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  1. With their bad form, and us following Spurs again, this is set up for a banana skin. I hope we have turned a corner with the professionalism of our performances improving. A clean sheet will be tough, but I expect nothing less that 3 points. Please play Kante Mount and Kai in midfield.
  2. Mendy is immense. I believe Frank just stumbled across a midfield trio that could unlock many defenses - that being Kante, Mount and Kai. I'd love to see the three of them in midfield more, and if needed a little more defensive, swap Kai or Mount with Kova. No disrespect to Jorginho, and recognizing it was late in the game with tired legs on the opposition, but we moved the ball so much quicker once he left.
  3. Did Frank just stumble across his best midfield combo in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 (fluid). That being Kante, Mount and Havertz. We moved the ball so much better through the middle with this. Ok, late in the game and open spaces, but still.
  4. This is interesting though. Does this mean Frank has shifted Christensen down the pecking order? If so, why didn't he do this after the Liverpool game. Still question the timing. Still, none of that matters if we can get Rudi playing like a footballer again.
  5. Beyond his attributes, he seems to be a personality on the field also, which we need. Really becoming a fan favorite.
  6. Well said. The last few games there have been a few times he picks the ball up deep within our half and goes the entire length. Not quite pulled off the right pass, or if he did pass, it hasn't materialized yet. But love seeing those runs.
  7. With every game that passes it becomes even more apparent just how weak he was. We saw it every week, and was hard to watch. But now we are seeing the upside with Mendy and results, or clean sheets. Of course many other contributing factors, but this was issue no.1.
  8. Ha - I've always asked that since moving here. Actually a fun read, and can see how over time it has been shortened (doesn't make it right, but what the hell, sounds better than the Sports Drink Cup or Emirates or EON FA Cup). The Origin of the Name 'the World Series' For many years, it was believed that the name came from the fact that the original series was sponsored by the New York World Telegram newspaper, thus becoming known as the ‘World’s Series’. However, popular as this explanation may be, it’s not actually true and although the newspaper did report the results of the games
  9. True, but Trent nearly scored from inside his own half yesterday. That makes him much better - just ask any Liverpool fan.
  10. This has already been said. We can't underestimate Krasnodar, but simply a rotated team should be able to win this game comfortably. Silva shouldn't even travel. Rest Chilwell, Havertz, Werner and maybe Pulisic (or have him sub out). Definitely get some game time for Kova, Ziyech (start), Cho, Rudi or Tomori. I would stick with Mendy though - let him keep growing in a Chelsea shirt.
  11. True. Starved of service and his brief moments on the ball fizzled out. Give him a rest this week so he is raring to go next weekend.
  12. Certainly takes some knocks but sure he is ok.
  13. Would be good to see him start midweek in the Champions League. Give Havertz a break for one week. He has a chance to get 60+ mins under his belt and Frank needs to use this time wisely.
  14. He's what, 8 games into his Chelsea career. Has all the attributes - would like to see him in a settled position and personally don't think RW brings out the best in him. The front three to move around quite a bit though. Want to see how he is handling it all once we're 20 games in.
  15. I read a comment in the match thread that VAR is not the issue, but the implementation/application of it by referees. It amazes me that such inept application does not happen in other countries. Frankly, even before VAR, referees from leagues around Europe seemed so far ahead. We do seem to be on the receiving end a little too often. But you don't have to look far to see the mistakes - Liverpool last week was frankly a joke (a red card for Pickford or Mane's goal). Happens every week. My biggest issue with it is referees are not accountable. They make a decision and never have t
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