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  1. Sexyfootball

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    CHO demonstrated in pre-season that he was good enough to start every game ... let alone last night. f**k knows why Sarri can't see the blindingly obvious ... maybe he needs new glasses ? Or just needs to look up a bit more from all that scribbling in his notebook ? If I was picking he team, I'd write Hazard down first, Kante second, and third would be young Callum.
  2. Sexyfootball

    Jorginho is a Blue

    A nice "riposte" from the true fans in his next game would be a nice Jorginho song and a bit of cheering when he comes on the pitch ...
  3. It would help if they all played the same formations ... from what I can tell, the only team trying to play the 4-3-3 "Sarriball" is the first team ... the youth are still on Conte's 3-5-2 ...
  4. Sexyfootball

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Maybe whenever CHO plays and does something amazing, Sarri is always head down in his f**king notebook and misses it ...
  5. Sexyfootball

    Marcos Alonso

    Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia added: 'We are delighted to be extending Marcos' contract. 'In the past two seasons he has developed into an important player for the club, demonstrating his outstanding ability and a fantastic attitude that has helped him become a Premier League champion and Spain international.'
  6. Sexyfootball

    Marcos Alonso

    Anyone know what wages his new contract includes ? I have a horrible suspicion that he'll be too expensive now for most other clubs ... I think we'll be stuck with him for the duration ...
  7. Sexyfootball

    How to fix the team

    I'd play a 4-2-3-1 something like this : Arizzabalaga Rudiger ; Christensen ; Cahill (c) ; Emerson Kante ; Ampadu Hudson-Odoi ; Hazard ; Willian Higuain This gets the players I'd expect to be most motivated onto the pitch, as well as those most likely to "hurt" the opposition with skill/pace, and those with what the Aussies would call "a bit of mongrel" in them. Playing Hazard at #10 in theory gets him on the ball a lot in a central area where he can make more of a difference, and be less of a liabaility defensively. Ampadu in a holding role, ahead of Kovacic, as I see Ampadu having more physical presence and being better in the air, as well as having some leadership qualities for the middle of the park. Cahill back in as captain. Instructions to the front 4 to make runs all over the place, and to shoot on sight. "Rested" : Azpilicueta ; Alonso ; Luiz ; Pedro ; Jorginho ; Kovacic ; Barkley. I've assumed RLC injured, but if fit, he'd be on the bench anyway. If Emerson turns out to be mostly crap, then I'd play Dave at left back ... though with Willian on that side instead of Hazard, plus Ampadu in the hole, the defensive aspects on that side would be better covered then if Hazard was at LW, so we ought to be able to utilise Emerson's attacking qualities without compromising the defence.
  8. Well, for sure, you aren't going to score if you don't shoot on target ... as to whether that is down to the players, or the tactics and team selection is a subject for personal opinion, but for me, it's "all of the above".
  9. Sexyfootball

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Zappacosta - who last saw any action on the 5th of January ...
  10. Here's a stat : Chelsea only attempted two shots on target, with both coming in the 11th minute. So after falling behind, we failed to register a single shot on target in over an hour of football ...
  11. Yes fair point ... I'm so stunned after that second half that I'm not thinking straight :-)
  12. I'm quite stunned after that ... manager change after Tottenham most probably ... no point bringing anyone in and them having City and Spurs in the first two games ... we should have enough to get past Malmo and then hopefully the interim or next guy has enough time to get us 4th place or win the Europa.
  13. I think he's gone ... Zappacosta on for Dave ??? That's the action of a man that wants a pay off ... not one of a manager trying to win a game of football ...
  14. Two nil down, and I am struggling to even remember a shot this half ... never seen a team so absolutely lacking in the natural football instincts to score goals ... it's like they all played in the park as kids and no-one had any jumpers to use as goalposts, so they just kicked it about between them and never learned how to shoot or score ...
  15. We look like a team of slow midgets to be honest ... outmuscled all over the pitch ...