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  1. His career is basically being fully controlled by his agent, he took him to dorrmund and equally will decide where he goes next and when.
  2. Have you any idea if water is wet? Maybe Simon can tell us...
  3. This vision and playing style thing seems to be the current sh*tty stick with which to beat Lampard, especiallyby the f**kwits on so,ciak media, its so weird. Even weirder is its often the same people who complain that we keep playing the same way in games...I mean....
  4. Theres plenty of smaller players in all the teams to be fair. Foden at City, Fernandes at Utd, Thiago at Liverpool, the Arsenal children etc...I dont think Mounts physical attributes will ever be a problem.
  5. It is if we are linked with Hulk also...
  6. So its top 8 now, not top 9? Strange how you arbitrarily changed your argument on that....
  7. Amazing that we have a young academy graduate who is a key player in the first team, something fans have been desperate to see for a decade or more, yet he isn't getting the praise he deserves and Is actually vilified on social media by d**khead "fans". Imagine this at any other club, fans would be living it and would be all over a thread like this after he dragged us to a win. Our fan base is toxic and full of vile, cretinous know nothing f**kwits.
  8. So after a snow storm in Turkey there was a game, one team wore white... 😆
  9. Jesus, this is harder than it needs to be. At the time we bought him he was rated as a generational talent, one if the most sought after young players in football. We had an opportunity to buy him so did. The fact he hasn't played well since the move doesn't suddenly mean he wasn't highly rated when we signed him. And you reckon not many had heard of him? Don't be so f**king ridiculous.
  10. You said he's done nothing since making his big move, how were we supposed to see that when we bought him? At the time he was podsibly the most wanted young player in football.
  11. I still think Haverz was never an active target but when we became aware of a chance of getting him then we had to go for it, he's a generational talent so we couldn't miss put on him.
  12. No you're right, theirs definitely no evidence of clubs being much more inconsistent this season than usual is there....
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