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  1. When a striker is having a bad day, it hurts the team. We had Abraham and Werner in a poor performance, but one moment of proper position, proper touch and that goal means a lot. We played for the first time the combo of Abraham, Werner and Havertz and the game went totally different because of our stupid mistakes in the defense. Imagine you scoring a goal like that in that minute, why don't celebrate? Anyways, if he wants to become a better striker, then he had to finish those chances he had.
  2. Mason Mount is the man, simply our best player.
  3. One of the positive points today. Deserves to get more credit.
  4. He took the team after him, great performance by Mount.
  5. Academy gave us a point today, but that's not enough. We're feeling so great that we didn't lose but we played against West Brom. Two errors that killed us the game, we should have been dominant today. Defensive work must happen already from tomorrow, in 3 games, we concede 6 goals. Our defense is taking points from us. Hudson Odoi and Mount have made the change for our game, Abraham's performance was awful but this goal can fix it all.
  6. Well, James is always going forward, every time you lose the ball on your half, the right wing will be open. I don't think it was James's fault because Alonso can't play with his head. Alonso left his spot in the third goal, and in the first goal his mistake led towards the quick play by West Brom. None of the players were in their position.
  7. If this is what he has to offer us, then we should cancel the contract. He did the same mistake against Barnsley.
  8. Seriously, I have only one question. What the f**k? Come on, I'm so sick of these mistakes, where is our passion, where is our motivation? What the hell is going on with our players! The game is not going only for a loss, the game is leading towards disgrace. We have to score 4 goals for a miracle, we weren't even close for our first goal. f**king bullsh*t!
  9. Good to see Abraham starts, he took well his game and he deserves. We can be deadly with a combo of Tammy, Havertz and Werner. Thiago Silva as our captain, shows how clearly we're missing leadership in the team. Christensen getting back to the team, not sure he deserves it. Only WIN today, COME ON CHELS!!!!
  10. Brighton, huge respect for their performance. It has to be 2-2, the referee finished the game. That's disgusting.
  11. And now it's our time to get back and win our game in the league. West Brom are going to play on counter attack and they have some tools in front, but their defense isn't that good. We're going to face our legendary ex Ivanovic! I'd like to see this starting lineup: ------------- Caballero ------------- James -- Zouma -- Silva -- Chillwell ------ Kovacic --- Kante ------- CHO ----- Havertz ------- Werner ------------- Abraham ---------- I know CHO's last performance was far from being good, but if Lampard wants to win him as a player, I believe i
  12. Went with Harvetz, but big credit to Abraham and Caballero.
  13. His play with Abraham was incredible. Well done with the hattrick, can't wait for more of this!
  14. Great performance by Abraham tonight. Might be a poor opponent, but his decisions were amazing. The link up with Havertz is something Lampard can work on, before his assists, he took his goal very well. Showed aggression, quick reaction and clinic finish. Would like to see him starting with Werner and Havertz.
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