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  1. Thanks Boyne. I believe you are correct with your last sentence, but I also don't know what advanced works means. Maybe somebody on here knows? It's looking less and less likely this particular project will ever happen, which is a great shame. Monumentally disappointing as far as I'm concerned, because I love everything about it. I wonder if the General Election may change things. I suspect Roman will only resurrect this project if there's a change of attitude towards him from the Home Office.
  2. I believe there is a deadline by which, if we haven't started the building works, or the demolition, we lose our planning consent. I believe that deadline occurs during this season. Perhaps somebody can confirm.
  3. They're both thinking, "What a prat".
  4. He's a horrible man and a horrible manager. He's perfect for Spurs.
  5. Just a shame Moreno's no longer manager.
  6. Yup, Drinkwater's a good player. Maybe not Chelsea quality but light years ahead of Bakayoko.
  7. If you go back over the RLC thread, you'll see a million (yes I've counted them) posts all saying the same thing. Too casual, poor workrate, can't impose himself etc etc. People forget how young this boy is. He turned 19 last week. He's playing for Chelsea and for England, with sky high expectations and enormous hype around him. He's playing against big strong men in their prime. It's hard. Stamina will be an issue, loads of things will be an issue. Remember, he hasn't had a loan spell like the others, just as RLC hadn't had a loan spell when he was getting all the criticism. Age and a lack of first team football are a massive factor, considering he's competing at such a high level.
  8. I find it strange how little Kane is celebrated in England. He's a genuine world class star, an absolutely brilliant striker and a prolific goalscorer. He guarantees you goals and his overall game is quality. One of the best in the world and he's going to smash Rooney's scoring record, yet there isn't a lot of hype around him. I know he's Tottenham and some of you will scoff but the guy probably walks into any team in the world. He does it both at club level and international level, and in tournaments. When you consider all the hype around Sterling you have to wonder why there's so little hype around Kane. Maybe we all take him for granted.
  9. Lampard has nothing to learn off Jose, not anymore. Jose is yesterday's man. He's a dinosaur. We're playing open, expansive football full of young kids. It's as far removed from a Jose team as can possibly be. Frank needs to ignore everything he says. If Jose had his way all our kids would be out on loan and we'd be parking the bus and lumping it long for Giroud. He's got a nerve offering us advice, and let's be clear, nothing would make him happier than seeing Chelsea trounced.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one who rates Kovacic so highly. Didn't much rate him last season. This season different gravy. Probably our best player so far but there's a few contenders.
  11. That video's not working for me unfortunately.
  12. I didn't know that Amputechture. As well as being talented he's also got a bit of that old warrior spirit. He's a tough boy, mentally and physically I reckon.
  13. Croatians are hard bastards. They're fighters. They're not drama queens. They produce good, technical footballers. Kovacic just goes about his business, without screaming for attention. He keeps this team ticking along. He gets his hands dirty. Every game he's unfazed, he wants the ball all the time. He has a superb temperament. He's a throwback. I love him.
  14. Frank knows our strongest team. He started it against Palace.

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