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  1. Hard to fathom deciding he’s too old for the league based upon an unfortunate error, I’d say he was pretty tidy other than that. Hard to get him marshaling the defense when he can’t speak English. He’s going to need a permanent keeper to front, a center back partner not partners , Ben at LB and I’d put Dave in as RB for a bit of experience, if he chokes then bring James back.
  2. When he was chipping in with goals his nonchalant defending could be somewhat forgiven. At fault for 2 today, James helped him out playing scorer onside, 1 vs Vermin last week. Is he good enough for bench just for 3 at the back formation? I think not now his goal threat has backed off. Who would take him off the clubs hands next week ?
  3. the gaffer has dug out Silva & Alonso, pardoned Silva and dug out Alonso again for 2 of their goals hopefully we will only see him start in a 3 4 3 in this league again https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12082962/lampard-two-points-dropped
  4. The definition of entitlement is “belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment“ WBA play in the prem not the Championship so are in fact a prem team there are no longer any poor teams in the league, we saw that last year when even Norwich beat the reigning champions theres been no pre season to compare to a normal year hence lack of form, and there are still 2 new signings at 70 mill quid to take their places same points haul at this time last year we made Top 4; chill long way to go
  5. great comeback and I must confess I was f’ing & blinding at the screen through a lot of that 90 WBA attacked and defended like a team 2 individual errors cost us 2 of their goals our corners are woeful like last season except for the one Tammys equalized from FairPlay to MnM, CHO & Tammy but the new players were not enough today to unlock a deep block time n time again just like last season got out of jail just
  6. Unless Chilwell is injured and AC speaks fluent French or Portuguese and the new goalkeeper is blind I have to agree that team selection and tactics have been the undoing of this half
  7. Poor individual errors have cost at the expense of not getting a sausage out of promising attacks. Same old Chelsea
  8. Good selection my only issue would be AC starting over Tomori or Zouma as they have both acquitted themselves well whereas lightweight AC gives the vermin all 3 points on his last outing and is rewarded with a start poor form imo let’s get all the points then !
  9. There’s really only next week to get anymore business done, can’t see the Pikeys selling him at the last moment as I’m sure they’d wish to reinvest the 50 odd mill it will take, so in my humble opinion unless an offer is made Monday this deal ain’t happening but as we know stranger things have happened at Chelsea on past deadline days
  10. Manager says Mendy not ready to play !! Fingers crossed it Big Wily in between the sticks cus we all know the alternative, imagine losing to this lot on account of a goalkeeping howler, this place will 'blow the roof off' !! If BW plays I reckon it will be 2 or 3 nil to us, watching their last 2 prem games they start real strong, high press, goal threat then fade after about 15- 20 mins, its away from home but after Weds I feel we have plenty in the tank to get all 3 points. Who does he play up front ? Good to have these kind of selection problems, and at the back I'm sure Sil
  11. Mason like that great Prince song was born in 1999 check out his valuation https://www.transfermarkt.us/mason-mount/profil/spieler/346483 we are lucky he’s one of our own capped for his country and scored ! as for his stats GS etc they surely can only improve - so pls explain wherein lies the problem fellow posters ?
  12. 1/2 dozen times their onion bag bulged a clean sheet with a busy Chelsea goalkeeper to boot yes but it was only Barnsley (FA Cup 0-1) great performance although one could counter they had too many opportunities in our box, but we need to celebrate I reckon, Kai hat trick, good fitness improvement for key players, happy warm glowing feeling at full time. 1st team is slowly picking itself for weekend lets have the spuds and monkey face next !
  13. CS % dropping like a lead 🎈 https://fbref.com/en/players/28d596a0/Kepa-Arrizabalaga
  14. Fantastic news finally, hopefully hes plague free then he starts at the weekend
  15. I has talkSPORT on after the Brighton game there was 2 or 3 Chelsea fans calling in for Frank to be relieved of duty, trolls or idiots.
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