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  1. Ridiculous that this topic is remotely still alive. Jorginho is an OK player who plays the odd good game but isn't someone you'd point at and say 'there is a winner' Kante is a world class talent who most clubs would love to have and if you're going into a big game or final and he is missing through injury you feel a lot less confident. Lampard has finally (and god knows why it took him so long) realised the detriment to the team of moving Kante to accommodate Jorginho.
  2. Not a chance he would. I fully agree that I'd rather have Werner play on left with Tammy in middle rather than Odoi and Werner. I just mean we finally have a world class striker at our disposal and it would be great to see him playing where he is at his very best. Once Pulisic is fully fit I am sure we will.
  3. Don't think he has much time left at the club. The fact that we are pushing Werner out of position and playing Abraham through the middle when Pulisic isn't available really proves Lampard doesn't think he is up to it. Can't say I disagree with him either but it is a little frustrating to see Werner blunted.
  4. I think RLC's perceived ability got better the longer he was injured. I was never convinced he was going to be a consistent player of real quality before he got injured although I accept he showed occasional glimpses of quality. I suspect we will never see him play for Chelsea again and he will play his career in a more mid to lower league table team.
  5. I find it staggering that there is still any debate about who should play on front of our bank four. I also find it baffling that so many managers have failed to recognise that for so long. Hopefully Lampard has finally had his eyes opened to why the team performs better with Kante there (any why opta stats mean bugger all). Jorginho simply doesn't have the right attributes to play there, at least not in the English league. I can see why he can do well in the Italian league (though never for a top side who pushes for major trophies) but the way English teams play leave him as a luxury p
  6. It's what we've been crying out for for donkeys. Kante in front of back four instead of Jorginho. Proper defensive cover, means we don't have Kante playing in a position he isn't comfortable in and that spot is filled by someone who is. All players in their best positions rather than square pegs due to accommodating a penalty taker who plays the occasional good pass. Long may it last.
  7. See what happens when you play Kante on front of the back four. Loz now favourite with the bookies to replace Lampard.
  8. OK. Kante never won possession back at any point today. Similarly tonight I never mixed gin with tonic and popped in a slice of lemon. Jorginho is a key player for there or thereabout teams who have no genuine prospects to challenge for major trophies. Perfect for Aston Villa.
  9. Zero duels? 😂😂😂 Was it pistols or broadswords? So I am clear. Are you claiming Kante hasn't won a single tackle in 180 minutes of football? I think this boils down to ambition and expectation. If we see Chelsea as a qualify for CL at best team (i.e. Arsenal) then Jorginho is what we should be happy with. However if we have any ambition to get back to being a title challenging side then playing Jorginho is like treading water. If we listed both Jorginho and Kante only one would attract interest from teams with an intent to win the top trophies and it would be the fella fr
  10. Until we stop pissing goals when we play four at the back I can see the three centre half option bring here to stay. Then we should stop fannying around playing Kante on front of Jorginho. Put Kante on front of the 'back three', play Kovacic in front and drop Jorginho. I wish Arsenal had put in a serous offer for Jorginho helping us get rid of this daft desire to play a f**king quarterback who looks nice in a clothes catalogue for middle aged woman but sh*te when under pressure.
  11. I'd like to see us pressure United to make a long term decision on De Gea by putting in a decent bid for Henderson. He wants to be first choice at Utd and has proven he merits it. We wouldn't need to pay the f**ked up release clause for Oblak (who is undoubtedly quality) and he helps with the home grown quota.
  12. All about the result I guess but f**k me how is this team third in the league. Whatever we do in the window please let us come out of it with a backbone and a leader as both are massively missing.
  13. Qualifying for the CL is nothing to do with having serious expectations about winning it. It is far more to do with making us a more attractive proposition to potential transfer targets. Teams not in CL have attracted big targets before but there ks no doubt its easier with the CL carrot. Also the CL money pot is more and more important due to FFP and the economic climate.
  14. I'd love for Kante to be back but I think it unlikely or, if he is, he would be getting rushed back out of desperation and would be playing at 80% and just risking further injury. It really is at a point where we may as well let the defence choose who to play through a best of three game of shove penny shove. I am certainly not for bring complacent just because its Norwich. We have been sh*te for weeks and any team in the league can see points in us. Surely Kovacic and Giroud will start ahead of Tammy and maybe Mount. I can see Jorginho starting again assuming Kante is not avail
  15. It was the sort of game he has always looks poor in. Under pressure he buckles. Given time and space he looks quality. Even if we keep him and he is playing well I'd never be inclined to play him against a team like Sheff Utd. Unfortunately we didn't have many options today. But he was no worse than anyone else today.
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