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  1. I'm quite calm this morning. Might be down to the fact that we've won it once before but, I'm quite content since I've seen us win it before. Don't get me wrong, I'll be pissed if we don't win but, I'd be far more nervous if this was our first CL final.
  2. Fark me what a sh*te game of football that was yesterday! Firstly, the team turning up in tracksuits. Farking disrespectful that. Secondly, the fans not making a sound (maybe the fans being sh*t or the mic placement. Who knows) Third, the inconsistently sh*te officials in this country. Handball for Silva but not the Leicester player. Plus the non offside call! And last, the twatty Leicester sub who threw the club badge thingy after the match. Bet that doesn't get mentioned by the media!
  3. What a pity. Just when our run of "easy games" start, we turn back into mid table wannabees.
  4. The problem is, if we don't go all out for him, someone else will. And if he ends up banging in 30-40 goals for City or United and we end up with someone barely scaping double digits, we'll stay in the second tier of clubs. We need a goal scorer, and we need one who will keep us competitive, regardless of the cost.
  5. Yep, forgot about Lewa. However, the chance of hum leaving Bayern to come to us is pretty much Zero. Lukaku is a level below and not what we need.
  6. Not posted here for a while, but I'll add my tuppence worth. There are IMHO only 3 truly world class strikers out there at the moment. Haaland, Kane and Mbappe. If we can't get one of them, (two of them are highly unlikely), then we should stick with what we've got. As a club aiming to compete at the very top in all competitions, we should be buying the very best. If we don't manage to get one of those 3 top strikers it's likely we will carry on languishing as one of the second tier clubs, not just in Europe, but in the Premier League too.
  7. What a legend this guy is. If he was in his prime now and we had a choice of signing Drogba or Haaland, I'd choose Drogs every time! Big game player, back line bully and one of the best defenders in the world to boot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DROGS!
  8. Apparently Chelsea have offered Juventus €120m for Ronaldo.
  9. This one's a bit "out there". https://www.sportal.it/calciomercato/dalla-spagna-offerta-record-del-chelsea-per-ronaldo.html
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8400337/amp/Chelsea-Kai-Havertz-75m-Bayer-Leverkusen-star.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11814251/kai-havertz-chelsea-transfer-man-utd/amp/
  11. I hope we get this fella. He's a fantastic youngster. Bit pissed that United seem to think they have this in the bag.
  12. Just watching his YouTube videos (I know, I know) and he seems to be very similar to Jorginho and Kovacic in regards to his close control and ability to dribble the ball out of tight spaces. He also has a good range of passing too. I just don't see the point in buying another CM as that's a position in which we are already stacked! Although, I'd still be happy with him being at the club.
  13. Thought he looked really good against United. Would like to see him go out on loan for 18 months in Jan to the Championship and really test himself.
  14. "It’s time Chelsea axe outdated Azpilicueta for James" https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10211681/chelsea-cesar-azpilicueta-reece-james/ Not sure if I agree with this as Dave's been immense lately. But James does need a few game.
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