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  1. The best player in heaven, or hell, one or the other. RIP maestro.
  2. It was a great header, very Drogba, i don't mind it when we let in goals like that, as long as we win.
  3. Both are good players so it doesn't matter who starts, as long as we have some fresh legs in the attack on the hour mark.
  4. This would be my team at KO. Supermend James Silva Zouma Chilwell Kovacic Kante Mount Ziyech Abraham Werner If we need to chase goals later on...... Supermend James Silva Zouma Chilwell Kante Havertz Mount CHO Abraham Pulisic
  5. we could finish 2nd in the group and have a better draw, its pot luck, just needed to qualify so we can rest more players.
  6. Missed 3 sitters in the last 2 games, hope he's saving them up for the cocks down whl.
  7. Werner stand outside Franks office in the morning please.
  8. It was a great goal, great win by Mount, fantastic pass, brilliant control by Callum, two great touches, hits a low shot hard, perfect finish.
  9. I'd pull Jorginho before they score, not blaming him, but we could have Kante instead of him, Rennes would not like that.
  10. For some unknown reason i celebrate every save now.
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