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  1. Trust the gaffer, Barca or bust just like 2012
  2. Concur the back 4 needs sorting out couple may not be up to the required level not so easy to upgrade in January. Other teams seem to acquire top players without shopping at Harrods, Leicester don’t miss Maguire. Overall if you’d told me / us back in August that by the end of the final CL group tie the club would have made the KO round & be top 4 we’d all of taken it, 2 bob defense & all !
  3. same old bollox at the end, the subs SFL makes in the CL seem to disadvantage the team imo, never mind though cus CFC are through to CL KOs in 2020 Carefree then !!
  4. Unless it’s been a title winning season there seems to nearly always be a Late November- Dec slump in form. Fatigue mental or physical ? Even the best teams suffered from it (eg Ancelotti’s 2nd season). Still ahead of schedule on progress I feel, all teams have setbacks as we see by City as well today. Still top 4 on course for a top 6 finish hopefully. Carefree & lets see us get to CL KO this week.
  5. Recruitment - some teams repeatedly get it right eg Man City & Leicester Others not so much - Man U, Gooners & CFC to a certain extent Then there’s the Spuds who just avoid it as much as possible.
  6. WTF is WalterwhiteCFC when you need the bloke ?? btw turned out I was right, City got a paltry fine and FIFA f'd over our club (tried but failed thanks to RA & SFL), I could start an antisemitism conspiracy theory, but I'll leave that sort of thing to the Daily Fail for now.
  7. Chillwell - 90 mill Zaha - 90 mill Striker TBD - 90 mill Better back up goalie - 40 mill out - Alonso, Giroud, Pedro, Willies
  8. Unfortunate nickname the lad has under the circumstances !!
  9. Watching Villa give United a hard time at OT they are a very competent prem team despite being newly promoted. If there’s not a 150% improvement upon the woeful ness we witnessed yesterday then it will be 3 losses in a row and that swarmy cant Mourinho breathing down our necks. If Tammy is still unavailable it will be a daunting task to get anything on Weds. I know I’m sounding entitled but after seeing very positive performances up until recently and staying in the top 4 Id like that to continue. But reality check - I know it’s the thrilling CL games that have affected prem performance and overall I’m very pleased with the seasons progress. by the end of this Month the table will show us if Franks gonna make top 4, 6 or other. Kepa Dave Zouma Tomori Edison Kante Jorginho Kova Willy Pulisic Tammy
  10. The real issue is the 2 back up strikers - they are both not fit to lead the line, Batty is a 3rd choice striker at CFCs level. so when the ban is lifted has to be at least Giroud replaced with proper competition for Tammy.
  11. Hope Tammy gets back sooner than later or it’s going to be a long December Poor today like Sarri ball at its worst. As soon as they scored my heart sank, roll on Weds and hopefully a better performance away.
  12. Fairplay on the pen save, but statistically a keeper will eventually stop one, to the rest of his game today - hes got out of jail a few times until he decided to watch that cross go in. That pass to Dave in the corner got Kante a yellow and a free kick into the box, off his line got chipped luckily it missed, slightly mitigating circumstances was the CBs in front of him today, Kurt looks OK with Tomori but with AC hes dragged down to that level. I'd say buy a better world class CB, then pair him with Rudy/ Tomori and cash in on today's pairing.
  13. Today we’ve been very lucky they missed 2 sitters & a pen. The pen save papers over the goalkeeping cracks. AC & Zouma are a terrible CB pairing. Saving the worst for last the 2 Bob referee - is it that UEFA assign the biggest muppets to chelsea fixtures ? all in all we still in with a shout at KO round but with Tammy out who knows how results are gonna pan out as we saw today Bats ain’t fit for muster. Still didn’t lose !! carefree then
  14. LBH one can analyze his form til the cows come home, sometimes your gut is just as good, hes been at the club a season & a half under 2 different managers/ coaches. He hasn't got better imo, he doesn't match up to Cech or even TC, he doesn't appear to install any confidence in an already suspect back 4 and this season,hes been bang average most of the time, his price tag - well he was a panic buy worth half of what we paid (e.g. Edison & Allison were cheaper yet are superior and more often than not make a difference to those teams' results). Also if Franks trying to get Shay Given on the coaching staff its because he has identified similar issues with Kepa. The team has done fantastic under the embargo but once its lifted need another top keeper to compete / takeover the # 1 spot as well as 2 or 3 more in other positions in order to challenge again (LB, CB, Striker).

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