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  1. I remember that there use to be a flower bed behind each goal at Eastville.
  2. Great pics @erskblue - thanks for posting. Always love the photos which show the cars parked behind the goal - was this unique to Stamford Bridge? I've also wondered if they ever got damaged when it all kicked off and people went on the pitch!
  3. This is what Man Utd fans were wearing in 1971
  4. Tommy Langley, Micky Droy and Ron Harris - end of season awards 1978
  5. Skipper Ray Wilkins - would have been 63 today.
  6. Don't think I've seen a 3.30 p.m. kick off listed before. Any idea why this one was?
  7. Ray Wilkins sorting out a bit of argy bargy against Fulham
  8. John Hollins at Hamleys toy shop, with a young fan, Christopher Newton - 1972
  9. Fashion shoot 1979 - I'm assuming that Graham Wilkins drew the short straw to wear the silk bomber jacket!
  10. Chelsea v Bristol Rovers 1979, with a young Gary Mabbutt looking to thwart Tommy Langley's efforts.
  11. Whenever I see this one, I wonder what that bloke has got in his carrier bag!
  12. Ray Wilkins - modelling in Pink magazine, 1977

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