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  1. You ought to pay attention to the forum rules or you'll be banned. Rule number 1. Never ever feel sorry for Leeds.
  2. Season ticket holders will want refunds. Players will need to be paid. Clubs rely to a certain extent on gate receipts. I wonder if the clubs are going to get any help from the authorities? Some clubs (particularly those lower down the food chain) are going to struggle to survive.
  3. While I agree with those that say it's all being over-hyped, there's no doubt it's spreading fast and entering every neighbourhood around. While the vast majority will only experience mild symptoms (if any at all), there are certain groups that you don't want catching it because it could lead to their deaths, that's why we all have to be responsible. 1000 deaths in Italy in the space of a month is no laughing matter, because as more and more people carry the virus, more and more of those vulnerable groups will get it, and the rate at which deaths occur will rise, and that's before we even talk about hospital beds, which won't be available. I can't see the season starting again next month, when the spread will have grown, after April comes May (yes I know my months) and that's when it all ends, so I can't see how the football season will resume. The only fair solution I can see is to void the whole season. If you give Liverpool the title, you have to relegate the teams in the bottom 3, etc etc. In other words, if you tell one team their current standing will count, you have to say that to all the teams, and that just isn't fair when there's so much still to play for, and not every team has faced each other. Last season's standings should count. No titles given this season, no relegations, no promotions. Those that played in European competitions this season should do so again next season, and in the interests of fairness, that even includes Spurs. In the meantime folks, wash your hands, rejoice in the fact we have a legend managing our club, bringing through so many kids, and the wait goes on for Liverpool and Leeds. If the season stops now, as I believe it will and it should, it's still been a magnificent season for us, all things considered. So many things to celebrate, and Frank will have learned a lot, which should bode well for us next season. Edit: The question is who's going to break the news to Liverpool. My suggestion would be Demba Ba.
  4. Don't forget dirty old Leeds.
  5. Frank has struggled to find his best XI. He seems to be stumbling upon it. Two clean sheets in a row. We might even see a settled back four, at least until the summer when we hopefully buy upgrades. Midfield, well injuries forced FRank's hand, and it worked in our favour. Billy instead of Jorgi. Far better in my opinion. Two number 8s, in Mason and Ross, and that gave us more creativity and attacking edge at home against a weaker side, and the forgotten man up front, brought in from the cold, been absolutely brilliant. Edit: Well done Frank, particularly for giving Gilmour his chance.
  6. Well, Frank gave him a fair old run in the side, far too long for my liking, but I think that'll be the end of him now. Two clean sheets in two games without him. We're not keeping those clean sheets with him in the side. He's had enough chances for me. He'd be the first one I ship out this summer.
  7. Towards the end of the game Mane got a yellow for striking Dave in the face, but there was no VAR review and the BBC chose not to replay the incident. Strange. Yellow cards always get replayed on television.
  8. There is a lot of traffic and the roads get closed off as you approach the ground. You can get pretty near the ground but the problem you've got is traffic and the crowds. A cab from Victoria will take about half an hour believe it or not, if you want to get as close as possible to the ground, but the person with the broken leg will still need to do some walking. Fulham Broadway station is a short walk from the ground and there are lifts on the platforms, taking you to ground level. If you take that option, leave in good time to avoid a crush.
  9. Been excellent since he's come back in. Gone from being our forgotten man to being our front line striker. I'm really pleased for him. I really like him. We all know his limitations but crucially, so does he, and he's very good at what he does. No doubt he'd have left if we'd have brought somebody else in, but it may prove to be a real stroke of luck.
  10. Well done Frank, rode our luck a bit early doors, but we were the better team, and we kept a clean sheet. Massive win for us tonight.
  11. Would be truly bizarre if he doesn't keep his spot. He's flawed, but he's big, strong, fast and good in the air, and poses a threat at set pieces. His biggest asset is the fact he's not Christensen for me.
  12. You can't fault his work rate but there's precious little quality, in my opinion.
  13. Looks like Jorginho's got competition.
  14. I pray he keeps his spot. As you say, fully deserved to be dropped, he's had an awful season, but he's a talent. Today he showed good character. We couldn't have asked for more. Our first clean sheet in about 60 years. This will give him confidence. He can still be a big player for us this season. He's fighting for his Chelsea career. Tonight he looked up for the fight.
  15. Well, Frank went with this today and I hope he sticks with it going forward. Whatever we do we're not great defensively, in which case you have to play your strongest two in the air, in my opinion.

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