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  1. Is Tuchel Tickle ? Or is he Tinker? Ill be quietly surprised if playing a false 9 vs Brendas mob garners the 🏆. I think we’ve all got a bit carried away with a few top results (in cups etc) but most of the teams he’s beaten or lost to are clubs Chelsea should be beating anyway. And no turning back now we know he’ll start Eee Aww along w Kepa & Jorginho. Brenda is no mug & after Lester having lost 4 finals already the players will be up for it. And did I mention they have 2 attackers that can hurts us, unlike our not playing or misfiring strike force (Vardy is in a goal drought
  2. I dont have a crystal ball but if we win the last 2 games we have top 4, if we drop points and others gain points (Dippers, Foxes, possibly Pikeys) then its in doubt. Although a mate has just proposed this scenario re the CL Final if City win it 5th place team in EPL gets CL next season and conversely if we win we will qualify regardless of league position.
  3. Ah f it, got an Irish mate coming round at 8.45 am with some tins, so ill be tuning in for the comedic value
  4. there's a handful of games left, most of the old timers are on the bench, bollox to scientific recovery, play the almost same team with maybe 2 or 3 rotating at the bleedin most, its not rocket science but these silly Bs think it is, I know Brenda's mob had an extra day off before Sat final but he pretty much played his best 11 and got the points yesterday at OT, top class footballers played top class football when I was a wee lad wo all this science bollox, if he keeps this rotation up could be, I say could be, losers medals and Europa League. A win today would of imo sealed top 4.
  5. Tickle has dropped a clanger today. He’s got the wrong starting line up and his subs made it worse. If he plays Kepa in the Cup Final we will struggle vs Leicester. I know it was Jorginho who passed back but IMO it’s a psychological issue as well. I know if I was a chelsea defender or in the double pivot I’d be far more confident with Ed in goal than Kepa. My example to back this up is the last home game vs Brighton when Kepa started was nil nil that day but the same lackluster performance was seen.
  6. I’m not saying Kepa is to blame, but what was he doing in that position not guarding his goal, imo it’s a psychological thing with those in front, put Mendy there and everyone’s assured in the back line and double pivot. He starts today and deja vu the same keystone kop rubbish, the fact that he’s even considered to be a number 1 for Chelsea is a travesty.
  7. Until we get a lethal finisher up top this goes on, Temo got the day off so his mate has picked up the missing mantel
  8. Tickle will rotate again but so far that doesn't seem to stop the team performing well, however keepers don't usually need a rest so lets keep Mendy between the sticks for all of the remaining fixtures please, my one overreaching desire today is to see Chelsea put another nail in Arsenal & Arteta's coffin. Lets not forget that surprise loss last Year at the Camel Dome that set into motion the the 'losing/ awful form streak' which culminated in a sacking in our camp. So F the Gooners a mid table club, with a mid table manager and the same 2 bob mid table ambitions.
  9. I’m saving my gushing praise for Tickle when he bags a 🏆 some big opportunities upcoming !
  10. He's done a sterling job since his appointment, if he does a cup double I'm sure we will be seeing his best suit sported on the touchline next season instead of the obligatory track suit that so many coaches favour these days
  11. 2021 = 2012 been saying it all along, the parallels are plain for all to see with this semi against top Spanish oppo being one sign of many. Tickle has turned out to be a revelation in a brilliant way. But let’s not forget who got us through the group as winners. No words can explain how we are all feeling, so I’m just gonna get on it big time (coming up to 3pm now) listen to Spirts Bar, watch post game interviews, replays highlights etc. CAREFREE FOREVER !
  12. The 🎲 🎲 has been cast by Tickle. Too late to gripe about whose selected and whose on the bench. It’s time for our players to show the same spirit as City did yesterday, What the team lacks in experience they can easily compensate with hunger, desire and talent and gritty determination. If we see that at KO then I can’t see an unhappy ending today. COME ON CHELSEA !!
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8751391/New-signing-Kai-Havertz-donkey-loving-piano-player-tune-Chelsea.html Can we call him Ee Aww ? 😅
  14. I know Mount & Kai (A man that rescues donkeys in his spare time) were top draw today my motm is Mendy made a couple of saves that kept the game plan alive and led to the 3 points , great way to prepare for the massive semi next week! Real who ?
  15. What a goal by Donkey Boy Glad I got it off my chest at halftime 😅😂🤣
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