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  1. Don't think it's going to affect my hair care needs too much.
  2. I sent my daughter a pic of a Co-op 4 pack of bog roll that I bought last week, just the one pack mind no need to be silly about it, with the caption.."I've won the lottery"
  3. I'm surprised that he's carrying out such a dangerous task without an armed guard.
  4. Let's not forget though, we're soon to be the grateful recipients of an extra £350,000,000 every week into the NHS coffers, sunlit uplands ahoy!
  5. Herd immunity, Dominic Cummings, Gove's misleading information regarding number of tests carried out, turning down the offer of a partnership with the EU to provide ventilators, NHS staff desperate for testing and PPE, many people unsure of whether they have to go to work or not, panic in the supermarkets, police not knowing what to do with those acting irresponsibly, passengers at Heathrow, flying in from hotspots unchecked, lorry drivers at our ports arriving unchecked. I get the feeling around here that some would like millions dead just to validate the most inept and slow to respond government most of us have ever known, but Boris is a spiffing chap, so no potential for harm there eh?
  6. Can't argue with your first sentence, guilty as charged. As to trusting the experts, yes, yes, yes, and maybe that should have been our tactic from the off, but what did we get? Advice taken from that creepy piece of sh*t Cummings and a rapid escalation in cases/fatalities. How would we have been stuck with EU decisions? You stated correctly that we are out of the EU, barring the transitional period, but what harm would it have done to be part of a consortium trying to ensure that enough ventilators get to those who need them? How is it that anybody with enough wealth or influence has been able to get tested while our NHS staff are crying out for them, as well as PPE that still, shockingly, hasn't been provided to all those who need it? I really hope that our industries can get the ventilators needed asap, does this really mean that we did the right thing by turning down the opportunity to get them earlier, have they given any firm date as to when they will be ready? We've had a government minister presenting falsehoods as to how many people are currently being tested, and still hospital staff are being neglected, still a little flexibility will probably be all we need, stay safe.
  7. What I dislike most about it was the badge on some of the stuff, no F between the two Cs.
  8. I'd also commend it if I had any faith whatsoever in those who have so far ballsed the whole thing up spectacularly. As it is we're stuck with a bunch of halfwits keen to see the world burn.
  9. And that's it? What about the EU offering us the chance to be part of a unified effort to beat this thing? Does it matter one little bit if we as a nation opted to co-operate with the EU member states going forward, even if only temporarily, how many lives is it worth sacrificing just for the opportunity to stick two fingers up to Brussels?
  10. I suppose we should all be grateful that this pile of cack only lasted for one season.
  11. Please point out the conspiracy theories, none that I saw regarding the acquisition of ventilators, nor the offer to be part of the daily video conference.
  12. This Summer's hot look, Asteroids vs Primal Scream logos, place your bets.
  13. Quantative easing is already well underway. Possibly too soon. Drastic times, drastic measures?
  14. That could well be the case if it wasn't for the fact that every time I go into my local co-op for a pint of milk I end up spending about £15,

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