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  1. I bet Jose is knee sliding on his marble hallway.
  2. coco

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Iv'e always said he would go to the States after utd.
  3. This is the League cup, sponsored name Carabao Cup.
  4. After 2012 and all that........nothing would surprise me !
  5. Expect a quick camera switch when man u have throw in over their again, they just did, panned off to Sir Alex.
  6. Ken Dodds grandaughter ?
  7. any teeth readers about ?
  8. He's our only option besides the false #9. And Sarri has realised it by the looks.
  9. From an opposition defenders point of view playing with those three up front in the false #9 is a nightmare, they would much rather have something to get their teeth into, a presence to hug and to hold, someone they can throw to the ground like in wrestling. Until we have a #9 who can play the hugging and holding and throwing around game (like your old mate Diego) we will have no other option but to continue leaving our strikers out of the picture.
  10. I find it difficult to judge players who we only get to see now and again, what makes it hard is that they are usually brought into the team with most of the first team absent, so they are basically in the reserves, playing with reserves. We don't get to see what they are like in the first team amongst the best players.
  11. Would you be happy to see him go to Man u ? Thats my litmus test, i would not be, they can have Morata or Bakayoko.