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  1. Fair play not our best game, but we got it done. Good job lads, special shout out to Reece and Kepa big pressure to repeat after the last shootout and they did.
  2. You can tell the difference between the first string and the second and it's not just individual quality for me it's the intensity when we press. Until Mount and Chillwell came on the press was so weak.
  3. Nice with Chilly Chilly Alonso on plus James CHO must be playing fwd now
  4. Here comes the cavalry, Mounty or Chilly to get the winner
  5. It's nice to know we still have our best attacking weapon on the bench so in theory we can only get better once Mason comes on in theory ofc
  6. Tbf when you look at what's on the bench at least from an attacking perspective this is the best Tuchel could put out without risking Mounty. Kai and Ross both had good chances and have been a bit wasteful, but I think someone will get another for us maybe CHO or Ziyech
  7. Tbf he's not a second striker that's not his game, he's not been amazing but at least he put in a good ball not to mention he has pressed out of possesion as well
  8. Can't say we exactly deserve to be ahead, but we took our chance and we go into the half leading. Best possible scenario now they have to open up let's hope we can be clinical on the counter
  9. Fair play from saul though great pass, shame Marcos didn't shoot
  10. Get CHO over on the left as a fwd play Ross alongside Kova in the pivot and swap Saul out for Dave so James can go rwb I think we would see a much better attacking display in our standard 3421
  11. Not the biggest fan of 352 shape with this squad it's not so much the personnel, but whenever we play it this season it's just not felt as fluid
  12. Really good try on his weaker foot, hopefully Kai is up for it get a goal or two and we can wrap him up in cotten since he's our only recognised cf atm
  13. Too long there Ross needs to release quicker, Ziyech was free in the middle
  14. Fair play to them mate, one day they'll probably end up like Barca and to a lesser extent Madrid High wage players mediocrity throughout the squad and an average coach (definitely not Madrid rn)
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