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  1. Old Shaggy

    That Sterling Incident

    One thing I have noticed about the gutter press over the past couple of days, is how conflicted they are over this incident. On the one hand, they really seem to want to keep highlighting this issue as the 'Chelsea racism against Sterling' story. But on the other hand, they know that if they keep this news at the forefront, they are also keeping the spotlight on themselves! I work in this industry, and watching this lot squirm is amusing!
  2. Old Shaggy

    That Sterling Incident

    I had a whole post ready to type, but honestly, I just can't be arsed! Some people posting in this thread need to get some perspective!
  3. Old Shaggy

    That Sterling Incident

    WTF has his wages got to do with anything?
  4. Old Shaggy

    That Sterling Incident

    I'm sorry, but you don't think alleged racist abuse should be investigated?
  5. Old Shaggy

    That Sterling Incident

    Racism is a vile part of our culture, even in this day and age. And unfortunately still a massive problem in football, no matter how much you want to pretend it's not. I'm married to a mixed race woman and have two wonderful mixed race children, and even people I know and who know my family still come out with racist remarks without a second thought. I know there are some in here that want to believe that what happened on Saturday might have been a misunderstanding, and indeed it may. But until the investigation by the Police and the Club has been concluded, it's probably best we keep and open mind and remember that until this vile abuse of players at games (not just racism) is stamped out, there is always going to be this focus on abusive fans! Just to add though, this is a common occurrence at all football grounds in this country, not just ours, no matter how much oppo fans and pundits may like to believe it's just a select few.
  6. Lol, I had a feeling you'd be the first to quote my post Yorkley. I have never professed to being a die-hard supporter! I learnt a long time ago not to let football rule my emotions, so my enjoyment of football comes purely from being entertained. Something that Chelsea rarely do at the moment.
  7. I haven't got a scooby how well we will do against City. It may suit our game to have a team coming at us rather than sitting off us hitting us on the break. However, I do believe that no-one in our team has a backbone so don't expect our players to be up for it like theirs will be.
  8. Well, that was the first game I've watched for a while, and turned it straight off as soon as they equalised. Won't be tuning in for City either after that sh*t showing. I'm unfortunate falling out of love with football (for many reasons, not just our poor showing this season), and watching us get pulled from pillar to post by City does not strike me as entertainment.
  9. Old Shaggy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Just catching up with the thread and saw this. If you didn't see this defeat coming, then you really haven't been watching us for the past few weeks! We have been piss poor lately and a defeat like this was coming. I'm just hoping that Sarri sees what went wrong and fixes it soon!
  10. Waited until it had calmed down on here before I looked in. But ouch! There is only three teams that I care about losing to in the League, Arsenal, Liverpool and f**king Tottenham! Got to admit, our first loss of the season being to that lot stings a bit. Onward and upward though. Lets aim for top 4 and see where we end up.
  11. Old Shaggy

    Little Fekir

    Seems that Arsenal and City are fighting over him. Not much news of us being after him.
  12. Old Shaggy

    Hudson Odoi

    Was think about Callum last night while watching the match. Was wondering if it could have been him instead on Sancho if he had been given the same game time. I guess we'll never know.
  13. Old Shaggy

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Mate, before Pep & Klopp came along, our start to the season we're currently having, would see us running away with the league in most of the previous seasons. Everyone has upped their game, and its f**king annoying if I'm honest!
  14. Old Shaggy

    Little Fekir

    This seems to be back on the table. https://talksport.com/football/443960/chelsea-transfer-news-sarri-fekir/