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  1. Play like we did yesterday, Frank's 1st 3 points for sure, Brenda's gonna do thsi & that - dont make me larf !!
  2. good result over the 120 mins, agree that we are seeing the green shoots of a style of play with the potential to outclass the 4.3.3 sarri ball that never really worked last season thought the team showed up well tonight, always a pisser to lose on pens (2nd time in the last 6 months as well), but the positives from tonight well made up for it. Lukaku missed the same pen vs B Munich, he was then gone within days - pushed out by JM. He ended up being the 3rd highest scoring striker in the prem over the next few seasons so I wouldn’t write off Tammy just yet.
  3. An 'offence' is just that regardless of # of times committed ? If I was to get caught nicking, I'd be pinched and charged regardless of stealing 1 hubcap or 4. FIFA it seems can pick & choose whom to punish. Roman's obviously not for greasing the wheels of FIFA justice, unlike the Arabs that own City.
  4. Just like to point out that football is very rarely predictable (Caveat - Man City & Vermin aside in the prem ). Last season everyone was worried about introducing Sarri Ball, the fear on here this time last year was it will likely take until November/ December to bear fruition. What happened was that we were title contenders initially, unbeaten for 18 matches, then over the festive busy period & in the new year it went to Crap rapidly. there was no transfer ban, Sarri was allegedly a top manager with experience (lots & lots over many leagues & seasons) Then just as the knives were out after the LC final and a sacking was on the cards we went on & made 3rd and won a trophy. So whilst a lot of the speculation is amusing, stop it, some never learn , this is Chelsea even with a top manager in the dugout and no embargo there would be drama on and off the pitch , so go light up a spliff, take a sip of your favorite poison and RELAX ! None of us have a crystal ball, how about just backing the club, manager and players for once, we all know who's not up to par squad wise & SFL is a rookie- but why criticize it all the time ? It's not like any changes (i.e. replacements for those players lost and those not good enough) can be made until the embargo is lifted so we jut have to get on with it.
  5. I’d put Giroud on upfront as Vandike will have the other 2 on toast. Giroud is at least physical. Put Ross in the # 10 role let the yank start as MM had 90 on Sunday. Kante is a given with Kova. Willy travelled couldn’t be worse than Pedro at passing to the opposition. Tomori needs match time as does Big Willy. Keep the full backs they need more practice at crossing into the box ! Cant see past the Vermin lifting the cup though regrettably
  6. A lot of you make me chuckle ! the club's under a transfer ban, last years 'successful' manager quit meaning that its defo NOT business as usual this season as it has been for the 19 other competing teams in the league. However the business as usual critics are back in force- Zouma is no good , the midfield was bypassed, Dave is past it, Tammy is not experienced enough, Giroud slower than Higuain, should not have sold SSB, should of strengthened in the summer (LOL), Manager naive in his tactics, etc etc. I get this is a forum for debate. But we are stuck with the players we had from last season & we are lucky we have a manager most of us regard as a legend who has stepped up to take a job under very difficult & challenging circumstances. Its going to be a very long season for a few of us, cant see it getting fixed by Weds either. Yesterday's result on paper looks totally 2 bob, but this season I think we need to focus on the positives wherever they may be, as there will be too much of the opposite everywhere else.
  7. 4-0 isn’t a fair reflection of the game. 2-0 would of been. The 3rd was the cliched your always vulnerable from a KO after a goal, 4th a wicked deflection. Saw enough today to see potential promise but not blinkered enough to see that the striker position is gonna be challenging- simply put the team currently lack experienced & efficient goal scoring options. Ross & MM didn’t really gel, MM didn’t look out of place though. Rudiger is going to improve the back 4 once he’s up & running. Other key players returning from sick list will only improve the performances in time More of the same on Weds most likely so no point in treating results like a normal season cus it ain’t one. So let’s have a little patience .....
  8. United have been in the market and bought in 145 mill of defenders who have improved their backline immensely just from 45 mins it appears. Its been an even match, Pedro not doing anything new he can be brilliant in front of goal and useless at keeping the ball or passing accurately sometimes, bear in mind we've had no reinforcements, have Tammy & Mason starting with at least 2 of our nailed on starters out injured. I'm pleased so far with what I've seen in that 45 considering the woodwork has been struck by Tammy & Emerson.
  9. Are you referring to plagiarism?
  10. Don’t believe the club officially announced Willians contract extension. Could be wrong but just did a search & all the headlines say close to signing ?
  11. there's a mixed bag of very naive posters on this thread and a few sussed individuals- So pray tell, the club has just decided to let a valuable asset & experienced player leave on the last day of the window for a knock down fee to a direct rival with no possibility of replacing him because the manager merely told him he wouldn't be first choice, leaving the cover for CB in a rather precarious position until Rudy is match ready. Or perhaps the player has had heated words with the manager and behaved badly within the group, so like any good manager should do, FL has let the player (and in turn the squad) know that he is the gaffer. In turn and as it should be the club is backing FL, and thus the last minute cut rate transfer to a top 4 & London rival. We shall never get the truth, it will be spun. So can either pretend Luiz is great for doing this as its justified by wanting game time or see it for what it is a self centered move that lets the side down.
  12. At first I thought it was a stupid move with Rudy out for another month to 6 weeks. The amount of the fee aside (8 mill is too low considering hes just extended his contract) apparently hes been acting like a right C**t since the last friendly when he was dropped and wants to leave for the gooners for regular game time. Chelsea have a policy I believe if a player isn't happy they let him go, Cech went to Arsenal there was a lot of talk in the media & on here that the move was stupid making a direct rival stronger on the pitch & of him being worth an extra 10 points a year to that rival, didn't happen did it ? Let him go, I don't think his presence in the back 4 is going to guarantee a top 4 finish, and if the club / SFL don't mind him going then hes not even integral to this season's plans. Its a bit disappointing in the manner of him departing if this does go down tomorrow, but just like Big Nose he will go from a legend (big nose wasnt that even) to judas overnight. I personally don't begrudge him leaving to get more playing time, he's past his sell by date and we all knew this would be a transition season, we all want youth team players to be good enough to join the 1st team squad so lets take a punt on Tomori, after all wev'e all taken a punt on SFL & Jody.
  13. Enjoyed that really did had everything bad start succumbing to high press dodgy defending. But the 2nd half saw an improvement. And not to be cliched their keeper had a blinder. Zouma & AC improved Mount grew into the game and at least Tammy scored. A week at Cobham working on fitness & tactics then.
  14. So far their high press has worked a treat and quite frankly that was a gift from Kepa
  15. For USA (CA) it’s on the Telly ESNHD (espn news ch) channel. come on Chelsea !!

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