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  1. Probably the semi final against Utd at Villa Park in 96, a mere two years after we'd been destroyed, but not outplayed, in the 94 final, and still a year away from our first trophy in a generation. I said to my missus when I got home that I didn't think I was ever going to see us win anything in my lifetime, couldn't be happier to have got that one wrong.
  2. And nowhere to get a drink anywhere near the ground. A mate and me went to the Royal Rangers Club near the seafront as there had been fliers up at the home leg inviting all Chelsea fans for a drink on the night of the game. Neither of us gave it a second thought as we signed the guest book with our very Irish surnames, and although neither of us had any sectarian leanings it was a bit uncomfortable for a little while.
  3. I know I've posted on here about that goal before, the most I've ever lost it for a Chelsea goal. Never got the Wayne Bridge hate a few years later. Totally agree with you on VAR, it's a complete f**king mess and needs to be got rid of.
  4. Wigan away 81, League Cup. A few of us hung back in the station so we could grab a beer somewhere. Ended up following the floodlights to.....Wigan rugby league ground, found the right stadium just before kick off. We lost 4-2 and got home pretty much just in time to get up for work, aah those were the days.
  5. Derby, Leicester and Man City at home always seemed to finish 1-1 back then.
  6. While we're looking at exciting young Chelsea stars making the covers of stuff.......
  7. Thanks for these, some good memories there, and another one to add after yesterday. Never mind Southampton, winning at New 3PL and the quiet place made my holiday.
  8. I've got to say chaps, that if I were a Scouser on a wind up I'd be pissing myself reading these comments. Ignore it, designed to wind us up. Same goes for the rentboy thing as well. HAPPY CHRISTMAS MY FELLOW SUFFERERS.
  9. Pretty sure I've seen it before, as part of a set that were all taken in Fulham/West Ken, although the scene was probably pretty much the same everywhere from Slough round to Croydon.
  10. Keith Weller's playing for us in this pic, so it can only be 70/71.
  11. Can't argue with Oldham, probably the coldest game I've ever been to, 79. Honourable mentions for Luton 76 a Friday night near Christmas, Olympiakos away 2008ish, kept in the ground for an hour on the night that Athens had seen it's biggest snowfall in many years, dressed like holidaymakers. One that I missed was Sheffield Utd away, on a Friday night in 76/77, my mate who went told of a heater less train all the way home.
  12. That Ipswich game was my first out of London awayday.
  13. Got me all teary eyed with those pics Boyne, £2 admission to the Shed, I remember the outrage when we were the first club to charge £1 to get on the terraces. It was the Millwall game in 77, few pics on here from that game.
  14. Just a guess, but when I started going regular the schoolboy gate was always half the adult price, and in 71/2 it was 15p to get in the Shed, but only the decimal price is displayed and in my first season there was a dual display of both imperial and metric prices, so maybe 72/3.
  15. I left the ground that night and went to the Marks and Spencer Marble Arch store and Westway (opposite the BBC) staff do, free booze and that's about all I can remember, and only three days after another heroic days drinking celebrating my big sis' wedding, missed the Man City game for her nuptials and still haven't forgiven her to this day.

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