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  1. Thus explaining why Tammy Abraham should never be given offside!
  2. Few lessons for Frank there in terms of changes. The Giroud Abraham one was totally pointless. The other two were probably the right changes but came far too late. Should have happened well before the equaliser. Not Frank's fault that Willian came on and played like Carlton Palmer.
  3. Not just him. Also Kovacic. He already looks like a premier league player under Lampard whereas under Sarri he looked like a sh*te Dale Jasper.
  4. Haha, that was as much of a penalty as I am blessed with the hair of Huggy Bear
  5. Kante playing his natural game makes a huge difference. Sarri's use of Kante was like using Picasso to doodle Southpark cartoons. Head and shoulders the best player on the park. Pulisic looks very lively too.
  6. Our first 11 is way behind them, certainly up front at least. We don't have a single top class goalscorer. I take your point about potential but that's a lot of hope being placed on pulisic and Hudson Odoi and they are a number of years from peaking. As for our centre forward options I honestly wouldn't buy any of them if I was managing Norwich let alone a top 6 team.
  7. But who is going to cut the half time oranges?
  8. loz

    Tammy Abraham

    You're still pining after Jimmy. As Liam put it 'those eyes, that arse...'
  9. Does this mean I'm no longer getting my second revenue stream from 'Milkandjugs. Com'?
  10. Bottom line is that we largely played well but got humped harder than I did in a dubious dream I had the details of which I really shouldn't go into! I cant be arsed dissecting the entire game but a few points are... Zouma had a mare and confirmed that he is comfortably third choice once Rudiger is back. Arguably 4th choice if you consider that we also have the option of Azpilicueta in the centre. Mount clearly looks like a player who will have no problem stepping up to be a regular in the Premier league. Pedro still loves to run around a lot but that eyes wide shut disease when he passes the call is as attractive as my arse in a thong. And, surely as we already knew, we are as toothless as Trump's claims that men called Juan, Luis and Miguel will build a border wall.
  11. And boiled cabbage. It's basically the online equivalent of your living room.
  12. I'd recommend an annual subscription to sports donkey.
  13. I do like a snifter of port at Christmas

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