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  1. Is the person standing front-right of the guy in the grey hoodie wearing a headscarf? 😱
  2. Could have been yours for £4 19s 6d - not sure if that was the going rate for designer gear back then? 😎
  3. Is it true that the club did not insert penalty clauses in the contracts for building the new stand, and then various events caused delays in completion of the project?
  4. Interesting to see the price of clothing back then - the tank top was an expensive bit of clobber at £18!
  5. Thanks for posting - an interesting read. Always feel a bit sad reading articles like this, can't help wondering what might have been if Eddie had stayed around a bit longer.
  6. Can't believe it's been a year already. Talk Sport had some very nice tributes to him this morning, including a chat with his brother, Dean. I still half expect to see him in the Sky Studio, or hear his voice on the radio - always had an opinion and insight worth listening to.
  7. Can't believe that it's a year ago since Ray Wilkins sadly passed away - here's a few memories of his younger days at Chelsea.
  8. Times were so hard in the 1970's - Steve Finnieston and John Sparrow had to share a training top!
  9. Indeed it was - brought back many memories! Somebody else previously posted this photo of Cath at one of the Chelsea Disco nights. I believe it was shortly after Ray Wilkin's move to Man Utd, and he had been part of their team playing in the 5 a-side Masters at Wembley - hence the presence of the other reds in the pic.
  10. Clive Walker + 2 other players at the hairdressers - early 1980's I believe.
  11. Well spotted - it's the Michael Jackson album "Ben" (1972) I think the record player unit was called a radiogram (radio and gramophone combined). The curtains looks like some my mum had from M&S, and the car looks like a Ford Escort. Was trying to figure out what was written on his T-shirt - too much time on my hands!
  12. Graham Wilkins - not sure if he was as awful as some say, or partly suffered the burden of being Butch's brother, poor bloke didn't even have a decent nickname! Brian Mears mentions in his autobiography that Graham had to have a police escort from the ground after scoring a late own goal v West Ham.
  13. I think you're right about Dario. The guy standing on the right is bugging me - I'm sure that I recognise him, possibly John Sparrow?
  14. Ken Shelitto and Chelsea Youth Team. Can anybody name all the players? I've only managed to recognise 5 so far.

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