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  1. Gate 17 have currently made "Eddie Mac" free on Amazon Kindle. Snap it up if you haven't read it, as it's time limited. I think they will be making another of their publications free in the next few days - nice gesture by these guys.
  2. This is a great photo - looks like he's wearing full kit - even got his boots on!
  3. As Backbiter said, I think it's John Sparrow top left. Maybe Ray Wilkins to the right of Derek Richardson, I think he often played a year or two above his age, so would have been a little 'un. Teddy Maybank next to him?
  4. Sorry - didn't realise that the youth team pic had already been posted on another thread!
  5. Great pics! Bloke on the wall in the denim jacket obviously didn't get the dress code memo!
  6. Chelsea Youth Team - I'm guessing early 1970's. Can anybody name them all?
  7. Looks like Brian the mechanic from Corrie, 6th row and 3rd from the left!
  8. A bit random, but I've been trying to work out what that square object is on the blue corrugated fence - looks a bit like a bird nesting box!
  9. The lady in the skirt and heeled sandals looks a bit out of place!
  10. 30p admission for adults! Any idea what year that was?
  11. In the mid 1970's I had a white, plastic belt which had "Chelsea" and the club crest in blue running the length of it - classy eh? I remember sending away for it from an advert in Shoot, oooh the excitement when the postman knocked at the door with the parcel. 😁
  12. Not seen this before - Chopper definitely win's the "tidiest hair of all time" award!

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