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  1. Not his best day on the ball but such an intelligent player and gives defenders big problems with his movement. An asset for us already and still only young.
  2. Excellent today, what a strike for that 1st goal.
  3. Played well today, in his favourite position. Does definitely get some tough love from Tuchel. Maybe Tuchel thinks his potential ceiling his very high and this is best way to get the best from him. Hopefully he’ll get a run of games now, could be dangerous for us on a nice big pitch like St James Park next Saturday.
  4. Loved his part in the 7th goal (seems weird saying that), the the skill, the speed, the desire and the unselfish pass at the end. In his best form since the big injury.
  5. Loved the way we was hungry to score more goals today, normally it would be 3-0 and then we declare. We need to be more ruthless, today was a good start. Brilliant performance, and it wasn’t even a game where we missed loads of easy chances, we was ruthless and actually scored some cracking goals.
  6. I see what you're saying but I think it would of been a 50/50 decision at the beginning, but once it's been given as a penalty it's meant to be a clear and obvious mistake for it to be overturned. Clear and obvious is their own official rules remember. In my opinion it wasn't a clear an obvious mistake otherwise people would be saying that it 100% wasn't a penalty.
  7. Unbelievable, no way was that a clear and obvious error. VAR really want Liverpool to win.
  8. Give it time, Amanda Staveley looks like she could easily dispose of Steve Bruce and He-Man in the same night.
  9. Brilliant! And they keep showing her face every 2 minutes, making me laugh every time😂😂
  10. Agree, publicly backing him was a master stroke.
  11. Wow! I’m not sure whether to be relieved we got through or impressed that we could grind out a win like that. Well done to Brentford, they will give a lot of teams a good match. In the grand scheme of things it will do Chalobah and Sarr the world of good to be involved in a match like that. Still top of the league, onwards and upwards.
  12. Klopp’s press conference about the Newcastle takeover should be interesting. They like a good moan about other teams up there in Liverpool.
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