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  1. v Oxford 1975 Can anybody name the players please?
  2. Training session prior to the 1975 game v Spurs. I think that's the longest I've ever seen Chopper's hair, perhaps he was trying to keep up with the young 'uns!
  3. State of that pitch - but they still managed to perform magic.
  4. Finally been confirmed as a done deal. 🤞
  5. SSN just clarified that the move to Burnley is not confirmed yet.
  6. Big bust up with Frank, from a player who should be leading by example for the young ones. Good move by Frank to put down his marker as to where he stands with people who are not fully on board with what he is striving to achieve.
  7. Is that Roger Kirpatrick in the middle?
  8. Had more than his fair share of injuries.
  9. 16 year old Alan Hudson, recovering from injury.
  10. "Pint of Castrol for your Cortina, sir?" David Hay and Ray Wilkins behind the counter in a garage.
  11. From the reading various Chelsea literature, that side of things seems to have quietened down a bit after the Osgood/Hudson era. I wonder if the team from the mid-to-late 1970's did not succumb as regularly to the lure of the Kings Road, or if they were able to burn the candle at both ends due to being younger?

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