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  1. Awful game for Timo tonight, missed two sitters. Hopefully it's just fatigue, he's been playing non stop for months. He'll likely finally be rested for the remaining two games given that we've qualified for the knockout stage.
  2. Well deserved goal, well done CHO. Shout out to Mason for that ridiculous pass!
  3. They are slowly growing into the game, we cannot afford to get complacent. Come on you Blues!
  4. Oh my God Werner!! That's an awful miss. What a beautiful run of play though.
  5. This footage is going to be in his documentary in around 40 years, brilliant stuff mate! Good luck!
  6. Best attack in the league at the moment, 20 goals!
  7. An absolutely stunning player, may he take us to many titles!
  8. Wonderful to see, we've sorely missed this part of our game in the last few years.
  9. What a dominant performance bar the first 10 minutes. Absolutely buzzing! Also, it's so bittersweet watching Thiago Silva knowing he will most likely hang up his boots in 2-3 years. Took his goal incredibly well.
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