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  1. Real Madrid are absolutely desperate to sell players now, so it's a buyer's market for sure ...
  2. Hahahaha .... let the good times roll .... 🙂
  3. Lampard, Benitez and Jose Part 3 are the only candidates I'd be looking at if I was the board ... and they all have their pluses and minuses ... FSW and Jose have the advantage of a good track record and zero compensation to hire them. FSW big negative is that most of the fans will hate him. Hiring Jose would be an act of faith in his break from the game returning him to previous "special" levels rather than the parody we've seen in recent seasons. Frank is a huge gamble, but something about it feels right .... I suppose if it doesn't work out there is always JT waiting in the wings to have a go LOL ...
  4. Probably going to announce Frank's new Derby contract that got signed last night ... LOL
  5. Rene Higuita scorpion kick save, Wembley 1995 No keeper has ever been better at "playing out from the back" 🙂
  6. Lamps still 1/10 on skybet ... I'm sure FSW coming down from 25/1 to 5-1 is merely a bookmakers exercise in separating a few chancers from their cash !
  7. Lampard, inexperienced and going to cost £4M vs Benitez, hugely experienced, and free ... you can almost see the brain cells of our board chugging away here ....
  8. If I was Jose Mourinho, that's a job I'd really fancy ... huge potential up there, especially if a new owner is coming in ...
  9. Good shout on Alex and Tiago. Tiago in particular did a lot of hard work in that midfield trio with Lamps and Maka for our first Mourinho title ... and who can forget that goal against Man United (and Joses's reaction to it)
  10. Must say I was quite proud of coming up with a midfield three of that quality that no-one else had mentioned ... 🙂
  11. Cudicini Ferreira ; Carvalho ; Gallas ; Le Saux Essien ; Ballack ; Mata Robben ; Crespo ; J.Cole
  12. Lampard is back to 1/20 odds on Skybet ... with Enrique second at 8/1 (highly unlikely, seeing as he left the Spain job for serious family emergency reasons), and Jose is 3rd at 16/1. FSW has now drifted out to 25s ...

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