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  1. on my feet as we speak, no flip flops but very similar suede number with open toes, very hippy.
  2. I discover adidas no show socks with soft bottoms a few years back, life is almost perfect now.
  3. 45 to go and you can bet the next 45 Porto will poor forward, I think we should get Werner straight on the pitch at HT for Pulisic, Christian looks like he needs a rest. Werner will have sh*t loads of space and pace, lets see him rip Pepe apart.
  4. Get Werner on if were going to be breaking like that all game....
  5. Match facts Chelsea have won the first leg of a Champions League knockout tie for the 11th time, progressing on eight of the previous 10 occasions, failing only against Barcelona in 1999-2000 and Liverpool in 2006-07. There have only been four previous occasions of a side progressing after losing the first leg of a Champions League knockout tie without scoring a goal at 'home' - Ajax in 1995-96 vs Panathinaikos, Inter Milan in 2010-11 vs Bayern Munich, Manchester United in 2018-19 vs Paris SG and Spurs in 2018-19 vs Ajax. Chelsea have won each of their last two matches in Europe
  6. How would they know it's a hamstring ? just guess work,? maybe he just got a knock and the mole leaked it.
  7. people were getting edgy, so i requested the 4th goal to settle us down.
  8. put it all on the yellow lion.
  9. it's easy if you can convert fractions to percentages. 1/100 is 1% return, put on £100 get £101 back. 8/11 is 72.72% return, put on £100 and get £172.72 back. 2/1 is 200% return. 9/1 is 900% return 40 is 4000% return 66 is 6600% return, put on £100 get £6700 back.
  10. Basically since covid hit us and fans have been absent, Tammy has struggled to score, thats why he should still be in the squad next season and part of the set up, i think he's one of those players who needs loving, Tommy seems like a strict teacher, but he may soften up when he hears the fans reaction to Abraham coming on the pitch.
  11. The landscape will be different by the time we meet. The game is sandwiched between their CL semi-final 2nd leg, and the FA cup final, they will already be champions by then, plus we will know by then if we are playing them in the CL final. With that in mind the league game will be a dead rubber for them with nothing to gain and plenty to lose.
  12. To finish in top 4 odds....
  13. Yeah but they do have those new stadiums to sit in, so don't feel too sorry for them.
  14. Son grabbed mctominay so he tried to fend him off, its so obvious its just 50/50, too much VAR interference when not required
  15. if we had to pick a winner i would say west ham, but a draw would be ideal.
  16. The Leicester game will be very interesting, were a different beast to the last time we played them, you can almost say for sure the winner of that game will get top 4 and the loser will struggle.
  17. We should assume Porto will get the two away goals over 90 mins, so we should play to score two in the first 45 mins and destroy their theory, play like we did the weekend and finish the game off quickly. I would pick the same team as against Palace, but finish the game with James for CHO, Kante for Jorginho, and Werner for Pulisic.
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