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  1. Probably wont even play Bertand for Utd game - ivanovic and bosingwa on the wings? B*ll*cks
  2. Agreed though at the start of the game, they did mention we were 5 points better than this time last season. Another manager to blame? Or should the players take some responsibility? Maybe our coaching staff need a kick and get the players learn to run every training session. We look slow and have no quick passing or movement. It's wasn't working so why not change to 4-4-2 last 10 mins. Who knows!
  3. Problem is not with the manager but with the players. We had Carlo, he done the double. Year after it was failing and it was manager's fault. AVB comes in and when they win (like Newcastle and Valencia) then its Drogba outstanding blah blah blah and when they lose, its the manager. If he doesnt play the usual players (like leaving Lamps on the bench) and loses, then media jump on his back. If he plays them and lose, then media jump on his back. Every fan can see it, some players need to be cleared out and are simply there to pick up their paycheck. I dont think AVB wanted to do so many radical changes but its got to be done. Team looks slow, cant defend, trouble scoring and even cant pick a simple/quick pass. Team needs new players and coaches need to to put the team through double/triple training days and get some pace moving
  4. Cant believe there is no video - sounds mental!
  5. I disagree. I work in Accountancy and often see people leave jobs who go to other jobs not just for the money. Obviously money is a major factor but you sometimes have to look long term as well. My view was Aguero was getting a decent wage at Atletico (a sh*t load apparently). Atletico werent going to challenge for La liga and he looked at City and thought they could. He may have taken a pay cut to start with but is thinking in 2-3 years, he could command higher wages. Doesnt make a difference anyway as he signed and apparently its on a 200k a week deal anyway! I really liked him and wanted to him join us but time to move on!
  6. Thats what I cant work out. They always mention they need to sell to keep the club afloat etc, but they pay stupid wages! I would be interested to see if he definitely does take a pay cut to join city and if so, how much it is. We obviously wont find out but it would be interesting. I dont know if City would offer a pay cut as they are looking at him as a replacement for Tevez so they will be on a saving anyway (as long as Tevez goes). Everyone knows City is rolling in it so guaranteed the Agent will be turning around saying you want Aguero, he wants £250k a week. Yaya is meant to be on over £200k and Tevez is up there so I would have thought Aguero would want to be part of the big boys! City will be a force and I think even in 5 years you will get the usual cr@p "players only join for the money....." We get that. Modric has been accused of seeing the cash but has turned round saying he wants to win some trophies. Same with Nasri. As much as players can be greedy, they do also get to the point where they look around and see they actually want some trophies!
  7. I stand corrected then! I know Mancini likes him as a sub but whenever I saw him talking about him, he kept saying he was a good player but still needs to learn alot and needs to listen. I couldnt work out if that was Johnson not listening to what he says or Mancini not to fond of him and just giving excuses of why he doesnt get full games. He can change games and is why i would like him! Though he does need a good run of games to build up some experience
  8. Harry is doing the usual of bumping his player prices up. I dont think Modric is worth over £30m. They make out he is some super key player in the team but he isnt. Last season he was ok but VDV and Bale (when playing) pretty much sorted out the midfield themselves. Even Sandro did alright. I think they are only "bigging up" Modric cause we are interested. If a team like Bolton came in and offered £25m for Modric, Harry would probably think what he can do with that money and can he get some decent strikers. So I reckon if Spurs did get an offer of £20m and Sturridge they would think about it. They would get a good goal scorer who did well when on loan with Bolton (and spurs strikers can't score for sh*t at the moment) and also get £20m in the piggy bank to buy some extra players
  9. I was worried about sturridge going but then thought the rumours must be sh*t. Bolton came looking for Sturridge and we placed a £20m price on his head to fob them off. Then the rumours are saying £27m plus sturridge? Thats near £50m and I cant see it. Maybe a package of say £40m, ie £20m cash and Sturridge? I still wouldnt want this to happen as I do have high hopes for sturridge!
  10. Josh will be better loaned out for a season. He won't get enough games at Chelsea. We need to loan him to the likes of bolton where he can get a season under him and come back with some experience (as much as i hate to say it, i think this really worked for wiltshire). Josh could be absolutely quality, just needs games. Pastore, i would take him but not for some of the prices being quoted. Maybe £30m max
  11. I would like Johnson on board. We nearly signed him before but spent the usual time p*ssing around and City jumped in and signed him up. City may sell him as I dont think Mancini is to much of a fan and has his own ideas anyway. Wouldn't surprise me if City get Nasri and Aguero and then get rid of Johnson. We would end up paying something stupid like £15m-£20m as a minimum though which i wouldnt be happy with.
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