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  1. Micky Greenaway arms aloft next to the bloke in white crash helmet.
  2. I spend most of my time on twitter these days mate, any new photo's come up i'll post them on here.
  3. Looking back at all the photo's, shame to see some are missing, not sure why that is? Cant believe it was so long ago i started this thread, glad to see it's still going. Anyone remember the press cutting of the loan Cardiff skinhead on the north terrace in 1980 when we won 1.0 with a late Walker goal? it was put on here yonks ago cant remember who by now, been looking for it for ages.
  4. 91/92 drew 3.3 taken from the back of the Carefree fanzine, I put it on twitter few months back, would love to see the original without the speech bubbles.
  5. Nice to see this thread is still going strong. Some good old footage popping up from time to time.
  6. No mate i cant go got loads on at work at the minute.
  7. Thats the 86/87 game not the 4.0 game, bloke on the left has Bates 86 badge on his ski hat, that badge wasnt used at the 4.0 game.
  8. Cannoville scoring away to Fulham 2nd April 82/83 season, 1000s of Chelsea fans celebrating his goal.
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