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  1. What's the new loan rule? I actually think the loan army strategy works really well for us (apart from selling the players that come good like KDB/Salah)
  2. Yeah it doesn't make sense. They ended up having to sell Sancho for cheap due to being stubborn last year and now they're trying to do the same for Haaland? If that 68m release clause is true next season they'd be getting ripped off badly
  3. Does this guy win Ballon D'or now?
  4. Apparently Camavinga is available for only 30m which would be much cheaper than what Rice would cost. Rice doesn't seem to offer much offensively either even compared to Jorginho
  5. They play good football though, it's not like they'd park the bus every game like Burnley. He'll most likely be their replacement for Buendia
  6. To be fair to him it was hard to look good in the team he was in. If anything getting a full season in the prem at his age will be invaluable experience
  7. I thought he was our ready-made replacement for Thiago Silva tbh, but he looks fantastic in midfield as well
  8. Even if Dortmund rob us blind (which they will) I think this is a good deal. I can't remember the last time I saw a 20 year old that good apart from Messi. When you look at where Mount and James were at that age and how far they've come since then, the sky could really be the limit for this guy. There's always the risk of serious injury but aside from that he's only going to get better at this rate
  9. 100%. We made that mistake with Conte spending 200m on sub-par players, if we can't get our 1st/2nd choice then just make do with what we have.
  10. True, we should probably go all out for him this year whilst we can still say that (unless we pull it off again next year as well)
  11. That's a shame, he's quality and is only going to get better. I think a striker needs to be the main priority given all the teams we've failed to put away and I'm not sure we can get both (especially after the Euros). Hopefully we can use Tammy to drag his price down to something reasonable
  12. Hakimi and Reece James both bombing forward on the right would be a nightmare for defences
  13. I'd imagine he'd cost less next year, he won't sign a new contract given all the interest around him
  14. Think if Haaland's release clause kicks in next year then Bayern would most likely swoop in for him, it's the type of deal they usually go for.
  15. I really don't get what Lampard was doing letting him go. It's a shame cause he did such a good job with the rest of the academy lads yet he completely froze Tomori out this season. Considering how awful our defence was he could've at least got a few games. 24m for a defender playing week in week out for the 2nd best team in Italy is a joke, especially given how young he is. It's on the board as as well for giving AC Milan such a cheap buy option. He got player of the season over Mason Mount at Derby, that should show how much potential he has, I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be another KDB/Salah level error.
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