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  1. Nice big pitch at Spurs, so that game might suit him.
  2. This is it for me, a lot of people say Zaha or Chillwell would be too much money, but why not get rid of the deadwood and put all the funds towards certain players, then all of a sudden your net spend goes down and your chances of possibly getting a top 4 spot (and the extra money that brings in) goes up.
  3. IMO in the last few years we’ve been notoriously slow starters at home. There are games where we literally wouldn’t even have a shot on target for the first 30 minutes or so - that’s one third of a home match wasted! The other big teams go at you straight from the kick off and away teams are generally grateful to survive the first 20 mins. We don’t make it uncomfortable enough for visiting teams, they only need not to make basic mistakes to survive the first half. At the start of the season we seemed to be changing that and the first half against Leicester was one of the best for a while and we was unfortunate not to be at least a couple of goals ahead. Against Leicester and Sheffield Utd we faded in the 2nd half and let them back into the game. Lately we’ve reverted back to type and let visiting goalkeepers literally go through a whole first half without having to make one decent save. Fitness and intensity need to improve because lately we’ve seemed to try and pace ourselves and try and step it up for the 2nd half which then leads to rash and rushed decision making in the match. The key for me is how you start a match as that shapes how nervous and panicky the away team get, how the crowd respond and the atmosphere in the ground. Start the match the right way, go at visiting teams straight from the kick off with intensity and our home form will improve. Trying to be a 2nd half team only gives away teams more confidence the longer the match goes on. For me it really is as simple as that.
  4. Fair point, not saying that Zaha is the answer, or at any price. Traore could be an interesting option for the reasons you mention. I feel we definitely have to freshen it up somehow as our home form isn’t good, and we need someone who is capable of something different rather than the slow side to side football we’re producing in our home matches. I Know I’m probably in the minority but I think Zaha is better than Willian, Pedro and CHO (at this moment in time), so I’d rather go for him than do nothing.
  5. Now is a testing time for Frank now that we are able to buy players again. Does he keep faith with youngsters who are doing great so far but look like they are starting to feel the effects of a long season in the EPL. Or does he try and tweak it with a couple of signings to freshen things up and get our season back on track.
  6. I said 6th at the start of the season, a month ago I thought top 4 was a real possibility. Recent form has made me think 6 is looking more realistic again unless we make a couple of shrewd sigings in January. After the coming transfer window I think we'll have more of an idea of what we're capable of this season.
  7. People seem to of made up thier minds that he's better for a counter attacking team. That could actually suit us for away games. As for home matches, he's never played for a team on the front foot except for his little stint at Man Utd when he was young, so how do we know he's guanranteed to fail with deep sitting teams? We could give it go with Zaha or pin our hopes on Pedro & Willian waking up one morning and dramatically improving thier goals and assists contribution and get better as they get older.. I know which option I'd prefer.
  8. Frank should of subbed Mount off, his form hasn't been great lately.
  9. What's worrying is that 3 of our recent defeats have been against West Ham, Everton & Bournemouth. 3 teams who are in wretched form.
  10. Personally I think he would be an improvemnet on Willian, Pedro and even CHO with him just coming back to fitness. I think he would improve us and we could still go for Sancho in the sunmer.
  11. I honestly don't see how anyone rates Emerson, he doesn't do anything with any conviction. He even left the ball when it was our goal kick until the crowd reminded him it was 0-0. I would rather overpay for Chillwell if possible than stick with what we've got.
  12. RB players taking selfies with Liverpool players. Odd.
  13. Nobody is available until you make a enquiry or a bid, then you never know, nearly everyone has their price.
  14. This is totally the wrong league for a keeper to not to even command his 6 yard box. You can get away with that in Spain maybe, but in the EPL it turns into a major downside for your defence. He doesn't impress me that much with his feet either, thats what he uses for his sloppy passes. So, IMO, he has weak wrists, is sloppy with his feet and doesn't command his box - that's 3 fundermentals flaws in his game! That actually doesn't leave a lot to praise him about.

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