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  1. It is when one of them just let's a player wander off him with such ease like christensen did.
  2. Who was it on here who reckoned mustaffi was quality and we had missed out big time when we didn't sign him ha ha.... He's f**king abysmal.
  3. I know people as dumb as that and you just need to spend some time in match day threads on here to read things even dumber than that, so it's not much of a stretch to believe a footballer is that thick too.
  4. But he actually said its the most important for clubs, so you do agree with him. Every cup competition has an element of luck, much more than a league season, so I agree 100% with him.
  5. Man I loved that game, I hope they keep the same shaded style. Ninja gaiden 2 is X enhanced too, it looks incredible. Still ridiculously hard though ha ha...
  6. Like I said, reece is following a tradition of great chelsea players with 2 first names and will go on to have a great career for us.
  7. Ah right, not a lot of coverage of that, though I seem to remember City being named recently.
  8. Shouldnt be anywhere near our squad, I dont trust people with 2 first names......
  9. So if sanctions were imposed on 4 clubs why is it only us being chased by UEFA?
  10. It's a nonsense thing to say, it's part of supporting a team in any sport, wanting your rivals to fail.
  11. "the German declared: “We have to create the power of Anfield and use the power of Anfield again."
  12. Hes a lier and a sensationalist, look at that article for gods sake, how does that help anything? Does he ever mention the excellent work the club are doing to try and eradicate the problem? A few months ago he filled his social media about the terrible things he heard from Chelsea fans in stad, which left every Chelsea fan there, and opposing fans totally bemused as they never heard a thing. He's kicked things up since losing his paid job and us using this to run his career, which is disgusting as he is making stuff up and hugely embellishing it.
  13. So I got Operencia on game pass yesterday, a proper old skool dungeon crawler similar to the old eye of the beholder games which I adored as a young un. I thought it would put an hour in, 5 hours later I'm still playing it ha ha.
  14. Dan levene is a self serving disgusting c**t, don't post his sh*t on here please.

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