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  1. Sounds odd when he got two goals but did Willian really show up. Two set piece goals but offered very little otherwise. A shed load of half breaks then a blind pass or cross which was nothing more than hopeful. I thought he was poor tonight bar taking advantage of the set piece opportunities.
  2. I don't disagree. If a player is out of form then no disputing at all that they shouldn't be exempt from being dropped. My point is more longer term than temporary form. I mentioned a lot of players who I don't think are up to the standard required if we are genuinely targeting challenging for titles in the near future. That has nothing to do with form and everything to do with ability. However as you, consistently, see it as all about Jorginho then I may as well. Is he a player, in his role, who will be a key player in a title challenging side? No. Is he a top four, there or thereabouts player? Absolutely. We have many of them but you only really have one focus so it's pointless talking more widely. I hope we sell him whilst we can still get decent value for him and reinvest the money. There are others I feel the same about but you don't really invest much time in considering them.
  3. Not quite as amazing as your ability to choke yourself because I didn't worship Jorginho when I mentioned a stack of other players as well.
  4. Not sure why there is so much shock and horror at tonight's result. Ignore where West Ham are in the league and where we are. 1. They always raise their game against us massively 2. We have been ridiculously fortunate to get six points out of the last two games before tonight . We could quite easily be sitting here after three back to back defeats. We have a long list of first team players who aren't really title challenging quality and a slightly shorter list who aren't really CL qualification players. There is a sh*t load of work to do with this squad and we need to be realistic about expectations. No team has 11 top class players but title challenging ones have a backbone that is and one or two stars. We don't gave that. Pulisic is a potential star in the making but Abraham will never be top drawer and Willian continues to fade. CHO is young and has potential but I remain to be convinced he is all that or that his attitude is that of a top professional. In midfield Kante is the only proven winner. Kovacic and Jorginho are unlikely to ever be key players in a consistently top quality side and Barkley certainly isn't. Mount, I think, has absolutely the right commitment and attitude. Maybe not as naturally talented as say Gilmour but he has clear potential and needs a guiding hand. Gilmour is the natural talent. Early signs are that he has a level head and is calm. He is the one I'd roll the dice with and play regularly whilst accepting he will sometimes make the mistakes you will get from a young player. At the back we are a mess and need an overhaul. There is no commanding leader. Azpilicueta is the only one who has the ability of a top class defender but his best days are behind him. None of the rest would regularly feature in the first team to of a top class team. That also includes Kepa who is nowhere near a top class keeper. I know that all sounds ridiculous when you consider we are fourth in the league and in the cup semis so I apply the caveat that it is based on where we are targeting being given that the purse strings are open again.
  5. That would be my team apart maybe from starting Abraham ahead of Giroud.
  6. I think you're overlooking the fact that Kante's best position can't be equated to an Italian word that ends with 'ista'. If it could then none of this dilemma would he occurring and there would be recognition that he is the thing the dog likes to lick. To try and resolve this I urge Lampard to lobby social media sites to back the creation of a role called 'BroOfKantesSista' That should resolve this complex issue.
  7. Without a doubt. I don't believe players with that potential will develop sufficiently if they get 15 minutes three times a season when 3 0 up with rest of team cruising, or the odd league Cup match against Macc Town. He needs a decent amount of game time in meaningful games. Otherwise he will end up being another loan deal.
  8. To be honest I thought he had an absolute howler (and I agree others did on first half) and Lampard got it spot on making wholesale changes at half time. My concern was that he was going to do same as he did against Villa and wait longer to hook players. However he is a just a kid and in normal circumstances you'd expect a performance like that from time to time. This was his first run out since resumption and players far more experienced have looked just as rusty. He looked a bit gutted when sitting on stands in second half and that's no bad thing. He is a talent, no doubt about it, for me the most exciting young talent we've had for decades. Thankfully for him the transfer ban and having a manager willing to trust in kids has happened at right time for him. If I had to pick one of him, James, RLC, Abraham, and Mount who would be a first team player in 5 years it would be Gilmour.
  9. Too many Chelsea fans writing him off. People forget he is only 23 which is nowhere near peak age for a centre half. I'd be happy to keep him as long as he wasn't looking to be a guaranteed starter and I don't get the impression that's on his nature.
  10. If we can come to terms with@yorkleyblue and the Daily Mail being in agreement then you should find this turmoil easier.
  11. Still far from convinced he is a real top drawer keeper. In fairness he isn't playing behind the strongest back four which tends to result in a keeper losing a bit of confidence but there are some weaknesses to his game which I suspect will continue to haunt him throughout his career. That said I don't see us replacing him before next season. We have more pressing priorities to address first.
  12. Not sure we will. This is a meaningless game for City and I doubt they will want to risk him. Might give him 15 minutes.
  13. Best thing about that Pulisic strike (well other than scoring it and the comedy of Mendy being as mobile as John Coffey) was how calm Pulisic is. I wouldn't have fancied Abraham to finish that and Batshuayi would have knocked it out for a City corner!
  14. loz


    Giving Willian a three year deal makes no sense to me unless it's on substantially reduced wages and there is comfort he won't get mumpy about not being a regular. I am not one who has a downer on Willian and he has been a good servant to the club over the years. However his input to games is clearly on the decline and has been for a while. Sometimes you just have to part ways amicably and I feel this is the right time to do it. Granted there might be some concern about cover as Pulisic and CHO have their injury issues and also CHO is still very young and not really shown himself to be at a top flight performance level yet. However Werner is coming in and is versatile and we are clearly going to be spending more money before next season. Not convinced keeping Willian is the right answer now.
  15. I thought it was a strange change by Lampard. Under normal circumstances it made perfect sense but these are slightly odd times and bringing on a rusty defender to shore things up didn't make much sense to me. Inevitable they are going to be short of sharpness and you don't want that when trying to shut the back door. That and picking RLC to start were not Frank's best decisions but he also got his changes right as he hooked the two worst performers which turned the game. So all part of the learning curve I guess.

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