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  1. Watched the 1st half , had txt commentary for the 2nd so didn't see 1st hand the 'meltdown' on the pitch writing with a much cooler head today, its par for the course lately that 2nd half performance, at least CFC in the semi final and with cup football that's all to really care about do I think it will get any better- no, seems we are on a roller coaster ride not only from game to game but from half to half now, haven't seen Frankfurt play this season but the pundits are bigging them up already, play like we did in the 2nd and we will struggle to get to the final, although I did like Sarri in the post presser showing some passion for a change and saying he wanted to win this comp, so there may be hope for some pragmatism on the pitch from him yet
  2. Get top 4 he stays as he’s somehow improved upon last season in the league. Outside top 4 he has to go. I don’t have enough room left on the page to fully document why I have this opinion.
  3. Classic smash n grab away win, total pants through most of the game. Seems CFC like the 1-0 away wins in Czech Republic. Only Kepa from the starters deserves a mention, well I suppose Alonso as well for the header and precious away goal. Need a HUGE improvement come Sunday or it wont be pretty.
  4. Nice to see Alonso using his head for once tonight !
  5. Kepa Dave Rudy AC Alonso Kova Jorginho Barks pedro Giroud Willy thats the lineup !
  6. As the 'fat waiter' liked to say here are some facts - CFC play in Prague on Thursday, Vermin played yesterday & they're at Crapfield so extra 2 days rest and at home. Form book - Vermin have lost 1 PL match all season, they have won 5 out of the last 6, drawing only 1 at Everton, scoring 16 conceding 5. CFC last 6 have 4 wins, 1 draw & 1 loss at Everton, scoring 10 conceding 4. Vermin attackers goal stats (prem) Salah 18 Mane 17 Firminhio 12 (total team goals 75) CFC attackers goal stats (prem) Hazard 16 Pedro 5 RLC 5 (Morata 5 lol) (total teams goals 57) Vermin have conceded 20 goals to date CFC have conceded 34 goals to date Considering the above on paper and with home advantage it appears the Red Vermin should just edge the game, I'll be happy with a draw - it would hurt their chances of winning the title and maybe still keep us in the hat for a top 4 finish. I'm not getting my hopes up though because of the recent away day collapses (Cardiff included because we was jammy that day). I'll be in Vegas late night before watching Aerosmith, hopefully the games on the room TV.
  7. I went to see Bocca Jrs play LA Galaxy in a friendly, must been 9 years ago. The Bocca fans were very loud & one standing right next to me was very big on this insult and it applies to our underperforming loanee - ‘BURRO’ !!
  8. Job done, thank goodness for Eden, got a bit hairy in the 2nd when Pelligrno changed tactics and they got right back into it. Agree Higuain needs to go back to Italia. Anyway never thought we'd be back up to 3rd again this season so Happy Days !!
  9. F me what a superb goal by Eddy 100 mill your having a larf RM
  10. Just seen Sarri presser, of course the hacks pressed him re RLC & CHO starting. He hasn’t made his mind up re starters, but the team has played 51 games (inferring tiredness - for Callum & Ruben LOL) & he now wants all 20 squad players featuring in the last matches, RLC can’t play back to back 90s because of his back etc etc. To me it sounds like it’s gonna be back to Pedro/ Willy/ Kova/ Higuain/Alonso. Hope the F not......
  11. Wow, only 8 games for sure to go, 6 in the prem & 2 in EL, then possibly another 2 or 3 in the EL. Which leads into my point that neither Christensen, CHO or RLC need resting, they've hardly played and I and a lot of others want to see them get a run of starts, they are the future not Luiz, Willy & Pedro (no disrespect to those 3 they've been great servants of the club). So Mr Sarri we will be judging you on team selections. Yesterday we looked so much better and threatening up top, admittedly its vs Brighton, the Pikeys will be a much sterner test, they've been pants lately but always raise their game vs us lot. So lets bench the under performers for these last few matches - Alonso, Rudy/ Luiz, Kova, Pedro, Willy & Higuain - they are experienced enough to make great subs, lets have our future start and get some proper game time !
  12. Like to be proved wrong however in my defense I said 2-0 it was 3-0 and I never foresaw 7 changes. Have to ask myself why did we see the same failing lineup these last few weeks when we could of seen today’s ?? Still think he needs to go and a coach that wants to use the youth players more often is the way forward for the club. CAREFREE then !!!
  13. Every opportunity that has been presented over the last few weeks to go back into the top 4 has been wasted by Sarri I don't see a lot of hope if he plays the same personnel (albeit w 2 rotations) and the same tactics, Brighton are a strong physical team and Hughton will have sussed out Sarri 150%. They need the 3 points really badly, so will be super motivated, & we've all seen how motivated our lot are in the prem lately, hardly surprising with the numpty in charge (as u can tell I've had enough of Sarri and his Ball). once again I hope I'm wrong, ............

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