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  1. Very Quiet, Bit of a let down for the media who've been pushing the rumours for months now. Give it until the last day and they'll go into melt down. As said hopefully no last minute panic buys.
  2. This could go either way, as usual a bright start and then a lapse. Or A bright start and keep it going and we could win this. Or an embarrassing hammering. All about attitude lads. Utc
  3. Looking at it again i think it’s f**king hideously crap.
  4. Shown more in that one game clip than some players season highlights.
  5. I’m against panic buying and I don’t think we need one this month. I would like us to buy a decent player though.
  6. Looking at his actual stats why would anyone be interested, they will not pay anything like that figure nor the ridiculous wages he’s on.
  7. Just wish hull would score so the commentator could finish of his w**k.
  8. Just under a week left, no signings yet. Please no last min. panic buys. Pretty please.
  9. Bit of a strange one for me, to be honest when we signed him I was gobsmacked at the price £70m for someone I’d never heard of. Who the f**k is going to put their hand up for this. Page after page on here telling how crap he is backed up by ‘stats’ Has he i wonder got issues ie. home sick. Confidence issues ? Seems like we’re looking for another keeper and no one is denying it. Something is going on and I don’t get it. Or is he really just a f**king sh*te goal keeper.
  10. This, all day long. What happens if Tammy gets an injury requiring time off? Batman to the rescue, yea right.
  11. No, are you serious?

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