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  1. Very disappointing loss, especially when we could grab the 3rd spot and keep running from United and Wolves. We looked poor everywhere on the pitch, from our defense to attack. Without Pulisic and Willian we were losing the game. We made mistakes that you expecting them to be fixed in u15 or u16, they can't happen in the high level. Bad marking in two goals, especially when one goal was cancelled and they just copied it again. We weren't creative enough, maybe little more when Mount came on and helped Willian and Pulisic. We have serious problems in the final minutes, we conceded many goals and lost many points, it's something we must improve for the next season. We're lacking leadership on the pitch, even Azpilicueta as our captain he can't give us what Terry was giving. We need leaders, especially in the back and in the goal, Kepa is still trying to find his form, he doesn't really offer us safety and confidence in the back. We still have a long journey in front of us.
  2. We were so stupid in that corner, seriously. Players already knew that West Ham are playing on the tall players, the same player scored the first one, how could we leave it like that in the second corner. Rudiger's corner was so childish. These mistakes are annoying and disappointing, we can't allow it to happen. Every corner now is like 60% goal for the opponent.
  3. Very awful first half, we are not in the game. Not in attack and not in defense. I can't name one player that deserves to stay on the pitch, maybe only Kante. Lampard must slap them in face in the dressing room, we must wake up. We have a huge chance to gain important points, we can't let it slip from us. We deserved nothing in this half, if we won't improve our performance West Ham will get their points and it will be disappointing. COME ON BOYS, WAKE UP!
  4. Good to see Pulisic playing, had feeling that we would miss him. Good and strong lineup, COME ON CHELS!
  5. He is improved, I still think he could do much better today in few counter attacks, his vision must be improved. But he offers us a lot in games, I think he bought himself another season in the club. If he will continue to show that football, that energy, that scoring ability, then there is no reason to sell him. Good to see Ross enjoying some football, he has talent, maybe he needs someone like Lampard to give him a faith and stage.
  6. Willian in his last 5 games: Assist against Leicester City Goal against Manchester City (penalty) None against Aston Villa Goal and assist against Everton Goal against Liverpool I'm happy to see these numbers by him, I really hope that he will continue in that way in the last games of the season.
  7. KDB, Messi and Ronaldo had poor games. Lampard did right to get him off in the second half, but it does mean nothing, He's still a kid, he's a real baller. Head up Billy, it happens to every player in the world!
  8. That was an awful first half, poor football, lack of possession, creation, accuracy. Lampard's substitutions made the change, Kovacic and Barkley added a lot of power to the midfield and we looked much better, faster and more dangerous in front of the goal. I'm glad to see our defense doing the job in another game, Zouma and Rudiger defensively were very good, Azplicueta is in good form as well. But our buildup is not good enough, we need a CB that can control the game from behind, who can build a proper attack by possession. Kante is Kante in the defense, but when he has the ball, his technique isn't that great which is sometimes worrying. But his work rate and his defensive ability recovers his technique and ball skill issues. Pulisic and Willian were good, especially Pulisic. When he has the ball, you know something is going to happen. Abraham had a lot of running today but didn't really do much. He scored a great goal but his positioning was poor there, that offside he had to notice that. Important win, addition to our confidence and our run, let's keep that up! COME ON CHELS!!!
  9. Seeing Kante playing at his natural position gives me a huge boost of confidence. We need this game, let's do it! COME ON CHELS!!!!
  10. Same lineup, same tactic. We have to win this and run as far as we can in this competition. The players looked good and motivated, we were hungry enough to beat City. Winning here is another step forward, COME ON CHELS!!!
  11. He was good yesterday, he looked good defensively which is most important for a defender.
  12. Can he play like this every game? I think his best performance this season, MOTM for me against City.
  13. Whole season we have criticized our defense for a fair reason, but today we looked very solid in the back. We conceded a beautiful free-kick, but honestly it was their biggest chance to score. Important win, we need at least 5 wins to secure our CL spot. Good job by the team. COME ON CHELS!!
  14. Agreed. Alonso hasn't done anything wrong on Mahrez there, until now Alonso is doing good also.

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