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  1. Yeah thanks for the years Eden, but I hope you win f**k all!
  2. Did he just kiss the badge?! 😡
  3. Just wish it was with us!
  4. Wont believe it until it's on the official site.
  5. Money no object, what would your dream team be? Mine: Alisson James Koulibaly Van Dijk Robertson RLC Kante Erikson Salah Jovic Hazard
  6. How the f**k have we let Liverpool become the "go to" club? f**k sake!
  7. If this guy ends up at the Scouse, I'm going to be very disappointed.
  8. Well, since Kovacic is already registered to play for us, of course it can be part of the deal. I'm rather hoping it isn't though!
  9. This thread: "I'm right and know more than you". "No, I'm right and know more than you!" 🤣
  10. Who's taking digs? Someone asked for a link, I posted the only one I could find, you've posted another (which has no mention of Jovic). How about you do one with your pricky "better than you" attitude.... f**king moron.
  11. Only link is a Chelsea fan run news site which only say's that Jovic is still available. Nothing to say that Chelsea are interested or made any contact whatsoever. Click here for non-story.
  12. BIB. Is that a reason not to give her the job?

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