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  1. We called them Daps in the west country - probably because the Dunlop Athletic Plimsolls factory was based in Bristol.
  2. Thank you - the training gear threw me, I had forgotten that they trained at Stamford Bridge on Fridays.
  3. Ray's wheels - credit to We Want Our Chelsea Back on Twitter Any ideas where it was taken?
  4. Thanks - just struck me as odd that he wasn't wearing the number 8.
  5. Always wonder why Ray Wilkins wore the number 10 shirt for that pre-season photo call.
  6. Looks like Ray Wilkins was wearing an actual knitted jumper - can't remember this being part of standard matchday attire!
  7. Watched TBMR on BT Sport last week, it was the first time I'd seen the actual match footage, and also footage filmed in the dressing room after the match. (No doubt I would have seen it all in 1977, but my memory is not that good).
  8. Jason Cundy - back row, right hand side?
  9. Not seen this one before - lots of names on the tip of my tongue, need to get my thinking cap on!
  10. Cheers - knew that I could rely on you to come up with the information!
  11. The text accompanying this photo was in a foreign language, so I can't provide any further information!
  12. That was a great read - thank you for taking the trouble to post it.
  13. Ha ha - I've seen this picture before, but never noticed the initials on his jacket!

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