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  1. Paid for the games and had 360 minutes of buffering so , turns out it needed Ad Block to be switched off. Money has been refunded and apologies isued, fair play to the club though, they allowed us to keep the link for today's game, and after disabling AdBlock had a pretty good stream of today's game.
  2. The Super Cup may be there, but where on earth is the Cross Channel Trophy?
  3. Kieran Trippier, brought me immense joy when the going was a bit rough.
  4. I experienced a very odd thing yesterday, a glass of water that I'd taken up to bed the night before, and was half empty yesterday morning, was somehow, miraculously even, half full by the time I retired last night.......carefree.
  5. In a season that's been memorable for crap performances we've hit a new low so far tonight, absolutely f**king shocking Chelsea. Too much deadwood in the squad.
  6. Well that couldn't have gone any better could it?
  7. Think I've posted on this pic before, taken approximately 5 minutes walk from my front door, and from reading the thread most of them have been correctly identified, it is John Sparrow in the leather coat, and has Ray Lewington been mentioned yet? F1905, it is Les Briley, came from my estate and lived about 100 yards from my school, went on to become a Millwall stalwart for many years, and I went out with his sister for a while. Maybank, and later on, Pates and Fillery were all Mitcham lads, but it was Eddie Macs side that I would often watch in the morning, SE Counties League, before heading off to the match in the afternoon.
  8. I was in the Park Lane seats that day, as well as the season previous, when Mickey Hazard made his return to 3PL and scored a screamer, and as was mentioned earlier in the thread, the crush in there that day in 87 looked to be heading in the direction of a serious incident, great support though.
  9. Hazard false 9, no Reuben, Callum or Higuain, yet the same old out of form players are selected again, a team sent out to hope for a miracle penalty shoot out win, think I'll take the dogs out.
  10. It worked in 77 for Eddie McCreadie's team.
  11. Derek Richardson, apologies if somebody's already beaten me to it.
  12. I didn't start going until December, but this would have been the start of my first regular season, aah that kit.
  13. Can't imagine that Joe McLaughlin got served, he looks about 14 in that pic.
  14. Great shout Nibs, the FA Cup had a magic that has disappeared to a large extent now, but as long as there are those of us who'd still rather win the cup than finish 4th, just cos any season that ends in a cup is a good un, the FA Cup will always be special.

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