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  1. He scores whenever he wants He scores whenever he wants Oohhh Tammy Abraham He scores whenver he wants
  2. I have nothing against Jadon Sancho, I think he's very good for his age and doing good at Dortmund. My problem is players demanding too much these days, he's only 21 and has a long career in front of him and I exepct humanility from all these players who are nominated to be the next big things in football. I've read few reports that Sancho requests to leave, he decided to come late after the Internationals. I don't know how true all this, but at his age, all he has to do is respect the club he plays for and do his best in every training, game. If we can get the best of him and get real professionalism of him, then it would be an incredible addition to our squad. He offers a lot in his game, creativity, dribbling, speed. He can assist, he can score. I just hope it won't be the Pogba situation, I want us to buy the real ballers.
  3. He adds more energy to our game, he has the ability to steal balls, win in the air and show threat to the opponent. His movement is excellent which leads our players run behind him inside. Giroud showed nothing of that tonight.
  4. Big disappointment, we weren't even close to play for a comeback. There wasn't a player that played good enough tonight. West Ham did well in protecting their goal and taking the points from our home.
  5. I really hope Lampard will make an early substitution, we need someone to bring something new and fresh to our game. Pedro adds nothing to our game, Giroud isn't at his best as well. We need more long shots, more dribbling through West Ham's final area, Willian or CHO could be the key for this. We have to win this, West Ham aren't good enough and we're level above, let's just not focus and make some stupid mistake. Tomori and Zouma are looking great again, COME ON CHELS!!!!
  6. First goal was on James and Christensen in my opinion, James had to react towards the play next to him and Christensen had to cover that area. Zouma wasn't at his best yesterday, but I don't panic too much, he is in great form and deserves to have a bad game.
  7. With our football, with the way we control the game and moving the ball, I think RLC is going to be a real monster under Lampard. He is the best scoring midfielder we have, he can dribble and he can go past players. Can't wait to see him coming back and killing the game as soon as possible.
  8. It was a crazy game, Lampard got it all correct in the press yesterday, he said the correct things. We could win that, I wouldn't say we deserve but we could and had to, we have a better quality. Their second goal is just luck, they missed some big chance, so we did. Overall it was a fun game to watch, but we still were lacking a lot in our defence. I feel much more comfortable when Tomori plays with Zouma to be honest. Christensen and Zouma weren't in a good game. Joke penalty was given, I think Garay's landing on Abraham was penalty as well. Kepa saved that perfectly. Depsite our control with our midfielders, we're lacking creativity of chances. James was the best one for this, Willian had a poor night, Pulisic had moments of brilliance but he needs to do that more. Kovacic except his goal, was fantastic. Kante and Jorginho weren't at their best as well. Feel bad for Abraham, he had a good game and I hope this injury will not take him out for a lot, hopefully one or two weeks. We still can go far, victory against Lille and we will celebrate.
  9. He deserved to score, he had a good first half. Any updates on his injury?
  10. I think Garay's pull on Tammy is a penalty, he clearly moved him down and injured him as well. Not looking good for Tammy. We started the game at our best, after 20 mins we slowed down and Valencia took control, the goal they scored brought us back to the game. Not good marking and I think Kepa has a part of it. To be honest, I'm feeling more comfortable when Tomori plays. Pulisic except one classic dribble, is not in a good game, same as Willian. Abraham is doing a lot of movement, asking a lot and causing problems, seems like he finished his game. We need more creativity in front of the goal, we have to win it, we're in the game and we're the better side. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  11. Good lineup, Tomori and Emerson had a bad day against City, James and Christensen are coming in. Let's hope we will do the job tonight, COME ON CHELS!!!!
  12. As a striker he had a bad day. As a player he did well, he pressed, he stole the ball in Blind's red card, got one assist and could had 2 assists if Azpilicueta's goal wasn't cancelled. He still has a lot to improve, but I can be happy with having him playing.

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