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  1. If Kepa was a defender Christensen would of been given a yellow as he wasnt the last defender. All we had to do was give Kepa a blue shirt.
  2. Start off by teaching him that 1 comes after 0.
  3. Why put the arms around him that.s what i don't understand ? he could of just made it difficult for Mane to get the ball, but to wrap your arms around him was just plain dumb.
  4. Kepa James Christensen Zouma Azpilicueta Kante Kovacic Havertz Mount Hudson-Odi Werner
  5. Lets hope it's not low-key like he can be in the big games.
  6. Or he's waiting for Chilwell to return so Callum can have some proper back up down the left ?
  7. Has to play Sunday, the whole 90 mins, up against TAA he could have some joy, CHO providing the pace and TAA the space, Werner on the end of a brace of CHO assists. Yet to officially announce himself on the top table, this could be his chance to get going, fingers crossed for the teenager.
  8. Cant save, cant distribute, cant command his 6yd box. We knew all this at least a year ago mate, its not rocket science.
  9. Identifying Kepa as our Achilles heel is something my 12yo Grandson did about a year ago,
  10. Nothing more frustrating than an in form injured player.

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