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  1. So you're saying there is a chance?
  2. Great points. Reality is a 2020/21 season will be an achievement right now. Can't see games kicking off in August, and think it will be at least a year until stadiums are anywhere near what we were used to seeing. Perhaps an entire season behind closed doors.
  3. A true gentleman and legend. May he rest in peace. Growing up in the 80s I never saw him play, but used to listen to stories my dad would tell from going to games in 60s and 70s. Then in 80s when I got the history of Chelsea VHS one Christmas (which I watched over and over again), albeit only on video, I never tired of watching his brilliance.
  4. Hyatt Ziva? Had many great trips there.
  5. We are such a poor team. We lack quality all over the pitch. But beyond that we have no heart, ownership or leadership on the pitch. They’re scared stiff this chelsea team. And get it far too easy. Lampard needs to be much tougher on them, but unfortunately I think he is too nice and soft also.
  6. Always respected the industry he brings, but for a forward player, he simply does not contribute enough. I will not miss him if he moves this summer, which I think he should. It is time to move on. According to Wiki he has scored 32 PL goals in 222 PL appearances over 7 seasons. That's 4.6 goals per season, from a winger. No, not for me thank you. Take out his prolific 8 goal season and the average drops to 4 per season, 38, or 1 goal every 10 games. Pitiful production that we've settle for.
  7. That's two games in a row now where Kepa has had zero impact on the game, which unfortunately, is still a positive for us.
  8. This is a young team and still learning. Repeating the same mistakes is painful, and some players simply aren’t good enough - Kepa. It’s telling how we have regressed though from teams of past. I remember when Willian was a sub at best, and scored a cracker away at Norwich which surprised most. He’s a stand out starter now, and while has quality with work rate, as an example there is not enough end product. A sign of our regression in my opinion. Can we call chopper Harris back for one game in this defence?
  9. Curious, but what makes you think that? If performances are that bad, then we have to consider our options, regardless of his price: Bench him, play Willy C Keep playing him but change in summer. Buy another keeper with presence, move Kepa on. His age and market value outside of EPL must still be 30M+ Time to cut our losses. The 70M is small change compared to continually missing out on the Champions League, as shown with recent revenue stats.
  10. WTF did you even read haha. You think Kepa inspires an ounce of confidence in this defence? I'm fine keeping the rest, just think he should be dropped. I'd rather Willy C play out the season.
  11. Bringing him back to the top. Another game with a weak GK performance when we needed him. I don't think we'd miss him if he left - think there are 10-15 better goalies in Premier League playing weekly. What does he actually bring? Sorry but hes done for me. Not a winner, and too weak.
  12. Its so predictable with Chelsea. A blind man can see this result coming from a mile away. Ofcourse he hadn't scored for a year, yet alone this season. Come play Chelsea, we'll make a hero out of you. Kepa is absolutely f**king sh*t. I'm sorry, but he is just sh*t. He's a poor mans Kevin Hitchcock, who I liked. How many times did we have a chance to cross or get in behind yet we stopped or played the wrong pass. We don't deserve top four losing 8 games now, or is it 9. I lose count. Which relegation battling team can we help out next?
  13. Simply just not good enough. When I watch Liverpool, Allison is a commanding man at the back. The confidence flows through the defense (just look at the goalkeeper woes from past few years). Kepa is like a lost boy on the pitch for us.
  14. Just doesn't cut it for me. Promised a lot 3 years ago (I recall his start against Spurs at Wembley), but hasn't progressed. Limited in the air, rarely wins a duel, and shrinks into his shell as games go on. We need vocal leaders; for me Christensen is too passive as a footballer. Doesn't add any goals either, which is always helpful from a CB. Squad player at best, wouldn't miss him if he left.

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