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  1. Today was a lesson. City deserved the win. Learn and move on. We need to be more imposing. Closing on the only positives. Christensen had another good game and RLC looked very good. Perhaps that is the outcome - he offers quite a lot in that role
  2. Next league game, I want to see us start with some tackles. Send a message. Start with more passion and intent.
  3. We have to want it more. Any day, any game, any week. We have to want it and be on the front foot more.
  4. Well, big 15 mins to salvage something. A good lesson either way as we need to be more imposing from the start. City are very good today, but Spurs and Villa in league come to mind
  5. Well now I’m frustrated. Why didn’t we bring this intensity and will to be on the ball from the start
  6. When Alonso is bad, he’s really bad. Lucky. Well done Silva
  7. Well this is either 1-1 or 3-0 now. Kante has been quiet though
  8. Why do we start playing with more energy once behind.
  9. Honestly we’d do well go get a draw today. I’d certainly take that now. We are offering nothing. Midfield three look very lethargic compared to their normal selves
  10. Their press is superb today. Taken our midfield out the game. If we get a break, there content to just foul also. We simply can’t get out. Don’t recall the last half Chelsea never had a shot. I do wonder if we should have a more attacking player out there to try and get higher. But likely just leaves space for them. We need a big improvement
  11. We’re going to win. Have a feeling now. silva left the CL final around this mark. He rejoins today. has no effect at all, but I still got a feeling
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