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  1. I agree, but why the f**k are we relying on a 37year old . Ans. our other defenders are dog sh*t. Someone tell us why they are not.
  2. The only way we are where we are now is for that reason.
  3. Easy to knock the manager, our current or previous, but the players are 90% to blame. Being paid a fortune to play football once or twice a week, there attitude f**king stinks. Today apart from Kante and in parts Mount, what the f**k was up with the rest of them. The back line with out 37yrs old Silva at best are crap. Up front our home grown Abraham lauded by so many, overall is basically bang average. Pitiful. When we come up against a decent team we'll get f**king hammered, and deservedly so. Why does the manager always wear the blame? Can't a PROFESSIONAL footballer player adapt for f**k s
  4. If he just trots around not looking for anything, he won't get any service. He really is piss poor. Bambi personified.
  5. Get Abraham off, has he actually touched the ball yet. The most average player.
  6. There you go f**k around, f**k around and they get one try and score.
  7. Better teams are going to punish us with this f**king faffing around at the back.
  8. Thats when i backed on it, good odds at the time.
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