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  1. Can you show me any hype on here around him ? or did you mean hope ? because that's all were doing, hoping he can get his first goal and see how he cooks after that.
  2. Yeah it felt like a 4-2-4 early in the game, then Leicester realised if they held the ball in midfield we would be buggered, which we were.
  3. Lets agree that it wasn't the same 4-3- we saw against lvpoo in terms of players and tactics, and at times yesterday we were all over the shop and completely gave up midfield for an hour.
  4. Look at the heat maps, we gave up midfield to Leicester.
  5. Against Lvpool the 4-3-3 meant Jorginho and Kante push forward, but yesterday they were pinned back after 30 mins.
  6. I watched it mate and we were not 4-3-3, Kante and Jorginho were the two, Mount plays way in front of them.
  7. If they become our best players that will be good, i dont understand how that can be a bad thing ? Nobody is saying they are currently our best players, but we are pinning our hopes on them yes, but that's because of the transfer ban.
  8. We only played 4-3-3 v lvpoo, yesterday was back to 4-2-3-1
  9. We are expected to win every match. 57% of this forum think we will be outside the top four, that doesn't sound like those 57% expect to win every game.
  10. Low ? seriously if you have been watching them come through -like a lot of us have- you wouldn't call it a low when they arrive back, but something exciting and full of hope.
  11. Before your reincarnation you would of called them a Glory Hunting ****** !!!, your'e going soft.
  12. Should have been playing for us the whole of last season, or at least from January, instead of looking to overseas all the time.
  13. Norwich have their tails up and will want to play football, we were all over the place for the last 60 minutes against Leicester, i want to see some order and solidity. Against Liverpool the 4-3-3 formation worked very well. With Kante Jorginho Kovacic we have three players who had a season together and won silverware, they are to some degree proven players. It allows Kante to push up and Jorginho to control midfield with Kovacic just holding up a little. It does mean we lose a forward player, and a little width, but Emerson has done well with his up/down job, Reece is almost ready to do a job the other side. Kepa James Rudiger Christensen Emerson Kante Jorginho Kovacic Pedro Mount Tammy

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