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  1. Hudson Odoi is going to be kicking his heels a lot this season if Pulisic and William keep up this level of performance. Other than those two major positive was James who really staked a claim to be a regular. Only really two negatives 1. Christ we need to practice our set pieces 2. We didn't get any VAR decisions go against us which places our position at the top of the 'we got f**ked over by an offsite ref' league table in jeopardy.
  2. I can just see the career defining interview.
  3. You wouldn't see that sort of irrational 'infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me' thinking on here would you...
  4. I don't think it's harsh. We only really scored 1 goal against 9 as the penalty to take it to 4 3 was all part of the same incident. For about 20 minutes we were at home against 9 men and they looked as likely as us to score for large parts of it. We never looked like a team playing intelligently. Against 9 men there is space everywhere. You keep playing short quick passes. There is no need to dribble round two players or go for extravagant pin point accuracy balls over the top. Keep it simple. We never did that.
  5. Exactly. It was a farcical decision. We got off the hook big time tonight. Even against 9 men we looked capable of losing it. The youngsters, possibly understandably, had no idea how to take advantage of the tow man advantage and the more experienced players didn't seem able to influence them in the way you might expect.
  6. About right. Abraham was very poor and I thought CHO was awful. Must admit I'm still to get on the CHO bandwagon. I'm not convinced he has the potential others think he does. The flip side is that James once again showed he is ready for the step up.
  7. Yes it was one red. Not two. Ridiculous to give two reds for the same passage of play. Not to worry though, in three weeks when we get a borderline offside given against us people will claim the world is against us!
  8. Hats off to Ajax. They fully deserved that point and deserved more. By far the better team until the ref lost his head. No way was that two reds but given that they were given we should have won it and we weren't good enough to do so. We didn't have the experience to take advantage.
  9. We are still very poor given we are playing 9 men. Failing miserably to use the space well
  10. This is when Claudio brings on Veron.
  11. Wait a minute. I thought we were picked on by refs.
  12. Christ , did you see the way the ref just scored for them.
  13. He certainly isn't in the class of Cech, De Gea, Allison etc but i don't think his case is helped by having two defenders out of four looking like championship players. Makes a massive difference to a keeper being confident in the guys in front of you and he hasn't has that all season. Lampard rely needs to be thinking about bringing on a quality defensive coach.

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