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  1. Well. we're now officially in 4th after 9 games for all teams ... onwards and upwards !
  2. I'd say keep playing him. It's good to have a "lucky" defender in the team whose mistakes don't end up in the back of the net 🙂 Well done to Zouma as well. Looks very solid recently.
  3. Just realised we are now above Man City in the table, albeit they have a game in hand.
  4. Fair play to Pulisic for getting into a goal scoring position just a few minutes after he's come on ... hopefully he'll get another chance or two and do a bit better next time
  5. Nice to see three of our lads involved with the U21s tonight. Two class goals from CHO. Solid from Guehi at the back, and a few minutes at the end for Conor Gallagher.
  6. Apart from the beer and the chocolate !
  7. Would be great to see "Chelsea" win the World Cup LOL. Could end up with over half the team in a couple of years, and maybe almost all of it if we sign Chilwell and Sancho.
  8. Courtois subsituted at half time and Tottenham concede 7 ? Both on the same night ? Pinch me .. I must be dreaming ... 🙂
  9. A midfield three of Drinkwater, Bakayoko and Barkley could be very entertaining ... for all the wrong reasons ... 🙂
  10. Doubt Lampard will be impressed by this level of "professionalism" mid-season ... a skinful of booze and chips is like a throw back to the 70s LOL.
  11. Everything sells at the right price ... we've probably been asking too much for some of these players, which is why we still have them.
  12. The 16 players who are currently out on loan, and will be >22 at start of next season : Drinkwater, Moses, Zappacosta, Blackman, Piazon, Rahman, Bakayoko, Pasalic, Baker, Miazga, Kenedy, Nathan, Musonda, Pantic, Brown, Clarke-Salter. I really don't see anyone on that list that shouldn't just be sold !
  13. We have 7 midfielders listed in the first team squad on the club website ... Ross would probably be 6th best out of the 7 if they were all fit, and you could easily argue that a fit Van Ginkel is better than Barkley as well, so he could even be 7th.
  14. And not forgetting Maatsen, Guehi, Ampadu, Anjorin and Gallagher ! We've practically got an entire team.
  15. I think it stems from just wanting to see MORE of the home-grown exciting talent, and less of the likes of Barkley, Pedro, Alonso, Azpi and Willian, albeit the latter was decent in the 2nd half today, and I apologise in advance for including Dave in the list LOL.

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