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  1. i feel like we should start with RLC and bring on Kanté for him later in the game to kill the game. I feel it must be a mental blow for any team to see a fit kanté coming on in the 60th minute if you are chasing the game. Mendy Chalobah Christensen Azpi James** Chilwell Kova RLC* Mount Werner Lukaku *(kanté on around 60th) ** James could go into midfield position to match brentford mid 3, transforming us into a back 4. Or we might see James or Azpi coming off for jorginho or another midfielder depending on who starts. also becomes obvious that we don't have a natural back up for the left cb position
  2. i only want to hear from TT himself i don't care what Neville thinks about anything
  3. i doubt Colwill will be brought into the team next season. He will probably go on loan to a Premier League team, maybe Ligue 1 like Chalobah or another year in the Championship. i wonder why they don't send Mbuyamba out on loan, maybe there is no interest from any team that plays on a level high enough to be more beneficial to him then staying at chelsea. Even league 1 would be interesting in my mind. I would like to see him come through though but i think we have to be patient and just accept that we need to mold these players over a couple of years to be ready
  4. United haven't played a team from the top 6 all season, dropped 7 points already and should have dropped 2 at Wolves as well. i think looking at their fixtures their "title race" will be done and all hope death and buried by december. on topic: just hope Raya hasn't another ridiculous game against us, that safe he made against liverpool was incredible
  5. in the netherlands we have something called kapsalon which is fries with döner with sauce (garlic or andalouse sauce ((my favourite) covered with grilled/melted cheese. its brilliant, if you really want to be fancy you can even order some feta with that. do you guys have something similar in England?
  6. timo scored twice for germany vs macedonia
  7. i have faith in havertz he looks like a very elegant player some times, and very very composed and calm. he just needs some quality time with his donkeys so he can reset and find his form
  8. Hajduk Split v Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade), 1959 (colourised)
  9. Toni is a bit of a warrior and he seems to enjoy a fight. Only Gimenez is a bit similar in that way.
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