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  1. Mount was very good in the first half, with a great goal but little disappeared in the second half. I went with James, he was great.
  2. Not our best performance but we won an important game, two away goals, clean sheet and our defense looked good after our loss to West Brom. Porto is a talented team, they're missing experience and killing instinct, I wouldn't say the game is over, but we're clearly step closer. Let's keep that good form going. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  3. If we only had the quality and form like Porto have, we could kill games. Havertz and Werner are completely are out of this game, our offensive game isn't there. We're inviting Porto too much, I have a feeling they will score. We defend pretty well, few corners we missed the first header and we should be ready for Pepe and Marega in free-kicks, corners, long balls. Not a good performance so far but we have scored an important goal. Let's hope we will have the opportunity to double the score and kill the game with a proper defensive game. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  4. Silva, Ziyech, Kante are on the bench. We have good options to bring on, let's hope we will put a good performance tonight. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  5. The situation with him is really unfair, with our current good form I don't expect Tuchel to pick Tammy in the starting lineup, but the minimum is reaching the squad. I afraid this will be the final season for Abraham, he will ask to leave which is legit enough to continue his career.
  6. If they can beat Juventus, they can play against every top club. Not because their quality, but rather their tactical understanding and sacrifice performances. After 12 games, we have lost only once, it's happening and it's normal. If the loss against West Brom will stuck in our heads, then we won't be 100% ready. We need experience here, we need players to continue our run and return to our winning road. We can be the favorites here, we should be! ---------------- Mendy ----------------- -- Azpilicueta - Thiago Silva - Rudiger -- James --- Mount ---- Kovacic ----- Ch
  7. Let's hope this International break won't kill our good momentum.
  8. Tough opponent, it's not going to be easy game but we can make it through.
  9. I still remember his first season with us under Sarri, it was looking like we signed only because of his name that played in Inter and Real Madrid. When we decided to sign him I was really against because he offered us nothing in the team. Amazing how 2 years can change mind about a player, I must admit he is one of my favorite players in the team and it's so great to see how underrated he is in the league and now when he go higher in the champions league, his game will be noticed more in the Europe. Every time he played with Kante, 80% games didn't work. Both of them put a bad perf
  10. Maybe a time to try a different formation but I'd expect Tuchel will continue with back 3. Sheffield got nothing to lose this season, they're almost relegated so they will try to surprise in the cup. I'd like to see this starting lineup: --------------- Kepa ------------- -- Zouma -- Christensen - Chilwell - CHO --- Jorginho -- Gilmour -- Emerson --------- Mount ------- Pulisic ----------- --------------- Giroud ---------------- I won't ask for a brilliant football, I just want to see the same discipline and same positive form. COME ON CHELS!
  11. I saw on Instagram he uploaded a photo on stories from his home.
  12. I won't lie, I had little negative feeling in my mind when Zouma played as our CB in back 3. But he put a great performance yesterday. He was always there, first to the ball, aggressive when needed. No stupid fouls, no stupid reactions towards the ball. He was in focus all the game and filled the missing spot perfectly. Well done Zouma!
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