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  1. He's done some silly things, but I can honestly say I would have done far worse in his position and age. Anyways, as a professional fotballer you have to be smarter and I hope CHO will realize that from here on in
  2. Agreed, and its the only way to get Alonso in the team. Without him (Azpi or Emerson) we have to rely on our threats coming through the right or centrally which makes us much easier to control.
  3. Very good half. Just a bit of rhytm lacking in attack
  4. Frank came with a plan, changed it up and it worked. Couldn't be happier!
  5. So I guess we didn't really mean all that stuff about him needing time to get back to 100% after his injury?
  6. Its plain wrong, watch it from different angles. Lawton steps on his back leg, maybe the penalty can be debated but the yellow is just blatantly wrong. Now watch CHO get a reputation because of this
  7. Clipped his back leg. Good to know VAR is here to help, eh?
  8. I dont celebrate our goals anymore, unless it happens to be a direct free kick or a pen. Its not about how its applied, how long it takes etc - that rush of emotion is gone, thanks to var.
  9. Add Mount, Tammy, Tomori and RLC to that and imagine what we'll be like in two/three years
  10. James making his Chelsea debut, after a lengthy injury lay-off, getting an assist. What on earth are you expecting?!
  11. He really reminds me of Josh McEachran when he first burst onto the scene - with mainly the same strengths and weaknesses. Lets hope he fulfills his potential better than Josh did
  12. Hope to see: Caballero James - Zouma - Guehi - Alonso Gilmour - Christensen Pulisic - Barkley - CHO Bats Should be enough for Grimsby, and I'd be intrigued to see how Christensen does in midfield Only problem is that Giroud and Pedro needs a start as well...
  13. Is he perhaps better in defensive midfield? I think it would be interesting to try him there vs Grimsby at least, if he's not injured. We need to give Kovacic and Jorginho a rest while protecting Kante, anyways.
  14. This is a work in progress, and I have no doubt we'll be better than Liverpool in two years time. We need some time to get the defense right, and we need to be far more clinical in both ends but what I saw in the second half was hugely encouraging. Concerns: Zouma and Christensen is just not good enough for a top four side IMHO. We also need to get our defensive set pieces in order, just pick up the opposing players in the box! Positives: Lamps and the youngsters are learning. We lack Rudiger, CHO, RLC and James still. Kante, perhaps the best midfielder in the world, has been missing until today. The potential of Pulisic/Mount/Tammy/Tomori/CHO/RLC/James is just frightening. With us soon able to sign players, further development of our youngsters and Frank/Jody learning on the job I'm still extremely positive about how this project is going - lets just not expect too much this season

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