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  1. Well, Frank gave him a fair old run in the side, far too long for my liking, but I think that'll be the end of him now. Two clean sheets in two games without him. We're not keeping those clean sheets with him in the side. He's had enough chances for me. He'd be the first one I ship out this summer.
  2. Towards the end of the game Mane got a yellow for striking Dave in the face, but there was no VAR review and the BBC chose not to replay the incident. Strange. Yellow cards always get replayed on television.
  3. Been excellent since he's come back in. Gone from being our forgotten man to being our front line striker. I'm really pleased for him. I really like him. We all know his limitations but crucially, so does he, and he's very good at what he does. No doubt he'd have left if we'd have brought somebody else in, but it may prove to be a real stroke of luck.
  4. Well done Frank, rode our luck a bit early doors, but we were the better team, and we kept a clean sheet. Massive win for us tonight.
  5. Would be truly bizarre if he doesn't keep his spot. He's flawed, but he's big, strong, fast and good in the air, and poses a threat at set pieces. His biggest asset is the fact he's not Christensen for me.
  6. You can't fault his work rate but there's precious little quality, in my opinion.
  7. Looks like Jorginho's got competition.
  8. I pray he keeps his spot. As you say, fully deserved to be dropped, he's had an awful season, but he's a talent. Today he showed good character. We couldn't have asked for more. Our first clean sheet in about 60 years. This will give him confidence. He can still be a big player for us this season. He's fighting for his Chelsea career. Tonight he looked up for the fight.
  9. For me, there is no comparison in terms of talent and ability, Kepa pisses all over Willy. For me, with Willy in goal, we have zero chance of winning anything or finishing top four. Kepa's had a poor season and deserved to be dropped. He's not being made a scapegoat as @Zeta claims. He just got dropped, same as every other player (except one or two who Frank deems untouchable). But, as @Zeta rightly observes, we're still conceding just as many goals, and that's partly because Willy is not an able deputy. I hope Kepa plays tomorrow night and plays well, keeps his spot and helps us for the remainder of the season, but it depends on him, he has to prove tomorrow night that he's worth a spot, he has to come out fighting and show us what he's all about, he has to prove his character. He could still have a lot to offer us this season. He was good last season, made a ton of fine saves, for a first season in English football, with the spotlight on him because of the fee he was very good, although there was clearly an issue with crosses and that issue isn't going to go away in a hurry, partly because he's so small. We take stock in the summer, until then I hope he gets the nod, but that all depends on how he does tomorrow, if he's picked.
  10. We're definitely missing Cahill at set pieces, but bear in mind he didn't play at all last season, so his departure doesn't account for the fact we're conceding more goals.
  11. If your stats are correct, that is surprising, the fact we've scored more than at this stage last season. It really highlights the fact that our major issue is defending. We've conceded 10 more according to your stats, but it's worth remembering that at this stage last season, we had just come off the back of two big thumpings, at Bournemouth and City, in which we conceded a combined total of 10 goals, at a point in the season where we were struggling and just before we went on a decent run. We're not really getting beat 5 and 6 this season, we're conceding 1s and 2s, every game, so we're consistently putting in poor defensive displays. Saturday was a case in point. 2 goals should be enough to beat Bournemouth, a team that are really struggling, but we're just so bloody easy to score against.
  12. It's an interesting question that @Brutos poses and I haven't seen anyone attempt to answer it yet. Why are we conceding so much more than last season? We have the same players, apart from Luiz, who was much maligned and wasn't wanted by Lampard. People talk about the loss of Hazard in terms of our attack being blunted but defending is the far bigger issue and Hazard was never asked to do much defending and possession hasn't been the problem this season, as we've seen much more of the ball in all our games than our opponents. Why are we conceding so many? What's changed? Was Luiz a lot better than some thought? He hasn't exactly done well at Arsenal. Is it the manager? Last season we had Luiz and Rudiger, and Christensen in reserve, and Cahill was never used. Basically it was Luiz and Rudiger the entire season, apart from right at the end, when Rudiger got injured. This season we've added Tomori and Zouma. This season, as last season, we're playing Jorginho in front of our defence. It doesn't really seem to be about personnel. Maybe we're playing a more open, less structured style, but when you need points and you're shipping goals for fun, you need to tighten up, especially when injuries have ensured your attack has been blunted, but Frank seems incapable of tightening us up, much as we saw at Derby last season. Derby were also very bad at set-pieces. There is obviously a pattern emerging, albeit a very short one, given Frank's inexperience in the role. This season I notice far more posters are complaining about the players, whereas last season everybody was complaining about the manager. Go on the threads for Kepa, for Dave, for our LBs, for our CBs, for Kante, Barkley and Jorginho, for our wingers and our strikers, and the players are getting a lot of criticism. Sure, one or two of them attracted stick last season, particularly mid-season, but it wasn't as consistent as it is this season, and it wasn't spread so thickly. People saying the squad aren't good enough and sure, it's not the best, but we should be beating a lot of the sides we've faced over the last 16 games or so. I mean, our squad is better than most in the PL. It's better than Watford's and look at the job Pearson has done there since he took over. He's managed to stop them conceding so many goals. We need to stop conceding. That's the bottom line. That's our priority, otherwise we have no chance of achieving top four. Even with a back five we can't do it. What's going wrong? When everybody is complaining about the players that makes me worry. In that scenario it's almost always the manager. Who's playing above their level? Who has he improved? Maybe one or two. Many more have seriously declined. Are we better than the sum of our parts or worse? We have very hard fixtures to come. We enjoyed a great start but since then it's relegation form and top four is looking less and less likely by the week. We had a big cushion but we've been unable to exploit it, and we may well pay, and that's because we can't stop shipping goals, and that appears to have f**k all to do with the loss of Hazard. We re pitiful in defence. Shameful. I'm sure it's embarrassing Frank. We can still do it, but we need to sort this issue out, and we haven't been able to sort it all season. This season he gets a pass, from the media as much as from everyone else. Nobody wants to see him sacked. There was very little expectations at the start, but our form in the last months has really fallen off, after such a promising and exciting start. Still, he's new and he's been handicapped in certain ways. Next season we have to improve, otherwise he's under intense pressure. That's just the nature of the job. Much as he wants genuine attacking talent, he has to create a team that can defend, otherwise you have to worry about his prospects. It's a long time since I've seen a Chelsea side that defends as poorly as this.
  13. I agree with you about physicality etc. In fact I've said previously I'd like to see James given a chance in the DM role, and I said at the start of the season I'd have kept Ampadu, specifically for that purpose. I think both are incredible prospects, I think both are preferable to Jorginho, and I think Kovacic would benefit from playing alongside them, because it would give him more freedom. As for Nevin, much as I love him, he enjoys cosy chats with Frank after the games on Chelsea TV, so he can't really be expected to criticise him. Far easier for him to speak of the gap in quality with the players, but there was also a distinct gap in quality in the coaching. I mean that was obvious as hell. It's like this. You have a child. They're brilliant at maths, but the school's not that good and the rest of their classmates are pretty thick, all things considered. Then there's another child, brilliant at maths, goes to an elite school, surrounded by swots, taught by Nobel prize-winning professors. Both classes go head-to-head in a maths competition. Nevin's saying your child isn't brainy enough to get in the clever class. If you have a child and their crap at maths, please forgive me. It's a poor analogy.
  14. Last season Nevin was trying to tell us Jorginho was the reincarnation of Eusebio and he couldn't understand why anybody would dare criticise him. Now he's not good enough for Bayern. Did Nevin mention the manager last night, out of interest, because unless he did, his views on our personnel might be taken with a pinch of salt. We were outnumbered in midfield all night, and Frank did nothing to change it. In fact, Frank's reading of the game, from a tactical point of view, and his ability to remedy problems in the middle of games, has been wanting a lot this season. For me, Kovacic and Jorginho shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath. Kovacic is way superior, and I think most people on these boards realise this, yourself included. As @Spiller86 keeps telling us, we don't play patterned movements, as Bayern do. Kovacic has easily enough class to get into Bayern's side because he has the raw minerals. The way Bayern play, that doesn't happen by accident, that happens on the training field, day after day. Sure, great players, but last night we saw a team that are in tune with each other, that are part of a cohesive structure. Nevin's analysis is too simplistic, IMO. Kovacic is class but he's not playing in that sort of team and he doesn't have that sort of quality around him. Regarding Essien, who you mention a lot, he played in our greatest-ever midfield, alongside Maka and Lamps. We're unlikely to ever have anything better, but for all Essien's great strengths, and there were many, there's also a caveat. He was injury prone. He doesn't sit alongside the PL greats, simply because he didn't do it often enough, over a sustained period. Not his fault maybe but that's the facts. You talk about Drogba a lot and he was a great. Essien could have been a great but for injuries. My point? Well, you put Kovacic alongside Maka and Lamps, and all the other great players we had in that side, and you'd still be talking about him today. That was an infinitely better side, and we had the best coach in town. Comparisons are all very well, but let's put things in context. Different player to Essien of course with completely different attributes but you put him in that side instead of Essien, alongside the best DM the world has ever seen and the best goalscoring midfielder the world has ever seen, and we'd still be talking about the class act playing alongside them, making us more fluid and silkier, linking everything together. Kovacic is our best player. I have high hopes for some of our youngsters but right now he's the one playing at the highest level, and it's been that way all season, and he's easily good enough for the top sides. Put him in that Bayern side and I have a feeling Nevin would be waxing lyrical about him. That's my view.
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