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  1. Better rest a few players in this game we've got City 3 days later.
  2. Ryan Giggs denies assaulting two women....... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56911812
  3. Can you please point out to me what Bob said that makes you think he's of African descent ? i just looked and he doesn't mention anything to give you that idea, you were the first to bring up African descent.
  4. Do you also assume that the people supporting Pulisic are of Croatian descent? Lets swap it around. using Pulisic this time, would you say "you must be of Croatian descent" ? no you wouldn't, you would assume they are American because his nationality is American, the country he plays for.
  5. Well i totally disagree on this one mate
  6. Rio isnt saying that, he's saying that they don't get the same treatment, which is complete bollocks proven by the fact last night in our biggest game, we had Mount on the pitch and Havertz and Ziyech on the bench, so yes its bollocks.
  7. Assuming Bob Stark is of African decent just because Callum is black is pathetic.
  8. Next up 721 pop groups with fruits in the name. My cunning plan to get Malta the win with his extensive knowledge of berries.
  9. He's talking utter bollocks.
  10. We stand tall and remain very much still in it, that's all we could of asked for.
  11. For our goal Timo took Varane into the 6yd box with his run and created the space for Pulisic to score.
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