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  1. Same lineup with same substitutions except Tomori, I'd like to see Willian getting in. If Christensen is injured or something, then Tomori with Zouma.
  2. Our midfield is just fantastic, I think all the players looking very good in the first half. We deserved to lead, we worth 3-0 here. Liverpool will bring Origi and Firmino very soon, our test is the second half. But overall there is an improvement from our defence. COME ON CHELS!!!
  3. Interesting to see where Kante will be playing. I hope Frank will put him back to the defensive midfielder, can't wait to see him tackling everyone around him. Zouma and Christensen have to prove themselves, they getting another chance and they should fix what happened last game! Same old Pedro, but he always comes to the game when it talks about winning trophy. Pulisic has to prove himself as well. Too much negativity, I just hope our players aren't thinking the same! COME ON CHELS!!
  4. Let's hope for a good performance. COME ON CHELS!!!
  5. Might agree with you in the first half, but in the second half Kovacic and Jorginho were nowhere near running the midfield.
  6. Losing isn't fun, that's right, but let's not forget that this was the first game of the season, against tough opponent at Old Trafford. Lampard as a coach need experience, the pace United had in their attack should've put an alert to us, but I'm okay with that, everyone learn from their mistakes. Kepa - 5, can't really blame him for the goals, maybe at Martial's goal he could react better. Anyways he tried to head up our boys. Azpilicueta - 6, first half he was pretty good, we could feel him in our attack. Second half went different, but still he did his work, could have done better on Martial's goal. Zouma - 4, he is different defender since his injury, I really want him to return to his best, but until now it doesn't look good. Poor performance. Christensen - 4, same as Zouma, they both need more connection, more experience to play together. It wasn't his day. Emerson - 7, our best player. Could be fantastic if he was scoring at least one, but I've enjoyed by his performance. Kovacic - 4, different from the pre-season. Disappointed with his performance. Jorginho - 4, same as Kovacic. I think he tried to do his best, but he was poor. We couldn't control our midfield against United's. Pedro - 4, to compare him with Martial or Rashford, you could see the difference. He's already done, not for this level and isn't our future. He had some good moves, but overall poor. Mount - 5, pretty good in the first half. Second half he focused more on defending. He has the talent and I think Frank should stick with him. Give him the minutes. Barkley - 5, few errors, lost possession barerly. But I think he was positive for us, when he had the freedom, he was creative. Anyways, his place is in the central, not on the wing in my opinion. Abraham - 5, if he was scoring that goal the game could go differently. Anyways, I think he had a positive impact, he tried and still need experience. Give him the time. Head up everyone, first game! We can say how we are poor and how everyone is good, we should believe to make the unbelievable and run strong. Soon RLC, CHO, Rudiger, Willian will return, Mount and Abraham will taste more of PL and we can test all of them. I'm proud of our team today and of our coach, we still have a long season to go and let's hope for better! COME ON CHELS!!!!!
  7. I believe in him, let's not forget how difficult it is to impress in debut season in Premier League. He could not ask for a better midfielder to teach him and help him. He could be Franky's project!
  8. So, our pre-season has ended. Overall I can say we have seen good things but also things that must be improved. I'd start with defence, we need an improvement in that area, Rudiger won't be available for this game. It seems like Lampard likes Zouma, but I'd go with Christensen as a first starter. Striker - Abraham, Giroud and Michy. Difficult choice, but what I liked most is when Michy and Abraham played together. Formation - 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 diamond? Our football looked fresh and great when we played 4-4-2, it was so difficult to read us. Anyways, I'd play this lineup against United: --------------- Kepa --------------- Azpilicueta - Christensen - David Luiz - Emerson ------------- Jorginho ---------------- Pulisic -------------------- Kovacic ------- ------------- Barkley/Mount -------------- ----- Abraham ----- Batshuayi ------ I'd put Pulisic on right to let Emerson be more useful in attack while Kovacic will join the center and be creative there. Emerson is better in attacking than Azpilicueta, so I believe a freedom is needed to Emerson. Kovacic also knows how to tackle so he can help much more on the left than Pulisic. Abraham and Batshuayi found some connection between them, let them enjoy together. I believe in that duo. Not sure how is Kante ready for the game, if he 100% ready then I'd play him of course.
  9. Barkley, what a ball! Great finish by Pulisic, this half is so enjoyable!
  10. Sometimes I think Kovacic can do Hazard for us. When he drives forward he is unstoppable.
  11. Seems like United are close to sign Dybala, Maguire and Bruno Fernandes. Would be interesting to see how they will upgrade their team. Great moment to test our character with the young players like Mount, Abraham.
  12. Another for Mount easy goal. But I like the energy we have in our attack, Michy and Abraham are always in movement, it's great to watch.
  13. Mason Mount! Academy goal, started with Abraham and finished with Mount. Let's hope the next one will be scored by Tammy.

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