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  1. Like so many in our squad he has underwhelmed but again like so many others in our squad he turns up in big games.
  2. 90min put out their top 20 managers. Rip Jose (I still think he can bounce back). TT is pretty well placed, I think were we to finish with the double he would arguably be the best coach in the world. Based off last seasons results I can't fault too many of these placements.
  3. Underwhelming season by his Ajax standards. Yet he still manages to contribute when it matters, really excited to see how well he can play once settled for a couple of seasons. He also presses very well and actually fits in with the squad imo despite what some may say. Ironically him and Werner have surprisingly switched roles. Timo has been providing top tier assists and Ziyech has been finishing moves off.
  4. Just a reminder of the depth in squad we have. Cho is a big weapon for us even when he's not playing regularly. He has the direct running that only Pulisoc and maybe Mount posses in this squad. To size a player up and attempt to go past them successfully regularly throughout a match. He is like so many in this squad a wild card.
  5. The fact his assists are so close to his goals is no coincidence. According to who scored that's 13 goals and 12 assists for Chelsea this season in all comps (I believe not including pens won). He looks more confident when he's offside because those are the chances he's more used to where he has time and space to pick his shot. Really glad he's surprised many and took on the playmaker role this season we really needed one who could give out assists. Now imagine he adds more goals (which we know he can) to his already steadily improving playmaking he could become a real problem for t
  6. Huge win lads huge. This game has nothing to do with the UCL final make no mistake. Yes we get in their heads but this game is all about the league. Winning 2 of our 3 last games will secure top 4. We are 3rd from 10th I'm getting drunk tonight. I hope we gate keep them in UCL finals we are so hungry for this.
  7. One thing about Marcos and why we have to keep him over Emerson is he scores goals. One of the few remaining members of Conte's title winners
  8. Wrong decision from Alonso. Simple for me if you go for goal it has to be on target there or you pull it back for the potential assist. Oh well
  9. Psychologically a draw suits both teams but Chelsea more so. Both want to avoid a loss which could hurt in their momentum. Werner's looks so good when he's offside he's calm composed if we can bring that version of him out at all times gg English football.
  10. Honestly bro the Maguire example springs to mind like honestly can any referee seriously keep a straight face and tell me headlocking the opponent is ok.
  11. Any other team that's a sending off. If its us 100% a red
  12. Nvm we just got given a gift from god. Justice they miss the pen
  13. This is the third time this season we've done this just before half time collapsed... Buuuut seriously suspect refereeing we should have been allowed to bring on a defender rather than play 11v10.
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