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  1. We currently have 17 players who have already scored this season, if Barkley had of scored his chance yesterday that would be 18 goal scorers. City currently have 15 players score this season. Liverpool 10. Utd 9. Spuds 6.
  2. Look at the betting on skysports, city odds on favourites to win the title, and yet not one of their players make the top 8 in the betting for top scorer. Having a 20+ box-to-box scorer and 20+ striker does not = guaranteed silverware anymore. But having 15+ goal scorers in your squad is looking to be the new way to do things.
  3. I said 6-0 to @Beerqueen (early Ko's not that bad are they ), but I'm good with 7-0.
  4. His model looks an ugly bitch with that pointy nose and spear tits.
  5. Ddint' see the game been out biking all day in Wales and radio 5 doesn't reach Wales by the sound of it. I'll vote later, but i'll be surprised if i don't vote for Mason listening to the superlatives on BBC final score.
  6. You better hurry up and get a job or we'll be calling you scouser.
  7. Get on the coach and put your watch 2.5 hours forward, then go to sleep until you get to London for 1pm lunchtime, then when the game finishes take off the 2.5 hours and you'll be home in time to watch our 6 goals to nil on MOTD........ perfect!
  8. No you don't need big scorers to win the league. City had 15 goal scorers last season (last column in the image) and only two players in double figures. top scorer 13 goals. Kane has been consistently banging in 20+ and Spuds never win anything.
  9. I was obviously joking, but the point still stands, you don't need a 20 goal striker to win the league.
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