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  1. Hes on fire this season, are you not watching ? Just scored again, sometimes players improve you know, and he has definitley improved loads, end product is better than all our wide options thats for sure.
  2. Abraham wins plenty of one to ones, but its getting him into those positions thats problematic.
  3. Only Watford, Southampton, Bournemouth, Palace, Newcastle, have scored less home goals than us this season.
  4. Their are other options, Adame Traore is improving game by game, he has more scope for improvement than Zaha, i would rather go for him personally, would definitely add some muscle.
  5. We'll not get top 4 unless we sort our home record out, so where is it going wrong ? We have lots of possession and territory, pushing back the opposition and compressing them, we try to play like city, drawing defenders out and leaving spaces to play the triangles, but were not having much success. This is something we need to keep working on. Set plays, the dead ball game is where we are truly way behind the others. we have little to zero chance of scoring from set plays. This is something we urgently need to look at, we waste so many corners and free kicks at the Bridge, when its the one part of the game each player can practice and improve upon, no excuses. Atmosphere at home, is flat, but sort the above two points out and the fans will react, like against Ajax in the 4-4. Any other things we you think will help us at home ? fire away........
  6. Our home record coincides with our lock pickers departure. We need a new lock picker, especially for home games when teams are set up to defend first and second ball.
  7. We should be thanking these kids for getting us to the transfer window in a decent position. Not slating them
  8. Cook a Cockerel for Christmas. Or will we be the Turkeys ?
  9. coco

    Next window

    ..........can't come soon enough.
  10. same with you pal, support the club, not just one player,
  11. 4 months into the job, did you expect us to be lot better ?
  12. your'e no chelsea fan, why not find a Pulisic forum for eternal pleasuring of oneself?

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