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  1. Kev56

    Eden Hazard

    I think at least 99% of all football fans, football clubs, players and coaching staff we amazed at that decision, apart from the corrupt crooks at the top of the football world. And welcome to the forum, bring your tin hat and pop corn.
  2. Kev56

    VAR in 2019/20

    Excuse my ignorance but when is it used. Can it be used for play acting? Who calls for it to come into play? and isn't it subjective as to how you see it. The punters on tv still differ on decisions after watching it many times over in super high def. slow motion.
  3. Kev56

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    What! Surely they can wait one more month. Six months is the norm or after they've won the prem. or something.
  4. Kev56

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    IF we get done, tough sh*t on us. Maybe just maybe if we weren't to do these things we wouldn't be in the sh*t in the first place.
  5. Watching city dismantle man u at the moment we are way behind. Unfortunately maybe proving in today’s football you do buy it.
  6. that we all agree with, but who is calling the shots? Sari needs to have control over the transfers in and out. Or we just keep on going with the mystery dealer, who remains a ghost with no explanation or reason.
  7. So what would you like to happen?
  8. I prefer Kante in his old position playing a bit deeper, also off the cuff WE NEED A f**kING DECENT STRIKER.
  9. Don’t excuse my language but Everton fans are like their neighbors, bin dipping thick,f**king, w**king, retarded, illiterate,arsehole,c**ts.
  10. Walking away from the unbiased half time summary