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  1. I thought the lay off for CHO's goal today was a sublimely weighted pass ... an assist of exquisite perfection ! More please 🙂
  2. And yet today he is in the double pivot in front of the defence, and we ship three goals in no time to West bloody Brom ! Neither him nor Kovacic were effective today ...
  3. Having watched the goals again, the first goal yes it's a sloppy header from Alonso .... but the defensive midfielders have also been a bit too slow to react to the danger and get back .... By the time the shot comes in plenty of people are back, and no-one gets tight enough to stop or block the the shot. Willie's positioning looks slightly off as well, too close to his near post. I think Mendy stops that. Both the DMs are ball watching and running towards the ball and oblivious to the other WBA players on the edge of the box. The second goal is on Silva, but again I
  4. I agree ... Christensen for example may well have had a decent game today, but he's still been part of a defence that shipped 3 goals to a newly promoted side that has been battered by Everton and Leicester in it's first two games ... no-one in the defence comes out of a stat like that with much credit !
  5. I think either of them leaving will unfortunately be only on loan ... 🙂
  6. I imagine the reason Frank wants someone like Rice is to sit him in front of the central defenders as a true DM, enabling Mount and Havertz to play in front of him, and linking to the attackers. So the front six would look something like this : I think you've got to put your best and most influential players in the positions where they can have their biggest impact on the match, so you prioritise the roles for the likes of Mount and Havertz that set the tempo and tone for the whole team, rather than say trying to fit Kante, Kovacic or Jorginho into a system that doesn't particu
  7. Question is ... which one of Alonso and Emerson is going to leave in this window, if not both ? We don't need three left backs, especially when two of them are crap LOL.
  8. Actually I think that man is still Dave, albeit James has great potential, as does Lamptey.
  9. Might be a bit harsh, but I thought today was simply a case of the one-eyed man being King in the land of the blind ...
  10. Forget which game it was last season, but he looked fabulous on the right in tandem with James. Maybe it is a confidence thing ?
  11. When we can get him playing central, with CHO/Chilwell on the left and Ziyech/James on the right pinging crosses at him, he should score a hatful. Does need a goal soon ...
  12. Absolutely key to find someone who can play with Havertz and Mount in a midfield three. From what I've seen so far, it isn't Jorginho, Kante or Kovacic., all of whom sound good on paper, but in reality don't quite offer enough in either a defensive or an offensive midfield capacity. Barkley should start if Havertz and Mount need rotation.
  13. COME ONNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!! Pretty please for a late VAR penalty winner for handball ... with Werner blasting it home !
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