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  1. I'd like to see us pressure United to make a long term decision on De Gea by putting in a decent bid for Henderson. He wants to be first choice at Utd and has proven he merits it. We wouldn't need to pay the f**ked up release clause for Oblak (who is undoubtedly quality) and he helps with the home grown quota.
  2. All about the result I guess but f**k me how is this team third in the league. Whatever we do in the window please let us come out of it with a backbone and a leader as both are massively missing.
  3. Qualifying for the CL is nothing to do with having serious expectations about winning it. It is far more to do with making us a more attractive proposition to potential transfer targets. Teams not in CL have attracted big targets before but there ks no doubt its easier with the CL carrot. Also the CL money pot is more and more important due to FFP and the economic climate.
  4. I'd love for Kante to be back but I think it unlikely or, if he is, he would be getting rushed back out of desperation and would be playing at 80% and just risking further injury. It really is at a point where we may as well let the defence choose who to play through a best of three game of shove penny shove. I am certainly not for bring complacent just because its Norwich. We have been sh*te for weeks and any team in the league can see points in us. Surely Kovacic and Giroud will start ahead of Tammy and maybe Mount. I can see Jorginho starting again assuming Kante is not avail
  5. It was the sort of game he has always looks poor in. Under pressure he buckles. Given time and space he looks quality. Even if we keep him and he is playing well I'd never be inclined to play him against a team like Sheff Utd. Unfortunately we didn't have many options today. But he was no worse than anyone else today.
  6. At least we can save time arguing over who played badly! Diabolical all over the park. Bar the late subs there isn't a player who remotely played anywhere near average . Maybe only Kepa absolved of blame as he was totally abandoned by our defence throughout. Three big games coming up, our confidence is f**ked and Lampard really seems out of ideas to get a performance out of a collection of below par players. If it wasn't Frank I'm sure there would be more question marks over his future.
  7. I actually don't mind those changes We need to chase the game and the wing backs should help that. However it also needed Giroud on as Abraham will feed on balls from the flank like Linda McCartney fed on beef brisket.
  8. You could easily justify being the first team in a competitive game to make five changes at half time. Unfortunately we can't change Barkley, Jorghino and Mount as we don't have three options on the bench. If we did I'd be minded to do so. All three awful. Surely one of them will be hooked. Not a lot of point changing a centre half as they are all as dodgy as each other. Was it last week Zouma was now first choice? Now he is utter gash again. Could maybe bring on Alonso and put Azpilicueta into centre. There really isn't anything surprising about this. We are bloody fortunate to have got t
  9. I think the love for Zouma after the Palace game really emphasises how poor we are defensively. Without bothering to look I'll wager I'll find posts saying he has to go and isn't remotely good enough to be a first team player. The same posts exist for all our centre half options. Today he played well and made that tackle at the death. But he also conceded a totally unnecessary corner not long before that. We got away with it. Against West Ham, Rudiger did the same and we didn't get away with it. He got hammered for it. Next week Zouma may make a cock up and suddenly he will be back in the 'ge
  10. I thought he was top class when he came on today. And I'm one who has been very critical of him in the past. Brought a calmness and level head which Gilmour, Barkley, Mount and RLC all failed to bring whilst Palace were dominating possession. I felt he should have started the game rather than Gilmour (which I did say a day or two ago) to bring a little more experience to the midfield and not expose Gilmour to a level of pressure at such a young age. Couldn't understand why RLC came on instead of Jorginho and I was questioning Lampard then...then he created the goal for Abraham and I accept
  11. Thoroughly undeserved three points but I'll take it all day long. Looking to limp over the line then come back stronger next season with a number of much improved players. Fair play to Jorginho for his performance at the end. Does no f**ker just clear their lines anymore?
  12. Dear@coco Whitehall isn't my pseudonym...honest [emoji3]
  13. In fairness if you are using the Leicester game to determine selections then we would start against Palace with three players! Watford he was barely on for ten minutes.
  14. If Kante and Kovacic both out which looks likely I think there is a clear case for Jorginho starting. Not however because of any concern about Gilmour's form. More because there is an argument that we might benefit from a bit of calm experience as we can assume that Mount and Barkley will start. Yes Barkley is fairly experienced but he isn't a calming and controlling influence. It's a lot of pressure to place on Gilmour's very young shoulders. Yes he handled it well earlier in season but this is the ball squeezing CL make or break part of the season and that is a different animal. Of course
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