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  1. I dont celebrate our goals anymore, unless it happens to be a direct free kick or a pen. Its not about how its applied, how long it takes etc - that rush of emotion is gone, thanks to var.
  2. Add Mount, Tammy, Tomori and RLC to that and imagine what we'll be like in two/three years
  3. James making his Chelsea debut, after a lengthy injury lay-off, getting an assist. What on earth are you expecting?!
  4. He really reminds me of Josh McEachran when he first burst onto the scene - with mainly the same strengths and weaknesses. Lets hope he fulfills his potential better than Josh did
  5. Hope to see: Caballero James - Zouma - Guehi - Alonso Gilmour - Christensen Pulisic - Barkley - CHO Bats Should be enough for Grimsby, and I'd be intrigued to see how Christensen does in midfield Only problem is that Giroud and Pedro needs a start as well...
  6. Is he perhaps better in defensive midfield? I think it would be interesting to try him there vs Grimsby at least, if he's not injured. We need to give Kovacic and Jorginho a rest while protecting Kante, anyways.
  7. This is a work in progress, and I have no doubt we'll be better than Liverpool in two years time. We need some time to get the defense right, and we need to be far more clinical in both ends but what I saw in the second half was hugely encouraging. Concerns: Zouma and Christensen is just not good enough for a top four side IMHO. We also need to get our defensive set pieces in order, just pick up the opposing players in the box! Positives: Lamps and the youngsters are learning. We lack Rudiger, CHO, RLC and James still. Kante, perhaps the best midfielder in the world, has been missing until today. The potential of Pulisic/Mount/Tammy/Tomori/CHO/RLC/James is just frightening. With us soon able to sign players, further development of our youngsters and Frank/Jody learning on the job I'm still extremely positive about how this project is going - lets just not expect too much this season
  8. Its a problem that nobody will cheer for a goal any more, in case VAR wants to have a look at something.
  9. Seriously, new injuries in every other situation. How unlucky can we be?!
  10. I've seen countless games like this in the last few years, only for Hazard to make the telling positive contribution. Thats the difference IMHO, and it will probably take us a few more games yet to learn how to deal with tight games without a talisman to lean on.
  11. That midfield really made my heart sink. Bad memories I reckon
  12. I thought I wouldn't care, but now that we're here I really want it. How often do we have a chance of winning this trophy? Besides, what could be sweeter than beating Liverpool to a trophy in their sacred city?!
  13. No need to hate, I actually don't think this is a disaster. He can be fantastic on his day, but we all know the amount of errors he has in him. As he's also getting on a bit, I think this is perfectly fine and I'd rather we give the game time to Christensen/Zouma/Tomori - but of course we'll need them to rise to the challenge. He's been fun to watch, I'll always love him for Munich but if he's unhappy about not being first choice, I think we're doing the right thing in letting him go.
  14. It's hard to explain, but it feels like somehow this is "my" club again. So, so happy!
  15. I think there's no doubt it's way too soon for Lampard, but after the division last season I think this is just what we need to reignite and unite the club and fans. I've never been this excited about a potential manager coming in, I just really, really hope it goes well

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