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  1. A few players from his generation (pre 2000) have chips on their shoulders. They had their careers just before the wages boomed 500% in 5 years. l wonder if thats maybe the issue some of them have?
  2. OGS went for a back 5 against city, he knew utd wouldn't have much ball time, he hoped to counter city with Rashford and Lingard.....and it worked for the first half, almost. So i'm expecting the same thing to happen, he knows we are more vulnerable to counters than city are, so he's bound to try it again. So if he goes with 3 center backs we would either have to go with either two up front and nothing out wide, or go false 9 and have four in midfield (trumps their 3) and two wide players, then use the three attacking midfielders to get into the box feeding off the wide balls from Eden and Pedro. If we dump one up front, they will be on their own with not much support from the midfield, i can just see Higuain or Giroud running round amongst a forest of red shirts.
  3. Kepa Azpilcueta Rudiger Luiz Emerson Jorginho(i suppose) Kante Barkley RLC Pedro Hazard
  4. Either win the next 3 domestic games, or the next 3 European games, and were back in the CL. Two bites at it, it's in our hands on both fronts, we cannot afford to fail, the club and Roman know it, Sarri knows it, we all know it.
  5. 3 games left and it's in our own hands now, 76 points or bust.
  6. Not sure if you have your tongue in cheek, but yes that was a temporary measure due to injuries, this pairing is our 2nd? and 3rd choice center backs, the ones that are meant to be big and strong, not like wet paper bags.
  7. No coincidence, Christensen is no replacement for Rudiger, and with Luiz and Christensen at the back your only seconds away from conceding. Thinking back at all the center back pairings over the last 20 years, i don't think it gets any worse than an ageing David Luiz next to a young Christensen, both have plenty of mistakes each game, add to that behind them is a young keeper who doesn't command his defence and 6yd box at set plays, then we surely have the worst cb/keeper pairing in over 25 years.
  8. Looked like he stretched the bottom of his right calf as he landed.
  9. well done ref, no more f**king about wasting time, people pay good money to watch football..
  10. They still not mentioned it was possibly offside for their 2nd goal, looked like it was on my tv paused.
  11. Jesus Christ every week a player has a screamer of the season against us.
  12. Go change his nappy quick it's KO.....he stinks.
  13. Facebook was investing millions from 2004, and didn't float on the markets till 2012, that's 8 years of investing in the brand without any return. Crap analogies must run in the family.
  14. If you stop your pathetic analogies, i'll quit my not so 'good counter arguments'.

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