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  1. The logo is messy, not simple and slick, almost graffiti like, it's in portrait mode when a wide shape would fit better across a shirt.
  2. In the 2nd half he was nodding and shouting SEE, SEE !
  3. Yes and the white shirt is great, they can make nice shirts, but this shirt is our worst home shirt ever.
  4. "He who has no stomach for this fight, let him depart"
  5. Hate the shirt, and the 3 logo. It takes the piss how far detached the shirt designers are from the fans. I mean it's not just bad, but spectacularly bad !
  6. dont hype him up, else you'll have the hypers on your back.
  7. we used to have walls that would put any part of the body on the line
  8. too many players move in the wall, bunch of pussys.
  9. Tomori has had more shots on target than Michy.
  10. passing backwards and looking a different player already,
  11. dont try to get me invovled in that argument

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