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  1. His debut was pretty dismal, but he's no Les Fridge.
  2. I've long thought that that symbol should be incorporated into our badge, where the roses and footballs are now, plenty of room there and a lot more meaningful gesture than telling us that a bit or red in the home shirt is a tribute.
  3. Can only think of one, but can't for the life of me remember his name (Mark?). He was a regular on the punk scene and I'd bump into him at many a gig, last time was leaving a Madness gig at Wembley Arena a few years back. Pretty sure he came from my estate as well, Rosehill I think, huge Chelsea fan, one of those who did pre season tours etc, and if I remember correctly even purchased a Spurs ST so that he could go to the 4-1 game just after we came back up in 89. Last time I saw him he had a ST in the MHU.
  4. I would say that they were pretty much one and the same thing, but don't want to be pulled up by any 60s fashion experts and get a 20 page lecture on the difference between hard mods and Peacocks.
  5. Libraries gave us power.

  6. Also known as Suedeheads, hair grew out a bit and a bit more style crept in clothes wise. There's a website called Style Forum, with a section titled mods/skin/suedehead, over 2000 pages that will tell you all you could ever wish to know about how working class lads were stepping out at the time. Plenty of Chelsea pics/content as well. https://www.styleforum.net/threads/mod-to-suedehead.89027/
  7. MKBlue

    RIP Toots

    One of the greats, RIP Toots.
  8. "I guess been a northern monkey" Ddr, my family call me a northern monkey, cos I live in Milton Keynes. Very much of the north begins at Wandsworth Bridge variety my lot.
  9. Good shout about Kerry mate, I've met him a couple of times, lovely bloke.
  10. As I remember it ersk there wasn't a lot else on offer.
  11. MKBlue

    Alan Hudson

    He didn't have a happy homecoming either did he? Fading memories time again, but we signed him back at the arse end of his career at the same time as John Hollins, along with John Neal's famous five in the summer of 83. While I can recall Hollins playing a role in that team, I've no recollection whatsoever of any contribution from Hudson, and if you miss two opportunities to become a legend at a club (as most of the 69-71 and 83-84 teams are) then perhaps you were never up to it in the first place.
  12. MKBlue

    Alan Hudson

    Surely his status as most local player is threatened by Jody Morris? From North End Road if I recall. Someone's gonna have to steal one of those yard sticks with a wheel on the end from a school to settle this one. Or just use google maps I suppose.
  13. Millar and Howard both came up through the ranks. You'd probably see their names regularly in the programmes from the most golden of all seasons in the reserves and youth pages. Not much else I can tell you though, although I'm fairly sure that Millar went on to play for one of my localish teams, Northampton Town. I can't imagine, looking at the line ups, that we got a result that day: Adams, Thomas, Merson and Quinn, several nil to the Arsenal is my guess.
  14. MKBlue

    Alan Hudson

    "was he a 'Legend' in your mind? " Could have been, should have been, but it's a no from me.
  15. That seriously made me check a tear back, nice one mate.

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