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  1. Old Shaggy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Got a feeling that Roman/The Board are going to give Sarri until the end of the season at least. Maybe even give him next season as well. If they are, then they have to fully back him in the transfer window (transfer ban permitting). Or we'll start to sink faster than Roseanne Barrs second coming!
  2. Old Shaggy

    Emma Hayes

    That's an opinion...
  3. Old Shaggy

    Emma Hayes

    Without going back and listening again, the gist of it was that she's already employed at the club, has a proven track record with the woman's team and apparently is a fantastic man manager. Also, it would do the clubs image the world of good if we become the first pro mans team to employ a female manager.
  4. Old Shaggy

    Emma Hayes

    Interesting. Do you think that she wouldn't gain the respect of the players due to the level of football that she comes from, or purely because she's a woman?
  5. Old Shaggy

    Emma Hayes

    Anyone who was listening to Talksport between 4 & 5pm probably herd the Chelsea fan phone in and suggest Emma as the mens interim boss. And put across some very good points as to why she should be given a go as well. What do you lot think? It's an interesting proposal for sure. And would certainly put the club in a new light.
  6. Old Shaggy

    Sarri - In or Out?

    I think he needs to go now.
  7. I think Corri's on ITV.
  8. Spineless players, clueless manager and f**king inept board. Welcome to Chelsea...
  9. Well, I bet our rivals are more entertained by watching us than we are ourselves. Absolute shower of sh*t.
  10. Old Shaggy

    Who's to blame?

    Another pole. As it seems in the last pole that there is a divide in the fanbase about whether we should support Sarri or not. Maybe we should look at who is to blame.
  11. Old Shaggy

    Sarri - In or Out?

    That's a different thread altogether. But I agree that we need a massive clear out.
  12. Old Shaggy

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Simple question. As it stands, do you want Sarri here, or do you want him out? Would just like to gauge how the fans feel about him at the moment.
  13. Old Shaggy

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Oh to have the old Drog in the squad now...