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  1. So rumours are drinky is signing for........... Valencia 😅
  2. My point is there has definitely been a plan behind thus transfer business, and that's to replace failed players In specific positions with young hungry first choice players rather than squad fillers like we have done the past few years. This is all to build the team to play a specific way, surely that proves Rice's signing also fits and is part of that plan.
  3. Bus 1st and 2nd half were chalk and cheese, the stinkiest, moldiest cheese.
  4. He has brought in a new coach a few weeks ago so he obviously sees there's a problem that needs fixing, but any difference won't happen overnight.
  5. Only if you think mount only plays because lamps loves him.
  6. I`m not sure how you came to that. So far we have signed a striker we really needed, a left back we definitely really needed, an experienced leader centre back which we absolutely really needed, a keeper which we 100% needed and an attacking midfielder which we maybe didnt need but there is no way we could turn down the opportunity to sign. All of that looks like very joined up thinking to me, especially as it sets us up for several years to come with the squad we now have, these signings were need to take us back towards the teams we have lost a lot of ground on.
  7. I dont think people realise the impact this is having, coupled with the daft timing of the international games and also the timings of getting the signings in. The whole thing is a difficult situation for any manager, let alone a pretty inexperienced one.
  8. Youre arguing against yourself now 😅
  9. I disagree, hes one of the muppets that thinks we only play English players because of Frank Lampards bias, thats the only reason Mount is playing. Anyone who thinks that is instantly a f**kwit.
  10. Its a lovely little programme, nice gentle viewing with 2 very funny people. Its got me wanting to take up fishing, Ive a few mates who are really into it so might tag along.
  11. Stop responding to the f**kwit, but him on ignore, it really helps.
  12. Yeah I dont understand this one, he`s a good squad option so its limiting ourselves for what reason?
  13. Its not far off as bad in the Frank Lampard thread and the match day threads unfortunately. Some proper social media bellends have infested this board lately, including one absolute massive whopper who has an avatar of Lampard with red circle and line through it.
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