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  1. Not to mention he hasn't had a loan before, and really needs a season of serious game time. Based on yesterdays performance, he's not going to get that this season either. I actually hope both he and RLC goes on loan this season as we cant really afford to play them week in, week out based on recent form - and how do you get back to your best after injury and lack of playing time without playing regular football? Besides, I think we should be well covered: Mendy (Kepa) James Zouma Silva
  2. Excited to see whether Frank wants to use this game as an exercise for his first 11 regarding fitness and cohesion, or if he chooses to give the rest of the squad a chance. I think me must choose the latter, we cant really go through any season - and especially one as demanding as this - with only 13-14 players really being given serious minutes. Any player not chosen for Brighton and Liverpool and who doesn't start tonight either - if fit - is clearly not seen as integral to the squad and could might as well look for a transfer/loan I do get the temptation to want to give players li
  3. Am I the only one that doesn't really blame Christensen all that much for the sending off? For me, that's unfortunately on Kepa as well. If he stays back instead of rushing out for a ball he has no chance of getting, Christensen can just run with Mane instead of fouling him. When Kepa comes for it, Christensen has two options - pulling Mane down and risking the red or letting him go which would surely mean 0-1.
  4. It's sad to see the kind of performances we've seen from him since the injury. I desperately want him to succeed, but I have to agree that the way he looks right now, we simply can't afford to play him. I'm not generally a fan of loans at his age, but surely a loan to a club where he's close to being guaranteed game time is the best for all parts? - he gets a chance to play through any physical and mental issues which might be bothering him at the moment - if the loan goes bad we'll bite the bullet and give up on him, thus selling him in the summer - if it goes well, w
  5. He's done some silly things, but I can honestly say I would have done far worse in his position and age. Anyways, as a professional fotballer you have to be smarter and I hope CHO will realize that from here on in
  6. Agreed, and its the only way to get Alonso in the team. Without him (Azpi or Emerson) we have to rely on our threats coming through the right or centrally which makes us much easier to control.
  7. Very good half. Just a bit of rhytm lacking in attack
  8. Frank came with a plan, changed it up and it worked. Couldn't be happier!
  9. So I guess we didn't really mean all that stuff about him needing time to get back to 100% after his injury?
  10. Its plain wrong, watch it from different angles. Lawton steps on his back leg, maybe the penalty can be debated but the yellow is just blatantly wrong. Now watch CHO get a reputation because of this
  11. Clipped his back leg. Good to know VAR is here to help, eh?
  12. I dont celebrate our goals anymore, unless it happens to be a direct free kick or a pen. Its not about how its applied, how long it takes etc - that rush of emotion is gone, thanks to var.
  13. Add Mount, Tammy, Tomori and RLC to that and imagine what we'll be like in two/three years
  14. James making his Chelsea debut, after a lengthy injury lay-off, getting an assist. What on earth are you expecting?!
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