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    Thank goodness looks like he's insisting on Atletico, just look at the Higuain & Pato January debacles, Torres as well (only 1 goal in that 2nd 1/2 of the season). Giroud too, has been alright in the EL but hasn't set the world on fire by any means. Cavani will likely take time to settle in, hes 32 and will not be able to handle the pace of the league, his wages are sky high. I can only see a turkey, and the reason we are in this mess is because we bought Giroud in 2 years ago as a panic back up signing, sometime the cycle has to be broken, the club is paying for POOR recruitment all over the pitch why waste more millions and perpetuate it ? So keep Bats & Giroud until the summer then recruit wisely. Unless the recruitment is fixed to be in line with City/ Dippers this club will never seriously compete for 1st place for a very longtime. That 2 bob lack of a vision short term planning may work for Man U as they are the richest with a massive stadium , not for our club though.
  2. I applaud the intent to play entertaining & attacking football. Likewise I’m all for SFL & JM as coaches integrating academy talent into the squad. However I think enough is enough. Kante needs to return to his pre Sarri role at the expense of the 4-3-3 by going back to 4-2-3-1. I’m not slagging Kante he’s the best at what he does but he ain’t doing it as a box 2 box mid. No coincidence that during the 6 win streak he was unavailable. The back 4 & keeper are currently pathetic, the keeper has to improve rapidly or be sold even at a loss. Christensen the same. Need to stick to the same CB pairing & AC should not be one of those 2. Emerson doesn’t need to be 1st choice either. It does seem like we’ve been on this ride last season however at least it’s one of our own whose just starting his career in the dugout not a chainsmoking superstitious old git. re today no surprises really. Came out on the front foot should been 2 or 3 up at HT but again once the pen went in the collective foot was taken of the gas. We’ve seen it all before so I question if SFL is to blame maybe it’s the players mentality. Remarkably club is still in top 4 which tells us we are not alone with inconsistent performances this season. Only hope we can see it out & not slide out of the top 6 come May. Also Luckily our main top 4 rival Man U seem to be in a very similar position.
  3. Only watched the 1st half on the road so caught it in a English pub in Santa Barbara owned by a Manc guy. Me & the missus only punters in there. Just had a gut feeling it wouldn’t improve so got back on the freeway. Obviously Rudiger was not the missing piece of the defence, Kante as box to box midfielder just doesn’t seem to help the teams attacking just like under Sarri, he’s all over the pitch & gets more shots off & consequently more goals but there are better suited players out there for that role the keeper is just not good enough imo not going to turn on Frank & Jody ever, they need 2-3 better players and a new better goalie or at least one who can come in & do a job while Kepa warms the bench to teach him a lesson out Pedro , Giroud, big Willy, Alonso & a CB/ Dave in another top striker, winger left back & Centre back & a better back up goalie won’t be able to see this until the summer so let’s just enjoy the roller coaster ride
  4. LBH the only position that really needs strengthening in this window is for another goal scoring striker to partner Tammy, January can be a punt - Anelka worked out great , Torres not so. Plus nearly every club in the prem league is desperate for the same position to be filled - Villa cus they're in peril, Spuds cus they're mid table, other clubs etc. etc. So unless the club have a trump card up their sleeve I don't expect (m)any signings this month, the club just needed a 274 mill cash injection from Roman despite selling Eddy and not buying in the summer; so maybe the club's saving its dosh for the summer window, which I feel is a prudent strategy.
  5. VAR had a lot to say in the game Their disallowed goal & The pen changed the whole team mentality. still it’s here to stay and just like ref mistakes the var calls seem to be evening out as the season progresses loving Jorginho hop skip score pens Rees James was brilliant again today and think we’re finally seeing CHO come into form got his 1st prem goal !!! when I saw Ross B in the lineup I downgraded my prediction to 2-1 but thought he did alright today no mistakes tidy on the ball Clean sheet to boot however still wobbly at the back Carefree then !!!
  6. Burnley are on an awful run of form before visiting the Bridge so were WHU & Bournemouth & Southampton I don't know what to expect really, but whatever the result I stand by the management team in 2020 come what May !
  7. Watched the match again from the formation change somewhat less perplexed and rattled by the pegging back of the team by the gooners that I had cruelly witnessed live earlier. it would of been a travesty had the all the points not left with the team on the bus afterwards. Totally dominated them, pegged them back in their own half for 80 % of the time. As for the 2nd yellow if it was justice was done as that shaggy aired Herbert pulled Tammy over in the box in the 1st half. Waiting at the airport to fly over to Blighty for the new year, care fooking free then !!
  8. Well well well 1-2 my prediction came true ! shame on the SFL doubters you know who you are. Show some bottle FFS TOP 4 & still having a laugh at the gooners expense !!
  9. First off none of these players are the managers. Always give 1 or 2 windows to any manager. Let’s see what is actually available & decent player wise to select from today goalkeeper Kepa signed by Sarri / Club over priced not good enough at this level needs moving on fullbacks need two new ones to replace Emerson & Alonso, Dave is fading too. only 2 Centre halves worth keeping midfield is good wingers - Willy & Pedro need replacing strikers - only Tammy worth keeping So before we call for a change in manager can he at least get a few players out and a few in because let’s face it even Pep & Klopp would struggle getting results from such a poorly cobbled together squad. Thank goodness there were a few youth players with potential to step up and help out this season. I think the team has over performed under Frank & now we are seeing it’s true performance level under stressful conditions. Big investment is needed to compete or we continue to suffer.
  10. Heads or tails ? That’s what it’s getting down to. Form appears to be like a light switch currently either turned On or Off. We will just have to grin & bear it until there are players moved on and new brought in, both next month & the summer. I’m going 1-2 to Chelsea but that’s going to need the players to actually give a fook & show up.
  11. It’s not a good score line. The tactics didn’t work today. But apart from the top 3 clubs every team is having inconsistent results like this, win one or two then a surprise loss(es). Still in the top 4, obviously some players didn’t show up today and some players aren’t good enough for this division. Disappointing yes but not enough to merit a full scale meltdown on here. And let’s give credit to the Saints who have out pressed and out played Chelsea today .
  12. Need to change the system & hook CHO if Tomori can play left back Emerson can come off as well, bring on MnM & Pulisic it cant be any worse than what we’ve just witnessed
  13. Good or bad the press had him sold in Jan to la liga, seems it’s worth a punt on keeping him around until May just in case Frank needs to copy AC’s formation again !
  14. Willy has had his doubters over the years but judge the player over time and his contribution to club success. Sometimes he’s frustrating like taking corners, other times he pops up with a strike from outside the box or a superb free kick into the goal . Today he’s done the # 10 shirt proud with a match winning performance of the highest caliber - how towards the end he received the ball & passed to Bats who then narrowly missed was skills! I’ve always thought he’s run his socks off for Chelsea despite the criticism. Today is his just rewards for his service to CFC MOTM !

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