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  1. I can't remotely see how Lukaku playing somehow stops our wing backs overlapping or runs off the ball.
  2. Utterly pointless blaming Lukaku for tonight. He was offered nothing bar that late chance. Havertz, Kovacic, Jorginho and Ziyech were pedestrian and turgid and there was bugger all quality from the wing backs. It's hard to recall another performance where we played utterly into the hands of the opposition. Juventus probably sat in the dressing room at half time delighted at how we were passing the ball around in front of a back line that could keep us out for 8 weeks due to the total lack of creativity we had.
  3. This time next year..Haaland has 6 goals in 56 games for Chelsea but by heck he runs around a lot.
  4. Wonder what it was that has made him doubtful...
  5. £250 million. Not quite fine tuning!
  6. I'm not totally convinced we won't invite offers for Ziyech and personally I'd be cashing in on Abraham and CHO. If that happens there is space for a new centre forward.
  7. Kante and Essien. Christ that's like being invited for a threesome and finding the other two are a young Brigitte Bardot and a young Grace Kelly. Kante, Essien, Maka, Jorginho all in their prime. You'd take any of the following combinations happily. Kante and Essien Kante and Maka Essien and Maka
  8. Tonight's performance was impeccable. Showing he is possibly the finest player to play in England in the past twenty years.
  9. Play Jorginho and we will win the big trophies.
  10. Real Madrid seems very likely given tonight's news. I'll take the Spurs job, sign Nibs, Goose, Just and Jorginho and take my £9m pay off in December.
  11. I'm surprised it was overturned. As much as Grealish played up to it itbwas still a deliberate action. I never expected it to be over turned. As for slating Grealish for his reaction. There isn't a club in the world who doesn't have players who don't do it. If Mount does it on Saturday and gets De Bruyne sent off I'll wager we would find it in our hearts to forgive him!
  12. It's a fair point Spiller however I can't see Camavinga being on the list just now. We have youth options in midfield. Kante aside we don't have genuine quality and experience.
  13. I think he is City bound all day long. We are miles behind them just in terms of attracting talent other than breing able to offer players a life in living in the capital rather than a suburb of Bolton.
  14. Agreed. I don't think it's a wise move at all. I just think it seems very possible.
  15. I know you just said fat arse in a tribute to JFH
  16. We aren't getting Kane though. Spurs won't sell him to us and he won't choose us. He is leaving Spurs because he knows he needs to win major trophies in his career. We are are a risky bet in that regard.
  17. I'd take that happily. Don't think it has any chance of happening but he is a class act.
  18. I think it's unanimous that... 1. We need a centre forward that understands the offside rule and has more bottle than France in times of war. 2. We need a new centre half who we can truly accept is the obvious first choice rather than opinions changing every week due to mistakes being shared around like Wayne Bridges bird at a Chelsea reunion. 3. We need someone in the front three who can open up defences with a bit of genuine quality rather than ponderous same old same old. 4. We need a midfielder who isn't Jorginho. So being realistic who do you think we will target. It's too obvious to say Kane or Haaland for striker but we won't get remotely near either of them. We aren't in that league. Lukaku is more likely. Defender. Marquinhos is an obvious link due to the PSG connection and the fact that there is no great credibility in just winning in France. However he will demand a big arse fee for defender who is mid to late 20s. Personally I'd rather tempt Leicester with a bid for Fofana who has proved he is more than equipped for the English league and is young with a very bright future ahead of him. The bit of flair up front. It's hard to see the club not being interested on bringing Hazard back. He wants it, it will be attractive to Madrid to negotiate a way of netting off some of the fee we agreed with them and he is a big fan of the English diet of burgers as a starter. It will be a massive gamble but, be honest, you'd love to see him back. A fat Eden has more flair than Werner as a winger! And who to replace Jorginho and improve the team? Well last I heard Peter Nicholas was considering a come back.
  19. I can see it happening. Yes it's a gamble due to his injuries over the past two seasons and due to him rocking up looking like a body double for Reg Holdsworth however if its true he wants to return to us then that'll drive the price down which will tempt Abramovich. Yes it makes us left side heavy but we don't have a real quality game changer just now. That bloke who can turn a sh*t 0 0 to a 1 0 win with a moment of magic. None of our wide men will ever do that even remotely consistently. Mount is very adaptable and Werner can either play in the centre or on the bench. Therefore space for Hazard.
  20. The midfield needs as much of a proper think as our inability to get goals out of our front three. It really depends what our ambitions are. If it is to try and claw our way back to challenging for the title then Jorginho and Kovacic need moved on. If to settle for top three finish and scraping fourth then they still need to go. If it is hoping for a CL spot and a cup run the Kovacic should stay as a squad player. I'd it's mid table then Jorginho can stay too.
  21. No chance of that. Jorginho will be picked on basis of experience over ability
  22. Got out if jail. f**king awful run of form in build up to CL final. This has to be the summer we replace Jorginho and Kovavic. Mid table players
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