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  1. dkw

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    I was trying to remember what Barcelona did with the turan? I think he stated at the club training but didn't go on loan?
  2. dkw

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Yeah, it was the Gael Kakuta one I think.
  3. dkw

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Hes already registered, on loan from us at the moment.
  4. dkw

    Match Going Fans

    The biggest problem at the bridge is this "Chelsea together" bunch of clowns. they shout their mouths off about being tolerant yet the second anyone goes against their thoughts they basically shout them down as racists, bigots etc. They want to get rid of any working class fan and turn it into an afternoon at the theatre, kept safely away from those uncouth yobs who sing those dreadful songs...well any songs really.
  5. dkw

    Match Going Fans

    Any "fan" who booed him is a complete f**king moron.
  6. dkw

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Last time we got a transfer ban and everyone got all giddy........we won the double We can buy players, we can sell players. We can give new contracts, we can cancel contracts. What we cant do is register any players.
  7. Chelsefcfan joined the forum He showed a huge lack of decorum the mod saw his thread thought "what a d**khead" and dumped chelsefcfan in shoreham
  8. dkw

    Any game recommendation?

    It's a good laugh, really good fun. Some of the "reviews" are over the top in the hate for it, it's a bit weird. It's not the best game ever made, not by a long way but it's knowhere near as bad as being made out.
  9. dkw

    Any game recommendation?

    Metro or crackdown?
  10. dkw

    Anti-Chelsea media

    If you enter the field then it's immediately illegal I think (especially if your called bakayoko).
  11. dkw

    Anti-Chelsea media

    Unfortunately that's the rules, the home team is responsible for the marshaling and control of all the fans in the ground. We've been done in the past for the actions of visiting fans.
  12. dkw

    Any game recommendation?

    Had a go on crackdown, really enjoyed the single player, I loved the multiplayer though, what a laugh it is, so bloody scary when you get locked on. Then had a couple of hours on metro which is getting good now after a pretty poor start I thought, far too stop starty with loads of cut scenes. But once you get past the first episode it really kicks in.
  13. dkw

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    finished the latest series of Vikings, bloody marvellous. Now watching the new Dirk Gently on Netflix, an Americanised version. First episode was really enjoyable, though not exactly the same as the books ha ha.
  14. I said when they joined at Derby I felt Jody is the one who will end up having a more successful coaching career, from what Ive heard about his time at chelsea he really impressed the older coaches with his approach.