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  1. I still feel Frank gets a bit longer,I really can't see him sacked yet.
  2. Of course we can win this,I have no doubt we will have 3 points come the end of the match.
  3. I really hope Havertz plays,I was gutted when he wasn't out against Fulham,but who knows with Frank.
  4. Havertz not starting, Frank really winds me up big time.
  5. Apparently on BBC Red Button,BBC iplayer and BBC sport website if that helps.
  6. I'm sure Frank's job is safe,as long as we are always in touching distance of at least 4th place champions league spot.He definitely now has to sort things and fast,even the titanic only stayed afloat for so long.
  7. Sorry but I'm not judging Frank on the back of that game,although I wouldn’t want him sacked before the end of the season,I've said all along we won't win anything with him,he should have had a few more years learning before coming home.
  8. Sorry but thats one player I don't want to see in a chelsea shirt ever again.
  9. Sorry but you can also say its insanity persisting with a manager with very little experience who's team looks lost,and extremely void of ideas.
  10. I don't think even god can help us with that twat.
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