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  1. I'll take your summer for Pedro but I'll raise you a January for Willian 🙂
  2. Willian is evidently still on holiday in Brazil ...
  3. No - they definitely had it ... I added the yellow highlight myself after doing a screen grab. They've now changed it ... but if you read the comments on the BBC match thread you can see multiple people making reference to it. A couple of examples: #943 Could the BBC be more liverpool biased? Headline "reaction to Liverpools EMPHATIC victory"??? Whats emphatic about a penalty shootout? #944: The BBC headline talks about Liverpool’s ‘emphatic win’. How biased does a reporter need to be for a 5-4 penalty shoot out to be emphatic? #922 On the 'live' page to this result the description underneath says 'Liverpool's emphatic victory'. How can a 5-4 penalty shootout after a 2-2 draw be considered emphatic? It's barely a victory. Do the BBC understand what that word means?
  4. Some typical BBC f**kery this morning ... "emphatic" my arse .... high time the licence fee was abolished ...
  5. Super finishes from Giroud, Pulisic and Mount for all three "goals" from open play ... if we can be that clinical this season we're going to score some cracking goals.
  6. And for main course : https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/tammy-abraham/elfmetertore/spieler/331726 So including tonight, he's taken 17 in his career and scored 13 of them ... and 6/7 last year for Villa .... <edit> Oh I see he said Derby, meaning Villa ... ok I'll let you off LOL
  7. Well ... for starters : https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48182254
  8. Quite like the look of that back four, but with the centre backs swapping sides (Tomori left centre back)
  9. Better from Zouma tonight, but he still gives me the willies every time he gets the ball ... 🙂
  10. Or alternatively, when the luck turns, we'll go on one hell of a winning run .... the potential of this team/squad is frightening !!!! They were pretty much full strength apart from Alisson, and we had Rudiger, Willian, RLC and CHO all missing. Great effort from the lads !
  11. Abraham won't be Lukaku mark two ... because Frank will pick him up and give him another chance. He won't ship him straight out on loan like Mourinho did with Lukaku. Credit to Abraham for having the bottle to go last - he's normally pretty good at penalties, so quite understandable he'd be up for it ...
  12. It looked like it hit him and spoilt a better chance for whoever it was that was behind him ...
  13. Mane is such a cheating c**t ... edit ... ok was a blatant push LOL. Thought he'd backed into him first up ...
  14. We've matched them comfortably for nearly 80 minutes and they're supposedly light years ahead of us in the PL stakes .... it's been a good evening, and could still turn into a great one !

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