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  1. My main gripe this season is what Frank has done with Kovacic. He was a dream to watch, in a pivot, we were flying, we were witnessing a player really coming of age, he was easily our best performer in my opinion, it was his time and Frank's messed with that, and it's cost us. Frank's tinkered with something that was really working. If I were manager my priority would be getting this guy back to what he was doing. He'd just started scoring goals as well, after a long wait. Hopefully Frank learns from this experience. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  2. This is going to set us back years.
  3. Saw the presser. Frank said we are creating 20 chances per game and our problem is finishing. He has said this a lot lately. He is deluded. 20 shots per game does not equate to chances. Real bona fide chances are at a premium. I remember Morata missing loads of chances. I do not remember anyone this season missing loads. It simply hasn't happened.
  4. Wolves are a bloody good team. Liverpool have the best GK I've ever seen. It's just the way he carries himself. Klopp went and bought a world-class GK and CB and it's made the world of difference. We need to do the same. There's no harder working side than Liverpool. Tonight we saw good set pieces and lots of saves, something we see very rarely at Chelsea. If you want to know how good Klopp is, look what he's done to Henderson.
  5. They could have just rung me up and I'd have told them.
  6. Spurs may not have taken advantage and they may have been in dodgy form but they've still gained 6 points on us since Mourinho took over. We absolutely have to beat them at home. That is going to be a humdinger.
  7. Just the way it's been going for us lately, but chin up, lots of reasons to be cheerful, although I do wish some of the fun football of earlier this season would return.
  8. Arsenal are sh*t. They were down to 10 men for 3/4 of the game. They had their best player out. We were at home. We were 1-0 up. We should never have drawn that game. If it was a freak result, okay, but deep down we all know in our hearts it was anything but. Sadly it was entirely predictable.
  9. Kante played so well in his first season for us alongside Matic, in a pivot, and Matic was the player who sat deep while Kante ran around the pitch a lot. That's what Conte loved about Kante so much and he repeatedly said so. Conte said football was a running game, and nobody runs more on a football pitch than Kante.
  10. You can get found out as a novice rather than a fraud. I don't think Frank's a fraud at all, but he is very green, and it's showing in my opinion. I don't think pinning everything on the older players is fair. In fact I've always been very sceptical when people start blaming players. Some of those older players you've listed I rate, others not, but with the squad we have, recent performances and results should be a lot better. Hopefully it's a learning curve for him and he will improve, especially once he starts signing his own players, but what's evident right now is that he has a lot to learn.
  11. Wants Atletico apparently .. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jan/22/edinson-cavani-psg-atletico-chelsea-transfer
  12. Totally agree about Jorginho. I've never been convinced by him, and I've received a fair amount of stick on here for saying so. If the above stats are correct, 1 win in 9 when Jorginho plays with Kante, including 5 losses. Frank needs to try something new.
  13. Those stats are relevant though, in my opinion. Kante is having a wretched season, whatever the reason. He won the PL twice with different clubs, won the FA Cup and won the WC. Those are all relevant stats too. He was playing phenomenally, in a role or a system that suited him. He was intrinsic to those winning stats and I'm afraid he's also intrinsic to our losing stats. I was very upset when I saw him in the starting line-up yesterday and I said so. I just don't think he's improving our chances of winning. Whether that's Frank's fault or his or a combination of both is up for grabs, but right now, when he plays, we just aren't as good, generally speaking, and we're nearly in February, so I think it's a fair enough number of games to make that appraisal.

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