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  1. What the f**k is the tv( tax, licence, enforced subscription, fee) all about when you don't watch it? If you want you pay for your preferred content, Sky, BT, Netflix, Amazon prime etc. you do, it's not enforced. Why the f**k should anyone pay for something they don't want. If you want to watch the crap they put out subscribe to it or let them self fund.
  2. Depends what and how you watch
  3. Stopped watching the bbc years ago and don’t pay their lefty tax either.
  4. Havertz and Pulisic both out for this game. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8961745/Kai-Havertz-Christian-Pulisic-set-miss-Chelseas-trip-Newcastle.html
  5. Tottenham and Leeds coming up soon, ah back in the day.
  6. I'm no expert on football finances ,but how does this work. He's on £120,000/ week, £480,000 /month, £6,240,000/year. plus another 20 months = £9,600,000. Why is he still here? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8930429/Danny-Drinkwater-commissions-highlights-reel-hope-securing-away-Chelsea.html?login#newcomment
  7. Here's a sobering thought (pun intended) We paid more for Drinkwater than Ziyech.
  8. Where are these naysayers now? Hopefully left this forum.
  9. Nice to see frank getting some support from some on here.
  10. Has there ever been a more disastrous signing in football.
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