddenly goes up by an extra £10 million. I can’t see why we don’t get a player in first give him more time to adapt and then spend the rest of window haggling a selling price of a player who wasn’t going to play anyway.
  13. 2211

    Moussa Dembele

    I like Dembele, I think he can be bought for a reasonable amount, provide healthy competition to Tammy and is still young enough to improve. Having him and Tammy at a similar age and getting better at the same time makes sense to me.

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