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  1. Ok, I officially love him. How the hell has he turned us around to such a degree, in these circumstances? Might be the best coaching performance I've ever seen
  2. Tuchel will be sacked after a disastrous december and we'll hire Grant as an interim head coach, who in turn will gracefully steer us to relegation. Feel better?
  3. Agreed, I truly believe it would do him a world of good to play week in, week out for a season. The tricky part is finding the right club, at a high enough level and where he's more or less guaranteed to play.
  4. Yeah, I knew absolutely nothing about him. Decent scouting from Petr!
  5. Decent read, this: https://www.wikihow.com/Stop-an-Older-Cat-from-Attacking-a-Kitten Also - Timo!!!
  6. This is about the ugliest thing Ive ever seen
  7. So proud of the fans outside Stamford Bridge! Tonight is a night for beer, three points and most of all - to realize that we CAN make a difference when we pull together
  8. I'm trying not to be too dramatic, but at the moment it feels like 31 years of love for this club has ended. Greed, cynicism, the big exploiting the small - I really dont know if I can be a part of this anymore.
  9. My love for football is dwindling at an alarming rate atm. Shameful how we're a part of this greedy and cynical act
  10. Haha, such a relief to see CHO and Gilmour start after all
  11. Here we go again, back to the same old Chelsea with managers so fearful of losing their job that youngsters wont get a chance. Oh well, it was a fun season and a half while it lasted
  12. I think Frank will go for this 11: Mount - Mount, Mount, Mount, Mount - Mount, Mount, Mount - Mount, Mount, Mount Jokes aside, I think Mason has played well enough and I do not have a problem with him being in the team. It's the 90 minutes against Barnsley that irks me, surely he will be dead on his feet before long if he doesn't get a rest soon
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