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  1. I see the Ireland football team home kit has 3 on the tops.
  2. Exactly, A.Madrid where he wants to go.
  3. Cavani, wants to go to A.Madrid and it's being negotiated I've read,so I don't believe this is going to happen.
  4. Go and get him,couldn't be any worse than we are now,god I would sign Cisco with his thong song at present.
  5. Will he though,as far as I can see someone on the board f*cked up and now they don't want to admit it and definitely so at the price paid.But how long can they go on believing in miracles that he will suddenly become world class,but sorry miracles dont happen.
  6. A potential banana skin,but hopefully the lads come out of the game with 3 points.
  7. I just want to thankyou for the site,it was perfect.
  8. 👏 well said yorkleyblue
  9. According to the daily fail, our scouts have been watching Atalanta's left back Robin Gosen's,and like what they have seen.
  10. Never say never,you never know.
  11. Apparently now inter have offered us him,and want giroud as part of the deal.
  12. I have read elsewhere Chelsea has no interest in Barbosa,so it looks like this won't happen.

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