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  1. Two easy goals for Leicester, we're looking awful. The only positive is Mount, others already lost the game. Had so many hopes for tonight, but Leicester got us. Disappointed.
  2. Crazy to think that Hazard has been linked with Fenerbahce. Let's bring him back.
  3. Arsenal came closer, 2 points behind us. Few fixtures before they were closer to the relegation. It might put some pressure on us, we need that win tomorrow.
  4. So, if Kante's out, I guess Jorginho is going to start. I'd give that spot to Havertz.
  5. It would be a dream move, but I don't believe it's true. He easily can play in every team on the world, he's one of the best strikers in Europe and he's only 20 years old. Worth every penny, but our history with strikers and big money transfers never work out. Anyways, I think he will go for a top club, I wish he could go for us.
  6. It's crazy to see how the table is running this season, everything so close and sometimes unpredictable. First player I want to see in the starting lineup is CHO. He's showing a very good ability, he deserves to start and play as much as possible. If we win this game, we're getting closer and we're stopping one of our close opponents. Our performance against Fulham wasn't good enough, but we still got our 2 wins from 2 last games, tough period but maybe the 3 points against Fulham could give us a boost. I'd like to see this starting lineup: -------------------- Mendy ----------
  7. Fulham's ball possession and movement much more interesting than ours.
  8. I don't understand how our buildup is supposed to be. We have 4 players who can play the possession pretty good and none of them actually gets the ball. Ziyech should be our most active player when the ball is around him. We just don't play good, Fulham were more aggressive than us, I already thinking about Atletico's game how they aggressive under Simeone and we're in trouble. Hopefully that red card will give us a boost and we will catch the form in the next 45 minutes.
  9. Disappointed with CHO on the bench, he deserves to start and he's in good form, much better than Pulisic's. I really hope this team will get us a victory tonight because Lampard's job in danger. I agree to bench Werner, I think Havertz could play because he gave us something in the last two games.
  10. These stats are only the games where he started. It didn't include the games from the bench.
  11. Tammy Abraham has scored 21 goals in 33 PL games he started. None of these goals were from penalty. Just read it, sorry if someone has posted it and I missed it.
  12. The draw against Spurs may give a lot of confidence to Fulham. We need a proper tactical preparation, we have enough time. They're playing 2 games in 4 days, their attacking players were already tired in the 80th minute. This is the lineup I'd like to see: ------------------- Mendy ------------------ Azpilicueta - Zouma -- Thiago Silva - Chilwell ------------ Kovacic ---- Mount ----------- Ziyech ------------ Havertz ------------ Hudson Odoi ------------------ Werner --------------- I'm not very impressed with Werner, but he has scored in the last gam
  13. Very good performance by RLC tonight. He had a good opportunity to score but missed a chance, he was little heavy in his run. But his passing and movement were great today, if he can keep his form in this way, then he definitely has a place in our squad for the next season. I would never give up on our own player, always will believe in RLC!
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