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  1. Does anyone remember a player from the past called DAVID CUNNINGHAM. Played for some scottish teams as well as walsall aston villa swindon newport and sarfend. Well i had a surprise when a short balding fellow answered the door to one of my customers . Mr cunningham himself.. now a careworker..still looks fit tho
  2. Remember seventies against huddersfield was so boring cold n wet we went in with the dozen or so huddersfield fans and sang for them. That is til we had to explain to some other blues not to punch or kick us
  3. Imo in the terrace days we always had better away support than at home..apart from several clubs at the bridge that chelsea turned up for anyone outside of these could have taken the shed. .it certainly was fun tho at every ground in div two.. have to say tho or suggest that not all those so called low gates at the bridge were accurate..i was at one particular match that claimed 12000 plus...it was so obvious just by a quick estimate that another several thousand were left off the official count..great days tho
  4. Yep we did well against city..yep. when it comes to pens one heart sinks.. no politeness from me. I point the finger at boy kepa losing us the cup. There were no mistakes or misunderstandings. Sarri like myself knew a penalty save was more likely from cabellero..this goalkeeper who may i add is imo too bloody small didnt want to do as instructed and cpst us a poss pen save..drop him against the filth on weds till he learns and other playrts learn you are paid by the club to do a job the manager wants u to do...d**khead
  5. Cant see the point in the smaller kepa playing for us again. Caballero for this match plz...this chelsea lot owe it to themselves as well as the fans to bring some happiness to chelsea fc by curbing once and for all the filths prem attempt...end of.
  6. Dont think we ll be thrashed.. itll be a close one..just cant see us doing it today..yep pesimism is rife at the mo but football is a fickle entity..still go sh*tty 3 blues 2...
  7. I cant believe no one understands these players. No chance of prem ..held up a bit too much v city... man utd on their minds mo day..man utd fans in tears monday..chelsea fans happy again monday...the team have decided on a three cup season this time round.. dont panic..we are chelsea
  8. This resilt was an obvious with the dirt coming up on thursday...you ll all be singing wembley wembley ere we come as we win 3 1
  9. Did this event happen.. Did blues turn up Was money made for them
  10. The above mentioned team is the team I will always love the best irrespective of our more successfull ones
  11. Just delli ali and erikson to be taken out by fulham today and woopeee ...wembley.....
  12. My opinion is that we ll lose to arsenal purely because they will play us hard and rough knowing our players will have the filth on their minds
  13. Ive changed my mind..ive had this one on my mind today and realise it must be my personal best away..very margionally from too many others....my adled mind cant remember dates accurately...ill have to suggest it was mid 70s....baseball grpind derby....first time there for me and the chelsea hierarchy made it clear the POP SIDE will be taken....the nervous excitement of us leyton walthamstow kids on the train there was tangible....every blue on the train paid to get in the popside...it went off dramatically but a group of derby toughs held a section of this popside...there was staircases that went from the terrace to the bar areas were stuff was going on.. On the terrace chelsea fans were to be proud of..single standing and fans on shoulders of fans had arms n scarfs up singing CHELSEAA CHELSEAA CHE ELSEAA. Over and over for what seemed the whole first half...travel back was fun too
  14. And.....the only thing that must never change is......we hate tottenham.....

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