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  1. Seems like he is going to start against Czech.
  2. 4 academy players in the starting lineup, that's how we do it!
  3. He wasn't Lampard signing, not sure how Lampard really rates him. I'd say he didn't really impress, only at the Supercup against Liverpool he was good. But he still can be useful, he got pace, he can dribble, he can beat players, I'd prefer to see him getting minutes than Pedro. Lampard should put some faith in him, being left out the squad against Lille won't raise his confidence. I believe his chance must be against Southampton. Some rotation to the lineup won't hurt us a lot. It's hard to judge him because he needs more minutes, more gametime to show himself. The money we paid on him makes it harder, a lot of pressure. I really hope he will do the work for us, for now he isn't Hazard, but he could be useful to our squad.
  4. Got his place back in the England's squad.
  5. Congratulations on making the England squad.
  6. Not an impressive performance but important win for our confidence. We need that experience, that confidence, that motivation and we did it today, well done boys! COME ON CHELS!!!
  7. I think it wasn't that good first half, we scored first but nothing more, only Jorginho's shot was close. We're getting beaten by invidividual's pace and techinque, Lille has got some serious players in their attack I'd say, but they aren't really creative. Pace is something we have to know how to deal with it. Our assistance to defence from attack is actually zero, I can't feel Mount, Abraham and Willian in winning some balls while tracking back. Kante isn't at his best today that's for sure, same as Alonso. We must improve in the second half, if we will continue in this way Lille will find a way to break into with their pace in the attack. Maybe get into another midfielder or demand more defending duties from our attackers. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  8. 3-4-3 probably. Kepa Azpi Zouma Tomori James Kante Jorginho Alonso Willian Mount Abraham
  9. Must win game for us. ------------ Kepa ----------- Azpilicueta - Christensen - Tomori - Alonso -------- Jorginho ---- Kante ----- Hudson-Odoi -- Willian --- Mount ----------- Abraham --------- That's what I'd like to see in our starting lineup tomorrow. I really hope we will come hungry and in a beast mood, we need this game, we have to keep going in this competition as far as we can. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  10. I think those stats are pretty impressing because this "dirty work" not really what people are looking to watch for. But is Jorginho the real defensive midfielder we need? I think he has improved a lot this season, he's much more dynamic defensively, he controls the possession by asking the ball every time. The question is what his real position in our team, as I see him is the heart of the team, Lampard wants him to keep the game and cover other players with his technically ability, he is also smart player so he knows when to move. With his ability, we've got Kante much more forward, which isn't that bad thing, Kante shows that he can actually score goals usually and bring some press in the final third.
  11. It starts to look for me that Pepe is going more for being flop than killing this league. Daniel James's speed will beat all the defenders of Arsenal, only if United could use him properly.

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