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  1. Thoughts and prayers with Erikson and his family. Relieved to hear he is reportedly stable
  2. Much better way of putting it. Agreed
  3. Completely agree that timing was on our side given the pandemic. That said, SB really is end of life as far as stadiums go, and I would love to see us revive plans to renovate or rebuild. Great stadium, but by modern standards it is lagging. Capacity is a misleading indicator, but even there we are 9th on PL list, and will be 10th when Everton complete Bramley-Moore. Outside England, look across Spain or Italy and they're all moving ahead. Fingers crossed this picks up again
  4. Thank you. I haven't got around to it yet, but love this site and plan on taking the route noted by Coco above.
  5. We can probably close this thread now Haaland is coming.
  6. Completely agree. Add on to that the pressure he managed internally from the expectations and spotlight on the position, plus moving countries during the covid year. He has been nothing short of outstanding. This is completely subjective, but he comes across as a very humble and hard working individual, very aware and appreciative of the opportunities he has earned in life. That shows in his performances and mentality. He is brave, and at a young 28, has years ahead of him. A bit of a late bloomer for sure, but in 5-6 years we may be very concerned on how we replace in. Not directl
  7. Reality is its hard to justify money anywhere near that level. But, look across other teams and other sports, and it starts to make sense. If we want to attract the top talent, well this is the type of price it comes with. 520K equates to 27M a year - certainly not chump change but when you compare to Messi at $130M in 2020 ($97M on the field, $33M off the field), or Ronaldo $120M, or Conner McGregor $180M, then perhaps Haaland is ok at 27M. Still a serious chunk of change, but not unreasonable for an upcoming global superstar. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brettknight/2021/05/12/the-w
  8. I'm with you. 38 years old and about to start a new game of Football Manager to show them how this should be done. I'll even use the editor to make it happen. Seriously though, Roman, pull this off and I'll never ask for another transfer.
  9. Think Mount will start and depends how England progress. Great team, lots of potential, just not sure they have the winning edge like France. I attribute part of that to Southgate - last week he said anything other than the semi's would be failure. Imagine the French or Germans arrived like that - runner up will do. Top teams come with the mindset anything but winning is considered failure. Best of luck to them - exciting and strange Euros with all the stadium/geography.
  10. I read the same thing, albeit here, on shed end. 45 hours...
  11. That is very surprising. Few articles I read noted he wasn't happy in Manchester - can't blame him!! Jokes aside, probably impacted his form also.
  12. I have to agre with this. On my pc, no issues, page just sometimes jumps as it loads. On my iphone its become quite challenging to read. It's not just an add across the bottom, but an add the expands in size from all sides, reducing the screen to a fraction of its readable size.
  13. If we pull this up, well, lost for words. I seriously hope they are going to Haaland - real sign of intent to not be a 4th place club, but back amongst the best clubs in Europe, consistently. Edit. I actually think this is doable. Look at what we spent last year in total, albeit offset by sales. Another strong year for Chelsea performance wise, and commercially, plus Roman isn't hurting. A triple figure fee would likely include many clauses that trigger based on performance. The sticking point will be wages and agent fee - but sign him to a 5 or 6 year deal and amortize that fee.
  14. My postman's mates mums uncles sister spotted him getting on a plane. Strong suggestions that plane is landing in Farnborough. 46 hours.
  15. First name on the team sheet for me (ok, maybe alongside Kante)
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