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  1. You have to be on a wind up .We had a poor game,it had to against the pikeys which makes it worse ,but that is defo an over reaction .
  2. Tomori for a very young and inexperienced player is performing brilliantly ,so your comments about coming good and not looking good are very strange and difficult to comprehend . Are you sure you you've been watching him not someone else !!
  3. I wouldn't loan him out this season.He has come in to a new club and is trying to fit in with guys that have been together for some time and of course the youngsters have played together for years .Let him settle in ,give him 20 mins here and there just bed him in slowly I'm sure he will come good in the end there is a top player in there .😊
  4. Also remember RLC to return and Billy Gilmour looks a proper player .
  5. A draw would've been a reasonable result considering our second half performance
  6. How that was a foul is beyond me Dave was in the air was when Wynaldrum ran into him...dodgy decision from dodgy ref
  7. i thought Barkley did well , we suffered after he was replaced ,don't understand this anti Barclay stuff. Pedro poor again!!
  8. Time's up for Sarri , this is just awful .Too stubborn and full of it,prefers to play Willian and Pedro because he has been working with them.... it doesn't show.

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