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  1. Tommy will have to take it on the chin tonight, but i won't lose any sleep over the loss, Arteta can have his day, hope he keeps his job, if not he would do well at Stoke, very similar ethos to Arsenal.
  2. 99.99% Jorginho's fault, but it's no coincidence that Kepa is the keeper caught out by it, did he need to go after the ball after scrambling back heroically to save it ? should of stayed on his line after that.
  3. Its easy for me to shrug off the defeat tonight when i think of that kids parents.
  4. Did we have a minutes silence for that little 9yo boy who died on the football pitch by lightning strike yesterday ?
  5. And Jorginho finishes off his night with a kick of the hoarding.
  6. Did Giroud have a bang on the head?, just wondering why he's playing in the Arsenal defence.
  7. That should be a yellow for tha foul on Pulisic, he was clean away then
  8. i look forward to pinning this post up the top later on
  9. Why are so many people saying they saw this defeat coming ? its only HT !
  10. Camera pans to Werner "even i would of scored that"
  11. What made my blood boil the weekend was on MOTD when they slowed down the Zouma challenge on Sterling, Shearer said contact was made 2-3 times, but the replay showed he was just guessing and you couldn't really say for sure their was any contact, let alone enough to send Sterling to the floor, if a defender hinders the striker from shooting by being glued to his back, is that a foul ? or is it tight defending ? If VAR would of over ruled the ref on that i would of given up on VAR and start calling for it to be taken out of the game, thankfully they agreed with the ref, their was no real challe
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