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  1. Two Nil - BRILLIANT !! wheres this performance been hiding the last month ? False 9 paid off. every player served with distinction today. Big shout out for Luiz whose been much maligned on here lately and what mugs said Kante was being under utilized in his new role ? carefree then !
  2. Fabergasted that we’ve come out got the early goal and then conspire to lose the match. Can’t blame Moss as he’s not actually caused us to concede 2 that’s down to a good few Chelsea players. Disappointed Mr. Sarri !!!
  3. Manager has to rotate slightly with City up at the weekend ? Morata & Willian back in the starting line up then ! Hope we see one or two of the bench players get rotated in, a full back or central midfielder would be nice
  4. General

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    At a party tonight so this is a DVR match not getting up ! don’t know what to make of Fulham they’ve been total trousers until last week, don’t think CR can really affect Sarri ball like the spuds did. I’m expecting the good feeling from Thurs to roll on with a home win . Expect to see Sarris usual prem team lineup. Hope Eddie can get back into the groove as we need a streak to keep up with the top 2.
  5. 10 changes from the weekend just like the Gooners today away in the war zone (paying dividends for them currently) very pleased to see CHO & RLC get a start, lets hope this line up can make amends for the Spuds debacle COME ON CHELSEA !!
  6. Not confident, although in the hit & miss policy the Russian Bird favors (looks above talent anybody - Torres) sometimes the club gets lucky - e.g. she noticed Kante had a release clause (or was that picked up by Emelano); and sometimes we get unlucky e.g. Drinky (along with Baka not in Sarri's plans but DD cost 35 mill & is on massive wages until 2022). Does the club need to implement what used to be called the 'continental model' and hire a qualified & experienced DOF ? Sarri has told us many times he's just here to coach the players he is provided with. But you could also counter that this unfathomable to the outside transfer policy has been in force for several seasons now, and in the last 4 before Sarri ball we have won 2 titles & 2 cups so maybe ....'if it aint broke dont fix it'.
  7. General

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Didn’t take him long to try Eden as a false 9 - a ploy used by the last 2 managers when they had no striking options available or it seemed just wanted to piss us all off. As with JM & AC it was a waste of time offering nothing attacking wise. Hope he’s got better ideas than that one to fix the current midfield & defending issues that have been laid bare for all to see in the last 2 prem games or the much sought after top 4 finish will become top 6 sooner than later.
  8. General

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    He’s had a shocker yesterday but we’ve all come to expect it, hardly a freakin surprise to most of us. Worst than digging him out it looks like he’s the only option at that position in the managers thinking. Which spells more trouble up ahead.
  9. General

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Have a butchers at this little vid and make your own mind up after re is Kante been moved positionally just for the sake of accommodating Jorginho
  10. General

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    More footy leaks seems club had christensens dad on the payroll to the tune of 656K pounds for not actually doing much at all https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/15/chelsea-accused-andreas-christensen-father i think a 4 window transfer ban has a silver lining the club would be forced to integrate RLC Ampadu CHO & Mount etc. and you can’t stop departures just incoming so deadwood could still be got rid of never a dull moment at CFC
  11. FairPlay to Everton they’ve worked all week on their game plan put out misinformation about Richarlison and stopped Jorginho in the 1st half 2nd half we’ve perked up especially when Hazard came alive and could say we’ve been a tad unlucky last season we’d lost this kind of game, didnt lose and still top 4 think there’s s bit of an over reaction on here for the 0-0
  12. " David Luiz....hes the rock that Chelseas season has been built on " 2 mins later hes out of position and Big Willys bailing him out !
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams/
  14. how about the tea lady in goal then ?
  15. bottom line with Mourinho, he sent out Ashley Young, Matic and whomever else he picked to systematically foul Hazard, as he has no tactical answer to the boy's brilliance, yes Dean did brandish yellows but he did nothing for Young's in from behind scissor action 'tackle'/ foul in the box which now has Eden injured, and in hindsight why he may have been quieter than usual on Saturday. so thats the level of respect Mourinho has for CFC , not f'in much, so fairs fair he won a bunch of cups at SB; but that's done and now he's like the rest of that scummy club - the enemy