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  1. How much is Lukaku earning? I'm pretty sure it's one of the highest at the club
  2. Maybe we should've just paid the extra 50 or so million for Haaland, a better player with way more room for improvement.
  3. Just because he earns high wages doesn't mean he can't go out on loan. And his loan to Dortmund got blocked by Tuchel, that's hardly his fault
  4. No idea why Tuchel blocked his loan to Dortmund, he would have flourished there. He's our 3rd choice RWB and our 5th choice winger, we're ruining his potential at this rate.
  5. Think this game was a case of 'don't fix what isn't broken'. We looked much better once we switched to a 3-4-3 and I think we should just stick to that system from now on, at least against the best sides.
  6. Really struggling at Norwich from what I'm hearing. He doesn't have the physicality for a relegation fight. This loan is looking like a mistake
  7. Think we should have loaned him out, he's not a rwb, and Dortmund would have helped his development massively
  8. What a hero, switching to a 3 man midfield 2nd half was genius
  9. Great game. Worried he might get ran into the ground now Gilmour's gone though
  10. He wasn't the best player for Real Madrid, Ronaldo was by far. He got robbed that year. If anything Modric winning it that year is the strongest argument for Jorginho deserving it this year
  11. What's the new loan rule? I actually think the loan army strategy works really well for us (apart from selling the players that come good like KDB/Salah)
  12. Yeah it doesn't make sense. They ended up having to sell Sancho for cheap due to being stubborn last year and now they're trying to do the same for Haaland? If that 68m release clause is true next season they'd be getting ripped off badly
  13. Does this guy win Ballon D'or now?
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