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  1. Not watching this game. Just seen the score, and I'm glad I never bothered. Never thought I'd see as Chelsea team with no bollocks. Losing to Liverpool is a crime at the best of times!
  2. WTF! Let's not bring this discussion into a Football thread please.
  3. Woah woah woah! According to our delightful Prime minister, the original vote is the will of the people. It would be undemocratic for a second refere....uh......vote!!! 😎
  4. I am absolutely furious that a small number of Chelsea fans has AGAIN managed to drag the clubs name through the mud for something they know we're are being closely scrutinised for at the moment! These pricks don't represent me or my core values and beliefs, but yet the media will label this "Chelsea Fan Racism" taring us all with the same brush! And to top it all off, these pricks probably don't realise that they have just done Liverpools team talk for them! They're going to be well up for this game now, especially Salah! Drastic action needs to be taken at the club to make sure these morons don't get to infect our club any more. Permanent ban for anyone that has been proven to have been involved.
  5. To be honest, it's been sh*t for a few years now. I still watch it online, but it's a shadow of what it used to be. Whether it's being removed from Sky or not is news to me.
  6. Looking through all the rumours on the net. None of them linking us with him. United more likely.
  7. f**k off out of our forum with this sh*t. Put it in the dedicated spuds stadium thread at least!
  8. I think fans need to just accept that for now we are the most hated club in the league, and there's sh*t all we can do about it. Until the club starts to counter all the negativity, the media will throw it at us in spades. We've just got to bend over and take it for now.
  9. You're wrong. The clubs make f all from shirt sales. That money goes to the manufacturers. Edit: Just seen all the replies above... 😳
  10. Why are we discussing their Stadium on here? f**k Spurs and f**k their new f**king stadium!
  11. I won't be watching unless we change the line-up. If it's the same as Everton, Sarri can go f**k himself!

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