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  1. I also think its a case of how long.. Let me explain... If we can stop porto scoring first early , because they will hit us hard, itll give us firstly the confidence to defend, then play, then attack them...if they score early its possible we ll go to pieces, but i expect a first half goal from us....too much pressure for porto to score 3 therefore trying too hard and eventually failing
  2. Back then it was was it was...like it or not it happened everywhere with every club...it was the culture and part of the footy scene...every club imo , and ive been all over the country, had good firms whether big or small. Id have to say it seemed back then every person who went away, or should i say most, where enjoying the family of gangchelsea....imo there was a different level of fv in the 70s than in the 80s.....
  3. We only need to score once to make it unrealistic for them.... Now... Who will score that goal
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zxVnUtZx6k2t4mAD6 1973..me
  5. IF IVE GOT THE CORRECT INFO id like to pay tribute to dazzatheblue Darren Black who i understand has passed away.... Good man who one of my mates brought to the bridge in the early 70s as a child, and became a season ticket holder....ex fireman....chelsea boy........R.I.P DAZ........
  6. I hope we dont give this game away because of the 2nd leg on tues, as i believe we did v wba.....cant allow spam to top us in the prem
  7. We need at least 4 city players missing when we play them....or......click into top gear from the first minute....either way....wembley ere we come
  8. Glad were thru....southampton plz..... Odoi can leave imo.. Well done sheff utd for their spirit
  9. Well as soon as i saw the draw i immediately thought....FINAL.....ok anything can happen but on chelseas day we can do porto,and for some reason my weird thoughts are we can pip real....oh well , the next few weeks with this, the fa cup, and top 2, should be exciting....giving blues fans plenty of hope
  10. Late 60s and 70s the peanut man....a burger and bovril...ohhhhh bliss
  11. I remember being on the train to fulham broadway full of gers fans....undoing the hand holds that were on springs ...ready to bounce them off of someones head...singing political songs...back in early 70s
  12. I had a tee shirt orinted myself saying fxxk the ban im a chelsea fan....i wore it in a pub ehere i lived in chingford....mostly spurs oriented....guvernor read the shirt.....im not having that in here he said....no swearwords...if you stay put this tape over that word...before i put it over fucx he said NO......OVER THE CHELSEA WORD
  13. Remember my trip to newcastle back in the 70s...we were walked from a small out of the way station...walked thru town followed by big burley nufc fans....some wearing kilts....we were lodged at the university where alledgedly a blue got stabbed. Into the away end...about50 blues got themselves into the seats at the side stand...pulled out a flag singing chelsea....removed by security..
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