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  1. IliyaKrostin


    Despite his goals stats, I think he is one of our most creative players. He can dribble, he can shoot, he can run counter attacks and he also is known for his hard work on the pitch. He can be a perfect midfielder in my opinion. Try to use him as a box to box with more attacking ability. Playing RLC - Kante - Willian, or Kovacic - Kante - Willian, or Jorginho - Kante - Willian. I think Sarri can surprise City with placing him there and giving CHO a chance to play on the wing together with Hazard. We have no energy in our midfield, only Kante is the player that gives us boosts from time to time. We need more of that and I believe Willian could play that role.
  2. CHO, Kante, Rudiger have been awesome. But I'm going with Willian.
  3. IliyaKrostin

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    Different second half, much more interesting and entertaining to watch. We focused more on building quick counter attacks and most of our passes went forward. CHO and Willian have been brilliant for us. Subs did well as well.
  4. IliyaKrostin

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    Useless 45 minutes of football. How many times can we move that ball without creating anything interesting in our game? I like possession game and I believe this is the proper way to play football, but come on, there must a main object to lead that ball to.
  5. IliyaKrostin

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    You're so right! I think Liverpool have done it better, they worth to lead in that game. Bayern's possession is interesting, Gnarby and Koman are very useful.
  6. IliyaKrostin

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Why are we destroying the kid why?
  7. It seems like our team has no motivation, they're not believing in themselves, players aren't hungry enough. Plus we have no confidence and we are in a very poor form. City on fire, we're coming with low chances to this game but we are f**king Chelsea, a club that knows how to win games and get trophies, we can't lose hope here. Sarri MUST make changes before this game. What I would like to see : ------------ Kepa ------------ Azpi - Rudiger - Christensen - Emerson ------- Kante - Kovacic -------- Willian --- Hazard ---- Hudson Odoi ---------- Higuain ------------ The fresh lineup, new tactic, new energy. We are going to have a quick midfield, strong attacking ability and a new way to use our players. Play more on counter attacks, high pressing. We can't make every game 1,000 passes without even being a danger to score. I just hope Sarri won't stick with his current way.
  8. I think if the referee could add 120 minutes, we still were losing this match. It's sad to say that, but interests to watch us playing are just disappearing from game to game.
  9. IliyaKrostin

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    United won't win at PSG, I can even see PSG doubling the score. Question about the game, what was the reason that United's fans were booing Di Maria since the first minute? If I'm not wrong he hasn't done anything wrong at United, he just didn't perform well like the whole United in that season. I like Di Maria to be honest and glad he killed United yesterday.
  10. IliyaKrostin

    Malmo V Chelsea (EL) Thurs 14th Feb 20:00 UK

    Time to forget our current form and play with more freedom to raise our morale. ------ Kepa -------- Azpi - Rudiger - Christensen - Emerson --- RLC --- Kante ---- Willian --- CHO --- Higuain --- Hazard The fresh lineup, new energy, new positions and a good game to show something different from our past games.
  11. I think everyone already told what they saw and what they think. I'm shocked and still can't believe that this happened.
  12. Stats are just nothing compared to this game. City have ended the game in 30 minutes already, it's legit that we will try to score and create more chances. I'm shocked. Never could think of this, I have no problem to lose a game but lose it like a team that fights. We're not creative enough, City could put two more goals in the last minutes, they just enjoy football which we not. I will never lose hope, and still, want to believe that everything possible. Chances are low, but everything happens in football.
  13. IliyaKrostin

    Random Rumours

    Wouldn't mind us to build our future and try to sign Wan Bissaka and David Brooks. Two young and very talented players. City are heavily linked with Wan Bissaka as well.
  14. IliyaKrostin

    Eden Hazard

    His celebration after his goal against Huddersfield is worrying.