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  1. MKBlue

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    It worked in 77 for Eddie McCreadie's team.
  2. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Derek Richardson, apologies if somebody's already beaten me to it.
  3. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I didn't start going until December, but this would have been the start of my first regular season, aah that kit.
  4. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Can't imagine that Joe McLaughlin got served, he looks about 14 in that pic.
  5. MKBlue

    Fa Cup 4th Round

    Great shout Nibs, the FA Cup had a magic that has disappeared to a large extent now, but as long as there are those of us who'd still rather win the cup than finish 4th, just cos any season that ends in a cup is a good un, the FA Cup will always be special.
  6. MKBlue

    Fa Cup 4th Round

    I do a lot of deliveries in Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable and Luton, and I've got to know a fair few Luton fans, a few who I'd class as friends now, so no beef from me.
  7. But didn't it turn out to be one of those nights that live forever? No matter what they try to say about never being in the hunt, that night put the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. 2-0 up and cruising, and the opportunity to put a little more pressure on Leicester, then it all went Spursy and how I laughed, for days on end. As good as keeping them out of the CL because we won the thing, almost as good as Wayne Bridge night at Highbury, one of them nights mate.
  8. Just remind him that the best Spurs team in 3 generations is marginally better than a Chelsea one going through quite a lot of turmoil and change, for now. Londons' first Londons' only.
  9. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Spot on Strider, Conte in his Brutus shirt and Lee Coopers, Carlo sporting a nice little, off the peg 2 piece from C & A. BTW: H
  10. MKBlue

    Club finances and general CFC news

    All we need now is Didier to come home as Director of Football, Frankie to find the fountain of youth and sign a new 10 year playing contract, and Kezman to return, to a nice job in the Megastore.
  11. MKBlue

    The next bands you are going to see?

    Gentleman's Dub Club at Northampton Roadmender, end of January, and if there's any tickets left, Madness at Northampton rugby ground a few months later.
  12. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I used to work for a company that had the patent on those barriers that are stacked on the right of the picture, spent many hours putting those out, then picking them up straight after, at different events up and down the land, it was the same firm that repaired and replaced all the barriers on the stairs going up to the Shed and the steel mesh panels at the top, as well as some steelwork repair on the barriers all over the ground. This would have been winter 78, a particularly grim time, even by our old standards. But for me it was 3 or so months working at the place I loved more than any other, the head of security at the time was Andy Dunlop, a big, scary looking ex Sergeant Major looking type, a Scotsman and Hearts fan to boot. Lovely man though, and once he knew that me and one of my workmates were ardent blues he gave us a guided tour of the ground followed by a wee one back at his office.
  13. Reminds me of something I read a while back. If a chap had a tenner on Man Utd winning the CL and FA Cup, and finishing top 4, he'd end up £10 poorer this time next May.
  14. MKBlue

    Clive Walker – right man, wrong time

    I remember those times well, not only was 82/3 the worst season in the club's history, it took over that slot from 81/2, which funny enough took the mantle of worst ever season from 80/81, grim times indeed.