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  1. I'd like to see us pressure United to make a long term decision on De Gea by putting in a decent bid for Henderson. He wants to be first choice at Utd and has proven he merits it. We wouldn't need to pay the f**ked up release clause for Oblak (who is undoubtedly quality) and he helps with the home grown quota.
  2. All about the result I guess but f**k me how is this team third in the league. Whatever we do in the window please let us come out of it with a backbone and a leader as both are massively missing.
  3. Qualifying for the CL is nothing to do with having serious expectations about winning it. It is far more to do with making us a more attractive proposition to potential transfer targets. Teams not in CL have attracted big targets before but there ks no doubt its easier with the CL carrot. Also the CL money pot is more and more important due to FFP and the economic climate.
  4. I'd love for Kante to be back but I think it unlikely or, if he is, he would be getting rushed back out of desperation and would be playing at 80% and just risking further injury. It really is at a point where we may as well let the defence choose who to play through a best of three game of shove penny shove. I am certainly not for bring complacent just because its Norwich. We have been sh*te for weeks and any team in the league can see points in us. Surely Kovacic and Giroud will start ahead of Tammy and maybe Mount. I can see Jorginho starting again assuming Kante is not available. I also expect Alonso will be brought back in. Personally I'd put Azpilicueta back in the centre if we go for four at the back. Or go with the wing backs and three in the centre. Whoever we pick at the back I suspect it's going to be another chocolate air biscuit 90 minutes.
  5. It was the sort of game he has always looks poor in. Under pressure he buckles. Given time and space he looks quality. Even if we keep him and he is playing well I'd never be inclined to play him against a team like Sheff Utd. Unfortunately we didn't have many options today. But he was no worse than anyone else today.
  6. At least we can save time arguing over who played badly! Diabolical all over the park. Bar the late subs there isn't a player who remotely played anywhere near average . Maybe only Kepa absolved of blame as he was totally abandoned by our defence throughout. Three big games coming up, our confidence is f**ked and Lampard really seems out of ideas to get a performance out of a collection of below par players. If it wasn't Frank I'm sure there would be more question marks over his future.
  7. I actually don't mind those changes We need to chase the game and the wing backs should help that. However it also needed Giroud on as Abraham will feed on balls from the flank like Linda McCartney fed on beef brisket.
  8. You could easily justify being the first team in a competitive game to make five changes at half time. Unfortunately we can't change Barkley, Jorghino and Mount as we don't have three options on the bench. If we did I'd be minded to do so. All three awful. Surely one of them will be hooked. Not a lot of point changing a centre half as they are all as dodgy as each other. Was it last week Zouma was now first choice? Now he is utter gash again. Could maybe bring on Alonso and put Azpilicueta into centre. There really isn't anything surprising about this. We are bloody fortunate to have got the points we have since football returned as we haven't looked convincing in any of the games bar a spell of the City game. If we end up not qualifying for the CL, especially if City ban not overturned, don't be so sure Lampard will be on charge next season. Abramovich is spending again and he might not be willing to give it to a manager who seems to be struggling tactically. I doubt the Chelsea ties will buy him much grace.
  9. I think the love for Zouma after the Palace game really emphasises how poor we are defensively. Without bothering to look I'll wager I'll find posts saying he has to go and isn't remotely good enough to be a first team player. The same posts exist for all our centre half options. Today he played well and made that tackle at the death. But he also conceded a totally unnecessary corner not long before that. We got away with it. Against West Ham, Rudiger did the same and we didn't get away with it. He got hammered for it. Next week Zouma may make a cock up and suddenly he will be back in the 'get rid' camp. Its hard to think of a consistently top class side who didn't have a leader at the back. A Terry, Kompany, Baresi, Beckenbauer, or Erland Johnsen. We need that dominating influence and voice at the heart of the defence. Someone who leads by example, commands authority and demands a certain standard. Just now none of our defenders do that. Nobody organises them or portrays a need for collective responsibility.
  10. I thought he was top class when he came on today. And I'm one who has been very critical of him in the past. Brought a calmness and level head which Gilmour, Barkley, Mount and RLC all failed to bring whilst Palace were dominating possession. I felt he should have started the game rather than Gilmour (which I did say a day or two ago) to bring a little more experience to the midfield and not expose Gilmour to a level of pressure at such a young age. Couldn't understand why RLC came on instead of Jorginho and I was questioning Lampard then...then he created the goal for Abraham and I accepted I'm a sofa football fan! That said I still think Lampard allowed is to be dominated for far too long today. Jorginho was an obvious change at half time for me.
  11. Thoroughly undeserved three points but I'll take it all day long. Looking to limp over the line then come back stronger next season with a number of much improved players. Fair play to Jorginho for his performance at the end. Does no f**ker just clear their lines anymore?
  12. Dear@coco Whitehall isn't my pseudonym...honest [emoji3]
  13. In fairness if you are using the Leicester game to determine selections then we would start against Palace with three players! Watford he was barely on for ten minutes.
  14. If Kante and Kovacic both out which looks likely I think there is a clear case for Jorginho starting. Not however because of any concern about Gilmour's form. More because there is an argument that we might benefit from a bit of calm experience as we can assume that Mount and Barkley will start. Yes Barkley is fairly experienced but he isn't a calming and controlling influence. It's a lot of pressure to place on Gilmour's very young shoulders. Yes he handled it well earlier in season but this is the ball squeezing CL make or break part of the season and that is a different animal. Of course the concern is that Jorginho will be as match fit as Robert Maxwell.
  15. I really can't see the point of giving Willian an extension of any sort if we are going to place confidence in Odoi. We will have Pulisic and Ziyech next season as first choice, Odoi as the third option and, as a 4th choice emergency option, Werner can play out wide. There just won't be enough game time for Willian and, even as a regular first team player, he has been hit and miss for too many seasons now. I can't see him being a player who will happily sit out 5 or 6 games or be satisfied with league appearances and a few runs off the bench. Yes it would be a nice luxury or bit of security to have 4 wingers to choose from and it would provide plenty cover but I'm not sure it would make for a happy changing room.
  16. He might have been willing to wait if it was just Azpilicueta ahead of him but having James established ahead of him who was still young was probably a deciding factor. To be honest more young players would probably be wise to do the same thing. So many hang about playing reserve football for far too long when they would be much better dropping to a lower profile club or even a league to try and increase the possibility of first team action.
  17. On that particular point I feel Lamptey is one we might regret losing. However that wasn't the club's call and you can't blame him for moving on as James was clearly ahead of him and still young. Odoi, I think its safe to say you and I have disagreed about his potential enough already. [emoji3]
  18. We'd certainly need to keep one as back up if we end up signing two new centre halves however I suspect we will only sign one so need to keep two. I would also like to see Tomori reintroduced to the first team, at least on the bench and you do wonder why he now seems to be very much on the outsude of the first team squad. Arguably we could punt both Alonso and Emerson and just bring in one left back. Azpilicueta can provide cover and Maatsen could be the youth option. Jorginho just seems to be a dead man walking now. Lampard doesn't seem interested in playing him. Maybe because a decision has already been made. I'm not opposed to keeping him but I'm also not fussed about selling him and he should still command a good fee. It probably makes good sense for all parties. All the adding up of fees received and potential fees and applying it to how much we can spend this window is too short term thinking (not saying you are doing this Slojo). We need to be thinking beyond one window. Realistically we are looking at minimum of three windows.
  19. We will be lucky to get more than £10m for Emerson and Moses will probably be south of that. If we get £20m offers for Batshuayi and Bakayoko I think we will throwing in the air fare. All the daft paper talk of £30m plus bids for Batshuayi are fanciful. If we get £100m for that four in the current economic climate then hats off Marina.
  20. I agree entirely about only buying players who are a clear mark up. Obviously disagree about Odoi but would really like to be proved wrong. I just struggle to see a quality player in the making. I see good ability but not great. I also see a lack of desire to impress. He strikes me as a coaster already and you expect youngsters to be busting a gut to stake a claim to a first team spot.
  21. That's fair comment but we won't get much for the majority of the loan players. Let's say we want two top drawer defenders then that's going to cost us north of £90m. We will probably scrape, in current market, to get £60m cumulatively for Batshuayi, Emerson, Moses and Bakayoko.
  22. For me there is a need to be ruthless this summer and that has to include cashing in on players who we can get a good fee for who aren't going to be up to the requirement of moving us beyond a 'hoping to finish top four' team. We have a bigger budget than most teams due to the transfer ban and the incoming fees of recent times however we have invested fairly heavily on Werner and Ziyech and its clear we have a lot of work to do to strengthen the back line and thats going to need a few big fees. We can't just piss out another £100m without bringing in some decent fees. With Pulisic and Ziyech presumably the first choice wingers the future of Odoi is in the balance. We still seem to want to keep Willian. Can't say I am keen on giving him a three year deal but if we can agree on a two year deal (at the most) then I think Odoi is a cashable asset that we should consider. I remain to be convinced he will ever be a top quality player and if we could sell him and reinvest in a quality left back or centre half that would be good business. Jorginho is clearly out of favour now and there is an inevitability that he can be sold to provide money to reinvest. Its no secret I'm not the biggest fan of him, nor do I think he is terrible. I just think he is a player who would probably not be out of place playing for Arsenal and we clearly have higher ambitions than that. Again if we sold him and invested the money wisely in the back line it would be a clear improvement. Similarly with someone like Barkley or RLC. Both show occasional signs of form but are they ever going to be anything more than a player who might stand out for Everton? I'm not convinced. Then you get to the dilemma of Kepa. He isn't good enough. Never will be. The weaknesses in his game are too fundamental and will be with him throughout his career. We will take a massive hit on him if we sell him but we probably need to just bite that bullet if, and only if, we have an option for a quality replacement. If the replacement is too much of a gamble then we may as well stick with Kepa as he has a monster contract. Lot of permutations to be considered and its complicated more when you consider if any club would actually want to pay a good fee for the likes of Emerson, Alonso, Batshuayi, as well as those mentioned above and players currently put on loan. Its going to be interesting to see how different we look next season but if we invest too heavily in the final third of the pitch and go into next season with maybe only one new defender then we won't get near Liverpool or City.
  23. Sounds odd when he got two goals but did Willian really show up. Two set piece goals but offered very little otherwise. A shed load of half breaks then a blind pass or cross which was nothing more than hopeful. I thought he was poor tonight bar taking advantage of the set piece opportunities.
  24. I don't disagree. If a player is out of form then no disputing at all that they shouldn't be exempt from being dropped. My point is more longer term than temporary form. I mentioned a lot of players who I don't think are up to the standard required if we are genuinely targeting challenging for titles in the near future. That has nothing to do with form and everything to do with ability. However as you, consistently, see it as all about Jorginho then I may as well. Is he a player, in his role, who will be a key player in a title challenging side? No. Is he a top four, there or thereabouts player? Absolutely. We have many of them but you only really have one focus so it's pointless talking more widely. I hope we sell him whilst we can still get decent value for him and reinvest the money. There are others I feel the same about but you don't really invest much time in considering them.

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