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  1. One of the leaders and obviously the most mouthiest in the dressing room had no idea it was happening? What a lying cowardly sh*thouse he is.
  2. Blimey, 23 years eh, that's scary how quickly its gone. A massive miss as a fan as much as an investor.
  3. Its amazing how he was sagged of for not being strong enough in midfield to stop attacks, now he's been slagged of by the Everton fan for being too strong in midfield and stopping attacks with fouls
  4. I don't think Drogba is the best striker, but he absolutely is one of the best players and is possibly the best all round striker due to how good he was all over the pitch, including defensively. Also, he was the ultimate big game player, just compare the goals he scored in finals to any player, it's phenomenonal.
  5. Didn't realise it was you ha ha, good to know. Yeah happy there's a 2nd series, it's a brilliant show.
  6. That couple of minutes was pathetic, and you just knew they would balls it up, and they did ha ha...
  7. It's magnificent, had me crying with laughter and Matt Berry is a comedy genius. The werewolf fight was a highlight for me.
  8. Ermmmmm.... OK... I think. No idea what this is on about, but it's still better than that trolls posts.
  9. This has to be a wind up, surely no one can that wrong on purpose. Literally everyone else is in agreement that he is playing much better than last season, including your beloved pundits. Yet you think he's worse because he's had a few bookings?
  10. @paul_tomkins: Atkinson had ignored fouls on Origi and Mané before Origi was fouled. He's a f**king disgrace. VAR then ignores what Gary Neville calls a clear foul. Liverpool have to overcome clear bias against black foreign players by refs. What a f**king moron.
  11. The utd goal was the same as there's against us when Tammy was fouled, we were told it was a new phase of play so VAR can't call it, same as today. Yet that's being ignored because its the media darlings finally getting a decision go against them. Klopp being his usual c**t after not winning too, horrible little prick.
  12. Can you imagine the outcry if we got that kind of lucky call, no doubt alli will get away with it, and the dive he did after it.
  13. Ha ha, how can that be allowed? VAR is basically legal match fixing now isn't it.
  14. VAR is a massive pile of inconsistent sh*te then. And dele alli is a c**t

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