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  1. I've had a word with JT and he says he'll be very happy to explain all this to her.
  2. It's one photo, of one man, who probably isn't even a Chelsea supporter, he probably works for the Daily Mirror and is just trying to create a story for his paper, you know, at Chelsea's expense. It's bullsh*t. Frank has never had anything but a great reception from Chelsea fans since he left us. One person holding up a bit of card is completely irrelevant. Thee are 40,000 people in the ground. There will always be the odd one, in any walk of life. It isn't even worth mentioning. Look at the reception he got when he scored against us, when he'd just left us, when emotions would have been running high. We were going for the title, and so were City, and he equalised for them, against us. Look at the reception. The Chelsea fans stood and applauded It may not work out with Frank, he may get sacked, he may even walk if things go wrong, but the Chelsea crowd will never turn against him. When I say crowd I can't speak for every single person, obviously, there may be one person and no doubt the cameras will zoom in on them, but what does it prove? Absolutely nothing in my book.
  3. Actually what I remember were the fans applauding him even when he dented our title hopes by scoring a goal against us, and every time he's returned representing another team, he's been given nothing but adulation. Besides, he won't be managing City, he'll be managing us, and the Chelsea crowd are by and large incredibly loyal, unless you're a total dick towards us as Jose was. If you're worried about Frank getting grief off the Chelsea crowd, don't be, it will never happen.
  4. I think we should hire Rafa with Jose as his number 2.
  5. He was made perfectly welcome. It wasn't until February we heard dissent at the ground. He came to Chelsea, he signed a deal, we got the players he wanted, paid big for them too, and we stuck with him during a really poor run of form, which is unusual in the Roman regime. The travelling fans who had got up at 4 in the morning and paid good money expressed their displeasure while witnessing yet another identikit abysmal performance and that's caused him to jump ship? If you're right then thank f**k he's leaving. We need someone with a bit more about him than that, in my humble opinion.
  6. He's nowhere near as good as Cesc with the ball in behind. I could find a video of Jonjo Shelvey that would show me better passes, it proves nothing, it's easy to make a highlights reel that distorts the truth. You might want to look at Cesc's highlights reel from his last season with us, which proves that in order to keep making assists, you have to keep creating chances, because the vast majority will get missed, especially when you lack a top class forward. Jorginho may have many qualities that Cesc doesn't, I don't know, that's up to you, I find Cesc a flawed player, but if you were a striker and you wanted someone to put it in behind, you'd choose Cesc long before you'd choose Jorginho. We scored X amount of goals last season. Jorginho had zero assists and that's solely down to the strikers? No, fraid not. What about all the other goals we scored, were they just a coincidence? Let's remember too that Jorginho played a lot, almost every single game. Most of those balls in behind are slow wafted passes, there are very few bonafide gilt-edged chances, compare these to Cesc's passes, and you'll see the difference. I'm sure there are ways in which you can compare Jorginho favourably to Cesc, but hitting a ball in behind from deep ain't one of them, and never will be.
  7. You would have thought the best two candidates are Jardim and Allegri. Jardim hardly gets mentioned but he's without a doubt a top manager and has done well wherever he's been. Done amazing things at Monaco, and although he was sacked following a poor run of form, he was reinstated after Henry got sacked and steered them to safety. His achievements at Monaco are similar to Klopp's at Dortmund, because he beat PSG to the title, and got very far in the CL, with a very young exciting team. Klopp's last season at Dortmund almost saw them relegated so Jardim's poor run of form earlier this season shouldn't count against him either. Monaco were very quick to pull the trigger, considering they had sold half the team he had built. Allegri? Top drawer. His CV stands comparison with Conte. Unlike Conte he has also proven he can stay at a club for a long time. Do we want another Italian though, that might pine for Italy after a season or two? Unlike Conte he's unlikely to fall out with the board, but maybe his methods or his playing style won't be to everyone's liking. My instinct is to say no, because we've trodden this path so many times before, and while we've been successful, there is something definitely missing at Chelsea, and that thing is called "soul". You go to games nobody gives a toss anymore. The atmosphere is awful. There is no connection between players and fans. There is no buzz, it has gradually been eroded. People are sick and tired of managers just passing through, with no real connection to Chelsea, only to their wallet and their CV. The board are completely out of touch with the fans. The obvious choice is Lampard. He'd bring through the youth, he'd have a deep connection with the fans, he knows the club, he loves the club. The fans would be able to get behind him, wholeheartedly. It's an absolute no-brainer. He'd have Jody by his side, a bonafide Chelsea boy. Sometimes it's all about timing. I'm not saying Frank is the best candidate he's not. He has one season under his belt where he led his team to 6th in the Championship with a 43% win rate. It's not great. Having said that the Derby fans love him. He has potential. We have no idea if he'll make the grade, it will be a punt, but an informed punt, given we know him so well, given we know his personality and his character, given we know he's quite a unique individual. Normally I'd say it's way too early, it's too much of a punt, but circumstances dictate that the time is ripe, particularly if we get a ban, the time is ripe to bring in somebody we all love and somebody we know loves us. It's about connection, as well as ability. Frank is no mug, he'll want to get to the very top, he's pretty single-minded. He's smart he commands respect he's assertive and he's a leader. I'd say he's got a chance. Anyone voting for Mourinho needs their head testing. I'd honestly rather have Rafa Benitez, or anyone else for that matter. Don't even argue with me because I don't argue with idiots. Rude this may be but it's honestly how I feel. Anyone wanting him is seriously deluded. There is nothing special about him anymore. If not Lampard the person I'd be most inclined to hire is Ten Hag. Edit: Lampard all day long for me. It would be a brave call but maybe it's time to show a bit of courage and a bit of faith. Something is badly lacking at Chelsea. He's the guy to bring it back.
  8. Seriously, I don't know if this post is intended as a joke. If it is, congratulations, it's very funny, if it's not, then, I don't know what to say, maybe you're sleep-deprived and that explains it. First of all, a vote of confidence from the board is meaningless, as we've seen countless times before. He wasn't sacked, whereas previously under Roman he would have been, given the poor run of form we went through. I really don't see how he (or you) can complain about the board. That's ridiculous, if you don't mind my saying. If you're sleep-deprived I guess that makes it more understandable. Secondly, were you at this meeting? If so, have you got pictures to prove it? If not, what are you talking about? Even if this meeting took place, how do we know what was said in it? It's all fantasy on your part but if you're sleep-deprived I guess we can give you a pass. So, you want the board to support him publicly and you want them to believe in his philosophy. Let me remind you, in case you're sleep-deprived, that he wants to go back to Italy, he's not committed, he's had a better offer as far as he's concerned and he's homesick, so why you want to lay the blame for all this at the board is anyone's guess, but if you're sleep-deprived I guess that makes it more understandable. This is the board that sanctioned big money on players that he wanted. He's been fully backed if you ask me. You implore the board to show time and patience but it appears the person with no time or patience is Sarri, the person of whom you're so beloved. This has nothing to do with the board and everything to do with him. I'm not having a go at him, as you seem to infer, I'm just saying it as it is. He's done what a million people would do in his situation. He's got a more desirable offer and he's going. That's it. Stop trying to paint this as something it's not, or maybe get some sleep and come to your senses. A good night's sleep and you'll be right as rain, I promise you.
  9. I only post when we win a trophy. That's why I post so often.
  10. Sarri is under contract. He can't just walk without an agreement from us. We could make him stay but what's the point, knowing he's not committed to us, knowing he's off as soon as he's able. Why would you back a manager under those circumstances? It really isn't that hard to understand.
  11. I think that was due to the Manchester bombing and security concerns. We won the title that year and we didn't have a parade either.
  12. Anyone even entertaining the idea of Mourinho should have their heads tested. There's no-one I'd less like to have. He's spent, he's a total embarrassment and he's odious. Next.
  13. A year ago, after the WC, Hazard told the club he wanted to go to Real. We told him he was staying. Real were getting Courtois and that was going to be their lot for one summer we said. He could have sulked, he could have downed tools, he could have gone on strike, much as Courtois did until he got his move, but Eden's made of different stuff, he's not your typical superstar footballer. He stayed, he gave his all, he sparkled, he got us into the CL almost singlehandedly let's face it. Yes we could have got more for him last summer, but we wouldn't be in the CL today, so whatever we get for him this summer he's more than made up for the deficit. We could get nothing for him and we've still done good business, because that CL pot of gold awaits. We should get as much money as we can but we have to grant him his wish, so we shouldn't let money be the sticking point. He's given us 7 years. We've had one of the top 3 players in the world, for 7 years. We've had the PL's best player, for 7 years. 7 years is a lot. He could have gone at any time, to any club he fancied. He's an absolute Chelsea legend, by far the most talented player to ever play for us, and because I love you all I don't want any of you to argue, because you'll only embarrass yourselves, and I wouldn't want that, purely out of love. 7 years ago Nibs described him as a poor man's Joe Cole. Nibs is a shedend legend of course. We'll forgive him that one on the basis that even the best struggle for form from time to time. Eden said he wanted to leave like a boss. The result on Wednesday was never in doubt. We shall miss him but he goes with all of our blessings. I hope he does well and I hope we see him in the white of Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge. So long Eden. We know you love the club, and we sure as hell all love you.
  14. This post caught my interest. I have a serious question for you, what does Sarri actually do on the touchline, I mean what purpose does he actually serve? He's our leader, right? Surely he should provide leadership and strength to his side, otherwise what is he doing there? Would he be best served watching games from the stands? I think so. I think we would play better, without the anxiety that he transmits, without him pacing up and down chewing on a cigarette butt. Does he do anything during the 90 minutes to help the team? Serious question. He moans a lot, to his bench, to the fourth official, he flaps his arms in the air, he takes notes, but have you ever seen him give a player an instruction, have you ever seen him do anything to change a game? What is he doing there? If you're not helping, if you're hindering, go somewhere else, surely? Show some f**king leadership from the touchline, please. That might just mean standing there looking strong, emitting strength, conveying calm. You don't have to do much, but pacing up and down chewing on a cigarette butt and moaning to your bench isn't it, in my opinion. Consider many games resemble each other. We pass the ball. A lot. We fail to create. Always. We look vulnerable to the counter. Always. What does he do to change things? I'd like to know, genuinely. You see it going the same way, you see what's happening, what do you do? I'll tell you what you do, you sit down you take notes, you stand up you flap your arms a lot, you moan to the fourth official about something, you chew on your cigarette butt. Meanwhile the players are still struggling. Now I'm not saying Sarri's a bad manager. He's not. I think he's a good manager. The wheels could have come off and he kept things together, unlike one or two previous managers. There are reasons to be optimistic, there are reasons to dislike the guy. I dislike the guy while conceding he's good. How good? I'm not sure. Could he turn us into a great side? Possibly. Has he made ridiculously poor decisions in his first term? Definitely. What were they? I'm glad you asked me that. Firstly there was the debacle at Wembley. What was he doing subbing Kepa? It was possibly the worst substitution decision ever made. Our keeper was fit, so why take him off? The game had stopped, so why panic? Just wait and see if he can carry on, and when he tells you he can carry on, be happy, don't throw your toys out of the f**king pram, and then, when it goes to penalties, don't try and assault the player, Jesus Christ, what are you, a moron? Before anyone says it was tactical and he wanted Willy to face penalties, well he clearly hadn't conveyed that to his first choice keeper, so that makes him even more of an idiot, and even if he had, what a way to destroy your first choice keeper's confidence. Truth is, he lost his nerve. He's never won a trophy, he got nervous. We played well, we were close, penalties were looming. He needed to be strong, emit calm, emit confidence, emit control. He failed on all counts. He needed to think of only one thing and that was winning. Instead retribution against his keeper became more important. He needs to become a winner. Hopefully he's learned his lesson. Hopefully we reap the reward on Wednesday. A winning manager would never have behaved the way he did. Some of the things he's said to the media have been truly idiotic. When he said he hadn't watched CHO's game for England. When he criticised Ampadu after our victory against Sheffield Wednesday. He said he would never play the position again. Ampadu is 18. It was a criminal thing to say. I could go on and on with the idiotic things he's said. I mean, he said Alonso was the best LB in Europe. Alonso isn't even the best LB at Chelsea. In fact, Alonso isn't even a LB. Period. Then we have Higuain. This is the man he wanted to lead our line. Let's say no more. Then there's his continual denials that he has anything to do with transfer policy, despite the fact we paid big for a keeper that can play with his feet, paid big for Jorginho, and paid big for Higuain. Please, stop with the denials already. I'll leave it there but I could go on. Nothing he says inspires tons of confidence. Suffice to say he's made himself unpopular, with his public pronouncements and with his refusal to change anything when things are going poorly too. He played Marcos Alonso for 7 months before giving Emerson a chance. Emerson may not be the long-term answer but for goodness sake, everyone could see a change had to be made. Then there's his reluctance to play youth, even when we were in horrible form, and then there was the football, which was tedious. You'd watch a game, we'd dominate possession or we'd start off abysmally, either way we'd go behind and that was it, we had absolutely no idea how to get back into it, and worst of all, instead of blaming tactics, formations or selections, it was all the players' fault, they couldn't be motivated or their mentality was poor. The criticism has been valid. His obsession with Kovacic over a more progressive midfielder like Barkley or RLC, playing Hazard up top, and denying us all the spectacle of watching Kante do what he does better than anyone else in the world. One thing I'll say in his favour, he doesn't court popularity. He sticks to his guns, rightly, after all, he didn't get the Chelsea job by doing it somebody else's way. There we are, third spot. Tottenham, Utd, Arsenal all fell by the wayside. Sure, we were lucky, but we didn't fall by the wayside, and that's to his credit. He was under pressure, he was unpopular, but he stuck in there, and I respect that. We were still sh*t in many games, not least Cardiff away and Frankfurt at home, but we scraped through. We lose either of those two games and he's toast. If he's a lucky manager, I'll have some of that. Sometimes at Chelsea you need that little bit of luck, just to survive another week. Would I be upset if he were here next season? No. Would I be ecstatic? No. Juve apparently want him so he's obviously highly regarded in Italy, we know that. He must be a good manager. Will he ever adapt to the English game, will we ever go toe-to-toe under him away from home or against our main rivals? None of us know the answer to that one. Will he ever win anything, anywhere? Again, we don't know. Is he committed to Chelsea? I doubt it, somehow. I'd be happy if he stayed because there's sufficient evidence that he can improve however I'd be happier still if Lampard arrived. Why? I'm glad you asked me that. You're asking some very good questions today. Lampard's a winner. Lampard just has something about him. He's very determined. He's very bright. He's very ambitious. He can handle pressure. He can defy the odds. I mean he wasn't even that talented as a player. It was all about his mentality. He's a pretty unique character, and he loves Chelsea. We're in a bit of trouble I think. There's a total disconnect between club and fans, between the team and fans. If Lampard comes, with Jody of course, Ampadu, Callum and Ruben immediately feel better, I guarantee that. They put pen to new contracts. There's a buzz about the place, a buzz we all need, a buzz amongst the players and the fans. Roman has given up coming to games, understandably. He loves Chelsea, I have no doubt about that. He wanted to build his legacy in the form of a new stadium. He can't get a visa that would allow him to live here. That must piss him off, severely, after the amount of money he's ploughed in. Our board comprise of idiots who don't give a f**k about the fans and spend half of their time pandering to the media and trying to get them banned rather than redressing any injustices, and of course we have a transfer ban looming due to their incompetence. We're just in a whole lot of trouble, as a club, in my opinion. Something has been lost, the buzz has gone. Lampard comes and all that changes. Yes, you could say he's inexperienced. Sure. He needs to learn the ropes at Derby. Sure. He's up against Klopp and Guardiola, two great managers. Sure. It could go wrong he could get sacked it will all be a bit painful. Sure. Let's wait. Well I'll ask you this. What are we waiting for? There's never any guarantee with a manager. Lampard could do well at Derby, he could take them up he could keep them up, does that guarantee you anything? What if he does well and somebody else takes him, another big club, what if the time's right for him to move on and we have somebody else at the helm, as happened with Klopp. A lot of this is about timing. Sure, Lampard doesn't have a track record, he's young, it's a punt, but it's an informed punt because we know him, and if we're willing to take a punt on anyone it's him, and if we're willing to give anybody time it's him, because he'd bring with him an enormous amount of goodwill. What if it all goes pear-shaped? What if he isn't very good? We part ways, simples. We'd give him time, we'd give him resources but he would have to deliver, obviously, and if he can't, we say goodbye, he says goodbye, we still love each other. It's okay. It's a risk but it's nothing like the risk Utd have taken with Solskjaer. That won't work out. No way. Lampard might, it just might. The time is ripe. It's all about timing. With Conte, with Mourinho, with Benitez, with Carlo, we knew they weren't here for the long haul. Sarri isn't here for the long haul, we know that. These guys are guns for hire. Why let Lampard prove himself at another club, why let him develop a deeper connection with another club? Sure, he's a Chelsea legend but that doesn't mean he won't manage one of our rivals as a manager. That doesn't mean that at all. He'll put himself first and rightly so. When the right offer comes along he'll take it, because if I know Lampard, he'll want to manage at the top level. How many of you think he'll do it? Get that far? Think about him as a person, not as a player, as a person, think about what marks him out. He's got a chance. I say we give him the opportunity to develop into a top manager at our club, because given what we know and what we've seen, he might just be the man, possibly, and if we let him grow into the role and give him that space, we might just reap the rewards for a very long time, because he's a Chelsea man and he won't want to go anywhere else. I'm telling you right now, he comes and everybody is lifted, and our club needs a lift. Will he be given time? He might, because of who he is and what he represents to the club, and because we'll know he's not the finished article, not by a long shot, but just as he did as a player, wouldn't it be great to see him grow at Chelsea? We also know about his temperament, he's not a Conte or Mourinho, he'll always bear in mind the club's best interests, he'll always stick up for us, and he won't cause problems unnecessarily. He'll be a breath of fresh air in other words. I say bring him back.

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