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  1. No mate i cant go got loads on at work at the minute.
  2. Thats the 86/87 game not the 4.0 game, bloke on the left has Bates 86 badge on his ski hat, that badge wasnt used at the 4.0 game.
  3. Cannoville scoring away to Fulham 2nd April 82/83 season, 1000s of Chelsea fans celebrating his goal.
  4. Funny you mention Banana Bob, i was only talking about him with an older Chelsea mate on Sunday, they went to school together & lived near each other.
  5. No its v Notts County, fans demonstrated against the board.
  6. Chelsea employed Sarri after he had been charged, found guilty & fined for homophobic abuse towards another manager, thats ok though ? The club's double standards sicken me at times
  7. It was Bates response to the FA charging the club for the Sunderland riot, he was interviewed afterwards & said how can we be fined when we did everything we can to stop the morons causing trouble, over 30,000 people witnessed a fan on the pitch trying to attack Clive Walker yet the culprit walked away with a fine. Do you honestly think the GLC, the FA, the Police, the fans would have accepted the electric fence being turned on? No chance.
  8. Bates was born in a council flat, his mum died not long after he was born & his Dad did a runner, he was bought up by his grandparents, he is a self made millionaire. The electric fence was a gimmick anyone who really thinks he would have turned the power on to his electric fence is deluded.

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