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  1. It just isn't working out, and increasingly hard to turn around. Not thru lack of trying or attitude, but his fundamentals, relatively poor finishing, our playing style and the league really have him out of sorts. He looks more Morata or Kezman to me than even a Torres, and not a shadow of the impact players like Costa, Drogba or Jimmy. We need some more Anelka's - dependable players.
  2. Atrocious performance. So many costly errors in his game today, compounded/punished almost every time. No idea why he stayed on the pitch for so long given his performance and that we needed to get something from the game.
  3. Honestly, I think we're getting a little soft on all fronts. That was a disgraceful performance - in ability, attitude and decision making. Actually pretty embarrassing and credit to West Brom. Could pick apart almost every facet of our team today. 95% is not enough in the PL, and that's generous to say we were even anywhere near 95% level today.
  4. We look like a football team with Jorginho off. Too little too late
  5. Will be 7-1 if this keeps going. Arguably worse individual performances seen for a very long time. We kept all the defenders on when needing goals, and the space west brom have is laughable.
  6. We’re all over the place today. No midfielder anywhere near him. Again I don’t see the point of keeping three at the back or Jorginho on the pitch as it’s offered nothing when we needed goals. this one costs us the top four. Only ourselves to blame. Very Chelsea.
  7. Jorginho offers nothing for what we need right now. Baffled by pulisic off
  8. I can’t see anything from this. Typical Chelsea. But we might as well go for it. Havertz and mount on
  9. This ones done. Created nothing with 11 and now forgot how to defend. They’ll foul and slow the game down. only ourselves to blame, despite the referee being awful. Appalling.
  10. Livid right now. What the hell is Jorginho doing today. He’s been absolutely pathetic
  11. Screw this. I’d rather go to four at the back and go for it. Put mount on.
  12. Alright time for some quality in final third.
  13. Patience all! International breaks impact our rhythm. They’ll get going
  14. Really well said. Just not enough end product for me, and I think you hit the nail on the head with mentality and desire to be a top class player. Often these fine margins separate players. He is still very young, so time will tell, but early signs could be better. I'd put Tammy (albeit he is older) in the same desire bucket. Contrary to this, Mount may not have the same explosive skills, but is a lot more consistent and more desire than any other player thru the youth academy in recent years. James is only a half step behind. Those two will be stalwarts.
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