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  1. You may well be right ... I am sure TT will figure something out that gets us through though 🙂
  2. A measure of how decent the performance was is indicated by the number of players nominated for MOTM ! (I assume all genuine votes apart from the Ziyech one LOL)
  3. Wonder if TT will set us up for the counter in the next leg, rather than play possession football ? We only need a draw ... Kante in for Jorginho and Pulisic in for Mount would sit quite nicely with that change of tactics ...
  4. "Breaking Neil Lennon" now added to the list of season achievements 🙂 ... when the going gets tough, Neil Lennon is nowhere to be found LOL
  5. Watching that tonight, I'm so glad that we never went near Simeone for a manager appointment ... if we think Sarriball is boring, we'd all be topping ourselves if we had to watch what he served up for Atletico tonight each week. Fabulous finish from Giroud, but I'm reserving my MOTM plaudits for Mount and Christensen - two academy lads strutting their best stuff ... terrific !
  6. EXCELLENT WIN. Well done to the whole team/squad. Dominated the game ... and highly embarrassing for La Liga to have their leaders perform so poorly ...
  7. A few to choose from here: https://reddi.soccerstreams.net/event/atlético-madrid-chelsea-live-stream/592113
  8. I'll play ... 🙂 The left centre back is a bit dodgy, but otherwise not bad !
  9. Good team selection, and some good bench options if TT needs to change the game. Atletico Madrid 0 : 4 Chelsea 🙂
  10. Well ... they are pictured on the plane home ... and the game hasn't kicked off yet LOL, so hopefully it is a sign that TT is picking the team on merit !
  11. To be fair to Sarri, his Napoli team looked a lot better than us, so it's probably a case of our players failing or unable to adapt to his style and tactics, rather than the man himself. Possibly lack of time to drill the team was a factor as well. Over in Serie A, it is going to be interesting to see how the Juve fans react when Pirlo fails to deliver the their customary title ... I bet they won't want Sarri back though 🙂
  12. In the interests of a bit of balance, I suppose we should also highlight Sarri's last 18 PL games that season, won 8 drawn 5 lost 5 ... goals 25 and conceded 23, including zero goals in 6 of our last 9 away games, which included the heavy defeats to Bournemouth 4-0 and the aforementioned Man City 6-0 (starting team in both games included Kante and Jorginho) 🙂
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