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  1. I don't actually think we are after Coutinho,I just think the rumours are just spread by his agent.
  2. Whatever happens, I for one don't want next season affected,all play one game crap.
  3. Bloody city not helping us out at present.
  4. I just can't believe the amount of injuries we have,every team loses 2 or 3 key players through injury but we have nearly treble that amount.
  5. Bluesince66


    Brilliant BlueNProud.
  6. Good game but for me the jury's still out on him,hopefully he can put a row of good performances in from now on.
  7. Fans need to remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  8. Positivity zeta,I know where Chelsea fans and that hasn't been very easily recently
  9. If we lose 8-2 then we might as well pack football in
  10. Another massive game,we need a good run now,they need to forget what's happened it's in the past,show passion and go out and grab 3 points.
  11. I feel he definitely wants to stay in London,but we can't be held over a barrel by him,even if going to a rival makes them better,he has been a good player for us but 2 years we are offering you would have thought would have been enough for now.

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