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  1. ^ Looks like we may have just given Leicester some team news.
  2. Except Tbo never saved any pens for us, maybe one. Tbo a longer reach but it's harder for him to get down low. Kepa was very unlucky. He's far better at pens than Tbo.
  3. Despite the performances of Dave and Kurt, which were poor, I still believe we were asking for trouble, the way they bypassed our midfield when we lost the ball. Edit: In fact It's been a theme throughout pre-season, no matter who's in defence. It's not just about our defenders.
  4. I really don't think Utd won because of our mistakes. I think Utd won because whenever we lost the ball they were running straight at us. We had no protection. We were far too stretched. That's not mistakes, that's tactical. We will lose the ball every single game, every team does. It's about how you're set up. We were a little bit naive. Frank spoke a lot about mistakes being the reason we lost but I hope he doesn't really mean that. Individual mistakes were not the reason in my book. We were vulnerable throughout the game, whenever they won the ball.
  5. Mane, Firminho and Salah running at our defence? It doesn't bear thinking about. Even if Kante is only 0.000000001% fit, he has to play.
  6. We played well, especially first half, but we were always vulnerable in transition. They got the ball and bang, they were swarming all over us. We had absolutely nothing shielding the defence. It was a problem the entire pre-season and hopefully this is a wake up call for Frank. Away from home, we were way too open. It was easy for them to attack us. Right from the off. Performances, well our CBs are a concern. Rudiger walks into this team but one of the other three has to step up. Kante obviously walks back in too, for one of Jorginho or Kova. I feel Frank made a mistake with Barkley. He excelled at number 10 in the pre-season, our best player by far, he should have started there today, with Mount on the bench. I'm very surprised Mount got a start, though he looked confident. We're going to have to be patient. I really feel Callum will be the key player this season as he will give us an attacking edge. He obviously needs to sign that contract. The likes of Tammy, our CBs, Mason, Reece James when he comes in, Callum, Pulisic, we're all going to have to be very patient. We're on the start of a journey and it will take time but I'm fully signed up to the journey and I hope you all are too. We lack a commanding CB without Rudiger, we lack a top class striker but Tammy may grow into one, and we lack a midfield enforcer though I think Ethan will provide that next season. On another day the game could have gone differently but the scoreline may have done us a favour. I think it might focus everybody's minds. This is going to be a hard season and we mustn't be under any illusions. Our manager is a rookie, with only one year under his belt in the Championship. The same applies to his staff. The same applies to a few players, including Tammy and Mason today. Let's be realistic. Let's temper all our expectations. Let's embrace the journey we're on. Most importantly, have faith. Mourinho? I can't stand him. Think he took pleasure in watching us lose. He certainly has no loyalty towards Chelsea and he's going to delight in trying to apply as much pressure on us as possible. Frank is right to play the youth. Jose resents that because he's not a nurturing manager, Frank must learn to cut off all the noise. I've got a feeling most of it will be coming from Jose's mouth. Appointing Frank Lampard and playing all these kids is never going to be about the short-term. That's something Jose Mourinho will never understand. Onwards and upwards. Come on Chelsea.
  7. Frank said Kante's fit but he'll have to assess if he's match-fit. This is Kante we're talking about, so important, and as we saw in Baku, if he's half-fit he walks into the team. I suspect he will start. Who does he make way for, Kovacic or Jorginho? I suspect it will be Jorginho. Rudiger I don't think will start. He's been out much longer. Think Frank will tread with caution for that one. Abraham will start up front. I'm convinced he's our best option and he will prove it over the course of the season. Kepa, Dave, Emerson, Christensen, Zouma, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, Tammy, Pulisic, Pedro. We're almost certain to concede. I'd be happy with a 1-1.
  8. Thank you kindly squire. Having seen Frank's (immaculate) press conference, and reading between the lines, I suspect Frank had a good look at Luiz in pre-season and wasn't entirely enamoured of his performances and/or his attitude. In his press conference, Frank said he had always appreciated honesty from his managers as a player, and he said he was honest and open with Luiz. This suggests to me that Frank was the initiator in all of this, though a poor attitude from Luiz may suggest he wasn't particularly keen on playing for Lampard. He told Luiz he wasn't convinced by him or he wasn't exactly what he wanted as a CB, and Luiz said fine, I'll go to Arsenal, and Frank said fine. It sounds like it was pretty amicable. The fact we only got £8m for a player of his pedigree suggests Frank was desperate to see him go, and he didn't care where. It rankles a bit but so long as Frank's happy I'm happy and I believe he's a lot happier without Luiz stinking up the joint.
  9. Did anyone see his press conference? So impressive. He's got that steel in his eye. He talked up our squad. Imagine that. No whining about losing his best player, no whining about injuries, no whining about the transfer ban, he just talked us up, said he believes in this squad, said he's very happy with his squad and he expects big things. Jesus Christ what a f**king change.
  10. Luckily for you nobody has ever stolen your content.
  11. Well that's a pretty important weakness, if true, and that video hardly has any clips of him heading the ball. Christensen is also very weak in the air, so if they play together that could spell trouble.
  12. Looks like he has a bit of the Billy Gallas about him. I was very much reminded of him watching that video, though obviously those are his best bits and they most come from the Championship. We can safely say he loves a tackle and he's fast. He also appears to be able to read the game.
  13. I'm okay with it. He had to go in all probability, for the sake of morale, in order for Frank to maintain authority. Luiz is very close to Willian and Kenedy so that's another one to keep an eye on. They both appear to be moody players, so if they're not playing, they'll be sharing stories with Luiz. Frank will have to be on his toes. He needs total commitment. We've got two powerful rugged defenders in Zouma and Rudiger, and two more refined defenders in Christensen and Tomori, so my guess is that we'll have one of each as our CB pair, and we'll see a bit of rotation, particularly in the cup games. This is a very big chance for our young CBs to cement a spot. They'll be pleased to see the back of Luiz. With Luiz there I always felt it would be hard for Frank to drop him as it would cause problems, and therefore it was hard to see how any of the younger defenders could cement that first team spot. I think this is a smart move by Frank. Interestingly, we resisted selling Zouma to Everton, for big money, and we've also kept Tomori, so Frank may have had a hunch all along about Luiz. I'm very excited about this season, particularly with so many academy graduates. I don't hold out high hopes for silverware or a great PL campaign, but it's the start of a very exciting journey hopefully. So many youngsters in the squad who can build a bond with the club and the fans. Reece James, Tomori, Christensen, Mount, RLC, CHO and Abraham. That's 7 academy graduates who could all get significant game-time. It also sends a great message to our current academy crop, as they can finally see a pathway to the first team. I don't think there's any reason to be upset about this. Luiz was a character but he was high maintenance. I think it's the best thing we could have done. Do I think less of Luiz? Yes I do. He could have stayed, he could have supported the manager, he could have tried to impress, he could have fought for his place, he could have mentored the younger players, he could have been a good example, but it was all about him. Going to one of our rivals in these circumstances tells us a lot. I liked Luiz, I thought the positives outweighed the negatives, he's a big personality he's talented and he's a winner. Furthermore, I'm unconvinced by Christensen and the jury is very much out on Zouma and Tomori, but we'll never know if they don't get games, and at least now they're going to play, and that has me very excited. Frank will build a special atmosphere. With Luiz around that was impossible, so all in all this was the right decsion. He's well past his peak, he's never been a great defender and he's joining a group with a weaker mentality. We really needn't be too worried. It's not like we've sold them peak John Terry.
  14. I just don't believe that. James is young and a rookie at this level and he's coming back from injury. He'll rotate at best. We're likely to play a lot of games. Edit: I guess what I'm saying is Dave will still be the go-to man at RB for the games that matter for a season more at least, though I have very high hopes for James.

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