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  1. That midfield really made my heart sink. Bad memories I reckon
  2. I thought I wouldn't care, but now that we're here I really want it. How often do we have a chance of winning this trophy? Besides, what could be sweeter than beating Liverpool to a trophy in their sacred city?!
  3. No need to hate, I actually don't think this is a disaster. He can be fantastic on his day, but we all know the amount of errors he has in him. As he's also getting on a bit, I think this is perfectly fine and I'd rather we give the game time to Christensen/Zouma/Tomori - but of course we'll need them to rise to the challenge. He's been fun to watch, I'll always love him for Munich but if he's unhappy about not being first choice, I think we're doing the right thing in letting him go.
  4. It's hard to explain, but it feels like somehow this is "my" club again. So, so happy!
  5. I think there's no doubt it's way too soon for Lampard, but after the division last season I think this is just what we need to reignite and unite the club and fans. I've never been this excited about a potential manager coming in, I just really, really hope it goes well
  6. It seems more likely we are delaying because we want to announce the new manager at roughly the same time.
  7. I really dont think the fans would turn on Lampard given poor results - but they will turn on someone. The players? The board? Each other? Roman? I think this is a real problem for the decision makers in the club, and is why they might be hesitant to make the romantic choice.
  8. Ugh. Well, if we're taking the ban it makes sense I guess. If we want to sell him next summer at least we'll get something for him and we'll need all of our four wingers for the season
  9. Tight game against Arsenal in a european final, still all we can do is complain ?
  10. The fans were chanting "we want Sarri out". If the board are mad for sacking Sarri now, what does that make the fans doing those chants?
  11. I have my grievances with Sarri, but all things considered I think he deserves to stay. * Top four * League Cup final * EL final * RLC looks like developing into a top, top player * CHO broke into the team (albeit possibly due to some outside pressure) I hope the fans can get behind him a little bit as well, the booing when he took off Ruben was silly. I thought it was rather easy to see he was tired or injured, his influence vaned dramatically in the latter stages of the second half. I'd imagine Barkley doesn't feel great in that situation either, even if the booing isn't aimed specifically at him. The players have a year of understanding Sarris methods now, I wouldn't be surprised if we got even better next season
  12. Come on Maurizio, win this one and all is forgiven!
  13. Standard Sarri-ball. Carved open at ease, luckily we played the worst side in the league and Kepa was on form. Worrying performance
  14. I think today we'll find out whether Sarri has found a better balance and the players are truly behind him, or if the players just lifted themselves for a cup final and Tottenham. I really hope he founds a way to start CHO vs the worst defense in the league, but I wouldn't hold my breath

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