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  1. Go get him. He’s a natural leader on the pitch and a big personality. His determination reminds me of JT. why did we ever let him go
  2. I can't see Rice coming to Chelsea, yet. The price is just too high and West Ham have no need to sell.
  3. That’s a tough call. But Pulisic is now our player that gets everyone out their seats when he touches the ball, much like Hazard. As said above, will be great with attacking reinforcements to lesson the load on him and remove opposition focus (one of our attackers will be granted space!).
  4. PhilH930

    Nathan Ake

    I feel he is better suited to Man City, and will probably look like a world beater. When you look at the weakness in our defense, I am not sure his traits necessarily address that. Wish him well at City and think this is a good move all round.
  5. Pato? I’m second guessing if he ever played for us. edit - beaten to Pato a couple above! I’ll go with George Weah!
  6. I think part of that is timing. Ziyech was signed when the deal was right at a time both Willian and Pedro looked like leaving (Willian may still be leaving). We clearly need a striker, and Werner was bought to address exactly that (this was before Giroud hit a purple patch, but doesn't change the need). Havertz feels like a luxury player, but look how many times this season we have struggled to break down the low block (despite our high goal tally, think of those frustrating home games). We simply do not score or assist enough goals from midfield. Without question I believe the club is looking at defensive reinforcements as well. The keeper is known to be a massive gap - look how much additional confidence the defense had with Caballero behind them. A LB has been discussed for over a season also. It's quite possible we sign 5 players this window, perhaps even 6. But also looking back on past windows there is no point spending money on players like Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Emerson etc if they don't improve the team. We're buying players that are elevating the 11 players on the pitch. If we can't address all the defensive gaps this window (e.g. CB), then I can see us holding off until the right time.
  7. We need to address the keeper this season though; if Oblak is out of question I do think we invest in someone younger who will be our established number 1 for years (Onana, Donna).
  8. He should stay here - we need world class players and Kante is that. Just needs to get fit and avoid the niggly injuries. With consistent game time I hope the mistakes would lesson also. I thought the injuries were the result of way too much football, but was surprised to see he only has 331 professional career club games to date. For comparison, Willian has 618 - granted he is two years older, but the rate count of games is significantly higher.
  9. Nothing but praise for his first season. A couple of bumps, but he sets the tone. 7 goals in debut PL season is a great achievement (keep in mind Willian has only ever exceeded 7 goals in 2 of his 7 seasons with Chelsea, and he gets penalties and freekicks in his stats also). Would love to see him in midfield next season rather than the front 3. Some have questioned his ceiling, but honestly I think Mount could become one of our most important players for next decade.
  10. Mixed feelings about this one. Great player over the years; always gives everything and adds much needed experience. With many games next season we'll need a deep, quality squad as well, so surely Willian signing would only help. However, where I struggle is his lack of product. Simply put 37 goals in 234 PL games is not enough output for a winger - that is 1 goal every 6.3 games. Assume 8-10 of those are dead balls, and that drops to 1 goal every 9 games. That is not enough for me. Compare to Mason Mount, who's first season in the PL recorded 7 goals, a tally only exceeded by Willian in 2 of 7 seasons. Numbers don't lie. Also think he slows down our play too much at times.
  11. Great player. We need more goals/assists from midfield and hope he can add 4-6 goals a season to his game. That aside though, his tenacity, technical ability and work rate are superb. He has some speed also with/without the ball. Good range of passing, but I like it when he starts dribbling forward. Often an asset to break the first line of defense - creates a lot of space for others when he does this.
  12. Tough game, but never stopped trying. As said above, nice he can have an off game and we still win comfortably. The double team on him was effective. Exciting for next season though - which Chelsea player do you double team, as one or two others will have acres of space!
  13. I wish him well, but honestly hope to never see him in a Chelsea shirt again. We can do so much better.
  14. Agree with this. Out of all four current CBs, Zouma and Tomori would be the ones I want to keep. Zouma because he seems to be the only one that can do the basics of defending and gives us some power at the back. Tomori because he is full of pace and think he could be a great CB. Rudi has really declined - looks at accident waiting to happen. And no one seems to miss Andreas when he isn't in the team.
  15. Well done Chelsea. Thrilled with the outcome of this season coupled with early transfer activity. We have a plan. Now cut out the mistakes

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