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  1. Certainly feels great to be back on top of the pile 🙂 Well done Frank and Team !
  2. What a shame that was missed .. would have seen Liverpool equaling Leeds and West Brom for most goals conceded in the PL this season ... LOL
  3. I actually think we're in third, and our gearbox has six gears ... and then we can also flip the "sport mode" switch if we really need it 🙂
  4. Sheffield United may be bottom, but that's the first time this season they've had a really good shoeing 🙂
  5. 4th game in a row that Werner is on the score sheet ... good stuff 🙂
  6. Hope this is not a serious injury for Kovacic ... we'll down to three fit midfielders if it is ... !!!
  7. Not sure any of the subs made much of case for a starting position ... at least it all helps Frank realise what his best team is ...
  8. The match stats wouldn't make you think they were a man down !
  9. I'll give them the credit - they've worked very hard since they went down to 10 men and have kept their press up superbly. Wonder if they can keep it up for the full 90 ? I think we'll get a couple more yet ...
  10. You could say the same for Kante and Jorginho ... I think Mount is doing Ok personally ...
  11. We should have got the free kick for the foul on Mount before the penalty incident even happened !
  12. Werner's penalties remind me a bit of the scissors, paper, rock game LOL.
  13. I'd be livid if that was a sending off and a penalty against us ... I'll take it though 🙂
  14. Didn't forget, but the other two play much closer to Zouma than he does. Hard for Dave to shout at Zouma about his positioning when he's already gone off on a forward run down the flank !
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