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  1. No f**kin shape. Are we now just hoping for some Werner magic ‘just like Hazard’ to win a game.
  2. Chelsea-Peter Hutchinson Non Chelsea- Dennis Law Non English league- Pele
  3. So it appears Christian Pulisic has been given the number 10 shirt. Over the years there have been many legends who have worn this iconic number, domestically and globally. So, a difficult question. Who has been your favourite no. 10 in the years you've been watching football. First your Chelsea pick. Secondly a player who played in England for another club and thirdly any other player in non English football. Just a few to mention. Chelsea- Eden, Hughes, Cole etc. Non Chelsea- Cruyff, Maradona, Bergcamp etc. Not necessarily the best rated but who you liked watching.
  4. Oh how i cried on that day, went to every game other than the final. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivIY1KeTm8U ramp up the volume.
  5. I must be the only one then, we had his best years, got the money and moved on. I want frank to mould this young team around them, not an ex Chelsea legend.
  6. I've said this in the past, better off giving them away than paying millions in wasted wages. ps. That's if anyone would still want them.
  7. Pulisic Werner Ziyech. OUCH that sounds better every time i hear it.
  8. Kev56

    Timo Werner

    The Germans had a half decent defender playing tonight, might be worth a look at. Rudiger was his name.

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