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  1. When you need goals, maybe you shouldn't leave your top 3 scorers out of the game ? just saying.
  2. Mendy 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. And then sold him just as he fell off the cliff.
  4. the year is 2057 .............Neville is still going on about the penalty
  5. TT's toughest opponent to date, and he thought Ziyech was dependable enough to play him. bad call TT.
  6. What is more worrying is what the fcuk does Tommy see in him ?
  7. Neville just broke the footballers unspoken rule. keep your gob shut you gobsh*te !
  8. Game is crying out for Werner up front and Pulisic down the left, give that w**ker Maguire something to worry about.
  9. If TT brings Werner on and wins the game fair enough, if we don't win this it's on TT.
  10. CHO has his hand up to hold off the player, not handle the ball, Neville is the son of a nonce.
  11. Well done ref. f**k off Neville you ugly twat !!!!
  12. 22 pristine haircuts out on the pitch. Then theirs me...
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