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  1. No changes. Let’s see what happens in first 15 mins. I think I know the outcome.
  2. Abraham hasn’t had much to go on at all. One header that he missed the ball, that actually went on to hit the post from mounts freekick cross.
  3. Willian, Pedro and barkley are the most frustrating players to watch. All of them take too many touches. All of them let the opposition get back behind the ball. Squad players at best. The annoying thing today is we have shown progress every week, but this is a reminder of last season. It’s awful to watch those players
  4. Comfortable second choice for me, and can see him going beyond that by end of season.
  5. Quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He appears to have so much ability (pace, power, reading, technical) that he makes the game look easy. Doesn't necessarily align with the defensive record, but a stalwart in the making here.
  6. It was like watching Drogba today, even down to the slight miss-control on the third goal. Great player on our hands here.
  7. Looks quite composed (compared to Zouma!). Excited to see more of Tomori.
  8. Fair point regarding timing. Was more a reference to the increasing severity and frequency of recent events. Anyway, agree to disagree on second sentence and moving on. Looking forward to Pulisic settling down and making an impact.
  9. Been following shedend for almost a decade, never registered though. Used to do CFCNet 10-15 years ago. This post changed that. Love a joke as much as the next guy, but poor taste here given events of recent years. Would expect that kind of stupidity from a Tottenham fan.

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