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  1. Doesn’t necessarily mean as a 10. Could also be as an 8 that does more than just retrieving the ball. But also has a playmaking style that has some offensive creativity to offer. Or maybe he want to have the opportunity from time to time to join a line higher when on offence if someone takes over his position. Rather than the entire time holding back and playing only with a defensive mindset.
  2. There must be a good reason for it. But I always wonder why so many clubs wait till last day to do transfers. I can understand it if you want to buy deadwood from another club. For an opportunity. But if it’s a crucial transfer… Must be a very valid reason. As it happens so much every final day.
  3. And according to Mundo Deportivo does atletico have20 extra min for griezman deal. what a soap opera 😂
  4. Also according to El Larguero.
  5. So kounde is off because we didn’t sell zouma on time. And Saul is off because griezmann wasn’t bought on time? unlucky.
  6. For those who like to know. Yesterday in the Game Genk vs Anderlecht Made Ugbo his debut in min 82. The game was up to that point a scoreless 0-0. 4 min in to his debut Ugbo scored the 1-0 that won Genk the game with a killer touch. 💙 He was also the person that won the ball for Genk to get possession and initially that would launch the attack. In case you would like to see the goal. min 3:45 Highlights with Debut goal Ugbo
  7. So many good ones. A great team performance. I select Tuchel.
  8. Yeah I believe that he wanted someone when we came under pressure and had to kick the ball up front that has a presence against Matip and VD. And Lukaku did that decent a few times.
  9. Tactical masterclass from Tuchel! First half I believe we were more dangerous and had it under control. Without the unfortunate influence we would have been ahead. Second half with a man down. He made changes and adjusted the team and it was just a class performance from the team against a team like Liverpool. It just didn’t look like Liverpool would ever score despite constantly haveing the ball up front. All his troops were well in place. What a manager.
  10. Ike to Genk is official. Apparently 3 mil Euro. (Not the 7 Romano said) and extra 2.5 if Genk reaches Champions League with Ike in their Squad.
  11. I hear a lot about camavinga as being a very hot prospect. But haven't seen him play a lot. What kind of a play is he? He doesn't look like a physical monster. So Is he more a vaccuum cleaner with a crazy engine that you see everywhere like Kanté? Is he more of an anklebiter or more the footballing type from the back, ...
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