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  1. What a start of the season for us. Should be interesting.
  2. I've cried after Terry, Lampard and Drogba's leavings. This video makes me cry also, ffs thanks god for making me love Chelsea so much.
  3. So, now when Hazard left us. It makes Willian our highest goalscoring player, 52 goals in all competitions, Pedro with 41 after him.
  4. Hazard's final game for Chelsea. 😫😭 Can we rematch ?
  5. Got my tears out, I won't lie. Thank you for everything Eden, for the way you left us with a lot of respect and love, thank you for playing your best last season for us, thank you for taking us all these seasons and for all the trophies we won. You will never be forgotten, a Chelsea and Premier League legend. Incredible player, top class and deserves the best. Thank you Hazard!
  6. Better for Franky not to take us now, he has done a good job with Derby and I believe he should continue in building the team. He needs that experience, I would love to see him in 2-3 years. If Sarri is leaves, then I'm happy to bring Jose back. Call me crazy, but I'd take Jose any day, every manager can fail during his career, he has a part of Chelsea in his heart for sure and he can rebuild us.
  7. That performance in final would never be forgotten. He is a real warrior, not a top-level striker but he is a real professional and I was so happy for him to score and assist that goal to Hazard. Great performance by him, proves himself after signing a new contract.
  8. Hazard, Giroud, Emerson, Christensen had all a fantastic game. But I have to choose Azpilicueta. Captain performance, actions of a real leader after the game. Since the first minute, we could feel that he is the game and I think he was the best.
  9. He was excellent, started the game with few errors, especially in his defending ability. But the second half was just incredible, his touch on his assist to Giroud is a joy to watch.
  10. I think he made the biggest improvement, I really enjoy watching him.
  11. Overall we did well defensively, we succeed to stop Lacazette and Aubameyang, Ozil is out of the game as well. It was pretty poor first half, not really shows a real final here. I really hope we will come better in the second half, our best player is Azpilicueta until now. We need to get that goal and save him.
  12. I don't know what to say really... All these issues before the game, injuries, maybe it's a psychological way of Sarri to let Arsenal think that they're favourites and then we will come underdog. But if not, then we have only one player for this game and it's Eden Hazard. I'm not really confident today, hope I'm wrong. COME ON CHELS!!!

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