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  1. Davey Baby


    He's seldom cold this season, if at all. Today he was very good but he was taken off at just the wrong time, when we were really starting to exert our authority and a goal felt inevitable. Sadly he had a golden opportunity and he should have squared it to Morata, who was all alone. It's this lack of awareness or composure that will often let him down. As I said in my long post above, a good player, not a top one.
  2. Sarri's substitutions were strange. We had them on the ropes, we were having an incredible spell, and he takes off Jorginho and Willian, and we faded. Obviously Jorginho and Willian have clocked up a lot of minutes so he was thinking of that, but he has to learn his lessons. The first lesson is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The second lesson is, if you don't want your best players clocking up so many minutes, don't play them against sh*t sides in the Europa League. That is all.
  3. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    Morata goes down way too easily. Three times today he did it, and it works against him, like the boy who cried wolf. The one which might have been a penalty, where he was grabbed at the far post, that was a great opportunity to score, or win a definite pen, if only he's stronger and makes a genuine attempt to hit it home.
  4. Davey Baby

    Random Rumours

    When somebody says such-and-such would be a great signing, as they do all the time, they are stating their opinion. If I say Messi would be a great signing and would bang in 30 goals a season, that is an opinion. If I say Messi scored 30 goals last season, then I'm playing it as a fact. And that's a fact. Quite literally.
  5. Davey Baby


    Against Derby Willian was our best player. I say this firstly because it's true and secondly because he drew a lot of criticism on these boards after that game, which showed me that people's perceptions are skewed. He was excellent against Derby. People banged on about RLC but Willian was far better. There's a reason he starts every game under Sarri, or has started the last 11 or 12 games. He's not so good you need to rest him for the lesser games, like Hazard, but he's not so bad you can leave him out of the games that matter. Until we have someone better he plays, and he'll play against Everton on Sunday. Go on a Derby forum, take a look at what they made of him after their game against us. They were the better side they deserved to win player for player they were better than us, but they're all raving about Willian, saying he was the only player that looked a cut above theirs. They just don't get to see that level of quality against their side. I was amazed that he drew criticism for that game. Some of his plays were excellent. For my money he doesn't do it enough against the big sides. Against small sides he often excels because he's a cut above their level, but against stronger players he doesn't shine in the same way. Sometimes he does, obviously, but not often enough. If he played like he did against Barcelona last season, home and away, consistently, he'd be a great player. When he hits a purple patch, he looks a great player, but he's not a great player because he doesn't do it often enough, he can't produce the sparkle reliably, and that's what you need if you want to be a top side. You need consistent performers. Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Cole, Cech, Ivanovic, these were great players because they were utterly consistent. Sure, they had periods of poor form, like all players, but on the whole they were top performers every week, as Hazard is. Hazard is a great player Willian isn't, we all know that, but when he's on his game, like he was for a brief spell last season, he looks almost as good as Hazard. Now, if you're a creative, or a winger, it's far harder to be consistent. Top wingers are few and far between, really top wingers. I was dismayed we didn't go after Mahrez these last two seasons but people on these boards regularly bemoaned his inconsistency. Magical players that turn it on every week are a rare breed and attract crazy money, because they are the players that change a club's fortunes. Obviously we'd all like that player on the right hand side but good luck getting him. Salah looks to be one unfortunately bit it's taken him a while to get there. Willian will never get there, he'll never have that cutting edge, he'll never have that killer instinct, but he's a good player. He really is a good player. Look at Dembele and Malcom at Barca. They want to sell them. It's easy to say sign this player or that player but you might quickly get frustrated with any new purchase. For me the obvious replacement was Mahrez but I was in a minority. Willian has done well since he's come to Chelsea. On the whole he's done very well. He isn't what we'd all hoped for but he's a lot better than he could have been. I understand the frustration with him but I think he gets a bad press on these boards generally. He's a good player, and he's having a good season, despite what some of you think. He's having a really good season. Not Hazard levels, obviously, but he's playing his part. We're having a good season and he's playing his part. Since he joined us he's played for Mourinho and Conte, two defensive managers, if I can call them that. Pragmatic, cautious managers, shall we say. They don't allow a lot of freedom. Sarri is letting Willian fly a little bit more. I think some of you are fixed in the way you see him and you can't see he's having a good season. He's impressing under a new manager with a different idea of how to play the game. Firstly, Sarri likes possession. If you want possession you need players who can control the ball. Willian gives you that. You get control with him, the problem has always been attacking edge, the problem has always been a killer instinct, the key pass. Sarri demands that too. He wants the ball moved forward quickly and penetratively. He wants decisive attacking football. For me, Willian has done well on that score so far this season, not spectacularly but well and people need to see it. We're only a quarter way through the season and this video was made a few weeks ago, before Derby, where he played excellently, before Palace, where he had a good goal disallowed, before Utd, where he hit the corner from which Rudiger scored, before Burnley where he scored an excellent goal. A game we won 4-0 by the way, without Hazard. He's making runs in behind, he's beating players, he's getting to the touchline and crossing, he's linking well, he's scoring and assisting. He's having a good season folks. It's about time he got his dues. We're undefeated, just in case any of you were unsure.
  6. Davey Baby

    Random Rumours

    He was literally giving his opinion.
  7. Davey Baby

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The club can sack the manager whenever they want. He didn't like the timing. Tough titties. The club should sue him for breach of contract. Every single week he was moaning in his press conferences about transfer policy, saying it had nothing to do with him, complaining about his squad, complaining about the board. This was a dereliction of duty because it created a negative atmosphere amongst his troops, but more importantly, contracts are watertight. You get paid a lot of dough to do your best with the hand your dealt, you can't be slagging the club off. If you do that, you're out of a job and you've breached the terms of your agreement. That's why managers tow the party line even when they're not happy. All managers want more players, more money, etc etc, they don't all shoot their mouth off every week. Look at Pochettino, if you want a perfect example. Managing a top football club is a very privileged position. You get paid well you get adulation if you're doing well you get to work with top players. Edit: Chelsea are contesting this for a reason. Why should he be able to take the piss out of us? He's wrong. Of course Chelsea should contest it. The guy hasn't got a leg to stand on.
  8. Davey Baby

    Random Rumours

    You're a changed man since you got those bifocals.
  9. Davey Baby

    Random Rumours

    It seems to have escaped most of your attention that Willian is having a very fine season.
  10. Jorginho was absolute class today.
  11. Caballero Dodgy Zappacosta I don't really know what to make of him. He's decent. Nothing more nothing less. Emerson I was hoping for more from him. Christensen I don't see it. Cahill Poor. Delusions of grandeur. Fabregas Huddlestone looked the far more accomplished deep-lying playmaker. Kante He doesn't fit the role. Kovacic Technically gifted. Good on the ball. Keeps it all ticking over nicely. What does he do ? I'm f**ked if I know. Morata He didn't fall over and he didn't give the ball away. I have nothing else positive to say. Willian Thought he was excellent. Loftus-Cheek Probably our only other player to catch the eye. Less casual than he used to be. Thought he was okay. Luiz If Christensen wants to play more he better pull his finger out. Or join Spurs. Pedro We should have signed Mahrez. We had ample time. It was so f**king obvious. Azpilicueta He won't be sweating over his place just yet. Lampard Legend.
  12. Davey Baby

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    No they just got sick and tired of me.
  13. Davey Baby

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I think Luiz is having a good season. Sarri is no mug, that should be abundantly clear to everyone. He has Luiz in the team for a reason. Luiz and Rudiger have the potential to be a very good partnership. There are negatives with Luiz but there are also positives. He's tough. Look at that header against Utd at the death. The one that hit the post and lead to our goal. That was a tough player, right there. He has personality on the pitch. He has ability on the ball. The negatives have been covered a million times but there are less and less negatives as the season develops under Sarri. Our manager could improve him a lot I reckon because the raw materials are there and this is a manager that improves players. We have the ball a lot. Luiz needs to stay focused. This has always been his problem. He likes to be involved. He has to get used to being a spectator a lot of the time. We saw against Newcastle this is where he falls down. This is the challenge for Sarri. We have 5 CBs at the club. Ampadu is clearly going to be a player but right now it looks like Sarri has made the right choice. Luiz is in the team on merit.
  14. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    The interesting thing is that Sarri has preferred Morata to Giroud recently. Giroud is a good player and I desperately want him to get a goal so he can get that monkey off his back, but the thing that sets Morata apart is his movement. I was one of those who was okay with giving him another year to prove himself this summer. Yes we all know his faults but it's worth remembering Drogba had his faults in his first year and so did Costa. Costa largely disappeared in the second half of his first season with us, people forget that because we won the title but it was Hazard that drove us over the line, not Costa. Now I'm not saying Morata will prove himself better than Drogba or even Costa but I've always thought it's too early to write him off, and his performance against Burnley was deeply encouraging. It was a really good centre-forward display and for me it showed a lot of maturity and showed that he's adjusting to the Prem, learning from his mistakes and learning from the manager, a manager who's clearly very able and has a history of developing and improving players. I think there's a decent chance Morata is going to surprise a few of you. Am I confident? No but I'm hopeful, as I always have been. There's a very good striker in there waiting to get out. His biggest battle is against himself. Burnley is a tough place to go, they are a physical team, he had to take a few kicks, especially with his back to goal. He didn't react, as he would have done last season. He got on with it and played a pivotal role in our victory. He was wrongly booked but he didn't let it bug him, as he would have done last season. His movement was terrific, really excellent. This is the biggest asset in Morata's game. He's good in the air he has decent pace but his real asset is his movement. As others have said, chances will always come his way. I don't mind a striker that misses chances. I mind strikers who don't get chances. All strikers miss chances. Morata clearly has a mental weakness. He's a confidence player. He needs things to be going his way. He doesn't like the physical aspect of the Prem. He feels sorry for himself when he gets kicked. Sarri needs to tackle that and I feel hopeful he can do that. Morata has scored 3 or 4 goals lately, getting himself out of a rut. Let's not underestimate the pressure he was under. Everybody was writing him off he hadn't scored a goal in ages he had lost his place to Giroud. It's not easy, especially when the onus is on you to score goals. He could have crumbled but he hasn't. He's bounced back. Sure, he's a long way off silencing his critics but it's encouraging. Some players find it hard to adjust to the Prem. It's far more physical, far more fast, far more helter skelter. Maybe he just needed a period of adjustment. The second half of last season was poor and his mentality was weak and he deserved criticism but he's got the ability in my opinion. He just needs to toughen up, mentally and physically. If he can do that we have a player. He needs to pick up a bit of confidence. If he can do that we have a player. He needs to start banging them in and feeling confident in front of goal again. Striker is the hardest position to play. There's more pressure there's less space. Goals win games and it's your job to get them. You get kicked. A lot. You often have to play with your back to goal. You're often up against at least two towering centre-backs, centre-backs who think you're an easy target, centre-backs who think you're a bit soft, centre-backs who target you. You have to battle all that. Strikers need a bit of ego, they need to fancy themselves a little bit, they need to have a little bit of arrogance, they need to believe in themselves, they need to exude confidence, they need to strut on the pitch like they own the place, they need to have a bit of swagger. They need to have a little bit of devil. This is where Morata falls down. It's all about confidence it's all about psychology. This is where the manager earns his money. Against Burnley he got on with it, he scored a good goal, Hart made a couple of good saves from him. The one where he elected to try for the near post instead of the far post was the correct decision if you look at it closely enough. The oncoming defender had closed him down and he only had the near post to aim at. Barkley's goal, Morata drags the defender wide to open up space for Barkley. I thought he played really well. It's what we want from a striker. It's what we should expect. He has to start delivering those performances consistently. Can he? He has to deliver those performances in big games. Can he? The jury is out. Sarri has work to do. I'm very impressed with our manager. He's managed Morata expertly so far and helped him develop some confidence. Morata will improve under his tutelage, I feel pretty confident about that. I'm not saying he'll be good enough. I find him as frustrating as anyone. There's clearly work to do. The problem is mental. That's where the manager earns his money. If we can get Morata playing with a bit of swagger we'll have a chance. Our fortunes this season largely depend upon it. He's not the naturally swaggering type. We need to get him there and I'm hopeful we have just the manager to do it.
  15. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    I see where you're coming from but Sarri may know Higuain, and Pepe Reina, and Jorginho and everybody else. Why can't he get to know new players? Why does he need Rugani when we've got Christensen etc? For my money, unless these players are clear upgrades, or the financials make sense, the club are right to stay within their parameters. Did Sarri know Higuain before he worked with him? Did he know Rugani? Did he know Vecino? We've bought Jorginho for him. He doesn't need to bring in all his old players.