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  1. Good news that Tomori has signed a 5 year contract today.
  2. You realise this is all about someone posting maybe he only wanted the money? No one has said he shouldnt be criticised for his performances.
  3. dkw

    Nathan Ake

    Were the worst club in the world at everything remember, were just sooooo bad at it all....
  4. Right, gol15 are you Serbian and is your hatred of Kovacic personal?
  5. Do you still think we lost games because Kovacic played too well? What is your problem with him, is it nationality? Where are you from.
  6. Didn't take long for people to turn on him did it.
  7. And Zouma who looked a lot more assured Yep, Rudiger is the mouth we have been missing, our other defenders are just far too quiet. Rudiger was constantly moving the others around last night, always cajoling them, and was also a link to Kepa too. His impact is far more than him being a good defender, hes our defensive leader.
  8. I thought it was telling how much having Rudiger back in impacted on Dave, its an underrated partnership that works incredibly well.
  9. I said this in that other thread, but anyone who thinks we should sell Kante is a f**king idiot.
  10. dkw

    Next window

    Hes 28, not exactly old now is he. There`s plenty of games in him yet, I doubt we could buy someone now to replace him in 5 years time, or even start grooming a young player now. When could we have signed Modric? Because we couldn't when he was at Tottenham.
  11. dkw

    Next window

    Who do we buy with that £1bn to replace him? Theres literally no point selling a player that good if you cant even replace him.
  12. dkw

    Next window

    Anyone who thinks selling Kante is a good idea is an idiot, plain and simple. Its such a ridiculous thing to think.
  13. I've just seen Gol15 post in another thread that Kovacic playing so well is the reason we are losing now..... I mean, that's just about the stupidest logic I've ever seen. How a fan can have such a hatred of a player in his team is beyond me...

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