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  1. This is mouth watering.....look how many attackers we have on. I hope to see fast precise passing and lots of runs of the ball and in behind.
  2. For once I don't think it can be completely put on the board. Sure they should have had their targets from before the summer and as soon as the window opened they should have been made priorities. But, the market from what I've seen for strikers isn't great especially the higher quality ones. You're looking at £100m just to get some teams at the negotiation table. There are strikers that would come cheaper but, don't fit the profile we are seeking Griezmann, Martinez, Jovic, etc.
  3. Insane is a bit of an overreaction. Let's not forget that this strike force and team is what took us to a UCL win.... Add in a promising youngster alongside a player who may feel hard done and want to prove himself I wouldn't say its as disastrous as you and some may see it. We signed over £200m worth of talent last season, Timo and Kai may just need some time to find their feet but, as a duo represent a very good option up top if we cannot sign an out and out striker. I would rather stick with those 4 then sign a Bakayoko/Drinkwater/Emerson tier striker. We only want elite players now to compliment what we already have. Why waste £30-50m on mid tier striker? If Haaland, Lewandowski, Lukaku or Kane want to come and we can afford them then fair enough. As things stand none of those deals seem likely. So maybe you could support the players we have as well as the coach and have some faith in our team.
  4. I don't think we will sign a striker, none of our primary targets seem motivated to want to move. All the clubs that would sell are neither in a position where they have to, or even want to sell. I personally see this as a blessing is disguise. Tammy hasn't done much to convince me he is our solution but I would be willing to let him try. Aside from him presuming he does stay or even if he doesn't we still have 3 other options. Timo playing through the middle could work with him moving out wide whilst players like Havertz and Pulisic attack the box. Havertz can reprise his role as either a false 9 or an actual striker. He looks very promising, we're still yet to really know this young man's best position. He's shown ability as a number 10, 9 and in between. Finally the player I'm really surprisingly more excited for than I thought I would be Broja. I'm pretty sure he will stay with us and I think he deserves a shot just like the previous academy boys got with Lamps. He's been on a similar route as Mount (loans) and I think he could suprise a few (not us fans we know he's good but the rest of the league).
  5. I hear conflicting reports from the media everyday regarding a lot of players and clubs. Apparently Arsenal are enquiring about Martinez from Inter. Supposedly no one else was for sale from Inter however, his asking price is apparently £77m and they would listen to offers. I can't see him going from Inter to Arsenal but, stranger things have happened. On the one hand that's a lot of money and he may not work out if we did go in for him, on the other I'd argue he's a top top player and anything less than £80m should be considered a bargain if that's what he's going for (has only 2 years left including this up coming season). Thoughts?
  6. Trying not to get too excited but, hope this deal goes through. Having another cb competing will just up the levels even more. If we can't improve our attack through signings then we might as well improve what we're already best in the world at.....our def. If this puts pressure on Andreas, Toni, Cesar and Thiago this is good. They were already superb under TT and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone (well at least not us fans). My only fear is what another poster said about Madrid being back in for him, I read somewhere Madrid is his dream club and I hope now Ramos and Varane are gone they don't try and snipe this deal.
  7. I guess it depends how much emphasis and importance we place on playing actual matches. For me I would agree with you that it's not the longest amount of time and definitely not ideal. However, I think Mount amongst others will still get plenty of time to work with the coaches since we're not at the part of the season where TT took over and we had to prep for two games per week. As training will be less hectic with less focus on specific opponents, I would assume that 1 and a half weeks with Tuchel for some will still be enough for them to at least slowly hit match fitness, its not like we dont have a large squad in which we can slowly introduce players back in by the start of the season. Since they've been playing nonstop football for a year. These past 2/3 weeks or however long it's been since the Euros ended shouldn't effect their match fitness too much. I would still expect some match fitness my only fear would be that some could be at risk of overdoing it or burning out.
  8. Our first game is the 11th in the Super Cup either they will play some part in this or most likely in our first league game which If I'm remembering correctly is the 14th. So we're still looking at over 2 weeks. I wouldn't be too concerned I'd rather they have their break and come back fresher rather than rushed back, especially considering how deep our squad is. Let's not forget how much TT improved some of our players in such a short amount of time, even 1 week/ 1 week and a half of pre season is better than none.
  9. For whatever reason the app and the website wouldn't work for me and some others.
  10. Anyone struggling to find the game, try youtube I think there's at least a couple streams on right now. I suspect we may see a strong team 2nd half as well, perhaps Werner, Kai, Barkles, Rudi, Kova, Kante and anyone else who I've forgotten.
  11. Do we honestly believe anything sky sports says though? According to them a bid for Haaland is right round the corner let alone when we were apparently agreeing contract terms with Hakimi and looked 'likely to sign him'. I don't really believe anything online unless its from a few proven journalists. As far as the media go they will run any story for clicks and views. If Tammy is to leave its most likely because he wants to not because of the club. It will be more likely a search for more regular minutes.
  12. I think we'll go into the season with Broja, Abraham, Werner & Havertz as our striking options. I think we'll probably make two signings a cb and either a midfielder or a player that can play multiple positions. It seems Kounde will be the cb and maybe if we can convince the hammers we sign Rice for £70m with add ons
  13. For anyone that hasn't seen the interview https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12365616/haaland-i-hope-huge-chelsea-bid-is-just-a-rumour To be honest I have to agree with the last few posters. I can't see us being seriously interested in spending that amount of money if Erling hadn't even spoken to his agent in a month. Realistically he would have been told at least something. I don't think we will be the first English club to break the £100 million transfer ceiling. In fact we didn't even break £75m until 3 other English clubs had already done so prior.
  14. Let's just wait and see...normally we don't see this much smoke without at least a little spark or fire. I gained some peace of mind recently coming to the conclusion I didn't care so much one way or the other but, if we are going to offer £130m it doesn't just happen straight the way this is a very complex deal. Rumour has it we will make the offer so lets see if these people with their "special" blue ticks are right.
  15. Conte's 17/18 summer made no sense. They gave him players the summer before to challenge for the league, why would you then decrease the level of the squad by adding sub par players. I think the board overestimated Conte's coaching ability....like he's good but no one is that good. If you look at the other squads attack that season it's no wonder we finished 5th. Liverpool, City, Spurs all had better attacks than us ours was Hazard do all the work. Had we kept Costa it would have been a different story. Regarding Tuchel he's already said he just wants to coach now, I think he knows the way elite level clubs operate now after his tenure at psg. Sure he will want signings but, I'm sure he's realistic about what can and can't happen regarding transfers it's not just about who is available or whether they want to come.
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