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  1. Mount for me. Given his early booking it would have been easy for a young player to panic and go into his shell but he did the opposite. Kept his performance high bit played with a discipline that you wouldn't expect from a player of his age.
  2. Excellent performance tonight. Unbelievable that there was criticism on here at half time. You'd have been mistaken for thinking we were up against an injury hit St Mirren with Ralph Milne up front. Fully deserved win. Well organised. No poor performances (ok Ziyech still a bit iffy). Pretty much a perfect performance.
  3. I think there are small signs that we are. In first half today we were moving the ball more crisply than we have for a long time. Mount is playing further forward than he did under Lampard which is to be welcomed and occasionally, only occasionally I'll accept, we are getting the ball from back to front more quickly. But yes the big concern is how ineffective we are at turning possession into clear chances. Werner is hideously lacking in confidence. Odoi believes some fictitious hype, Ziyech appears to have surrendered already, Pulisic is a shadow of the player he has very occasionally
  4. Of course we are. We need to be realistic about expectations whoever the manager is. Consider our starting eleven today. Only players in it who would be considered as possible starters for a title challenging side are Mount and Kante. You would never consider Mendy, any of that back five (Azpilicueta obviously was when in his prime), Kovacic, Abraham, or Werner (in this form) as real title challenging players. They are a level below that. Top four is a reasonable challenge with this squad. Definitely achievable but not a foregone conclusion.
  5. Mount for me. Could easily have gone for Kante but you can't forgive him for being the reason Kovacic was sh*te. Wisen up N'Golo.
  6. I'm not remotely fussed about what he did to Odoi today. My biggest beef with Odoi when I was willing to let him go to Bayern was his attitude and of effort when he got game time. He struck me as someone who thought he was entitled by default. That seemed to have gone in the past month or so with Tuchel putting faith in him but it was back with a bang today. He coasted after coming on and once again needs a kick in the arse. Obviously didn't help that Ziyech came on and was equally sh*t.
  7. Really poor performance. Mount can hold his head up but far too many sloppy performances. In particular Kovacic, Abraham and Werner of the starters. Then Jorginho and Ziyech came off bench and offered nothing. Nothing really clicking up front. We look incapable of scoring from open play just now.
  8. Excellent tonight. Still shoots like a sh*te Kezman but I thought he was head and shoulders the best player on the park.
  9. Kovacic for me. Best he has played for a long time
  10. You are correct artist formerly known as 'having hair' It is a fairly normal occurrence commonly known as 'not being such a fat f**k' The price of Fray Bentos is pricing my old diet out of the market CHeers for the sponsorship. Much appreciated.
  11. I actually thought Rudiger had a really good game bar the obvious f**k up which is probably enough for him not to be MOTM. Werner much improved but Christensen overall for me.
  12. I sort of agree but Giroud is the wrong side of @Valerie's age so is largely short term now. Werner is a big money investment who has proved he is a goalscorer of some talent. Bench him long term and we may as well give up on him. I think we need to try and rebuild his confidence and that only happens thorough game time. P.s.sell Jorginho 😀
  13. I think we need to bite the bullet and play him through this confidence drop. There is no long term option in Giroud and I don't think Abraham will ever be a consistent top four striker. Werner has is the only credible option of the current crop to be at the level we are aspiring to be and so we need to stick with him through what is undeniably a horrendous collapse in confidence. I think I'd have more chance bedding Bewitched than Werner would going past a defender just now.
  14. For me Mount was MOTM today but in fairness there was only a midgets ball hair in it. I have been openly critical of Odoi in the past and never that impressed with what came across as his will to win and commitment to effort. However delighted to accept that he is showing more of that now and he fully merits a regular starting berth at current time.
  15. Alonso has proved time and time again he is a good wing back but a sh*te full back. If he is played as a full back and makes an arse of it then the criticism is more on the manager than the player. He was frozen our under Lampard and his Chelsea career looked over but clean slate and second chance for him now. If Tuchel sticks with three at back approach then he will be getting a lot more game time.
  16. In fairness to Tuchel his post match comments proved he learns quickly. I was particularly impressed when he said 'I now realise Jorginho is the Championship player Lampard treated him as and I'll be starting Mason Mount next week.'
  17. I take it that puts Kepa in charge on an interim basis.
  18. I note your insight on vaseline! Yep, got called a f**king w**ker today by someone in a plumbing van because he was held up. In fairness he wasn't far wrong.
  19. Cheers to those who have sponsored me. Trsining day two today. The photo was right before it began to simultaneously snow and hail. f**k knows why I'm not doing this in Fiji.
  20. I understood everything Steve McLaren said
  21. 8 weeks I worked in Gouda and hotelled in Amsterdam . Not once was my bum discussed. You judgemental f**kers.
  22. Cheers Val. Funnily enough not many woman have ever said that to me before. Must be a Dutch thing.
  23. Cheers mate. Exercise bikes bore me rigid
  24. Judgemental prick. I don't get out of bed for less than £175k a week and my £3m mansion in Monaco.
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