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  1. Last season when Spuds were enjoying their Maureen bounce CFC went to their new stadia and beat them, in the return fixture CFC beat them. Both teams have strengthened, monkey face is a vanity signing and Maureen always gambles on an old codger. Chelsea’s new signings are superior all over the park. 4-3-3 with Kante holding and who cares what Maureen tries to conjure up
  2. He won’t go anywhere, we have 3 recognized strikers not 4 like some outfits, injuries and rotation and the busy festive period will see him get his minutes, deschamps and his agent have been singing the same old song the last 2 years. Olly still here !
  3. I had prepared another post match comment and then that beautiful big French bloke saved the day, showing why SFL will keep him come January and for sure he’s got lots more contributions like that to make in this season. Werner needs a rest, Chilly and Tammy looked way off the pace, Kova & Jorginho are not of the required level to start in the new 4-3-3. They will be moved on in time hopefully and if we get Rice next window or summer he is an improvement upon the latter two combined imo. Defense was good today but after 500 corners they were gonna get lucky. Glad SFL gamble paid off and w
  4. We’ve heard nothing but complaints re 3 subs in the prem, we have 5 today are getting pegged back and they are knocking on the door yet not a whisper from the bench ........as I type I see a couple coming Kante for Jorginho Giroud for Tammy
  5. The problem in the midfield now is the combination of Jorginho & Kova with Mount. The first two are just not good enough to start together the protection that Kante offers cannot be underestimated imo.
  6. Frank has hit upon the winning formula, 4-3-3 with Kante back in his best role. With Havertz & Pulisic back the options will be scary, but alas injuries will happen due to schedule so the squad size plays real importance. Like the way he’s handled Rüdiger tried to bin him, seen the bloke do ok with Germany bar one performance, had a sit down and word with him and now he’s looking ok on the left when given a chance. The teams recent defensive record is now one of envy not pity, and this threads nay sayers have all evaporated into the ether. Happy Days roll on Rennes.
  7. Well worth getting up at 4am to have a butchers, great win at a ground in recent years where it’s been a struggle, early KO after internationals played without getting into top gear and a clean sheet, this imo is proof that SFL & Jodys masterplan is on track. Shame Temo didn’t get on the scoresheet but he’s done the assist running from his own half for Tammys and the second. All in all a great away day with tons of games left to enjoy. Top o the league for a few hours let’s all get wasted !
  8. Well well I was wrong, and look whose got us the 2nd. Funny old game. Great counter attacking goal in off the post !
  9. Barcodes have decided to give it a go and we look to be fading. Hope I’m wrong and all those misses don’t come back to haunt.
  10. Last season the team dominated again and got stung at the death, another goal is needed however but Tammy & Temo are not on it so far.
  11. Barcodes are a bogey team lately, early KO after a 2 week break, squad not fully prepared for the match I’d be okay with a point anything else is a plus considering Silva out Chilly a maybe. Hope to see 4-3-3 again with Mason, Kante, Kova, Werner, Ziyech, Tammy starting
  12. He's back in training with England despite his back spasms that ended his participation vs Belgium prematurely. Obviously now England have reverted to type he's essential so they don't lose three in a row and will be risked just to hide Southgate's blushes so lets hope his back is not worsened and he don't catch Covid as he is essential for our team to keep maintaining form.
  13. We’ve got our proper Chelsea back, fantastic performance again, and make no mistake for long periods this was a very hard fought contest despite the match stats. That makes the score line even more impressive. Been a great day so far over here in the colonies !!!
  14. Lovely jubbly, my superbru prediction fulfilled. When they went down to 10 then 3 nil I thought they’d be dead n buried but FairPlay they tested the subs and it got too open at the back, away day 🇫🇷 could be a tougher prospect. Now if Biden can just win !
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