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  1. f**king pre match press keeps crashing WTF
  2. “There is not one manager in the world that doesn’t like to play young players and to help young players to develop - not one.” ”The problem is that sometimes you get into clubs where the work that is below you is not good enough to produce these players. “So I look to our history and you see that the academy is always giving talents the first team need. Of course I always look forward to working with that profile.” -Jose Mourinho; source: Tottenham Hotspur FC via Mirror Oh man, how much I would like our young guns to stuff him in the rear on the 22nd December.
  3. 1. Pep Guardiola - Manchester City (£20m) 2. Jose Mourinho - Tottenham (£15m) 3. Diego Simeone - Atletico Madrid (£13m) 4. Rafa Benitez - Dalian Yifang (£11.5m) 5. Fabio Cannavaro - Guangzhou Evergrande (£10m) 5. Zinedine Zidane - Real Madrid (£10m) 7. Antonio Conte - Inter Milan (£9m) 8. Thomas Tuchel - PSG (£8m) 8. Ernesto Valverde - Barcelona (£8m) 10. Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool (£7m) *Figures according to Tuttomercato
  4. Referee: Martin Atkinson (pictured). Assistants: Lee Betts, Constantine Hatzidakis. Fourth official:Jonathan Moss. VAR: Andre Marriner. Assistant VAR: Andy Halliday.
  5. Jose is a match made in heaven for the dirtiest team around by far. At least for a season. We play them 22.12. on their pitch and after Jodie's IG response they will be overly motivated and ready to break some legs. f**k me, not looking forward for this one and with Loliver or Taylor to referee. WE HATE TOTTENHAM, CHELSEA!
  6. Fabrizio Romano✔@FabrizioRomano Tottenham are considering José Mourinho as new manager, after sacking Pochettino. And José would be open to start a discussion with Spurs. Daniel Levy will decide on next hours. #THFC #Tottenham #Spurs #Pochettino
  7. mojo

    Mason Mount

    Great finish from Mason with his left.
  8. that was some sh*t match to watch. after Messi's pen Argentina went in full defensive counter attack football while Brazil couldn't compose one clear chance for a goal. beside Casimiro and Becker Brazil team was way off including Willian.
  9. just watching Brasil Argentina 2 pens in first 12 minutes Jesus earns a pen, takes it and misses BADLY Messi earns a pen, takes it, Alison saves but only to Messi to tap it in
  10. I've just read it https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7689639/Man-City-LOSE-appeal-stop-financial-fair-play-investigation-Court-Arbitration-Sport.html

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