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  1. https://www.newcivilengineer.com/latest/chelsea-stadium-planning-permission-expires-today-31-03-2020/ Imagine if Roman had pulled the trigger, right about now the project would be stopping with a nearly demolished bridge and a big hole in the ground where the pitch used to be, and the money starting to hemorrhage, a bit like the strike in the 70s when the East Stand was being built. His decision based on the Tories not renewing his visa looks even better now, as we see currently across town Mr. Levy hitting up Boris for some funds to pay staff wages at the lovely new shiny 1 billion pound (not paid off for a longtime) White Hart Lane.
  2. Think what’s spooking every body is it can take up to a few to 24 days to incubate and it can be spread by an asymptomatic person, it also stays alive much longer than a flu or common cold on solid surfaces especially metallic for up to 72 hrs, also once airborne it can linger for a few seconds up to 10’ away from source host, lastly it’s mortality rate is far higher than flu. I’m at home, stocked up, telecommuting set up, missing football. Think league should be abandoned or finish as is - a win win for us Chelsea fans. Be safe everybody
  3. I'm supposed to be flying over and going to CFC vs Watford, by then I m surmising the game will be either postponed or called off. Just read the FA hasn't insured against pandemics so every game that's called off costs them 3 mill quid. Prem teams could likely carry on with the closed door scenario or even postponement as most are somewhat solvent and get a big annual pay out, however consider the lower leagues, this could do a "Bury FC" on a few clubs. Regarding the lack of inaction, this has just been highlighted by the Chair of the WHO says today China & Korea by taking swift decisive action have contained it to a degree and hes wondering why some countries are doing very little to contain it, I fear it is defo "wealth above health"' for the USA & the UK govts, Just goes to show what CANTS the Tories & GOP really are. Never mind though cus it infects regardless of party affiliation.
  4. Well well well what injury crisis ! Inadvertently the lack of selection options seems to have thrown up the best looking 4-3-3 formation we’ve witnessed all season long kudos to the front 3, middle 3 & back 4 + Kepa, a vintage Chelsea performance from winning seasons gone by !
  5. Knocked the Vermin out of the Cup Brilliant all round performance, and a clean sheet ! City or United in the next round then !
  6. I went to that one back in the day, what a result
  7. This is going on page 3 of 3 of this match thread Tomorrow is the 3rd of the 3rd of the month Why can’t the Bindippers lose for a THIRD time in a fortnight ? Answers on a postcard or below please
  8. I know stats can be misleading but his record managing CFC is almost identical to last season at Derby https://www.sofascore.com/manager/frank-lampard/790203 So we’re just seeing him continue the same ‘form’ managerially as his debut season, most of us are backing him due to his status as club top scorer etc me included. It’s easy to focus in on poor tactics, coaching the defense, Hazard leaving etc but in reality he’s done nothing more or less than his debut season in the role, plus he’s stepped up a division and inherited some body else’s squad and for whatever reason has had no new players brought in under his current tenure. So if anybody was expecting a novice manager to come into Chelsea and improve his win rate under those circumstances was rather hoping for a bit too much. Sure it’s probably 50/50 inexperienced manager/ coaching team vs a vs some players not performing / out injured. Bottom line is what’s happening is to be fully expected in reality. Bit of a stretch expecting him to improve upon CFC’s 2018/19 season or even maintain that standard, in fact I think he’s done an acceptable job based on his CV & the squad at his disposal.
  9. Well at least we saw some character to fight back for the point, that hasn’t happened much this season. 9 of current squad need shipping out Caballero, Kepa, Emerson, Jorginho, Barkley, Willy, Pedro, Bats & Giroud realistically we will be lucky to lose / get better about 5 at the most, therein lies the problem Frank has inherited.
  10. Transitional has fast become transh*tanol With the injury list & poorly assembled squad supplemented by sometimes naive academics it’s too early to turn on Frank & Jody I think. But it’s very very tough not to lose patience with the way it’s going lately, just grin & bear it.
  11. 11 games to go, if the club wants top 4 this is a must win, no more excuses about not finding the net after a hatful of chances in the 1st half, just get on with it !!
  12. Amuses me how some of you lot are agitated by the scoreline what did u all really expect ? it was a long shot beating them in 2012 with a team that is far far superior to the lads out there today in blue, Bayern is a professionally run 'proper' top CL club, not owned by an oligarch who has his ex PA in charge of player recruitment. We were very lucky in the past to feature in the CL nearly every season but those days are long gone now. its going to take a few seasons combined with much better recruitment if the club is to 'compete' at this CL KO level again
  13. Nice to do the double over the lillywhite scum VAR is officially a Farce. Mike Riley needs sacking and the pitch side monitors must come into play Would like to see the 3 4 3 formation until the end of a May now James & Alonso made the difference , brought out the best in Kova & Jorginho, bad for Kante but good for team Nervy ending as usual just can’t keep the sheet clean Glad I’m an insomniac and tuned in
  14. a glimmer of hope with the Tammy news , at least he knows where the goal is ! as for Spuds, remember who coined the phrase 'Park the Bus' ? I suspect he will do just that tomorrow and try & nick a goal from a set piece (hardly a challenge with our defence & goalies). hopefully Frank & Jody are a bit more pragmatic tomorrow as they know how much is at stake

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