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  1. Nice of Levy to reduce the 550 non-playing employees at Tottenham's wages by 20%, but no cuts mentioned for the overpaid players ...
  2. He might have made a few "high profile" errors, but he was a long way off being woeful at Arsenal ... rating #1 in the PL on shots saved percentage in both 2015/16 and 2016/17. I'm presuming that this metric is OK to use, as it is the same one that half the world has been using to bash Kepa with this season ... 🙂
  3. The other one I heard was "wash your hands as if you've just been fingering Susan Boyle ..." but I dare say you haven't done that either 🙂
  4. I'm surprised the powers that be haven't already brought in the Pools Panel to secure their title ... 🙂
  5. There is a small supermarket on site, and the resort restaurant is doing takeaway only ! At least the sun is shining ... 🙂
  6. Currently on holiday in La Gomera (Canary Islands). Been here since 10th. Today, all the restaurants, bars are all closed for the next 15 days and we are confined to our accommodation and only allowed out to get food from the supermarket. Every amenity in the resort is off limits, and all public gatherings are banned. Our flight back to UK (originally 24th) is uncertain, as EasyJet have suspended all flights after tomorrow. If any of you have vacation booked, I think I'd be trying to reschedule or cancel it, based on our experiences ... 🙂
  7. Poor old Marcus isn't even 30 until the middle of next season !!!
  8. Lewis Cook ? The guy with zero goals or assists as a midfielder this season and a healthy 6.32 average on Whoscored ? LOL. Very good !
  9. Ziyech, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi, Pedro or Willian ... looks like a pretty good winger quartet to me ? I'd want at least one of the four to have extensive PL experience ...
  10. If City lose their next two games to Arsenal and Burnley, then Liverpool will be Champions without kicking another ball ... you could see it happening ...
  11. City have fallen off a cliff vs last year. A good weekend for us though. Some much needed confidence building, plus we've closed the goal difference gap significantly on our closest challenger for 4th.
  12. I was thinking the same thing ... and also about Giroud ... those guys have been part of teams that have won the games top honours ... you can't buy that sort of experience and mentality ...
  13. Who's this new keeper ? He looks a real prospect !

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