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  1. coco

    Match Going Fans

    I just can't contemplate why you boo individual players/managers, curse them as an individual, im always saying"ffs Alonso" every five mins. But to boo as a collective one individual player is the worst kind of supporter you could want.
  2. ^oh yes brother, bring them on.
  3. coco

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I said earlier, send the same team that got stuffed 6-0 to wembley, let them sink or swim in the final. Then next league game Spuds, get him on the pitch from the off, then play all the league games in March, fulham wolves everton cardiff.
  4. coco

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Explosive, raw, exciting, he's already a fan favourite and still just a teenager. Munich would probably pay £50m right this minute for him. You don't need a diploma in football scouting to see the bloody obvious. Sarri has to play him, he would instantly gain favour with the support by playing him, giving himself more time in the job, critical if Sarri is to progress.
  5. coco

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    £300k p/w............and rising.
  6. coco

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    £50m...................and rising.
  7. Play the same team that we sent to city and let them redeem themselves, if they fail bring forward the replacements CHO, RLC, Ampadu, Emerson, Christensen, i'd even consider Bulka unless Kepa can get his wrists sorted.
  8. coco

    Ethan Ampadu

    Major changes have emerged for Ethan, turns out he's been training at RB, and tonight he came on as sub for Cesar down the right. Held his hand up most of the night looking for the ball, comes off the right flank sniffing for the ball and a quick switch from left flank to right, nice to see him trying to be active. Dont think it's a permanent move, but just to help out Cesar who is looking very tired and slow of late. But great time for Ethan to get minutes.
  9. Well he will be playing against far better winger and unless he can do the job defensively it will be Pedro simply because of his defensive work rate I think he should play 30 mins at the end, then he wont be blamed if we get a heavy defeat.
  10. We cant blood them against city imo, we should wait till after, save them.
  11. Time to let the youth loose Maurizio, maybe not the next game, but in the league we need to include them.
  12. Probably mostly RLC chants, and a few dickheads booing Jorginho.
  13. Hudson-Odi HAS to play Sunday.