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  1. Gotta give it to him. 60 goals in only 92 caps (age 28). Only 3 players achieved 60 international goals at a younger age. Sandor Kocsis (Hungary), Ference Puskas (Hungary) & Gerd Müller (Germany). Needed 36 games less than Ronaldo and 28 less than Messi. Scored 43 goals in his last 40 games (under Martinez). Before he was mostly sub for Benteke (under Wilmots). He imporved a lot in the last years. Not the biggest fan of Lukaku because of his constant gestures during the game if he doesn't get the ball 100% or messed things up himself. But he has been massive for B
  2. Timo has 8%, but even if he would only have 3% I still love the man. All the smart running and creating openings for others by pulling the defenders with him. I love to see him up there with a finisher.
  3. Even if it would play in our cards. I really want Gerard to join Everton, with my brother being a Liverpool fan (I know, the bad genes in the family). He's already disgusted just that Steven is being linked to Everton (gave me a big smile this morning reading his frustrated messages) 🥰
  4. Is he really worth all that money? Aren't there any alternatives that are just as good if not better for a cheaper price? Now tbh, I don't care that much about the price as it isn't my money. For all I care if he really is that good, then they can buy him for 500m. if they have the budget and FFP allows it, as long as it doesn't prevent us from getting quality on other positions. And in all fairness, I have only seen 2 hands of West Ham games in full. All the rest mini matches or highlights and often it's a good thing when you play on that position and are barely in the summ
  5. I just don't want to see him moan and pointing at his feet 15 times every game that he didn't get a pass when someone else takes a chance. It's almost automated. Even when people score you see him do it often until he gets 10 seconds later that his team scored.
  6. I just can't get used seeing him with hair 🙂
  7. It does make sense to me. In the Premier League you are competing only with the best teams of 1 competition. In the CL you are competing with the elite of that same compeition plus the other elite teams from all over europe. I reckon that is much thougher. plus 1 mistake is enough not to win it, while in the prem you stil have a chance after a few lesser games.
  8. I think he was trolling. seeing that his nickname is TheGermanOne.
  9. He had a left orbital fracture and a acute nose bone fracture. I think that is a very valid reason to leave the pitch. Even if he wanted to play the doc would never let him play. The medical staff has to be very cautious with head injuries nowaday. Try heading with an orbital fracture or getting the ball kicked in the face from close range without a mask (and even with). Him leaving the pitch was the only sane option.
  10. The poll looks very accurate to me.
  11. Can anyone upload some videos or gifs of him celebrating ? To shut the doubters before new rumours pop up during the window.
  12. Is it wrong that I am already looking forward to see us play the World Cup for clubs? Time for revenge in that tournament.
  13. PSG? Retirement? He is fed up with football. 🙂
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