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  1. Quite remarkable that United are 2nd with 6 home defeats, and Leicester are 3rd with 8 home defeats ... and every team in the table has lost at least 4 home games ... !!! We are actually joint best on 4 with City ...
  2. Having previously lost only 4 games all PL season, United are now going to lose consecutive home games to both our main challengers aren't they ... !!!! f**king muppet w**kers ...
  3. At this point, and having just watched the new shirt video thingy, I'd venture an opinion that CHO is probably a better DJ right now than he is a winger ... 🙂
  4. It's all a bit embarrassing to be honest ... the shirt AND the video ...
  5. From BBC: 80 mins ; Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal ; Ten minutes to go. Can Chelsea find something? Their last shot on target came in the 28th minute. That's atrocious ... !!!!
  6. Not watching the game ... I haven't missed much by the sound of it ....
  7. It takes a special talent to be offside against a 10 man defence sitting deep !
  8. AC Milan are apparently forking out 106% of their turnover on their current wage bill ... absolute madness. I highly doubt they have the money to sign Tomori. Our options at centre back already look very decent even without any new "world class" signings : Silva, Christensen, Rudiger, Zouma, Tomori, Guehi, Sarr, Ampadu ... and that's without considering Azpilicueta !
  9. Barcelona have certainly f**ked up La Liga in the last 4 games ... looks like nobody really wants to win that title this year LOL.
  10. Ah, but they've won 5 since the Abu Dhabi lot arrived, and we've won 5 with Roman ... and we all know football didn't really exist before that LOL
  11. Very true ... if you started the PL from when Tuchel joined us, Southampton would be bottom.
  12. The race for 2nd is back on .... !!! LOL
  13. Well that was a bit of alright alright alright !!! What a great week/weekend !
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