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  1. It looks as though Ben Chilwell picked up a knock on England duty. Lower back injury?? I just hope that he is a fast healer and is back for Saturday 🤥
  2. Any side that Frank picks from our superb squad is alright with me, but I would love to see Giroud and Ziyech playing together.
  3. I admit that it is harsh on Lamps, but not sure about VERY. Bringing on Kante was good, but Emerson for Chilwell was disastrous. If Chilwell was not match fit, he could have brought on James and switched Dave to LB. I didn't think the Tammy change did much, but Giroud was isolated and ineffective because we could/would not use him as a target man. By "combined" inability to change things I meant that Frank does not seem to be getting too much support or tactical suggestions from Jody or Joe Edwards. Very rarely are they seen discussing, pointing, looking at an Ipad or note book, so is Frank g
  4. I am fairly sure that I have posted on here already, that I am and always will be, one of Frank's biggest fans (AS A PLAYER). But I am growing increasingly concerned by our combined inability to change things when its clearly going wrong. unlike Jose at half time last night where he realised his tactics were not working and knew what to do to change it. Spuds changed but we did not. As someone else has posted, our bench looks devoid of ideas, lack of a real tactical game plan is also worrying. The players and tactics (Mount excluded) change every week and before somebody says, this is to g
  5. I am really surprised the following players are still at the Club; Kepa, Alonso, Emerson, Christensen (in squad), and Moses, Rahman, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Piazon, Van Ginkel, although these players do not have squad numbers, so the Club clearly expect to get rid !! Conservatively, we could recoup in excess of £100million for these chaps, so more than enough to buy Mendy & Rice.
  6. It was just a bad day at the office, everyone has them. More important, is how we react. We desperately need Chilwell Thiago and Pulisic fit ASAP. They will make a World of difference and maybe Frank will soon be able to settle down a regular starting XI. My biggest concern is the constant changing of personnel and formations. I get the personnel bit as we have still got injuries and lack of fitness but the formations look poorly thought out. With this squad, I think that 4-2-3-1 is the answer. Kepa, Christensen, Alonso and Dave are just not going to be good enough, so they should be released
  7. Anyone any idea whether Pulisic is fit? I would love to see him torment Liverpool, but he is also in my fantasy league squad and I need the points
  8. Callum Hudson Oh Dear, so very apt. I too would love this guy to become the super star that we all thought he would, but I am afraid I just can't see it. I think he is "freewheeling" on his big contract.
  9. A new keeper is a must. I hope that Mendy is not a bit of a "panic" buy. If Petr is correct and is decent, then this window is a 9/10. (not quite sure what would constitute a 10, Hazard's return maybe ??)
  10. Hate to say that I would rather see Tammy leave than lose Giroud. He is a class act, a great example to the many younger players that we now have and scores almost every time he is given a chance.
  11. If all of the squad were 100% fit, I would go with a 4-2-3-1 GK ; Not Kepa Back four ; James, Timori, Silva (Capt.) Chilwell Holding ; Kante Kovacic Attacking midfield : Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech Striker; Werner Subs; Mount, RLC, CHO, Giroud, Abraham, Dave, Rudiger, Gilmour Sell ; Alonso, Zouma. Jorginho, Barkley (can't believe I am typing this) Christensen, Emerson, Caballero
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