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  1. It will be a tough match but if we take our chances im sure we will prevail.
  2. I agree with you mate,I don't believe we will win the league with him in charge,but I usually keep my thoughts to myself, you don't get abuse then.
  3. I haven't watch deadline day because apart from some departures through loans our buying finished after mendy.
  4. Agree 100%,but we will see if Mason comes back in next game.
  5. Sorry if its a silly question, but are we doing home and away matches this time.
  6. No excuses, we need to win this and I believe we will.
  7. Your probably find lukaku would get a hatrick,that would be our luck.
  8. I've read Max Bird of derby is still being considered,if we don't get rice.
  9. I just felt he looked like he hadn't had time to study the players and their previous penalties,otherwise he was good because there must of been plenty of butterflies first match.
  10. I always thought before this season started both Mason and James would be backups,i know dave has been insted of James but Mason should have someone before him,there is no doubt they would have become first team players,just needed a bit more protection and time to rest.
  11. Back to his normal turd self again today.
  12. Feel sorry for mount, great little player.
  13. I've been meaning to say this since last season but kept putting it of ,I wasn't overjoyed when frank got the job even though I loved him as a footballer ,I don't feel he is the man to take us forward.And as I said this isn't because we just lost,I just haven't felt the connection as I have with some of our managers.
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