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  1. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    Their is no grey area between banter and hate crime, its a heavy bold line visible to everyone. It's always been accepted, because it's not illegal to shout at football games, in fact its what a lot of people pay their money to do.
  2. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    That's sad to hear Brutos.
  3. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    I was around in the 70's, if you weren't, then please take my word for it, you cannot compare what it was like back then to now, it's completely different nowadays thankfully, you will never fully 100% stamp it out, when they get caught they get lifetime bans usually, that never used to happen, on the whole this World is a different World to the World in the 70s. And anyway why the hell is this wife beating scumbag getting space on the BBC website ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46504491
  4. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    Please don't sterilise the game completely, their is illegal abuse in the shape of hate crime as you say, but their is also the panto style banter, without hearing the exact words it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two. In this case it does look more venomous, and i won't be surprised if it turns out they were saying whats been purported. With all the publicity they are getting, a life ban is the least of their worries, and rightly so.....if guilty. If not guilty of anything other than overzealous banter, then we could be ruining the lives of innocent people. Makes you sort of hope they are guilty because i would hate to see innocent people have their lives destroyed.
  5. coco

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    RLC and Hazard rotate the central role, the other three share the two wide positions.
  6. coco

    Eden Hazard signed watercolour painting

    What about the other 90% ?
  7. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    Hopefully the press will catch up with the black Chelsea supporter behind the fans screaming abuse, being black and a Chelsea supporter it will be interesting to hear his account.
  8. Correct me if i am wrong, but, they said that you could not see if it was, so they were not sure how Pep would know if it wasn't from 50 metres away on the touchline, thats what i read from it anyway. But if they could of been bothered to slow it down you can see the ball just slightly deflect of the studs and go out for the corner, pretty sure Oliver would not give us anything unless he see's it.
  9. coco

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The city game could turn out to be like the Arsenal game when we were 3-0 down and changed to a back 3 and then went on the record win streak. If we continue with the false 9, when required, we could use 5 players, Hazard Willian Pedro Hudson-Odi RLC. Between them five we could have some real good permutations, and plenty of options for Sarri off the bench to change things in attack. We were becoming very predictable with our attacking personnel.
  10. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    well that's cleared that up.
  11. coco

    That Sterling Incident

    Every game i watch on TV i see venom being aimed at players from the stands, EVERY GAME ! Why is this game any different ? Was a mic pinned to the accuse lapels ? Are we in danger of persecuting the innocent ? I have in the past aimed abuse at opposing players (panto style), am i now in danger of being accused of racism ?
  12. coco

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Yeah agreed. The energy levels is a good point, if they are vulnerable to bad energy conservation due to their immense pressing, then other teams should try to use the ball rather than just lumping it forwards and into their trap. It's entirely possible to use that tactic and keep the passing moving, keep them chasing and pressing, use the ball to tire them out quicker than your own players, use both the wings to their extreme and stretch them the full width of the pitch, have a deep playing long ball specialist who can play the diagonals over the top, make sure the rest of the team instinctively push forward and support the attack when you get over the top of them. It feels like Peps Pandoras box has been crow bared open.
  13. We need some bot fans as well.
  14. coco

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Sarri will be sat down supping his coffee and smoking his fine blend, feeling on top of the World. It was not a gutsy win with a bit of luck, it was a win with a precise game plan designed in the back room. What can become clear to everyone including the rest of the premier league teams, city can be beaten, they have no real plan b for when the wheels come off, just commit yourself to somehow bypass their press, the grass is much more greener up the other end of the pitch.