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  1. Liverpool's desire to win is greater than Man Utd's, something we lacked last night.
  2. Voted for Azpi, one of the very few that can look at himself in the mirror after this result.
  3. We undone all of Saturday’s work with that defeat tonight.
  4. Didn’t do enough when he came on unfortunately. He’ll be watching Euro 21 on TV like the rest of us.
  5. It’s one thing that managers do that I can’t get my head around, literally picking players for a game 2 matches away and whoever is left can play the very next match. To me it is the very definition of overthinking.
  6. We really missed Rudiger tonight, apart from the fact that the our 2 defeats under Tuchel has actually come when Rudiger has been rested, we missed his winner’s mentality, suddenly picking up the ball and running directly into the opponent’s half to create a sudden injection of urgency. Can’t afford to not play him again this season.
  7. I really hate the idea of resting a load of players for big matches, I think I’d rather first team players have a stinker and then be replaced after 60 minutes or so. We only have 4 football matches left this season and they are all important, we can’t afford to pick and choose matches to prioritise. Especially after watching Man Utd do the same thing, difference is there they are guaranteed top 4 so they could afford to throw away one match.
  8. Our attack is so blunt. Match week 36 and our top scorer has 6 league goals!
  9. A match where we probably needed the fans to motivate us. The players clearly couldn’t do it on their own.
  10. If Jorginho didn’t just stand there watching he might of even got back to stop the goal.
  11. Need something different in the 2nd half, can’t afford to write this off as a defeat. We need to play like it’s a London derby that we need to win.
  12. Let's just hope today was part 1 of 'Operation f*ck Liverpool up' and part 2 is play a much stronger team on Thursday and take points off them and ruin their Champions League hopes.
  13. We ain’t catching Man Utd, so I definitely wanted Utd to win to put more pressure on Leicester. Leicester winning puts more pressure on tomorrow’s game against Arsenal.
  14. I know what you’re saying, my point was why they are playing 3 games this week rather than next week. As far as I can remember it’s normally squeezed in on the last week of the season, I could be wrong though.
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