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  1. You've just proven its a ridiculous stat to base a comparison on, we have more possession so our players are going to have more passes, that doesn't prove one player is better than the other in any way.
  2. Ooh, he received more passes....wow that's amazing, I've totally changed my mind. What a totally pointless stat ha ha. Honestly these stats are beyond tedious now. They prove absolutely f**k all. And if we're gonna go and cherry pick one mistake to prove a point then it's already gone beyond worth discussing.
  3. Great motivation for Tammy there then, in a period where we could very easily find ourselves needing him to play. We had results without him? We had results without plenty of players that get back in, and the one position we are really struggling with is the attack, so its not like he isnt playing due to the amazing goal scoring of Werner and Giroud. That's a complete load of horsesh*t.
  4. How do you know its not being handled properly?
  5. Dont get me wrong, I fully understand why he struggles mentally with it, a bad injury is a nightmare to get over physically firstly but hten you start second guessing every little thing that feels off. I did my ligaments (not ACL thankfully, just LCL) and it felt horrible, took me a 3 - 4 months before I could start back training but it was another 12 before I felt totally comfortable with the feeling in it.
  6. Arsenal are the most pathetic club in this country, and have the most apathetic fans. Such a nothing club now, what are they actually doing.
  7. Anyone who honestly though Jorginho was man of the match in that game needs to go back to football school.
  8. I said earlier in this thread I dont think its all down to physical injuries, I think he has mental problems that have been brought on by those injuries. He is scared to play with any kind of pull or minor knock, as seen last week when he couldnt come on as sub. If he cant get over that then I dont think he will have any kind of career with us unfortunately.
  9. Dont let facts get in the way of a good agenda.
  10. I thought it was his astronomical wage demands that put us off, at the time he was wanting more than twice our highest earner and that would have caused a load of contract clauses that were set to match the highest earner.
  11. He had no chance of doing anything as we were on the back foot and had no possession when he came on, he should have been on much earlier to give us a focal point to play off, pin the centre backs etc.
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