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  1. Nor could he find the Jade Monkey. Useless bastard that he was.
  2. No. He will bring Jody with him. Be crazy not to, its the only person he has experience working with in a managerial team.
  3. You could be right, the Scottish Football League may well be his level
  4. Isn't outside back a position in rugby? Have we been playing a rugby player all season? It would explain a lot.
  5. Nope, have to take the buy option. As sensible as Utd leaving Luke Shaw and Lukaku alone in Mrs Miggin's pie shop.
  6. £50m for Kovacic - you won't have seen money wasted like that since the Thatcher family bought a top of the range coffin then opted for cremation.
  7. If I wanted to keep the Irish away I'd just arrange it for a day when some Irishmen was on TV in a sporting event competing for a medal nobody cares about and nobody in Ireland had ever heard of four weeks previously.
  8. Juve have been quick off the mark issuing a new club logo
  9. You become a narky twat these past few years Yorkley? Did my absence hit you that hard? It's understandable but not forgivable. A man of your age should know better. There are kids listening.
  10. Probably better targeting something further through the season than that. Maybe February or March sort of time.
  11. Dry your eyes lads. He was a bang average manager with the same flaws that Wenger had but let's not forget large sections of Chelsea fans turned on him in a very public way. An Italian managing in England is just a job, not some boyhood dream. I see no reason why he should stroke Chelsea egos after leaving.
  12. @Pauly is 5 ft 2, failed miserably coaching an U12s team and kidded people on he passed the hours reading Italo Calvino and smoking pipes. I don't think that's him however that does look his his 'mama'
  13. That's because you are thinking of a DM in terms of the way they are defined in computer games rather than in real football - which is understandable, I see most women as looking like either Lara Croft or Marge Simpson with her hair down. Nobody is saying Kante is the sort of defensive midfielder who can't cross the half way line without getting a nose bleed and seeking the comfort of his damaged wing mirror mini. The actual point is that if is payed where Sarri played Jorginho he can offer both the defensive angle in spades and drive the team forward. Play him where Sarri stupidly played him then you lose the majority of his predominant strength of protecting the back four and you ask him play the sort of role you may have asked someone like Lampard to perform in the past. It was fucking nuts, a midfield three of Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic - that brought as many smiles to people's faces as nuclear fallout.
  14. See there is some intelligence on here. @Mod Stark had wondered why I had come back saying 'it's full of fucking spanners now Loz not like 10 years ago when you were in your early 20s'

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