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  1. Thats exactly why I thought it was a waste of money, I thought he would just be a squad player behind them 2 and Sam Dala Bona 😬
  2. Exactly, it always amazes me that football fans want midfielders to try killer passe then moan when it doesn't come of every single time. Players like Billy need to have the confidence and allowance to attempt the difficult passes as often that's the only way to break defences open. Even the best like xavi, Fabregas etc often found passe intercepted or blocked, but it didn't stop them. Try 5 times, make one that gets a goal and its job done. It's the same with strikers who get moaned at because they get caught offside too much as they try to play of the shoulder to beat a defence. They try 5 times and the one time it works they score.
  3. Yep, definitely all down to luck, nothing else......
  4. I dont think Kurt was happy with him:-
  5. It was very clever, the kind of pass that marks him out as a player above the standard.
  6. He definitely changed the flow of the game though when we were desperately trying to regain some kind of control. He came on and had a big influence. That doesnt mean we should automatically want him to be back in the starting 11 but it is worthy of praise.
  7. I`m amazed so much is being made of that red card, its reckless and 100% a red card. Then trying to equate it to Vardy "getting Away" with kicking mustafi is even odder.
  8. I just checked my old maths books and as I fully expected a rectangle has 4 corners, not 5...amazing eh....maybe I`ll send ESPN a copy of my books..
  9. To be fair to Christensen on the Benteke chance he had 2 to cover in the left winger and the striker, unfortunately he was dragged out wide by the winger which was where his bad decision was, he really should have made sure Benteke was picked up but I suppose at the time we were all over the place defensively.
  10. Weve all done it, I thought Signing Lampard for £11m was a complete waste of money....
  11. I agree with that, I think were in an almost unique position at the highest level at the moment for changing the squad around in that we have assets to sell bit also no real desperation should we want to buy.
  12. The other thing is any transfer fees we get wont be outright, we wont get that £250m in one big lump this window, the fees will more likely be spread over the length of the contract, especially for the bigger transfers. Obviously thats tempered by the fact we also wont be paying out an transfer fees in one go either.
  13. So a young player who has been out with a major Achilles injury is now behind some young players who havent had a major injury? Is that your amazing take from this?

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