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  1. The lady in the skirt and heeled sandals looks a bit out of place!
  2. 30p admission for adults! Any idea what year that was?
  3. In the mid 1970's I had a white, plastic belt which had "Chelsea" and the club crest in blue running the length of it - classy eh? I remember sending away for it from an advert in Shoot, oooh the excitement when the postman knocked at the door with the parcel. 😁
  4. Not seen this before - Chopper definitely win's the "tidiest hair of all time" award!
  5. Ha ha - I couldn't make it out either! I just recognised the photos, as a fellow Chelsea fan had alerted me to follow the guy on Twitter, he also posted some great ones of George Best in the 1970's too. I'd love to see the rest of the Chelsea photos taken by the guy who posted in the early days of this thread, wonder what happened to him?
  6. They were taken by TOMIKOSHI PHOTOGRAPHY - he posted a load of Chelsea photos on Twitter a couple of months ago. Great pics aren't they.
  7. Some of those lads queuing at the "boys" turnstiles look rather large - was it under 16's in those days?
  8. I remember that there use to be a flower bed behind each goal at Eastville.
  9. Great pics @erskblue - thanks for posting. Always love the photos which show the cars parked behind the goal - was this unique to Stamford Bridge? I've also wondered if they ever got damaged when it all kicked off and people went on the pitch!

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