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  1. embarrassing if Sarri goes. hope he wins CL with juve, just to shove it to this incompetent board.
  2. bale: 'I've got three years left on my contract,' he said. 'If they want me to go, they'll need to pay me £15m per season. If not, I'll stay here. And if I have to play golf, I will.'
  3. I do realy hope that next year with all that new fancy palyers zidane crash&burns big time. and jose takes over real again
  4. alonso after the game said they fear it's achilles. this is mental realy. and f**k you all here blaming sarri. it's the board you morons.
  5. this is some f**ked up news for rude morning awakening. I need to put some chelsea wolfe music in my headphones to ease the mental pain. devastated.
  6. seeing him lifting real shirt for the first time for the media will break my heart
  7. he didn't want to become a chelsea legend. sad. in a year when world finally realised that epl IS THE BEST LEAGUE. f**k, wish him all the best in life but nevertheless I hope that zidane crash&burns his 2nd round at madrid
  8. I dislike spuds faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more than bin dippers, but just imagine they slip again, not once but twice just before the finish line
  9. 71' Real Sociedad 3 - 1 Real Madrid gob in the goal

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