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  1. Nothing new in that Sky story. Same old anti CFC spin. Just a matter of time imo
  2. Long term ! No chance at Chelsea. 2 seasons is the most any future manager will get under RA regardless of whether it’s an established name or an ex legend just starting out in management. It’s folly to hope that RA will rip up his playbook & issue a ‘5 year masterplan’ integrating the finest of the youth / loan army into an established squad of internationals who’ve won a trophy a season upon average the last few seasons. Let’s get real here, whomever is our next manager will still have to get top 4 regardless of any external constraints like a transfer ban. Managers come to CFC for a pay day pure & simple, not a chance to ‘build’ something great over time and leave a long-standing legacy. So let’s sit back & enjoy the circus for another season. Man U on the opening day, then Vermin in the super cup - what prospective candidate could resist ! Carefree then !!
  3. Think of obtaining goals in life akin to swimming a river with a swift current. You can aim for a specific point on the opposite bank & then swimming aim to reach it. Inevitably the current will push you up or downstream from your target destination. That’s life. That’s how it is at Chelsea FC. Long term fan, imo 16 trophies in 16 years is unequalled, doom & gloom aside I’m excited for next season it’s defo gonna be a one off. Carefree then
  4. Out to Juve 3 year deal can the thread end ?!
  5. Seems pretty cut & dry, the club has now appealed to CAS with the goal that they either throw all the charges out or reduce the ban from 2 windows to 1. However the club's briefs are of course prepared for a negative outcome i.e. that CAS rules in FIFA's favour 100%. In the event of that negative outcome the club/ briefs must suspect that there is a possibility of a further 1 window ban sanction being added by FIFA if they directly appeal to CAS to 'suspend' the ban now. Looks like the club is banking on a very quick turnaround from CAS i.e. a decision being reached let's say by pre- season time, if they are successful and the FIFA verdict is 100% overturned then it should be business as usual in the market albeit with a late start, or if it is a negative outcome it appears the club / briefs have already decided to take it on the chin and no business for a full year/ 2 concurrent windows starting now rather than risk a 3rd window being added to the FIFA sanction.
  6. Alsonso just got a 5 year deal on high wages, I doubt he'll want to go anywhere unless its a very special offer, also he's just won a trophy a season with CFC ? He frustrated at times this past season in this system (sarri 4-3-3); but we have all seen what he is capable of especially the goal threat he can bring occasionally. If not a starter should be retained for cover & experience imo.
  7. Personally I think it would be great if an impasse is reached and he stays for another season, he's not the kind of man to go on 'strike' so we'd get to see him light up the place for another year. 115 mill quid (the line in the sand) is pocket change to Roman, ironically that's why I think he's holding out for it in this case.
  8. Reckon it’s a smoke screen for a sacking ; both parties get what they want. Let’s wait & see what compensation is paid by who to whom. RA has 16 🏆in 16 years. It seems to work despite of him & the board. Just us lot have to keep trying to hang on to the madcap roller coaster ride Carefree then .....
  9. IN ! he deserves another season to try & further his philosophy. We all know what will happen if he doesn’t kick on. But now he’s done a job for us. EL 🏆. 3rd in prem. Losers to sh*tty in EFL final. Hope Buck was just exchanging pleasantries w Juve matey. Let’s see it will all unfold before Saturday.
  10. Tops of the season. F the anti CFC global media. Girouds a donkey - lol. Thank you Eddy for 7 brilliant seasons & 5 trophies. Medal for Gazza thanks for your great service to CFC. Don’t know what’s going down next with manager and transfer ban, but WTF cares it’s time to Party. Europa League your ‘aving a larf!!! 🏆🍾🥂CAREFREE & CELERY !!!
  11. Punditry awful on BR. Some English bird w w flame pattern top on and a few ex USA players breaking it all down. Bye bye Eden please do us all proud today & Sarri too hope you leave with a medal if you’re following him out the door Confidently anxious currently. Come on Chelsea !!!
  12. I have booked a day off, paid $ 2.99 to stream the match in at home. Don't know what to expect from us re the lack of mid fielders, RLC & Kante. Up top they look slightly better although we have the wild card our # 10. Mid field would say they edge it just even wo Ramsey & Mikitarian. Defences are equally matched up as both on their day can be useless, especially our zonal marking from set pieces. We may just have the better keeper. So result wise tomorrow cannot predict, not that confident really in Chelsea but likewise the gooners dont install me with tons of it either. I went to the FA Cup final 2 years ago and it sucked losing to them, that day they were up for it more, I can only hope that Chelsea are up for it tomorrow that little bit more then.
  13. He will have had nearly 2 weeks to prepare the team for the EL cup final The match although a one off will tell us all how far he has really come this season with this group of players, no more excuses from the for and against crowds, no time to train & injuries cannot be used as an excuse, Arse cant play Mikitarian we cant play RLC. I'm not saying if he loses he's out / a failure or if he wins he's the best thing since someone started cutting slices of a loaf; all I'm saying its how the team show up on the pitch on the 29th and how much heart and effort they put in, and can they follow his game plan / tactics for this very crucial final match ? Think we can all settle this thread when we review the performance on the 29th after the final whistle.
  14. In a perfect world the club would bring in a striker of the caliber of past high yielding goal scorers we all know their names - Dixon, Drogba, Anelka, Costa etc. This because of the FIFA transfer ban however is highly unlikely so the club will have to make do Higuain - on loan, does any one on here or in the media know for sure that he could be kept under the transfer ban (rumors persist that the club don't want him next season anyway )? He's surely registered to Juventus as he's their player. Even if he could be kept he's shown very little, looks like his legs are gone and imo would just block a younger prospect's playing time. Giroud - one year extension activated, really like him as a 'man', hes done alright in EL but cant see him getting that much joy in the CL Groups next season and in the prem hes past it, why the Gooners sold him to us. But hes staying now, a useful back up thats all. Tammy - excelled at Villa. If they get promotion they'll be knocking at the door with $ 25 mill quid hoping to sign the boy up. Logically he should go on loan to a prem club but as there's the ban he could realistically be drafted into the 1st team squad and given a go, unrealistic to expect him to hit the ground running and bag a goal every 2 games, again a promising back up with potential. Bats - how quickly his goal against the Baggies has been forgotten, he shows glimpses of potential and has done himself nothing but good in the shop window at Palace. Think if Sarri stays he will be sold for about the same fee as Tammy 25-30 mill as he wont get any game time in Sarri Ball. If the ban holds then its 3 out of the 4 above as strikers. If the window opens I hope the club has an ace up its sleeve and we get in a proven goal scorer, without a 20 prem goal a season # 9 we will always be on the outside looking in, just like Spuds & Gooners- another team happy just to make top 4 season in season out - yes I am a spoiled glory hunting F'er !!! (but a long term one at that).

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