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  1. I would love to see him at chelsea, you know he would give his all for the team and club.
  2. I'm gonna throw my toys out of my pram if this doesn't hurry up and happen.😪
  3. Its always the same evissy,when we were i for him he's the best thing since sliced bread,now its united he is average at best.
  4. The whole Brentford side are playing below par though.
  5. To be honest,I would have thought they would get it done,holding on can always backfire.
  6. Just checked their are videos of him posted on YouTube over a week ago suggesting him to chelsea. Sorry just noticed he was spoken about a week or so ago,and he has moved to UK.
  7. I've read chelsea only want to spend money on players they make through sales,so that puts a different look on it all.
  8. We all know Frank and Jody have their faults and quite a few it seems,but Frank has another season to show he is learning and ironing out the problems. Of course this job could have been a bridge to far so early in his managerial career only time will tell,but I'm happy to support him all the way.
  9. Hopefully it is,we definitely need him.
  10. He has a heart of a warrior, and will always be loved by the chelsea faithful, you couldn't hate him if you tried.
  11. Not impressed, 30 yard screamerfrom granite xhaka i feel physically sick now.
  12. Yes sorry thats what I read,sorry Cesc but hopefully they don't make Europe.
  13. Don't know how true it is but apparently he is routing for arsenal tomorrow.
  14. Please please pretty please get it done marina,I promise I won't fantasize about you anymore, or on the other hand nah that won't stop.

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