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  1. Now garden nurseries want £250m tax payer bail out. whatever happened to getting insurance.
  2. Those figures are failing to consider the real situation, it doesn't take into account that people are cancelling their tv subscriptions in their thousands with no sport to watch. Having empty stadiums playing football for the next 9 games wouldn't solve that, people will still cancel subscriptions, i have cancelled all of mine, whats the point paying for nothing other than replays or at best empty stadiums with a game on the pitch. That's where the money is lost, not at the turnstiles.
  3. It wasnt fair when Liverpool got away with a ghost goal in the semis and went on to win the CL in 05.
  4. I would imagine cramming 20 odd people into a terrace house didn't help.
  5. Of course thats true, but your use of the word 'fair' is out of place, its just unlucky.
  6. Its not fare that thousands will die a lonely death on a hospital bed with no family around them over the coming weeks. Its not fare that a lot of those people will be health/social care workers.
  7. I get the impression that post virus their will be opportunities for green (or blue) shoots to flourish, i hope the club can take advantage of it. Construction companies will need work, tradesmen will need work, materials should be cheaper with zero inflation, government will be desperate for growth, the club need to think positive, i know i will be, bound to be more season tickets available.
  8. who would have guessed you can play hopscotch in the shop queue, great idea.
  9. He wouldn't dare doss, not when theirs plenty of wine drinking and wife beating to be getting on with.
  10. I cant be bothered to keep moderating, so i tell you what, just get on with it and say what you like mate, just dont bother reporting people when the going gets tough.
  11. The only personal insults being thrown on here are politically motivated right versus left garbage, this isnt the time or place for polar politics.
  12. So we should disregard our super computers modelling, and just employ you.
  13. The only real experts are the super computers modelling the best way out of this.

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