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  1. My mate put a photo on facebook last night of his pack of toilet roll had just bought. I told him he was setting himself up for a burglary.
  2. So Tottenham have given their non playing staff a 20% pay drop, but not taken anything of the players. How is that fair in any way? Take from the poor bastards who serve drinks on just over minimum wage but leave the millionaire footballers alone.
  3. But how do we finish it, it's impossible without putting people at risk, and that's the single most important thing now.
  4. So ruin next season as well, a season thats going to be much more important to the survival of clubs than finishing this one will? The sooner this one is voided the better, clubs associations can then start planning their contingency plans.
  5. That shouldn't even be considered, its a ridiculous idea. Why should only the prem be finished, what about the other leagues? How on earth can you isolate that many people at once, taking a=them away from their families. Where will they live, train, eat? Your looking at thousands of players, officials, coaches, media staff, physios, first aid, doctors etc. They will all need to be tested continuously, I for one dont give enough of a sh*t about football to see them take away loads of vital testing/treatment equipment from much more deserving people who desperately need this equipment. What about players/Coaches/managers who will be out of contract by then? Its ok saying they can extend the contract bu what if they dont want to? What if a team in the relegation zone offer massive contracts to an opposition teams players?
  6. Your happy someone has corona virus? Really? What a disgusting thing to say.
  7. Ive always wondered if they were under instruction to fit in with tv schedules, it just all seems so weird,
  8. He can't, just has signed him to play headers and volleys with in his back garden.
  9. No. I worked in cumbernauld for a whole years ago and the only thing the burger van on site sold was the orange muck. Not great with a hangover.
  10. And loads of teams in all the other leagues. This doesn't just effect the Premier league.
  11. I f**king hate irn bru.
  12. What about teams with players who's contracts are due to run out in June? What about the staff at clubs who have holidays booked for that summer? What about other sports that are played during summer? The only sensible thing is to cancel the league, void it all and start a new season with everyone as they were the start of this season.
  13. There's no chance they give Liverpool the championship as it has to be done the same in all pro leagues, and there's 1 league where teams are level on points with 2nd place having a game in hand.
  14. Ha ha I got sent this:-
  15. I've been playing halo reach, it was my favourite of all the halo games. It holds up well now graphically, and the gameplay is excellent.

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