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  1. Jesus, my bad. I went to see replay and the game went on after 48 minutes
  2. yes but there was VAR check, red and helping Sterling for brutal foul
  3. f**king Mariner left the game to go on over 6 min instead of given 3. and f**k me Fernandinho ahould have seen red
  4. City with a man advantage of a 45 min and B team still 1:1 in the 90th
  5. according to the press con Tammy is not so in the picture for the rest of the season or something between the lines
  6. he was according how he took the pen this cheat is a heaven sent for manure. Ole said: I didn’t see a foul but I saw marks on his eye after the game. pathetic as usual
  7. don't know but it sounds more like we had to kneel to UEFA. to me it's like Porto have both home games. at least the ref yesterday didn't buy into their crap. but there's one more game and some joker like Ovrebo could arise from the sewers.
  8. aside cheating and diving Porto really runs at every ball meanwhile we just look clueless and not interested
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