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  1. Very emotion video, good feedback by the club and it seems like he gets a lot of support by his home. I must be so difficult to get this horrific injury in the season when you're one of the best players in a team, and in the next season coming a new manager that gives a huge chance to the academy players. I really believe in his comeback, all the current period without games and team training he can prepare himself more and more. I just can't wait to see him playing for us in a game. We f**king miss you Loftus Cheek!
  2. Did the right think for himself, I'm pretty sure he still will be a good player for La Liga's teams. Most thing I like about him is he never stops work for the team, had some fantastic moments with us, overall he has been good for the club and I'm happy with what he gave us.
  3. He doesn't have the same confidence he had at Frankfurt, Zidane isn't really trust him. I think he is talented striker, maybe Real Madrid was a too big for him yet, he's only 22 years old.
  4. Rumours that few players that play in Chinese league are heading back there. I don't know how true it is, but maybe something positive is going around there. I really hope this awful virus will be dead, overall 2020 started in the worst way. I forgot how football pitch is look like.
  5. Correct decision, it's impossible to play football in that way. It's very sad, but it's needed, health is more important than any game.
  6. Hopefully things will go right for us. COME ON CHELS!!!
  7. We definitely should sell players and build a new squad. We do have experience and quality, we just need more world class players. We have to bring: A new goalkeeper, CB, LB, ST. ----------- Kepa ------------ Reece James - Koulibaly - Rudiger - Telles ------------ NGolo Kante --------------- ----- Loftus-Cheek -- Kovacic --------- Ziyech ---- Abraham -------- Pulisic Mount, Azpilicueta, Tomori, Zouma, Jorginho, Alonso, CHO, Ampadu, Gilmour, New striker, new goalkeeper and few more. Would be good enough in my opinion, maybe also think about a WC winger, someone like Jadon Sancho, but I'd rather stick with our current wingers. Willian, Pedro, Christensen, Emerson, Caballero, Giroud, Batshuayi, Barkley to be sold. That's my opinion, I think one of the best things we must do is put Kante where he was at his best, he was running the world as a CDM, let Kovacic and other midfielder build possession games.
  8. How was his performance against Everton U21?
  9. Actually Liverpool aren't at their best form in the last games, they also have the 2nd leg against Atletico. Maybe we can hit them properly, a good effort by the players, tactical discipline and good defending. Everything happens in football.
  10. We should've won here at least 3 or 4-0. It was a poor performance, this draw is like a lost in my opinion. We could go forward in the top 4 race, but we went down instead of it.
  11. It seems like Lampard wants to stuck with the 3-4-3 in attack and 5-4-1 in defense.
  12. Important to bounce back and fight for the top 4, we have a serious game period and we need to take the points. ------------- Caballero ----------- James -- Tomori -- Rudiger -- Azpilicueta -------- Jorginho --- Kovacic ------ Willian ------- Mount ------ Pedro ------------- Giroud ---------------- Bring in RLC slowly, can't wait to see him playing. Even if Abraham is fit, I believe he should earn his place back. CHO, Pulisic and Kante we're badly missing them.

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