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  1. Any Chelsea striker is annoying to watch if they don't score, when they score you put up with any irritations in their game. He was literally up against it yesterday with 3 vs 1, Wolves and plenty of other teams have struggled to break them down this season, so no surprise he struggled to score. But lets not forget not long ago when things in the team were purring, Tammy purred with them, it's their in him, we've seen it. It will be exciting to see how he interacts with our two new players.
  2. Did you actually see Rudiger today ? It's painful watching him play, he can't cope with the ball at his feet, he's purely all about aerial ability and mass, football skills are non existent, bar a 9 iron type kick he can hit out to the wings, if the ball is at his feet and he's under pressure it's like watching slapstick footy, today a great example of how a simple clearance out behind goal turned into a spaghetti western with him dead on the floor. Rudiger Christensen and Kepa the 'bluemurder triangle', if the ball goes in the triangle it vanishes....in the net.
  3. it has nothing to do with Rudiger not being able to kick a football.
  4. Probably the worst i have seen ever, and we actually pay him to attempt to kick a football, the one thing you actually need to able to do.
  5. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/teams/academy/lewis-bate
  6. Yes just how i would of put it, he didn't turn the game on its head though, just brought a bit of control, which was totally lost in the 5 mins of injury time, so any plaudits for the first 10 minutes of regista almost vanished if not for the paint on the post.
  7. Impotent possession for the last 10 minutes, people say he changed the game. get a grip. we were 3-2 up when he came on.
  8. I get it from the manager.
  9. Yeah he was great for 10 mins, i thought great relax, but no, the last 5 minutes he misplaced a few passes and went awol, so yes a lot like Cesc.
  10. bloody hell we must have jesus christ on our side, that was divine intervention.
  11. He did make one great cross that Giroud headed over.
  12. Kepa or any keeper would not be happy with that, its the kind of shot keepers thrive off, if he saves that the whole defence gets a lift from it, not now.
  13. Can see us regretting it as well, i suppose it's always a danger when you have such a busy academy that some players will be let go, and then come good elsewhere. We have to be careful because were just starting to see the benefits of our academy come through, players like Odi and RLC have been at the club for longer than any of the first team players (13 & 16 years), pretty remarkable when you think about it, these are some of the earliest academy players coming into maturity right now.
  14. We should only sell when we know for sure they wont improve when they leave. Selling players like Odi and RLC would be a massive gamble that we don't need to take. They are our home grown talent, so they should be given more time and more patients to shine, it would be a massive mistake to let any youth player go without having been given every chance beforehand. Imagine the pain of watching one of those youngsters leave the club and given chances to go to a top English team, then they improve, then we all feel sick in the stomach when we had them in our grasp.....ala KDB. We don't necessarily need the cash anyway. We can still raise funds (if we actually need to) by selling the loan army. The only tough call is going to be Kepa. Still young enough to improve, goalkeepers mature later, but its such a crucial position, your team is only as good as the #1 keeper at the club. So maybe we should consider not replacing him as such, find a new #1, and then let them battle it out, loser sits on bench and eventually requests transfer. Just means we have to invest in another keeper and wait for some payback. Its a bit like when we had Cech and Courtois battling it out in the 14/15 season.
  15. Crystal Palace v Chelsea (PL) Tue 7th July 2020 18:00 GMT
  16. I must be missing those posts, i cant recall that he's made any errors since the return, certainly not at fault for any of the last 3 goals, so anyone blaming him is wrong. But that doesn't mean everything is rosy, he's incapable of defending the six yd box from crosses, it should be his domain, commanded by him and his knee 12 ft in the air, but he doesn't come out often, and when he does you see why, resembling a lost lamb at times. That's something you cant blame on defenders or the system. Every manager knows, as Moyes showed, our Kepa doesn't like coming off his line too often.

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