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  1. 2211

    Sarri - In or Out?

    With a transfer window ban coming up we now need a manager who's prepared to work with the youth players and give everybody a fair chance. Sarri hasn't shown any signs of being that man. If CHO is stuggling despite putting in decent performances then people like Tammy Abraham and Reece James have no chance under Sarri. This could make or break us for the foreseeable future and I'd rather somebody like Steve Holland to get us through this period.
  2. 2211

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Out for me now. I was willing to give him a chance but his stubbornness and lack of rotation is bringing his own downfall. If he was given money for a new midfielder who do think would be most likely to get dropped first for the big games, Jorginho or Kante? I fear if we keep him we could eventually lose Hazard, CHO and Kante. I'd prefer to keep these players more than I'd prefer to keep Sarri.
  3. 2211

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I was up for giving him a chance but he's way too predictable for my liking. Everyone knows how we are going to play and even what subs we are going to make. We could possibly finish outside the top 4, with Hazard and CHO both leaving as well, and I don't think Roman will overhaul the squad like most of us want - without the revenue from the Champions League I'd be surprised if he spent anything like the major overhaul that we need. I'm struggling to see any positives for keeping Sarri - I would rather get in a new face to freshen things up and give CHO more minutes and then you never know, Hazard and CHO might just both end up staying. We are a sacking club when it comes to managers ATM and I think whether we sack him now or wait till the summer won't change that perception, but I now think getting rid of Sarri now gives us a better chance of keeping certain players and finishing inside the top 4.
  4. 2211

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    There are so many problems at Chelsea it’s hard to know where to start. The players are obviously a problem with their attitude when we fall behind in matches. When we go a goal behind I feel that chances are we won’t be winning that match (no matter who the opposition is or how much time is left) as we are really struggling to score goals. I’ll be happy to stick with Sarri if he was more flexible with his team selections, he has his favourites (Jorginho, Willian, Luiz etc..) and will continuously pick them regardless of current form. We all know the squad needs a refresh but the club are apparently in talks to extend contracts with certain players so there is no guarantee that we would be looking to move the likes of Willian or Luiz on in the summer. He clearly doesn’t fancy CHO and I think the club were actually willing to sell him but for the fact the Bayern keep talking so much about CHO in the media and it annoyed the board. It may even still happen in the summer for all we know unless Sarri gives CHO some serious minutes between now and the end of the season. I also find it odd that he said he “likes to work with his players and the transfer market is for the weak” but has his favourites and other players that he seems unwilling to work with. Then there’s the board, the Italian league is so different from the premier league with pace and intensity but that seems to be where mostly look for our managers. Then guess what, they take a long time to adjust. Like many I would prefer a better integration of youth and I think you could get your head around it more if we was buying top quality players, but we are not. Selling Chalobah for £5m and then buying Bakayoko for £40m is just typical of how we have done things recently. No DOF is just madness IMO as it indicates Roman doesn’t want anyone to challenge Marina over any footballing matters. The whole club needs a shake up from top to bottom but as far as Sarri is concerned he has to realize if plan A isn’t working there’s 25 other letters.
  5. Martin Tyler wants Liverpool to win so badly it’s embarrassing. From ‘Liverpool will be kicking towards the kop end’ to ‘Man City had less travelling’ to ‘just because there’s contact doesn’t mean it should be a penalty’ and even making excuses for City’s 5-0 win over them. It’s criminal that Sky do this and we’re expected to pay a subscription fee to listen to this.
  6. I’ve gone for Luiz although it could of easily of been Rudiger, Luiz normally makes me nervous so I think he deserves a bit of praise for a good game.
  7. Disappointing to lose a goal so late in the match but I think a draw was a fair result in the end. I think we have a have done great considering Sarri has only been our manager for a couple of months. I thought it was a good match with 2 good teams and I’m satisfied that we can finally play against other big teams and impose ourselves on them, this is something I’ve wanted for a while. It’s clear we need a top striker if we are to compete with Liverpool and City for the title but at the start of the season I said I’d be happy with a top 4 finish and possibly a cup and we’re still on track so in the grand scheme of things I’m happy.
  8. 2211

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Arsenal

    Alonso MOTM for me, although special mentions for Pedro, Barkley and of course Hazard. As said in the match day thread it made a change to play another big team without fear.
  9. 2211


    How good is CHO and how bad is Morata. Not getting a 2 goal lead when we are top could be our downfall this season, there always a chance that the opposition equalise late on and we end up with a draw from a game we should of won.
  10. Expectations: - to put up a serious challenge for a top 4 spot. - to be more competitive when we play Man City. Hopes: - to keep Hazard and Kante as they are absolutely vital to us and would be very difficult to replace. - to get a good replacement for Courtios if he was to leave. - Our defence is fine IMO, so I hope we can quickly switch our attention to sorting out our attacking options, as I think this is the end of the pitch that will make or break our season. - to win the Europa League and guarantee a Champions League place this way if the league route does prove to be beyond us. Fears: - Selling Hazard or Kante after the transfer window shuts, as other transfer windows around Europe will still be open until the end of August - that would be the worst possible thing we could do. - Liverpool winning the Premier League - we would never hear the end of it, the media would absolutely love it and there would be probably be a campaign to have Klopp knighted.
  11. I bet Ross Barkley still gets subbed before Bakayoko.
  12. Same old story, 1-0 up and throw it away. I've accepted that we are now the 5th or 6th best team in the league but what's disappointing is that we couldn't manage a win for Ray Wilkins today.
  13. 2211

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Sums up our season really, go 1-0 up, fail to kill the game off and then concede and throw away points. Top 4 definitely gone now, I can't even see us winning all our games let alone Liverpool & Spurs losing 3 or 4 games before the season ends. Ironic that it was a substitution that changed the game for them as that is definitely one of Conte's weakest points. Whoever is to blame the most for this slump, and imo the board, the players and the manager have all made mistakes, 5 wins out of 20 games is very poor form.
  14. I swear every 50/50 offside decision has gone Liverpool's way tonight.
  15. Yep, and didn't they "somehow" get the number of the hotel Chelsea was staying at in 13-14 and fire alarms was set off at 3am. I think someone in their team slipped that day and we won 2-0 after all that.