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  1. And if Boris is making a c**t of it then Trump is a c**t with a severe venereal disease. Anyone in America watching the live broadcast from the White House will be considering digging a bunker.
  2. I'm from a left wing upbringing and I wouldn't. However that doesn't for a second mean I have any time for how the country has been lead by Johnson. He has been a shambles and anyone using the 'Corbyn would have been a disaster argument' to somehow justify Johnson being a screw up is simply saying they are both sh*te leaders. Which they both are. I actually think the Tory Government has, purely from a financial perspective, done the right thing however they were the easy decisions which any government would have made. There was no option but to throw money at supporting businesses and communities. If you can't be honest about your political party of choice then you're just a bull with a ring in your nose. The Tory party has neglected and pissed on the NHS for decades, whether in government or not, and it is pathetic that they are now desperately trying to use them as a shining beacon of how great we can all be. However Labour, since they became new Labour, has also done very little to reverse the damage the Tory government did. Blair just continued it and, as a nation, we lost any chance of rejecting an excessive capitalist mentality. By the time Corbyn became Labour leader his ideas too buried in history to have a remote chance of success. Politically we are now like America's 51st state. Totally wrapped up in the size of our own wallet and struggling to see beyond our own hedge, wall, or flat front door. I do find it sad that anyone in the UK on average or less than average wage finds themselves voting Tory but I see that as a criticism of the Labour Party for taking those people for granted for too long under Blair. Scotland is dominated by the SNP now because the Tories pissed on the country for years and because Labour took them for granted for the same period of time. Labour are now paying a price for doing the same in England.
  3. In fairness to Spurs (christ that feels wrong) I don't think they can do that until there is a wider agreement with the players union. I'm pretty sure this will be coming for all clubs
  4. I think those of you who had accepted Liverpool's title should be ashamed of yourselves. There have been too many great comebacks in football history to be given out prizes early. Losses of form Injuries Earth stopping plague I had all of them on my Xmas list.
  5. Splitter! More seriously though... The whole day to day reaction to COVID-19 has been typical of the contradiction of human knee jerking. NHS and supermarket staff are understandably getting massive applause for their efforts. But on the flip side social media is seeing people getting arsey because councils are reducing collections of recyclates and glass but trying to maintain general waste collections. So we are understandable about schools closing but heaven help us if plastic and cardboard doesn't get collected for a month or two. I'm involved in tactical group meetings every day at 4pm to make decisions on maintaining or suspending the delivery of key services and how to get supplies out to vulnerable groups or ensure the delivery of protective equipment to people who need it. It's actually quite humbling to see what certain people are doing across the country but equally frustrating to see people moaning like f**k about a reduction in non vital services, or not being able to go dogging in public parks or, as I saw today, someone moaning because their milk from Waitrose went sour two days before its best before date.
  6. I think the question 'how to end the season?' really depends on the decision taken. If the decision is to award Liverpool the title the answer is to focus on the asterisk beside their name in the history book and state that it is a sporting achievement on a par with my secondary school badminton bronze medal. If the decision is to make the season null and void then the answer is a celebratory barbecue with booze, loud music and the finest steaks since Shergar went missing.
  7. One of the guys in my team was gutted that he was limited to buying two bottles of wine. I took the time to explain you can buy it in 3 litre boxes thus meaning he could buy 8 bottles at a time. I see a boss of the year award on the horizon.
  8. Quantative easing is already well underway. Possibly too soon.
  9. In particular restaurants, cinemas, theatres, pubs, clubs, etc
  10. Can't see it being flat but I can see the downturn being more temporary than some might envisage. A large number of businesses will look to recover quickly as people come back to work and that will stimulate the economy. However I think the leisure industry will be in for a far harder time as they can't recover easily.
  11. My slightly educated guess (it's kind of my field) is a contraction on the UK economy of around 3% in the best case scenario. More likely about 3.5%. I'm supposed to be writing a 10 year financial strategy at work right now but I'm thinking I should just hand in a one pager which says' We are f**ked like Michael Douglas in a ten dollar brothel' However I actually don't think that will be the case. Employment is being given a degree of protection which is important. So whilst a recession is inevitable I don't think it will be a long and drawn out one. I think there will be a degree of bounce back quite quickly. That said I am entirely prepared to have got this as wrong as I did when I said the ipad would flop and that Brian Laudrup would be a great signing! '

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