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  1. Rudiger played in the under 23s tonight, James isn't back yet.
  2. Anjorin just scored a good goal, he's a big unit too. Looks a very good prospect.
  3. Started watching The Boys on the weekend, really enjoying it, its a dark take on super heroes. Well worth watching. Also, Spaced and Black Books are absolutely marvellous shows.
  4. dkw

    Tammy Abraham

    I think lampard questioning his training was very telling.
  5. Our defence has no leader, Rudiger back in and controlling it will have a huge impact hopefully.
  6. dkw


    I hope jody Morris rips into him, go a feeling he won't like half arsed efforts like that.
  7. dkw


    Should be ashamed to collect his f**king wage after that sh*te.
  8. Unless your another of these amazing people who come on here and can see into the future you have no idea if Lampard can organise a defence. Stop talking sh*t.
  9. Oh well then, all of 2 game eh, that definitely means he can't.
  10. I don't think so, we were excellent in the first half, but looked a tired team in the 2nd which is understandable considering we played sunday/Wednesday, 120 minutes plus travel. Liverpool were the same yesterday.
  11. Its gonna be farcical soon, with players running around with there hands behind there backs the whole game.
  12. I completely disagree, the arm and hand is just another body part unless used deliberately, its no different to hitting a knee or shoulder and getting a goal from it.
  13. But it wasn't a handball, that's the point. A handball is a moverment of a hand towards a ball with intent, that was none of that.
  14. That can't be true, surely. If it is then that's unbelievable, var will kill my interest in football, you just know were gonna be on the wrong end of it in a massive game this season.

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