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  1. Mike Carefree

    Man City V Chelsea (PL) Sun 10th Feb 16:00 UK

    I cant believe no one understands these players. No chance of prem ..held up a bit too much v city... man utd on their minds mo day..man utd fans in tears monday..chelsea fans happy again monday...the team have decided on a three cup season this time round.. dont panic..we are chelsea
  2. Mike Carefree

    Arsenal V Chelsea (PL) Sat 19th Jan 17:30 UK

    This resilt was an obvious with the dirt coming up on thursday...you ll all be singing wembley wembley ere we come as we win 3 1
  3. Mike Carefree

    Helping Chelsea Legends Hudson & Boyle

    Did this event happen.. Did blues turn up Was money made for them
  4. The above mentioned team is the team I will always love the best irrespective of our more successfull ones
  5. Mike Carefree

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    Just delli ali and erikson to be taken out by fulham today and woopeee ...wembley.....
  6. Mike Carefree

    Arsenal V Chelsea (PL) Sat 19th Jan 17:30 UK

    My opinion is that we ll lose to arsenal purely because they will play us hard and rough knowing our players will have the filth on their minds
  7. Mike Carefree

    Favourite Ever Away Game

    Ive changed my mind..ive had this one on my mind today and realise it must be my personal best away..very margionally from too many others....my adled mind cant remember dates accurately...ill have to suggest it was mid 70s....baseball grpind derby....first time there for me and the chelsea hierarchy made it clear the POP SIDE will be taken....the nervous excitement of us leyton walthamstow kids on the train there was tangible....every blue on the train paid to get in the popside...it went off dramatically but a group of derby toughs held a section of this popside...there was staircases that went from the terrace to the bar areas were stuff was going on.. On the terrace chelsea fans were to be proud of..single standing and fans on shoulders of fans had arms n scarfs up singing CHELSEAA CHELSEAA CHE ELSEAA. Over and over for what seemed the whole first half...travel back was fun too
  8. Mike Carefree

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    And.....the only thing that must never change is......we hate tottenham.....
  9. Mike Carefree

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    People moaned about ref and linesmans mistakes...on and on it went......hence VAR.....I prefered the days when footy was down to earth and the ref was in charge and the boss irrespective of any foulups......my opinion is that mistakes are part n parcel of the game......one has to accept our team as well as other teams will have over the period of a season have decisions go FOR and AGAINST rightly or wrongly......que serra
  10. Mike Carefree

    Chance Encounters as a Chelsea Fan

    Hi just seen this.....not interesting story im afraid....small piece in newspaper.......then I sent him a photo of my neck/face.....letter came to me.....passes for myself and wife of that decade.....visired players area...visited the bar....met some great chelsea pensioners.....ken bates came to us at the end of the match and shook hands with me and let us take pics.......I licked his shoes of any dust..lol...
  11. Mike Carefree

    Chance Encounters as a Chelsea Fan

    Butch Wilkins on a train stn platform when we were both kids and both had a good clump of hair.............all the team at Carlisle in their hotel................chopper harris when he was walking to the ground outside of old Trafford v Liverpool in the semi..............few of the players at the time and era of the new east stand discos.......players in the lounge when my wife and I were given directors box tickets by K Bates when I was slashed by millwall......
  12. Mike Carefree

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

  13. Mike Carefree

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Early 70s 73 I think chelseas match was abandoned ( newcastle ? ) and lots of us chelsea went to fulham.....I then proceeded to win the heart of sheffield weds fan susan white and ended up having derek dooley speak to me on the phone and a story of love in sheff weds prog as well as a pic in the sheff star paper when I visited her
  14. Mike Carefree

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great player but for his boat... eddie mac
  15. Mike Carefree

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    Have fun you lot attending. KTBFFH..Methinks a draw