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  1. Staff v Players will end in a rout for the staff ha ha... great minds Boston Blue ......
  2. Yeah he had something on his twitter yesterday about him doing his B licence so it all kind of fits in.
  3. You need to add the Tottenham trophy cabinet to that.
  4. He wouldn't, he spends his time cultivating a relationship with the fans, pushing some pretend "oh our board are so bad, but I'm with you lovely fans, I'm one of you" agenda so he can do no wrong and it's always the clubs owners fault. His tactics are basic, he isn't some kind of genius as the Liverpool centric media make him out to be.
  5. Public announcement don't really mean we aren't sorting things for a new manager, I'm sued there's plenty going on already if the decision to make lampard the new gaffer has been made.
  6. dkw

    Tammy Abraham

    The good and the bad of tammy in the space of 15 minutes.
  7. @ChelseaChadder: Happy birthday to #FormerBlue Gael Kakuta who turns 28 today. #CFC #Chelsea https://twitter.com/ChelseaChadder/status/1142136924024594433/photo/1 sh*tting hell, gael kakuta is 28....
  8. If that f**kwit castles has said it then no, there's no truth to it at all
  9. I called them morons for booing sarri for taking of RLC who has a known back injury the coach was managing.
  10. Yeah thats the way I read it, pretty much a buffer between the coaching staff and the board. He comes across as a very thoughtful fella and I can see him being a great asset to the club, he`s a winner as seen by the way he described the situation at Arsenal on how easy it was.
  11. 2 Matt Berry shows which are both superb:- Year of the rabbit, Victorian England sweary, violent London copper What we do in the Shadows - modern vampires in New york, tv series based on the film.

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