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  1. Zouma's smile alone is worth 5 mill.
  2. Tammy is not good enough,as far as I'm concerned if we don't bring in a striker who knows how to score we will be lucky to make top 4 this season.
  3. Whoopee, I'm going to wet my pants with excitement.
  4. No-one has a bloody clue what's going on,and Marina on Facebook put striker 2021-22 with a picture of Werner about 40mins ago.
  5. More and more I get the feeling that Lukaku will be back.
  6. If true we need to move on and stop wasting time, god we have done this in the past and spent most of window chasing a player for nothing.
  7. This is going to drag for a while yet, and probably waste most of the window.
  8. That's a shame, I didn't know he was banned 😪
  9. It's certainly possible 😪
  10. I've read there is someone senior at Chelsea advocating his return to the club which I understand would suit the player - but the club are already making efforts to sign another player,so make of it as you will.
  11. True thebluekid,we really shouldn't be surprised really.
  12. God knows what Marina is playing at.
  13. It's only a hunch,but I'm starting to have a feeling we will really try for lakaku,I've read that there were problems with him and someone at chelsea but its pretty much resolved.
  14. Marina pussy footing around as usual,if Roman has guaranteed 150 mill then offer it,we can't spend all the window wasting time.
  15. It's really weird axman2526 I echo all the posts you put,when you post something it's exactly what I feel and would write.
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