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  1. Tommy Doc got him on loan from Millwall when we were in the 2nd Division but he only stayed for a month or two.
  2. Not sure of the season but would guess mid 1960s based on the hairstyles. Chopper looks like a squaddie. I think this was the November 1973 2-2 draw. Chelsea were 2-0 up and coasting but we scored two late goals to take a point. Ex-Chelsea man Tommy Baldwin turned out for us a few times. I think the opponents here are Forest.
  3. When Wilf McGuinness took over from Matt Busby, there was no clean break. Busby maintained his old office - a situation that persisted until Tommy Doc's arrival in 1972 - and the senior players would always go to him with whatever issues they had, effectively bypassing Wilf. When things came to a head and Busby was reinstated, David Meek (a Manchester Evening News hack who wrote about the club) was fed titbits about dissension in the ranks. There was a big row on the raining pitch between the younger stars, led by Brian Kidd, and the older ones, with Kidd accusing players of letting Wilf down.
  4. Not sure of the year, possibly 1969/70? Not sure of the date of this shot. Could be the same game. If it was December 1969, you won 2-0. Edit: The December game was at Old Trafford so it can't be that. Probably the March 1969 game when you won 3-2 at your place. Tambling, Hutchinson, and Webb scored for Chelsea, James and Law for United.
  5. Leeds in red? I've seem them in all yellow but never in red before. They used to play in blue but the story goes that Don Revie wanted them to be as famous and as good as Real Madrid so he changed the strip to all white. Might be apocryphal but a Leeds fan told me that years ago.
  6. Loved him as a player. However, he's been a manager for a long time, far longer than Frank has so a comparison is unwarranted. Frank seems to have a good plan and I really rate Jody Morris. We've got Mike Phelan who, though he was Fergie's number 2, has done sweet FA since 2013. Poch would need his head seeing to if he took the job. You could have anyone in there but as long as the Glazers are prioritizing commercial success over sporting, the underlying problem will remain. If Jose couldn't deal with them, what price Poch? It would be like having Levy on his back plus his evil twin.
  7. My dad told me they got huge crowds in the immediate post-war years. He went to Wembley for the 1948 FA Cup final and said the official attendance didn't really reflect the true size of the crowd.
  8. I doubt it. I have a bad feeling about this season. From what I'm hearing from ex-players (Evra has been the most vocal) and the good journos, there's severe unrest inside Old Trafford. I've seen it before though when Busby retired and it has that feel about it again. Newcastle beat us last year and I reckon PSG will be out for blood. By the time we play Chelsea, we might well be on the ropes. I hate to see this happening but the way the club is mismanaged from the top down, it has an inevitable feeling about it.
  9. I think a primary school art project ended up on United's third kit this year.
  10. It's hardly a collegiate atmosphere but there again, it's a fan site. Those of us of a certain age can well remember the slow decline of 1969-74 after Busby retired. We remember David Gill telling us that there would be no repeat performance after Fergie went and that our next manager would be proven in Europe and have trophies under his belt. We got Moyes. I know that hindsight is 20/20 but some of us saw history about to repeat itself, and history often does that because nobody listens the first time. In my opinion, we should have brought Jose in after Fergie stepped down, just as we should
  11. I said months ago that the Sancho deal was a non-starter. Not being a clever clogs here but it was clear that the money asked was more than we could afford, especially given the pronouncements from Woodward that the coronavirus had impacted us. His lapdog, Neil Ashton, has spun the story so that greedy agents are to blame for the deal not going through. I don't believe a word of it.
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