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  1. Ah that explains your absence from the match thread, nice timing.
  2. Common sense yeah please, the old handball rule of years gone by "hand to ball" is nice and clear.
  3. Bang on Sindre. Chilwell plays we win that game easy. Look at the heat maps and you would wonder why we didn't romp this. WBA goalkeeper literally on the hot spot. Whilst Willy was lonesome. apart from 3 times picking the ball out of the back of the net.
  4. No need to experiment down the left anymore. Pulisic and Hudson-Odi are obviously the only 2 players in the squad that should be playing on the left, both of them can be dynamite cutting back in.
  5. I have a bit of a rule i stick to when it comes to strikers, i started doing it when Morata was here, when he scored i always gave him a break, even if he played crap, as long as he got his goal that's his job done. Maybe you should try it out, or you'll have a coronary when he doesn't score. 💔
  6. If the fans were in the stadiums, Frank would be getting all the patients he needs, i bet he could do with some support.. It's easy to knock the manager online, but it's impossible to support him atm.
  7. You cant compare them they play different positions in different formations, Lamptey has licence to come in field and play football, Reece has to run the line with defensive obligations.
  8. If Chilwell played today i reckon we would of won easily.
  9. Played well today, the key to being a successful defender is putting in those performances week in week out, let's see how does against Palace because he should be rested against Spuds imo.
  10. The best moment in the came was all down to the youngest player on the pitch, maybe Bayern know something after all ?
  11. You know the saying about 'blue tinted glasses' ? their must be an opposite affect going on with some people on here.
  12. We would of be ok if Chilwell played, i think he would have stopped two of their goals from happening, the one when Alonso made the mistake and the one from the corner.
  13. ref allowing 30 seconds to set up a corner, he's playing along with thier tactics.
  14. If i could have blamed the manager for all my mistakes when i was a kid playing football, i'd have gone a long way.
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