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  1. It’s such a perfect day I’m glad I spent it with Chelsea. Oh such a perfect day you just keep on scoring goals ! Up the Chels!
  2. I know they are the 2 bob outfit of the league but 🍾⚽️ that half. Best football all season !
  3. Whether it was Conte & Sarri playing Eddy as a false 9 (who imo at the time was a much better attacker than anyone we have in the squad now) or TT last season (with the exception of CL final - where lbh heroic defending won the match) it’s never ever looked as good as Pep fielding no recognizable striker. So with that in mind do I get up at 4 a bleedin clock tomorrow or just watch a replay at a more civilized hour ? Somebody persuade me please😅
  4. I would also darre to say that as well as the 20 goal striker one also needs a 15-20 goal box to box midfielder to win the league (speaking from experience I might add)
  5. He’s so good the team and us will miss him next January !
  6. Now the dust has settled what a smash and grab MOTM MENDY safe hands or what? also how many times have we seen the opposite of that last 30, Keepers having blinders against our stunning attacks to foil the winner or equalizer?
  7. Riding luck now, only a matter of time til they level probably, sad to see the champs of Europe struggle vs a promoted team with a 1000th of the budget. Some things never change despite the billions and managers gone through😏
  8. Great goal by Chilly good enough to win any game, been a tight but very entertaining affair and we haven’t looked under the gun except for the one hit on the woodwork. Let’s hope our strikers can do their job this 2nd half.
  9. I trust the manager but that’s a well dodgy back line. With Brentfords effervescent attacking might be an issue.
  10. International Break Bent ref Least it’s not the early KO bc that’s a recipe for an upset I’d play the best 11 available James & Kante been training dunno about Pully ? mendy James Dave AC Chalobah Chilly kante Kova mount Werner Lukaku
  11. Must confess to not being that complimentary on this thread after the Juve match, in hindsight I was more frustrated at the selection of Zyech & Havertz and their subsequent invisible performances tbh. TT redeemed himself with the team chosen on Saturday and he dug those two out in his post match as well. He's proved to us all to zip it if by a longshot we have a couple of poor results again. He's the business and I'm a mug for even doubting that tbh!!
  12. Hopefully there's a clause in the loan that lets CFC recall him in January, however as there's no space for him in the squad bc the club stupidly signed Saul and the 2 unwanteds RLC & RB are looking somewhat useful again to TT, so that leaves Wee Billy as a nailed on member of the loan army for the foreseeable future. He probably went to Canaries bc of the Kraut connection with Farker, and if he's still doing fark all there by January hopefully he farks off and comes back to Cobham!
  13. this is not a trick Q who is a better winger Jasper Gronkajer or this lad ? answers on a postcard please !
  14. Sell him ! Has the world gone mad !! Cus there's no way the club would recoup 70 mill currently bc his recent form is woeful (yes I do know he scored in the CL final and a header at Crapfield recently) some Kraut must of had a big laugh when they cashed Romans check 18 months ago, very similar I imagine to a person in Spain when Balboa cashed the Kepa check 3 years ago ! Seriously - he's shown glimpses of his alleged 'generational' talent to date but at the moment he cant hold a candle to other top young players in the league like Phil Foden or our very own MM. Needs to pull his finger out and get serious for the money he's being paid and start to affect games rather than be ineffectual in them?
  15. What a pass by the lad no team wanted. Finally Temo gets one that Atkinscum & Dean can’t VAR away
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