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  1. I wish. Sadly enough I believe he will get better offers. Like someone already mentioned, he is a player that fits everywhere.
  2. I love this tread. Can it be used to have a consolidation of the outgoing rumours? Or is there another one for this? As I believe normally any rumour or news on chelsea players are always in their own topic. But as I am unable to read every single topic all the time, it would be nice to have one consolidated topic just for outgoing rumours/ news. (Sorry in case it already exists)
  3. 1-3 city 17' sterling (man I hate this prediction, but I have such a bad feeling for this game)
  4. The only question I have. How many penalties will man uts get?
  5. I guess it,s always fun to piss of some Arsenal fans.
  6. Pulisic and Zyech in, in case they would be fit. This gives Werner also more the chance do float around and put pressure on the defence. Something he did very well in his first game. This is less possible on the left.
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