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  1. That Ipswich game was my first out of London awayday.
  2. Got me all teary eyed with those pics Boyne, £2 admission to the Shed, I remember the outrage when we were the first club to charge £1 to get on the terraces. It was the Millwall game in 77, few pics on here from that game.
  3. Just a guess, but when I started going regular the schoolboy gate was always half the adult price, and in 71/2 it was 15p to get in the Shed, but only the decimal price is displayed and in my first season there was a dual display of both imperial and metric prices, so maybe 72/3.
  4. I left the ground that night and went to the Marks and Spencer Marble Arch store and Westway (opposite the BBC) staff do, free booze and that's about all I can remember, and only three days after another heroic days drinking celebrating my big sis' wedding, missed the Man City game for her nuptials and still haven't forgiven her to this day.
  5. Found some Chelsea related pics on a photo archive I'm slowly working my way through. Captions didn't upload, so... 1/ Westbourne Grove I think 2/ Lots Road Power Station 3/ If I have to tell you then you're on the wrong site. 4/ Swan after being hit by a car, outside the ground 5/ If this is the first special to arrive at Wolverhampton that day, then I'm in there somewhere 6/ Just a nice pic from when London had a beautiful skyline
  6. One of life's forgotten joys now, the NME Christmas special.
  7. Bad memory time, it's where I stood to watch us lose 4-0 there in 81, it's the corner of the North Bank. First time I'd been there and seen a good turnout from ours after a few scary days out in East London in the previous seasons. I'm pretty sure that the equivalent corner of the South Bank had a flat roofed building between it and the side enclosure.
  8. It is Ersk, the other three are L/R Terry McDermott, John Sparrow and Phil Thompson...I'm in the North Stand, and later that evening very drunk in the Morden Tavern.
  9. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/falkirk/interview-kevin-mcallister-still-grieving-end-of-brockville-1-4002614 Nice little read about a player who had a good few years with us.
  10. Sad to think that we were their equals for a few seasons previous, who knows what Eddie McCreadie could have achieve with even a modest transfer budget, because that was a superb generation of young talent coming through at the same time.
  11. They only lost 3 games all season, quality side.
  12. It's amazing how a photo can dredge the memories up, I had to get to Walton on the Naze as soon as we got back to London, my girlfriend's parents had a caravan there. Very slow old rattler from Liverpool St and got to the social club just in time to miss last orders, perfect end to a perfect day.

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