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  1. General

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Jorginho is probably a superb technical player, he done alright until Mopo sussed him. Since then he’s a lisbility rather than an asset (I get the whole regista role) but he’s not performing that successfully, and in defense he’s usually worthless. Shame as I said above looked mustard at first.
  2. Saw only the 1st half. Was more of the same, thought Kova looked as bad as Jorginho. I can only assume as Malmö tired we took advantage. Seen highlights all nice goals, and we’re in the hat for tomorrow. Expect the usual suspects on Sunday w CHO, Ampadu, RLC on the bench if that. Hope Kepa back. Still can’t see past City winning, sad cus even before I went to Wembley last May I KNEW we were gonna stop Mourinho getting another FA Cup. Don’t have that feeling now, quite the opposite. Hope I’m proved terribly wrong, Wigan did it after all !!!
  3. I never like or wish to come on here and say I think we shall lose, however based upon his presser today when he said there's nothing wrong with his tactics ("the system is a false problem") I have to assume the bloke's a tin or two shy of a six-pack. Therefore IF City leather us again on Sunday, and Roman carries out his ultimatum- then Sarri can trot of back to Naples and invest his pay off dosh in a nice little tabaccaio. On the other hand if he changes the system to a 4-2-3-1 and brings in Kante deeper to protect the mid and thus give more natural balance to this group of players, set up to play on the counter and not make ball possession the b all and end all we may have a chance.
  4. Can I have the drink a bottle vodka, eat a bottle of pills & slit my wrists in a warm bath option please ? Seriously we’ve had a fantastic ride under Roman, there was always a chance he’d lose interest/ sell up/ delegate the running of the club to an unqualified female. That time may have come. If mismanagement on & off the pitch render the club to 6th & above in the league for a while, then we’ve got to see it out. Hopefully a change of ownership in the future will re boot the success cycle.
  5. In Sarri's favour - he's nearly where he wants the team to be possession wise, the rest will come over time surely..........
  6. By the time Thursday then Sunday roll around some of these players will be a bit knackered, rotation anybody ? (that's a rhetorical question btw) plus side at least De Gea is on the bench
  7. Hard fought away win on a cold Thursday night, shame about conceding but its expected our defenders all need upgrading at this point in time. The team have got the away win, nobody stood out really except maybe Barkley & Kovacic. Sarri was obviously a great manager/ coach in Itlay, his history cant be denied BUT i have a gut feeling that its just not going to translate into English football. The players just cant grasp what he wants, his subs are baffling and usually weaken the team when strength is required in the last 15-20. The football is boring, BUT fairplay to him today we won, its Valentines Day, Im off out with her indoors later for a slap up meal and hopefully a bit of 'hows your father' for for my 'pudding'!! Carefree then
  8. Lets hope its not another massacre !!
  9. If not Frank, what about Stevie Me , hes got Rangers second in the Jock prem, biggish club, doing well etc. ???
  10. General

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Look who decided to purchase him. Not Sarri, probably the Russian bird who in Romans absence (he spends his time in Israel & Russia since his UK visa problems) is running the club. I live in USA, mateys in the know over here took the piss big time when 58 mill was spent on the boy, he may be the USAs brightest young hope but he ain’t no Landon Donovan. Hope I’m wrong but he’s gonna likely end up in the Morata/ Baka/ Zappa / Drinky pool. As for replacing Eddie - large laughs all round.
  11. General

    Sarri - In or Out?

    I think the percent breakdown from the poll in the header sums up the way us lot on here, and other CFC fans feel about Sarri. Most want Sarri to stay on, but with the caveat of the CFC board backing him in the market to address the player issues we've all seen not just this season but the last few. But lets not kid ourselves, the club don't care for our opinions, Roman is the ruler of CFC, the board his cronies. He will ultimately decide Sarri's fate based on the rest of this month's results most likely. It is in most of our minds unfair to expect a complete change of style without 'teething' problems and the continuing presence of a fair few 1st team squad players that will never suit that new style. I seriously DOUBT that Roman got to where he is today by being fair about a thing ?
  12. I expect Sarri & his coaching staff to prioritize this comp now, realistically it could be the only way to secure top 4 and keep his job. So we shall probably see most of the bottlers from Sunday in the team again, probably at the expense of the upcoming FA cup tie vs BFA's Scum yarnited (who can be beat with fast counter attacking football apparently !). Expect a narrow away win like the group games tbh.
  13. I propose that he's inadvertently become the victim of his initial surprise success, back in November before the goals dried up we were comfortably in the top 4, Arse & Scum didn't look like they could challenge at all, was happy days. 3 months later and its 6th on the back of a 6 nil hiding and lots fans calling for his head/ say hes clueless etc. , IF we had an equally frustrating 1st 3 1/2 months of the season and were sitting 5 or 6th just before Xmas the recent turn of events wouldn't be such a shocker, BUT now we've all mentally adjusted to getting in the top 4 and CL football back Sarri looks like a bigger disappointment then he actually may be. When he came back in August a lot of us had the expectation of a transitional season with a 6th or 5th place finish likely, me included. So has that expectation really changed- I say no, give the man at least a season & some of HIS signings before grading his performance/ knee jerk reacting.
  14. General

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    At the beginning of the season when there was that unbeaten purple patch it seemed that re purposing Kante was a solid option, 7 months later it appears to be one of the main reasons why Sarri is staring down the barrel of Roman's P45 shotgun. Jorginho's been found out, Kante needs to drop back into his favoured 'world-class' HM position and shield otherwise its the definition of insanity. Stubbornness will cost Sarri, unless Jorginho steps up, so far hes looked like he's made out of paper and is one of the primary reasons we keep losing.