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  1. Well we seem to be "matching" City and Liverpool pretty well so far ... especially as we've had the harder run of fixtures !
  2. To be fair he did score what looked to me like a perfectly good goal ... but otherwise, yes, hard to disagree LOL
  3. If they concede another 7 in the second half they'll fall into the bottom half of the table - LOL
  4. When I predicted Liverpool scoring 4+ I didn't think they'd get there just in the first half LOL. Ten would be hilarious - come on Klopp !
  5. Imagine what the score would be by now if OGS hadn't selected two defensive midfielders to screen the defence !
  6. Game over after 14 minutes LOL. Apparently United have conceded in their last THIRTEEN home games !!!
  7. Hilarious that OGS has Pogba on the bench for a game against Liverpool ... you'd really think Pogba would be in their best XI ... and probably Sancho too ... not to mention you could make an excellent case for having Cavani ahead of Ronaldo. Think Liverpool will get 4+ today.
  8. There's talk of Overmars as DOF and Erik ten Hag as manager at Newcastle, in which case maybe they'll put in a bid for Ziyech in January ? The old Ajax connection, etc etc. Could see that duo also bidding for De Beek at Man Utd.
  9. I'm hoping all of our outfield players get on the score sheet this season :-) Only 6 yet to score: Azpilicueta, Sarr, Saul, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, and Baker. Probably a bit unfair to include Baker, as I doubt he'll get any playing time, albeit he was given a squad number ... I'd think it is only a matter of time until RLC, Dave and Barkley get on the score sheet.
  10. Indeed. You have to fact check absolutely bloody everything these days LOL
  11. 22 goals conceded in 44 games since Tuchel took over, and Rudiger has started in 36 of those games. I would really hope we are prioritising his contract extension over the signing of someone like Kounde.
  12. I'm in the queue for the humble pie as well LOL. Well done Ruben - keep it up !
  13. Not to mention that the block was something a world class left back or world class centre back would also have been proud of pulling off. Mendy has multiple hats :-)
  14. Surprisingly only 3.11 ! https://understat.com/match/16459
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