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  1. Pulisic and Zyech in, in case they would be fit. This gives Werner also more the chance do float around and put pressure on the defence. Something he did very well in his first game. This is less possible on the left.
  2. but he wasn't playing on the left when he actually scored the goal if I remember it correctly. He was making a transition at that time from left to center and stayed there and scored a meter or 2 from behind the pen spot.
  3. As a big Ndidi fan I fully agree to go for him rather than Declan, but we also need to take these stats a bit in perspective. Ndidi plays in a much better team, so it is a bit easier to get certain stats higher than for Declan. It probably is also a bit easier to do these things when the pressure is a bit less and your teamplayers have a bit more quality themselves. eg. goals conceded, clean sheet,... but as said, I'd go any day for my former Genkie 🙂
  4. Kanté here. Even as a sub. When Chelea was at his worst and he came in. He stood out. Won every challenge and every second ball. Too bad after that nothing happened. Zouma would have been my second choice.
  5. I would say, first half Regulion was not good at all. Mainly because of the park the bus tactics from José. He clearly loses a lot of his qualities if he only has to defend. The second half when Tottenham actually started to play some football, then he was very good in my opinion. He looks like a real asset for a footballing team. As for Chelsea, I thought that Kanté was our best player, even if he only was a sub. Every second ball was for him. Instantly made an impact. Too bad we had a lack of creativity to force a real opening and if we did, they just didn't look
  6. normally I would be disappointed that I forgot to have a gamble. This game for some reason don't have that feeling. Pretty sure I would have gotten it all right 😇
  7. Well... I guess he tried... Not that anyone is surprised of what he brought.
  8. He might have to go in to Quarantaine for 2 weeks according to the article. If that is the case, then we have a few more games with Kepa
  9. Haha same 😄 Guess we still believe in fairy tales.
  10. Another impressive overview. Although it might have changed later up the season, as this was halfway the season. But again I am a fan of him, maybe I am being too subjective.
  11. I really keep hoping if they go for a defensive mid, they the go for Ndidi rather than Rice. In my subjective opinion the best mid to recover balls which is so important with all the office we have. Also if you want to use the cdm as CB sometimes. He started off as a CB in Genk so knows the basics.
  12. A lot of people see him as a good replacement keeper, but not first choice. Is this just a gut feeling? Because he is unknown to most of us? Because of his statistics? Or have you guys actually seen him play on several occasions? As I have no clue what to think about him, not having seen Reims play last season. I guess I am pretty much happy with any keeper as long I don’t have to see Kepa in goal anymore. So my expectations are low. Never had squeeze my but so many times in a season when seeing a bal getting close to goal.
  13. But a striker has to be on that spot and he was anticipating. Positioning and anticipating are 2 very important attribute to have as a striker. Will he be our best striker, for sure not. But he is a good finisher. He will surely make his goals for Crystal Palace if they believe in him. After all, he scored 18 goals already for Belgium in 30 games and almost all of them as a sub.
  14. I wouldn't sell him. But if he leaves, then I would go all the way rather for Ndidi instead of Rice. The perfect buffer on the mid behind such an offence we have.
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