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  1. Next day , don’t seem so bad but let’s just acknowledge that WHU have done the league double on us and that result may lose us CL football next season also it may not. Which tbh was a lofty goal back last September. I’d be happy with top 6 and can’t slag the manager and coaching too much. Think that if we see next season a couple of new options come in and a couple leaving from the defensive team we’ll see an improvement. Once again it’s all down to good recruitment like the 2 clubs we aspire to match and challenge for the title.
  2. At the start of the season they said you won’t win anything playing the kids I beg to differ and change it to you won’t win anything playing that back 4 and keeper if the club is serious about challenging City & the dippers then a new defence and goalkeeper is needed. Maguire may not be worth all that dosh but even he is clearly an upgrade on the dross we saw yesterday. Need a leader back there either a center half a la JT VVD etc or a keeper that commands his box currently we have neither and are thus always vulnerable to what we saw yesterday.
  3. Watford next let’s see if Rüdiger, Alonso, AC, Dave and Kepa want to give them a helping hand as they’ve looked just as poor as West Ham did Before today. Typical of the season though.
  4. We’ve punched above our weight with this back 4 and goalkeeper. I know there’s a few games left but the way United look I think it’s 5th or 6th at the end for us. We’ve got 2 attackers signed and if the club are serious they need a new keeper, center half and left back. If that doesn’t happen it’s rinse and repeat 20/21.
  5. Phew, 3 mins of var which really was a close call thanks mr diop as it would been a long & frustrating 2nd half trying to equalize once this lot dug in their heels + try countering after Moyes team talk
  6. Leicester struggling at Goodison Brenda has put out almost the same team as Sunday, so let’s hope Franks rotated a few of the 6 back in. This fixture always Looks favorable to us lot on paper, but you can’t take anything for granted they’ve had more rest and will be up for it with or without their support hopefully by final whistle top 4 is looking more realistic to hold onto
  7. Manager proved his worth by subbing out those 3 at HT. In the hat and off to Wembley despite the 1st half kudos to Barkley for the winner but he should picked out Pedro on his right not once but twice and it might have been a more comfortable last 10 mins
  8. The 6 changes have put the team out of balance James Zouma Gilmour poor. Rudy not much better and there’s no midfield control. Subs please
  9. Very good win, bittersweet though over here on nbc bollox they are talking about the vermin and ignoring we’ve just turned over City. no post match analysis just a bin dippers love fest. Willy needs that 3 year deal sign him up please Roman !
  10. At least the Vermin won’t be champions tomorrow have you seen our defending all season ? No improvement during the lay off because personnel need replacing, and City will rotate and have already put 8 in the net unopposed, and lbh we got a bit lucky with that swift double on Sunday. As for wolves and united it’s going to be a fight until the last day I reckon, baby faces men are the main threat now as they seem to have finally clicked. Saying that we’ve stubbornly held onto 4th place even with a similar points gap earlier this year.
  11. I was one of CHO's biggest fans, even after his injury when he's really done not much this season. But to do this 48 hrs before 'non contact' (lol) training was supposed to resume - even if you take out the seedy allegations, arrest and baled out the nick- its just D-U-M-B behaviour. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt re the rape allegations and just suppose that the Brass in question is looking for an earner, do we really want this type of player at our football club ? I say no more CHO in Chelsea blue, transfer him for being a fool around social distancing and recoup some of the silly money he's earnt, that apparently enables him to call up/ txt/ online chat gas cookers and invite them over in a lock down; and IF there's more to this rip up his contract a la Mutu.
  12. Transfer window open next month right ?
  13. RIP. old enough to have seen him home and away a few times. Legend !
  14. https://www.newcivilengineer.com/latest/chelsea-stadium-planning-permission-expires-today-31-03-2020/ Imagine if Roman had pulled the trigger, right about now the project would be stopping with a nearly demolished bridge and a big hole in the ground where the pitch used to be, and the money starting to hemorrhage, a bit like the strike in the 70s when the East Stand was being built. His decision based on the Tories not renewing his visa looks even better now, as we see currently across town Mr. Levy hitting up Boris for some funds to pay staff wages at the lovely new shiny 1 billion pound (not paid off for a longtime) White Hart Lane.

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