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  1. I've got a vague memory of Ray Wilkins and Gary Stanley appearing in a newspaper article headed "Stanley and Butch" , posing against a red car, with Gary wearing a Starsky style cardigan. I've never been able to find it online, anybody else remember seeing it at the time?
  2. Spotted a donation from T Langley (Northolt)
  3. Luke McCormick scored his first league goal for Bristol Rovers yesterday, and also an assist in a 3-0 win. He seems to be thriving under the new manager. Thread on their forum comparing McCormick with Charlie Colkett, who was on loan there a few seasons ago. Thread contains an interview with McCormick, he comes across very well - old head on young shoulders. Luke MCormick v Charlie Colkett
  4. Thanks for that info - I've just downloaded Canners' book, it sounds like it will be an interesting read.
  5. Used to be the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, Leyland Daf Trophy etc - a cup competition for Leagues One and Two, a chance for a bit of extra income with the final being played at Wembley. They let some Premier U-21's become involved a couple of seasons ago, although they can field a couple of overage players - hence Drinkwater playing tonight. Gilmour has been substituted - no injury worries tonight.
  6. Player I most admire : Graham Wilkins Wonder if anybody else has ever given that answer? In fairness, I think that he did suffer a bit because of being Ray's brother, nobody could live up to that.
  7. He's playing in the Papa John Trophy at Bristol Rovers this evening (6 p.m. kick off)
  8. Really enjoyed that. I remember when Bristol Rovers played Chelsea Reserves in the old Combination League, the matches were usually played at a small, non- league ground in Bristol, but there was such interest from people who wanted to see the wonder kid, Jodie Morris, that they switched the game to Twerton Park in Bath (which was Rovers' temporary home for about 10 years). I think there was a crowd of several thousand turned up to watch that evening.
  9. Watched both of them - very good. Thanks for posting, I'll check out some more of their podcasts.
  10. Deleted - as I've just answered my own question!
  11. Chelsea were well represented when England won the mini World Cup in 1975. The finals were held in Switzerland, and England beat Finland 1-0, courtesy of a Golden Goal in extra time. The FA treated them to a night out at a strip club as a reward!
  12. Thanks - I think I read somewhere that he wasn't a good fit for Shrewsbury's style of play. Rovers manager wants to play it on the deck, so will be interesting to see if he fairs any better there.
  13. Luke McCormick gone on loan to Bristol Rovers for the season. They're my local club - any thoughts on how he might do in League One?
  14. Tommy Langley's daughter confirmed on Twitter that her Dad is one of the young lads waiting to get autographs.
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