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  1. City proving to Liverpool that form is temporary and class is permanent ... got to be the worst result ever by a team receiving a guard of honour ... 🙂
  2. We've had three clean sheets in the last 11 games, and they were the only three that Zouma started in. He has to play for me ... probably with Rudiger alongside, even though Rudi was dogsh*t tonight ...
  3. Maybe Marina is trying to swap him for Laporte LOL .. City were interested before we signed him if I recall correctly !
  4. And it could just as easily decide who out of the two comes third !
  5. These statements from Lampard are quite bizarre ... maybe he's hoping if he says it enough times, then Kante will actually one day prove him right ...
  6. Doesn't help that he chops and changes the defence so frequently ...
  7. Massive opportunity missed, but still 4th. What have we learned ? Mount and Giroud have to play every game. He has to sort the midfield out. yet another selection that just didn't work ... trying to shoehorn Kante in this side just upsets the balance of everything, sad to say ... he is just the wrong type of midfielder for the way Frank wants to play. He doesn't have a role - not good enough holding, not enough technical ability or goal threat in the more advanced roles. Abraham needs to buck his ideas up sharpish ... dreadful tonight ... looks like a timid little boy among men ...
  8. I can see them sliding all the down to 6th, the way they are going ....
  9. Amusing snippet on BBC website this evening : Dominic Solanke has netted only one goal in 57 Premier League appearances. As a Bournemouth player, he has failed to score from all 30 shot attempts.
  10. The issue seems to be when Jorginho and Kante are played together ... we have a terrible record when they both play ... when it is one or the other then it seems to work a lot better ...
  11. Looking at those two pictures, I think his arms would have to be twice as long as they are for Kepa to be reaching that. You can see the relative length of his arm extended in the first pic, Super impose that arm sticking out of his shoulder straight up in the second pic and he is still nowhere near it. Sometimes you just have to praise the quality of the hit, rather than look for blame in the goalkeeper. The mistake was in conceding a foul in such a dangerous area, when the opponent has such an effective specialist free kick taker. I do think Kepa is a bit short for a specialist keeper mind you ... although not sure even someone like Cech or Courtois at 6'5"/6'6" could have got to that one.
  12. No Mount ? I think our best midfield right now is three out of Gilmour, Mount, Kovacic and Barkley ... RLC is in the mix when he gets some sharpness back. Think Kante and Jorginho are bit players compared to what the rest offer ...
  13. I wonder whose fault the inevitable covid-19 spike in Liverpool will be ? Ours probably ...
  14. Ahem ... 3rd .... only one point behind Leicester now !!!!
  15. I don't think Kante can play if he does ... midfield loses too much physicality with two short blokes out of three ... I'd go with Gilmour myself.

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