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  1. Appears to me he has. Jorginho also can't dominate when he is put under pressure. Not just this season but all of last as well. Every team worth their salt knows you just need to put a man on Jorghino and his contribution to the game collapses.
  2. OK result is in the bag. Other than that not a lot to be overly impressed by. Other than maybe Tomori who I thought played well. We looked every bit a Championship side playing against another one. First half Hull handed us the game and we failed miserably to be grateful for it and kindly let them away with it. Second half they upped their game and proved we only look half decent if we don't actually have to do anything to control the game. Kovacic's second half performance just furthers my opinion that Kante is the player who should play in front of our back four. Nobody really staked a claim to be a regular starter, including the regular starters. In particular the front three of Pedro, Batshuayi and CHO were terrible, Barkley pretty ineffective and Mount looked, once more, well out of sorts. However we played on front of a sell out crowd which means we've done something City haven't this season!
  3. Yep. Shows that people including the commentators were getting carried away about his first half performance. Any footballer at this level playing in the centre of the park can look good if they are given more time and space than a retired billionaire. As soon as Hull got their act together his influence on the game disappeared. Hull will be gutted to be 2 down. Looked more likely to score than concede.
  4. loz

    Random Rumours

    All the more reason to bring him back. The fella is comedy gold.
  5. Change your name to Wavey Davey and we may just become lifelong friends
  6. The counter to that is we would be far better defensively if Kante played where Jorginho played (Jorginho offers as much protection to a back four as a sock does to teenage pregnancy) and ours clearly needs that. It would mean two more creative players could play in front of Kante rather than having a midfield constructed with an excessive focus on stopping other teams. The idea that Jorginho is some sort of creative force is hugely exaggerated . He is almost portrayed to be like a quarter back.
  7. We have a better win percentage when there is a sunny day with a light North westerly. I suggest we invest in a roof, some lamps and an industrial fan.
  8. Exactly my point Scott. Kante should play where Jorginho plays and play it his way, not try and play it Jorginho's way. He is being asked to play out of position to accommodate other players and because he is the only one who is remotely good enough to try and play so far out of his comfort zone. But it's a mistake and we are paying the price for it.
  9. I think it's harsh to allocate any blame him for the first but for the second he was terrible. His initial position in the goal was poor, he was then very slow to react to the shot and move to his right before diving and then he couldn't decide whether to go with one hand or two and ended up going with a halfway house. If he committed to going with one hand he gets to that shot all day long. It was a catalogue of errors
  10. Yeah maybe I'm being unfair. He just never struck me as a leader when he was a player. Top class player obviously but I never saw him as captain material. That said, that team didn't need leadership to the extent this one does. It had a number of players who rose to the big occasion like Ron Jeremy and also rallied the troops when the chips were down.
  11. Thing is Frank was never a great captain when he had to fill in for JT
  12. I hear you but I'm still hoping I get the shout ahead of Tammy. I come for crosses like a Christian porn film.
  13. The problem with Kante is nothing to do with his form and entirely to do with 'why the f**k is he being asked to play there' Sarri did it and got hammered for it by Chelsea fans. Now Lampard is doing it but becayse it's Lampard it's now Kante instead of Lampard who is getting criticised. If we asked Jorginho to play there. Or James to play left wing. Or Rudiger to play up front. They'd all struggle badly. If we asked Tammy to play on goals he'd be sh*t... But still better than Kepa. Kante is our only world class player. He is head and shoulders above everybody else in our squad. So it boggles the mind why two managers in a row have asked him to play anywhere other than his best role so as to accommodate lesser players.
  14. I'd play Willy all day long. But then again I'm a sexually active fella! But yes I would. He isn't a great keeper by any means but he isn't a f**king awful one. Kepa, on the other hand, is a disaster. No doubt Willy would make mistakes but I don't believe he would make anything like as many as Kepa does. If Kepa was a horse there would be extra glue for primary schools by now.
  15. Ha, we had plenty of games where we were f**king awful under Mourinho but his post game comments suggested we played well. You don't air your dirty laundry in public.

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