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  1. Hopefully he has been better scouted than Kepa back then if we actually would be interested in him. I heard from my Italian friends that Donnarumma also isn't the most secure goalkeeper. I don't watch Serie A enough to know him myself through and through, but did see several articles of errors passing by in the past. I am more a bundesliga, pro league and premier league watcher.
  2. Exactly. And in all fairness. Even if in worst case scenarion no new signings would happen (which never will be the case). It already feels for me the best transfer window in a long time. We are finally buying quality players that have an instand impact in addition to our own young talents, instead of overprised crap just to add up with other crap. Like Bakayoko, Morata, Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Kepa, etc.
  3. I know we can't play with a team full off rookies, but just out of curiousity as I don't follow the academy close enough. Does Chelsea have anything interesting to follow for the LB, CB or GK position banging on the door that might become back-up (or maybe more) in the next 2 years?
  4. I wonder who from the technical staff scouted him and was so impressed that they were prepared to to sign him for a record fee. The most expensive goalkeeper.
  5. If we add Kepa it actually might be a good deal.
  6. I really appreciate this overview and analysis. Please continue doing this after every game. I wasn't aware that Leicester their last 5 games were actually harder than ours. C'mon you Blues!! We got this!
  7. I guess this is the difference between a decent goalkeeper and a top goalkeeper. Our previous goalkeeper would have saved this one.
  8. At one point he will make a save! Just wait for it.
  9. Let’s talk about our defence. ‘What defence?’ It is so frustrating how few chances the opponents need to score against us. Especially the smaller teams.
  10. In all fairness. I love to watch Kai Havertz play. But if I had to choose between Kai of Savic. I’d go for Savic. The main reason because we have a lot of good players/alternatives already on his position. As for Savic. I have seen him play for years and like him a lot as a player. Personally I would let Jorginho leave then. He is physically strong and tall, but still is a graceful player.
  11. Hahaha. What the hell is that monster?!! [emoji23] Please don’t tell me that his will be our 3rd outfit? [emoji23] Who designed this and thinks. ‘Well now I did a great job! Those matching colours floating so perfect’. I can understand that one person might have some weird taste. But are all the ones in the marketing team approving this must also be colour blind? [emoji23] Perfect T-Shirt to buy after losing a bet.
  12. [emoji23] maybe.
  13. I don’t really have a team in the Bundesliga. Just enjoy the competition more than the Spanish or Italian. So follow it closer. But don’t really have a team there. If I have to choose one. Maybe FC Köln, which isn’t far from Leverkusen. Well he surely is a massive talent. Nobody can deny that. But it is a lot of money, And I am not sure that he is yet worth that amount. Then again, it isn’t my money. So who cares. [emoji28] He really is on fire since new year (even pre COVID) including in the UEFA and has been a lot of games captain. Which is impressive for someone only turned 21 this month. I also prefer to see him rather in the center than from the wing. Then again we got more than enough wingers already. Werner (or Tammy/Giroud if Werner will be more coming from the left) with after him Kai should work. And if Lamps wants to use Werner as a shadow striker you can still place him one row behind or on the right wing.

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