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  1. I think tonight will be a massive reality check, the difference in quality will become clear, i hope Ajax fans are ready for it.
  2. The best and loudest supporters sit in his stand, i bet he would love that fact.
  3. You love it on here, banned at least 3-4 times, so why do you keep coming back if reasonable discussion is hard to find ?
  4. Eighteen, 18yo, and you become one of the first names on the team sheet, at one of the top clubs in the World, picking up MOTM awards.. What dreams are made of.
  5. Wouldn't swap him for Hazard, will be better, yes that's hype, quote me.
  6. Ajax v Chelsea (CL) Wed 23rd Oct 17:55 GMT
  7. Picking up three points with a clean sheet, whilst still breaking in the youngest team we ever had, do me all day long. Cant wait to add a few top world class players into this team next season.
  8. he's so exciting when he runs into the box at defenders,,,ooooh over the bar again.
  9. We need to get CHO on the ball more, like we did with Hazard.
  10. We need to play like we only have five minutes left, for the next 40 minutes.

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