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  1. The two biggest issues that we are facing is a lack of goals and an almost total lack of creativity. Tuchel has definitely stopped the losses, but we had some easier games during his honeymoon period. This period should have given the players the perfect chance to prove themselves to Tuchel, but with the exception of Mount and Jovacic, none of the others have done so. I hate to say, it looks like the same old Chelsea. Players not giving a f**k, not trying, or giving up as soon as the oppo score. Yes, the defence has tightened up but Southampton, Newcastle, Barnsley, Spurs and Burnley are not
  2. I just hope that we give Newcastle a real hiding. It seems ages since we really anihalated the oppo. Carabao cup doesn't count ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lets be honest, they are absolute sh*te. We should be able to play the Ressies and beat this lot, although I expect Andy Carroll to get a couple. We MUST set up to go after the Barcodes from the first whistle, we must not waste this opportunity that Spuds, Everton, Villa, United, Liverpool have given us. Nothing less than an emphatic win will do, and I hope Tommy realises this.
  3. I posted the above 2 weeks ago and Unfortunately, last night I think I began to witness the beginning of the players losing interest in playing for Frank. I exempt Mount, Pulisic and CHO from that, but the rest of the side looked as though they couldn't give a monkeys. Really poor and we seem to have completely lost our way. We all know what happens next ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  4. My two penneth is that Frank must be given time. The only thing that would change this opinion is if I could see that the players had really stopped playing for him. They do look bloody lethargic, jaded etc etc but there is no evidence that this is the case and no rumours of unrest in the dressing room. We must back Frank to turn it round, by giving him the job The Club accepted his lack of experience and need to "learn on the job"
  5. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘There are some bloody good posts on here today !!-
  6. Brilliant post, sums up our current position totally !!
  7. The Wet Spam will turn up with their A game as they always do against us at the Bridge. Therefore we MUST be on our A+ game, and if we are, we will demolish them. Player for player and collectively, we are better than them, so it is just down to the players to deliver on their own individual abilities. none of this, tired, fatigue, injuries bollocks, the players will be aware how important this game is to their season, Win and we are right back in the mix, lose and that's three defeats on the trot and we will be out of the picture for honours, with questions quite rightly being asked about the
  8. I truly hate it when Managers & Coaches, say, "the squad is tired" or "we are suffering from fatigue" but without being biased, I think it is true of Chelsea. Frank hit upon a winning formula that served us well for 15/16 games, but you cannot continually pick the same XI without something failing. Great Managers know when to pick players, when to drop them, how to spot the signs of burnout etc and Frank has still yet to learn this skill, he is literally flogging a dead horse !! We have had some injuries, arguably to the two most creative players in the squad, Pulisic and Zyech, as we
  9. It looks as though Ben Chilwell picked up a knock on England duty. Lower back injury?? I just hope that he is a fast healer and is back for Saturday ๐Ÿคฅ
  10. Any side that Frank picks from our superb squad is alright with me, but I would love to see Giroud and Ziyech playing together.
  11. I admit that it is harsh on Lamps, but not sure about VERY. Bringing on Kante was good, but Emerson for Chilwell was disastrous. If Chilwell was not match fit, he could have brought on James and switched Dave to LB. I didn't think the Tammy change did much, but Giroud was isolated and ineffective because we could/would not use him as a target man. By "combined" inability to change things I meant that Frank does not seem to be getting too much support or tactical suggestions from Jody or Joe Edwards. Very rarely are they seen discussing, pointing, looking at an Ipad or note book, so is Frank g
  12. I am fairly sure that I have posted on here already, that I am and always will be, one of Frank's biggest fans (AS A PLAYER). But I am growing increasingly concerned by our combined inability to change things when its clearly going wrong. unlike Jose at half time last night where he realised his tactics were not working and knew what to do to change it. Spuds changed but we did not. As someone else has posted, our bench looks devoid of ideas, lack of a real tactical game plan is also worrying. The players and tactics (Mount excluded) change every week and before somebody says, this is to g
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