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  1. Series 4 of the Expanse was as excellent as I hoped, now looking forward to series 5. Just started watching Start Trek Discovery, darker and more drama driven than the other star trek stuff so far, quite enjoying it.
  2. My worry isn't financial, it's more how it will effect the atmosphere at the club, which I think is carrying us at the moment. A player like Cavani isn't going to come to our club to sit on the bench as understudy to Tammy, and I'm not sure how him usurping Tammy from first choice will go down in the dressing room. Now normally I wouldn't worry about that in a squad of star names who've been there and done it, they know the score. But a bunch of kids who have grew up together..... On your second point I fully agree, but I would much rather wait until the summer and get the players we want and who buy into Frank's thinking, rather than a short term cover who might see it as a nice pay day.
  3. Because it rarely ever works, bringing in a creative player at this point in the season is a complete waste of time, especially form a different league. It will take them 3 or 4 weeks to get up to speed with the league, tactics etc. By which time its April, and if they arent playing well then questions will be raised as to why they were taking other players places.
  4. Signing any of them on a 4 month loan would be a huge mistake.
  5. dkw


    He`s one of the most inconsistent players around, he makes Willian look solid. It would be a huge mistake signing him.
  6. dkw


    But he presses for City, they all do, its a big part of Pep`s footballing Ethos.
  7. Fantastic news, and fully deserved.
  8. As charierre said its possibly because Steve Cooper is there.
  9. It seems the reason he has now gone to Swansea is the club are looking to build a direct link with them, Swansea will then become our preferred choice to send others on loan to.
  10. Its a joke, a ricochet bounces onto his arm from a tackle and that's handball? f**king joke.
  11. No, the structures beyond it and beyond the grounds perimeter. In construction forces go out at around 45 degrees, so a large buildings weight can have an effect quite a distance away.
  12. It's maybe just me but I hate that kind of tackle, Robertson knows exactly what he's doing same as the w**ker from valencia who did Mason mount. Its a cowards tackle and I've seen lots of them over the years that have bady injured players.
  13. Is that video supposed to show it wasnt dangerous?

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