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  1. Tickle looks the business in the CL phew, must admit thought Atleti would offer more , at 1/2 time we have outperformed them on the day and got the away goal and psychological victory. Best performance of the season and MOTM got to be Olly what a WORLD-CLASS finish unreal It’s 2pm and I’m putting 🍻 in the ice box CAREFREE!
  2. Don’t fancy our back 3 vs that lot Dave (good but past it at elite level) AC (feeble) Rudy (dodgy) You’d think Kante starts for some grit vs Simione team but that seems to negate the double 6 with Kova. So do you gamble Jorginho w Kova & risk getting overrun in middle. only attack for us is wingbacks CHO more nimble but James maybe better defensively? Alonso will start though I’d use Chilly as he’s rested. Masons a shoe in w Temo & Olly up top. a draw will be an achievement imo get Silva fit for the 2nd leg Come on CHELSEA !
  3. I find if we lose after a poor performance I’m usually not watching other games. Bad loser I suppose. So today I’m gonna enjoy my coffee and watch the other games as they all on Telly over here 4 in a row. Just an open question to the more tactically astute posters. Tickle playing same formation as Contes winning season but it seems the emphasis is on controlled possession based around a double 6 in the middle Kova & Jorginho has worked best so far. Conte had an opposite philosophy based on swift countering with same wingbacks used Fab & Kante in front of the 3 or 5 w the latter provid
  4. Well Tickles honeymoon is over that was not worth waking up at 4am for, and tbh I nodded off a lot in that match. Poor CHO tickle has just dug him out on world tv. Let’s look at the investment these last 2 windows only Werner starts the rest of that 160 mill quid has no place in this system today or tomorrow? Cant drop Mason he was motm. Don’t think Kova and Kante works as well as Kova w Jorginho, but Kante was his usual self and has never been fully utilized since Conte buggered off. Werner Tammy combo pants today. All in all at least we didn’t lose it.
  5. FairPlay to Tickle genius idea to rehabilitate Kepa and get his value driven up so the persons who scouted and bought him can smile again. and he’s got a tune out of Temo. Two Bloody Nil and FOURTH ! carefree then !
  6. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest Tickle does not have 100% say in the starting line up. Was quietly confident and had us for 3-0 until I saw the team sheet. I’m not interested in any manager that does the chairmen’s bidding on the pitch. Bet you we see Havertz start as soon as he’s fit as well. 🤬
  7. Well we won and its cup football so no nasty analysis of poor performances please. Tough nut to crack but Tammy did it onside as well. Found a new way to get through matches like that. Remember the Golden Goal tickets you used to get at The Bridge? Well this is a Howlerpool, like a negative of golden goal, you pitch in a pound or dollar with all your mates you text during games, each one picks a minute in the game Kepa will make a howler. The person who chose a time within 5 minutes either side of any Kepa howler wins the virtual pot. Today one player came close at 93 mins! Sheffield a
  8. Oh dear Tickle gonna learn the hard way tonight, we’ve seen this play out before, the wonderful squad ain’t that after all, still hopefully he gave them all a good Germanic bolloking and we’ll see no more of the worst football played this season !
  9. 10 minutes in and one suspects our boys aren’t as motivated as Barnsley. FairPlay good save by Kepa but 2 bob play in front of him to get to that point, gonna be a long match at this rate
  10. Gonna be a tough cup game in freezing conditions, a Yorkshire derby waits if they do us today big motivation. let’s hope the starting players pay them the respect they deserve at home, usually one can tell pretty quickly if Chelsea team is up for it. COME ON CHELSEA !
  11. Kepa in goal is my only concern, he let in a goal in the last round and I watched Barnsley beat Norwich they are a competent championship side and at home will be way up for it, if he starts he weakens the team as usual. Id rather see Big Willy now the shop windows closed (like what stupid club would ever sign kepa off Romans hands😅), otherwise rotate away if the right attitude is displayed, it won’t be easy but Chelsea should prevail by a few.
  12. A 🤡 that shouldn’t be starting over big Kurt. We all know why he’s in the lineup Tickle wanted to bring him to PSG. he ruined my 0-2 prediction yesterday and stopped Tickle being the only manager to get 4 straight clean sheets in the 1st 4 league games . For that alone let’s have Kurt start in the Cup !
  13. Great away win, on a streak now which is just what the form doctor ordered. Also breeds confidence yet strangely the curse of the Chelsea strikers continues, wasn’t as an imposing performance all the time but only a mistake got their goal. Had to suffer personally at the end though for a good long ten minutes if I was a smoker would been 1/2 a pack at least. Reckon bin dippers are there to be overtaken amazing what wins can do !
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