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  1. We were all singing the Hughesy chant in Stockholm when we were struggling to create anything up front, then Luca sent Zola on...and the rest you know.
  2. I've met him a couple of times at MK events, and never found him to be anything less than completely genuine, one of us.
  3. Wasn't against Doncaster that he scored 4 or 5 goals once for Reading, and still finished up on the losing side
  4. You've put us all to shame Stretford, just don't follow it up with a pic of Zola playing for Spurs, my poor old ticker couldn't take that one.
  5. Well there's something I've learned today, had no idea that Tommy Baldwin played at OT.
  6. I'm guessing that this was before the Chelsea/Rangers thing really got off the ground, wouldn't have found me wearing either one though, not unless somebody was selling a Chelsea/Partick Thistle number.
  7. Bit harsh on John Sparrow mate, a decent player for both the promotion team and the year after. Hope you're right about the Lampard bit, but I'd give the three kids at least another year, Callum and Reuben both probably need a season of regular playing to fully get over their injuries, and Reece still shows signs of how good he could become if he keeps working at it. For once I thought Kepa was pretty blameless yesterday, the first two Saints goals came about as a direct consequence of schoolboy errors by Havertz and Zouma. On the third goal I initially thought that Kepa could have done
  8. I've been there a couple of times donny, both times in the 70s, and that was a weird and f**ked up town. First time I went there I was still at school, which meant the old supporters club coach for its cheapness. Back then the SC coach would always hang around for ages while the representatives of both supporters clubs had a beer or two. I'm not ashamed to say that we took refuge in the Oldham clubhouse as there were some scary looking neanderthals out there once the main lot had already departed on the special. This was the day that Mickey G's coach load (C.A.T.) had a brawl at one of the ser
  9. When you consider that this game was played bang in the middle of the worst three seasons in the club's history, that's outstanding support.
  10. Don't let it get to you mate, regardless of any result me, you and I'd guess most of us who post on this bit have supported the club through its worst years, now we've lived through the greatest 20 or so years in the club's history, it's all gravy you norvern munkee.
  11. Some faces from my early sticker book years there. Ian Ure, also played for Arsenal, and surely a prime candidate for ugliest footballer of all time. Behind Hutch is Carlo Sartori, don't think he made it at Utd, great name for somebody who looked like the atypical ginger Scot or Irishman.
  12. The MK coach would always stop for a few from West Mids and Black Country on the M6 if we were headed that way. I was in the Spoons near New St 2 or 3 years back, when we won 4-0 at WBA. I got into Brum pretty early that day and a fair chunk of the blues in the pub were locals.
  13. "Colin Todd was another." He was some player as I remember, and him teamed up with Roy McFarland at Derby is one of the best central defence partnerships I've seen in this country.
  14. Just a guess, but the game was on Match of the Day that night, and it would have been almost dark by half time, so maybe something to do with lighting etc? Having said that, I've seen Leeds at ours for night games since, and they've always played in pretty much their home kit.
  15. At a guess I'd say that Arsenal's game was called off that day, so the breakdown would probably have been....68000 goons who just wanted to see a game, 3000 away fans and our regular 6000 which was all we had then (and now)
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