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  1. Its true and that's why I would prefer we play Werner though the middle more often. It allows us to play another creative player next to Mount to maximise opportunities in attack.
  2. We're going to need a striker one way or the other. Especially if Giroud is leaving and with question marks over Tammy. Of those 8 attackers only 2-3 are out and out strikers so one way or the other we will at least target 1 more attacker this summer.
  3. After they beat us earlier in the season looking for revenge in this fixture. This game was the start of our form slide who knows what could have happened had Mendy not made that mistake. They sealed us out and won 1-0 now its our turn to do the same and hopefully get a couple more to throw down a marker that we are here to challenge every team that stands before us until the end of the season. The only thing I'm unsure of is who plays through the middle, I would like a pretty similar line up to the liverpool game. Defensively solid, maybe switch Alonso with Chilly B. Keep James in
  4. Out of all the players on the market Sancho is the closest to Hazard in terms of output for a team. He gets a similar amount of goals and assists each season, always likely to get 10g and 10a each season which is big for a 20yr old. I like Haaland and we do need an elite attacker but if we really do have money to burn and he doesn't want to come I would go for Jadon. We should be able to get him for under 80m and then a decent striker hopefully below £50. My only issue is how stacked we are in attack already. If we stick with 343 I have no idea how we could bench anymore attacking s
  5. Random suggestion but if we can't sign Haaland. I could see Depay as quite an attractive option as a striker. Similar profile to Werner in the sense that he can play on the wing and through the middle. If TT likes what he saw in the french league Depay could be a good shout to replace Giroud if he leaves. Due to his style he brings assists and goals which is something we are lacking at the moment. Add in the fact he would be for free and if it doesn't work out that's at least a £40m sale it could be a win win.
  6. This!! It's funny how we only pass forward to break the lines when we play a high press but are reluctant against a low block when we catch them in transition and there's finally space in behind. Occasionally we do but no where near as often as is needed to create enough 1v1s centrally. Even then some of our opportunities last game were not taken but, I'm hoping after the Liverpool game the team understands that playing the ball earlier and using our pace will be a great weapon going forward.
  7. The guy is 22 its not like he's in his prime. He will get game time at Chelsea, TT is probably just using the same method with him as Kante sonce their both injury prone. He will slowly introduce him to a starting birth and be extra careful in the mins that he gets.
  8. I wouldn't say others don't rate him, I think more and more neutrals and rival fans have taken notice. It will be in the Euros where he finally gets nationwide adoration and then we will be laughing because he's all ours!!
  9. Just your standard VAR thread I didn't see one so made this, if there is one mods delete this. Following on from last night's events I feel myself falling out of love with this country's refereeing and thereby to an extent the football itself. In a world where level is now offside it begs the question what are the future implications for the offside rule in football. With games decided by the finest margins why has VAR failed to live up to the hype. We were told VAR would be used for clear and obvious errors. Not to mention the last time I checked the referee has the final say
  10. I agree to an extent, I really want to see him too but I've come to the conclusion that between Kai, Ziyech and Pulisic the main reason I think we haven't seen too much of them is the technical skills required for the role. We need a player who won't lose possesion more than anything else, alongside contributing to the attack. The best managers all talk about minimising mistakes to 0 per game. Losing possession as we all know can lead to goal scoring opportunities. As it stands all three of these players are guilty of losing the ball fairly often. This is in part attributed to adapting to
  11. I would say you can add a couple more successful managers under Roman to this. I would include Ancelotti in the way in which he tailors the system to the players he has available and gets the most out of them. As well as Mourinho mk1 in the grinding out of wins and clean sheets.
  12. That's fair although, imo I will more often than not regard 4231 as a counter attack system. It can combine possession based football with counter attack. If you look at some of the goals he scored last season and for dortmund they are him exploiting the space in behind the defense. That is almost always on the counter since there would be hardly any space in behind if we were camped in their half. Pulisic thrives on transition and being able to isolate players in 1v1 scenarios a good example is his goal vs Man city last year or a couple of his goals in the hatrick vs Burnley.
  13. Pulisic alongside Werner and even Havertz to an extent work best in counter attack teams not possession based so it's always going to be a period of adjustment for them. His strengths really aren't exploited in this system alongside the fact others have mentioned our players don't release the ball forward into space enough. Especially in centeral areas it's criminal how often our speedy players make runs centrally and get ignored. For Puli he has to keep his head down and keep working hard, his time will come. It feels like we've gone back in time to Autumn last year before he starte
  14. Life is good when your favourite players start busting out Dragon ball z goal celebrations. Very weird feeling being old and young enough to get the reference how times have changed 😂
  15. I've been saying for a long time we shouldn't be worried about him. If this is him in bad form I'm honestly excited to see what he looks like when he has one of his famous hot streaks. Alongside Mount he is one of the players that has played the most games for us this season and for good reason under two different managers. Tuchel has already proven that the price tag means nothing you get into this starting 11 on merit alone. Werner is our most productive player this season he leads the team in assists and has a combined goals and assists of 19 in 36 games. That's more than some of
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