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  1. Very concerned by what we continue to see. Individually, collectively, and overall decisions. Few things that stand out to me: Same midfield trio that we know have very little creativity. No different swapping Kante with Jorginho from that aspect. Credit to Mount for getting the goal. What was the point of playing Kai and Timo against Morecombe? Confidence I thought. Both delivered with a goal each, plus assist to Kai. Dropping them must further reduce very low confidence Fulham's organization and low block created the same problems we've had all season. We are unab
  2. Good victory and clean sheet. That said, it has all been said above, but far from impressed by the performance. Fulham are much improved, and that showed. Without the red card I'm not sure we win that one, and even against 10 men we created very little. Same issues week after week for me.
  3. Cross cross cross cross cross. Is that all we have. Frank can’t watch this and think this is good
  4. Giving away silly free kicks is the worse thing we can do. Wastes time and creates the only chances they’ll really get
  5. Ha good. take off kovacic, he adds absolutely nothing (worked last time)
  6. We’re so frustrating. Can’t create a thing. No one wants to take them on. Fulham need only defend their zones. They’re quite happy for Rudiger, Silva, Kovacic and Jorginho to have it.
  7. Simply not good enough, all over. Have to be much better to beat a determined 10 men. I really struggle with how slow and sideways we are. It’s awful to watch
  8. Reading about bread preferences is more exciting. i miss English bread. Everything is bigger in America, except bread, which is too small to be useful.
  9. Positive start. More energy. Fulham look equal to that also. just don’t see the creativity, movement or passing ability in this midfield to break the lines. Lots of sideways and then back to the defenders for a long ball.
  10. While not a classic game, the emotion with the winner stands out. I still remember watching this one at home (was live in US not long after I had moved here) and screaming when the goal when in. A reminder just how much we miss fans in the stadium, and how VAR has muted moments quite like this (not that VAR would have disallowed, but the wait...).
  11. From what has been an abysmal period, credit to CHO for looking like he has the bit between his teeth. He should be playing more - simple as.
  12. Should not be in the starting 11. I was a huge fan from his loan season and last year, but my goodness, he is a passenger in the side now. Offers very little in any phase of play. He didn't lose it overnight - I think the problems are deeper and the midfield balance and execution is way off. They all look like they are thinking about every action so much and forgetting to play football.
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