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  1. scoring early and having half hearted opposition helps,
  2. Zoummmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh unlucky off the line
  3. We have our -3 back from wba, now lets get an advance.
  4. will this be the last ever time we play against a 2012 legend ?
  5. Cahill stopping the header, still a great defender imo.
  6. I think Tommy took Havertz to see a hypnotherapist and convinced him he's Brazilian.
  7. Looking very crisp and quick in our attacks today,
  8. If it's not healed properly he should forget playing international football totally until it has healed properly, maybe take the whole summer to rest, give it 8 weeks and then rejoin the Chelsea team for pre-season.
  9. You are right Scott he's had to fit into a high possession system that doesn't really favour his game, i agree, the huge problem is if we try to play a more end-to-end game with less possession, but more quality possession, where we find ourselves in attacking situations 3v3 or 4v4 rather than 3v7 4v8, but then we lose control of the game and become defensively vulnerable, going from a team that is hard to beat, to an utter shambles. Werner should be capable of fitting into this system if he improves one thing, his finishing, it's the one part of Werners game i am hugely disappointed with
  10. I think he will make it by the end of the season, we'll get top 4 and who knows what else ? the season will be a success and the weight will be lifted from his shoulders for next season when we push city for the top spot.
  11. To hasten a resolve to the problem we have up front, either make him or break him, i believe he will succeed if Tommy keeps persevering with him.
  12. I'm all for Tammy getting some time again, but Werner must start almost every game, and Havertz, we have to find out one way or the other if they can handle it. So far it doesn't look good but only a fool would give up this early on them. Tammy can be on the fringe getting the odd start against the likes of Fulham and Palace, impact player from the bench, and cover for injury to Werner.
  13. yeah my bad thought you meant this season, but i do think its unfair to compare his epl goal record to his championship record. if giroud or werner played championship football they would have scored plenty of goals and had worse epl records by comparison.
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