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  1. Agree about Willy. Seems with Eddy leaving Willy has taken his number & stepped outside of his shadow maybe. He is defo stepping it up, especially driving runs at the opposition with more often than not meaningful outcomes. Confidence shown in him by the manager goes a long way too.
  2. First half didn’t get going vs toons 9 gadges behind the ball or Brucey ball whatever one prefers 2nd half was a different kettle of fish haven’t seen Chelsea play that fluidly in a long while all without some pretty important players out injured. Toon put up a brave fight but if not for Dubrovka it would been at least 3-0. CHO stood out as motm to me which is very pleasing. Got another assist and put in an overall good performance coming back so soon from a major injury. Cant find any negativity with a 5 run streak in all comps, back to back clean sheets, in top 4, big CL game midweek to look forward to. COME 💀N CHELSEA !!
  3. We’ve witnessed 1/5 of the premier league season pass. Chelsea are 5th a point of top 4. Tammy is joint top scorer on 8. 3 academy players have 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿1st team call ups. We are alive in all 4 comps. Those same young players who have stepped up in the prem have perhaps unintentionally motivated some of the older heads to perform at a higher level - Willy & Jorginho Equally as important our usual top 6 rivals are not all doing that great. Gooners are a point in front but not really deservedly better than us. Spuds & Manure seem to be in a tailspin. Hard to find much to complain about Frank & Jody’s managerial/ coaching performance so far.
  4. All players top draw pros or youngsters make mistakes. Big deal- eg, He scored at the Bridge last season an OG w Derby, carried on with a good performance. Derby’s player of the season and made it to the playoffs , U 21 tourney in summer made the 1st team and scored his 1st senior CFC goal. Mistakes don’t seem to have hindered him. I’d say top players get over it really fast, learn a lesson and move on with positivity & confidence. Very well spoken young man in the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Presser. Hope he gets a cap at some point and makes Chelsea & 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 proud. WELL DONE FT !!!
  5. Another entertaining goal fest, hard to be critical of any players with that score line. Up to 5th in the table. 8 goals for Tammy 4 for MnM. 4 wins on the bounce in all comps. Christian P got a few mins & an assist to make the manager take notice. Great way to hit the international break. Carefree then !!!
  6. Always a tough away match even when the team was fully stacked w Haz & Costa. Hope they’ve been coaching the zonal marking at the back. Seems everyone is fit and available except RLC looking forward to another entertaining match with goals probably at both ends.
  7. 3 1st team appearances. 2 assists 1 goal I expect more to come .....
  8. it’s a year old plus but worth a butchers football is after all, all about scoring goals
  9. Hard lot to please on here I’ve just settled down with a bong hit lite beer & shot tequila to enjoy the replay of the very entertaining CL away tie I saw earlier We win away a tough slog it was yet all I’ve read on this fan forum board is mostly a lot of ill informed critique from mostly a bunch moaning ingrates. Why not follow City ? you know your gonna see an impeccable squad, full on press and goals plus most results are wins , every player beyond reproach nearly every match. A top experienced trophy laden manager. Rich owners & about to dominate the league for many a year to come. Me I’m chuffed to bits with Franks tenure and the result today we have academy graduates playing in the 1st team just as it was when I first went to the Bridge. I make no apologies for being an Englishman who finds the local boys in the 1st team just as good as winning every match like City. William is an easy target but maybe think outside the box, these young lads need a few older heads on the pitch - let’s face it apart from Kante & Jorginho most of the senior players are on a par with Willy talent/ stats/ usefulness to the team & gameplan. But they are still a vital part of the squad so why bother constantly slagging them? There’s a transfer ban even if they were that freakin awful the club can’t move them on until it can replace most of them. So the glass is half full Tammy has today scored his 1st CL goal on his birthday. Last player to net on his b day JFH 2004. KEEP THE FAITH 💀
  10. What were you saying about Willy ??? LOL
  11. Hold your horses mate, forget the price tag and take a look at his sitch, hes still a very young man, he left USA at 15 to join Dortmund's academy. He came through the ranks and as such became an important player at a bigger Kraut club. But now hes at a different level, hes moved country away from his family (who were with him in Dortmund) to a truly Massive club with a whole new set of expectations and better players (20 +full internationals) who provide much sterner competition than the BD squad. Hes a proven talent but its up to him to impress the manager / coaching staff in training. I'm confident he will adapt and make the 1st team but the lad needs time.
  12. Callum has been out for many months with what could of been a career changing injury, he's missed pre season and has been back for 2 senior appearances this last week and 1/2 , 90 mins vs 2 bob Grimsby in LC & not so much but still a bit 2 bob Brighton in the prem as a sub. He's got a goal & an assist in 2 appearances. so any mug (UK) / fool (USA) on here that's critical of the lad is just that. p.s. Im not a failed football player and don't play FIFA 20, I did in my yoof try and be a professional guitarist, so you could say I failed at that, as although I did tons of gigs in UK, France & finally USA I got paid very meagerly hence why 'professional' I was not. I am getting up onstage with the Screaming Dead on Oct 13th in LA to play a song with them, again no cash just for old time's sake & the crack to be had playing live.
  13. Watched live on phone earlier not optimum. Just watched a 15 min highlights twice think the managers match assessment of dominating from start to finish is spot on lots of chances created and let’s give Brighton & especially their keeper their due they are well drilled defensively. nice to see the senior players get on the scoreboard & imo overall a perfect first home win for the manager. Hope Kante, Emerson & Rudy come back after the upcoming international break they will improve the quality on the pitch exciting times ahead and back up to 6th, just 1 point of 3rd so well in the mix after 2 months of Franks management carefree then !!
  14. In the good ole USA its on ESPN + a $ 5 a month subscription which also shows FA Cup, Championship, Italian serie A, Chinese Super league etc- good value. Come on Chelsea lets not do a Spuds please !!
  15. Overall no shame in losing that 1-2. Two 1st half injuries must have affected the gameplan. Undone by zonal marking of set pieces again. Wonderful Kante goal. And better team in the 2nd.

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