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  1. It seems like Sarri is taking charge of Lazio and his target is RLC.
  2. I think if we're going to play 3-4-3, he would not suit in the formation. Very good player, always liked him in Atletico and it worth to get him, but only if he will find his place properly.
  3. As a backup for James, no problem. To replace James? Never.
  5. Just like I said in the game he left, he's unforgettable and his work here is one of the reasons that we succeed to achieve what we achieved. Super Frank always in our hearts!
  6. He was unstoppable against Real Madrid in the semi final and against City in the final. What can you ask more from a player that started the season with difficulties, new season with Chelsea, 21 years old with 70m price on his back. Future is bright, keep it going Kai!
  7. People claiming that Pep has made a mistake with Sterling, I think in this match he could put every player and James was stopping him. What a performance in the CL final! What a feeling for academy player to lift that trophy and starting in the final!
  8. Strong team performance. I'm going with Kante because he's everywhere, there's no chance you can see him leaving something in front of him, he's always there! What a player, what a midfielder!!!
  9. Crazy block in the first half, if he wasn't there who knows how the game could go. He totally deserves to get that medal!
  10. I still don't believe it after all this season, but now I can proudly say, we're CHAMPIONS of EUROPE!!!! People kept us on 0 goals in this game, we got the final at the end. All the team should be proud of their performance and all they road in the CL, we deserved to take it! COME ON CHELS!!!!!!
  11. If City will keep the same lineup and put more offensive play, Pulisic might be a fantastic option to break their lines. We have a key on our bench.
  12. I swear I lost my voice on Werner, come on it can't work like that, how many chances and how many misses! So far we're putting a good team performance, we're ready for their movements instead of one on Foden, thank god Rudiger was there. I very hope Christensen is ready, he was very good under Tuchel, just be ready, please. 45 minutes, we can make it, we can even double the score but I don't care, let's just get the f**king trophy! COME ON CHELS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. No one believe in us, everyone put City as a clear winners here. We have some job to do here, we fight for our history, our pride and our club! COME ON CHELS!!!!!
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