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  1. Lot of money for an unproven player , don't tell me he's scored boat loads of goals in Das Bundesliga bc so did Temo (I run fast but can't shoot on target to save my life) Werner. Imagine if they relented and he cost over a 100 mill and was a turkey like most of the strikers bought by Roman (Kezman, Sheva, Pizarro, Pato, Falcao, Nando Torres, Morata etc.) why not leave him well alone and for once like most other clubs scout a player and bring him in for a sensible fee? NO that would be too easy, so lets watch this play out until deadline day then along with Rice IF CFC make a move for him as well !!
  2. Chelsea TV did this great short on Wee Billy https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/06/06/the-pride--watch-documentary-charting-billy-gilmour-s-incredible Reckon he’s the real deal personally I’d prefer him as a starter to Kova/ Jorginho he’s got what it takes and needs proper game time to improve and he proved yesterday his football brain makes up for lack of experience. Meanwhile Kova like Croatia has shown sweet FA in the tourney, Jorginho cant go wrong in that team, Billy will and I stress will be a better player than both in 2 or 3 years time.
  3. Well the season is over and if Roman doesn’t sign him up for another 3 years he’s a mug. Not going to repeat what’s been stated above but he’s a winner with a proven pedigree now called winning Big Ears He’s on another level and with other clubs looking for elite coaches he needs to be tied down.
  4. Player of the season hands down, 16 years at Chelsea & now a CL winner. Pure class, humble and our and 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Future captain. Forget about Jack who?
  5. The biggest 🏆 in 🌍⚽️ is our beloved Chelsea’s. I’m on 🍻 then 🍾🥂, could not be happier & more content. CAMPEONES CAMPEONES OLE OLE OLE , CAREFREE WHEREVER YOU MAY BE my fellow Blues fans enjoy the moment !
  6. Whatever happens next Saturday I’m going to Disneyland on Sunday at 35% capacity only, no mental waits Also if you’re feeling negative about the final, not many thought we had a 🙏🏻 vs Bayern, but we did have players back then who knew where the back of the net was!
  7. 3 seasons under his belt, with nothing to show from it apart from EL cup. Not good enough as demonstrated today last week, etc etc. but the club will offer him an extension and the moaning on this thread will continue.
  8. I would assume top 4 was his minimum target to secure his next 12 months IF he wins the CL he may get the extension. What has he really done apart from fix the defence ? and now even that hasn’t been as good as it looked a few weeks ago. Attack wise we scored more before but that defence was shocking. He needs some signings up top because Mason has been the best in that area of the pitch and he’s down to Frank Lampard not Tickle, he just got lucky Mason continued to improve on an upward trajectory. marks out of ten in EPL 7/10
  9. So we are relying on Spuds to save our bacon at the moment, not good enough again, 2/3 of the attacking 3 haven’t showed up again and the double pivot lost the plot towards the end. Come on Spuds ! 😉
  10. Kante is out likely, hasn't trained so cant see him being risked Means Kova & Jorginho in double pivot and Billy on bench. Eee Aww (KH) & AC fit again which is good news for the 29th. On paper Bin dippers & Foxes have easier home games, i'll have all 3 games on (2 tellies & I pad), squeeky bum time on Sunday!
  11. Id stick with almost the same team, even Pully (preferable over Zyech imo), but move Dave back into the 3 , Kova should start with Kante, let Jorginho have a day off before Portugal ! Our head to head recently with them is excellent, wild cards for them - crowd & Grealish will be back & they looked good today brushing Spuds aside earlier. https://www.11v11.com/teams/chelsea/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/Aston Villa/ Last year SFL was staring down a barrel facing Wolves, he won it and got another albeit curtailed chance, hopefully Tickle can do the same and better him with 3rd place.
  12. Rudy got the 1st & total warrior & bc of that my MOTM Pity about the clean sheet 😉
  13. Shame there’s nowt to show for that masterful attacking performance, cant blame VAR ref etc it’s up to the players to cap their wonderful build up off .......
  14. Let’s see if Dave is at R WB again w James in middle 3 (definition of insanity 🤣) Do or die now ........
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